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Sources: BMX Now #2 spring 1992, FAT zine #23, Eddie Roman "Ride On" video, BMX Plus! may 1992, Ells Bells "665 1/2" video, Jeff R., ...
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Event: BS 1992 round 1 "Chainwheel massacre".
Date: January 26-27, 1992.
Place: Jeff Phillips Skatepark, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Organisation: Hoffman crew and Trend Bicycle Source.
Vidéo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej5RQ_p-zNU

Bart de Jong, BMX Now spring 1992: Series one of the Bicycle Stunt contests took place in Dallas. Matt Hoffman and crew made the decision to put up a new freestyle series where riders will compete for a huge belt at the end of the year, as in boxing. Vert, mini ramp/ street and flatland were the categories you could enter. There were three different classes for each category: "Soon to be's" (novice), "Stuntboys" (expert), and "Stuntmen" (Pro). A lot of people entered and even more riders were there to ride the park, hang out, take pictures, film and check out the girls. One guy to ride the park (but didn't enter) was Greg Guillotte. He hadn't ridden for a while because there are not many people living around him who ride and there are no ramps, but two weeks before the Bicycle Stunt contest he found out about the park and started riding again. Ten feet, 720s, rad stuff, no pads, he hasn't changed. Jason Davies made the trip to the contest and entered vert, a guy from Japan, where freestyle seems to be big, entered flatland. When he wasn't riding he took pictures and filmed everyone with his hi-tech Japanese cameras.
Kevin Martin was the man on the mike.
Bart de Jong, BMX Now spring 1992: The contest started off with flatland. The space was really small which caused the usual practice. With all the spectators forming a circle around the small area it looked like a jam circle. The rolling tricks had to be cut down this way but it was the same for everybody so they couldn't complain.
Andrew Arroyo is fresh on Standard Bikes and won stuntboys class (Switchfooted locomotive), followed by BACO's Chad DeGroot (switchfooted elephant glide).
The highlight was of the "Stuntmen" class with Chase, DMC, Nitschke, Jesse Puente and two rad Canadians. No need for helmets in flatland, which pleased everybody.
First place, winning $300 in three minutes, was guy who practices all day long, sews Homeless shin pads, is an illegal American Citizen, and is shown in every recent freestyle video that shows good flatland riding. Chase Gouin is his name and his run was incredible, enough said.
Jesse Puente from L.A got second with lots of original stuff in a fast, spinning style. When it seems he's going to touch down he pulls it and goes into another trick from there. Fun to watch.
Jason Brown and Steve Roy are both from Canada and deserve to be in the Pro class, no doubt. Steve got third, Jason forth, and you will be hearing more of these guys.
Bill Nitschke didn't pull his tailwhip bunnyhop but had some rad combo's, fifth place for him.
Sixth place was Dennis McCoy's, who used to rip the flatland class in 1987. Riding all classes and keeping up with all the latest tricks is hard, even for the real McCoy !

SOON TO BE FLAT RESULTS: 1-Arthur Thompson 2-Darrin Bolton 3-William Redd

STUNTBOYS FLAT: 1-Andrew Arroyo 2-Chad DeGroot 3-Noboro Ishibari 4-Shawn Blum 5-Rick Thorne

STUNTMEN FLAT: 1-Chase Gouin 2-Jesse Puente 3-Steve Roy 4-Jason Brown 5-Bill Nitshcke 6-Dennis McCoy
rick thorne
Rick Thorne. Photo by Paul de Jong.
Bart de Jong, BMX Now spring 1992: Mini ramp/street was next. The street course didn't have that much to offer so after the Novice class, with tons of wallrides, the miniramp/street contest turned into a miniramp contest. Lots of transfers were possible, and done. The mini had a 7ft double coping spine, a 4ft high part with a platform next to the spine, and an extension. Transfers to the 6ft deep bowl were also possible.
Jimmy Levan ruled the "soon to be" class with high waIl rides and rad Jumps on the "stonehenge", Mad dog was proud.
Eben Krackau had enough lip-tricks to win the "stunt boy" class, tricks like nosepick tailwhips, tailtap to nose pick, 50-50 grind transfers over the spine and smith grinds.
Kevin Gutierrez did 360 tabletop jumps over the platform spine, 540 manuals and finished second in front of Ron Kimler who was ripping. He's a freestyle "teacher" at Camp Woodward in the summer and gets to ride everything overthere.
Matt Hoffman started off with a backflip from the spine onto the platform of the lower spine and showed that the stuntmen class had started. On his second run he tried to do a backflip over the spine but got off his bike mid air landing with his chest on the coping. Ouch!! It looked like he would end up in two pieces but his chest protector saved him and he walked away. That's Matt.
Jay Miron surprised everyone by doing a backflip. He landed on the platform and coritinued his run as if nothing had happened. Transfers from spine to bowl and back were real hard, but Jay pulled them. First place, and after a hard night of partying.
Dennis McCoy had his best score on the Miniramp, second behind Jay. 270 jumps over the hip, framestand nose picks and manuals were the crowd pleasers.
Dave Mirra nosepicked on the extension and on the spine, did a nose pick 180 over the spine and jumped high tabletops over the lower spine for third.
Bob Kohl rides hike everybody else in practice but when eveybody's watching and he has all the ramps to himself he goes off! Transfers ail over the place, one handed nose picks, fast grinds around the corners of the bowl, barspin 360° over the spine, nosepicks on the spine etc. Rad to watch indeed.
Matt placed fifth because of his crash. Krt Schmidt was sixth, Voelker seventh and Rob Nolli definitely deserved better than eighth with no handed grinds and jumps, barspin jumps, wall rides out of the bowl, rockwalk drop ins, rock and roll grind transfers over the spine, nose wheelies over the low spine and all the regular stuff. He probably did more tricks than anybody else.

SOON TO BE MINI RESULTS: 1.Jimmy Levan 2.Ivan Alivez 3.John Tines

STUNTBOYS MINI: 1.Eben Krackau 2.Kevin Gutierrez 3.Ron Kimler

STUNTMEN MINI: 1.Jay Miron 2.Dennis McCoy 3.Dave Mirra 4.Bob Kohl 5.Matt Hoffman 6.Krt Schmidt
Bart de Jong, BMX Now spring 1992: Vert. Novice class saw some feet of air by every rider, flot bad for such a big ramp. In expert class the variations got better, the airs were higher and almost everyone did 540's. Steve Swope rode his Hoffman bike pretty well but didn't have the height, Bummer. Jim Burgess came in one place better than Steve and finished on spot 4. No-handers, cancans, grinds, 540 and nine ft inverts did it. Eben Krackau rode his yellow homeless bike to third with lots of liptricks (grind to fakie) and (too) less airs. David Brumlow definitely had the airs wired and inverted at about 10 ft. High 540's and rad turndowns for second place. New on GT was John Peacy and he made his sponsor happy with a first place finish. 10 ft inverted framegrabs is all that needs to be said about his run. So stylish.
Stuntmen were on next with 5 1/2 competitors. DMC was the 1/2 because he'd knocked himself out and was still waking up during his runs. He did some flatland tricks in the half pipe and placed 6th. Bob Kohl slammed hard on a 540 barspin attempt but still pulled regular 540' s 5ft out, no handers to look back (!) and one-handed nose picks on the 11ft tall ramp. 5th.
Jason Davies paid his $100 entry fee and did his best to take it up with his American buddies. Variations at 8FT, grinds and a way high fakie to finish off his run. Jay Miron finished third, carved from right 10 left, did tailwhips, 540's, rock-walk smithgrinds, front peg grinds and nosepicks, on the coping.
Dave Mirra was one rider who made it up to the 11ft high banners. He rides a Hoffman bike as well and has been living with Matt lately. Switch-handed 540's, no footed cancans and other streched variations t 9ft, tailwhips at 7ft and everything back to back. If he does some backflips here and there in the near future he might be a serious threat for Matt Hoffman because he's still #1. The organising and the hard bails haven't affected him (yet) from doing 900's, no-hand to no-foot 540' s, backflips, lcepicks, airs at 10ft, flips on the platform where he tries to stay on the bike. A frontflip fly out on his bike ! What the hell is he thinking? 1st.

SOON TO BE VERT RESULTS: 1.James Smith 2.Keith Giddens 3.Mark Owens

STUNTBOYS VERT: 1.John Peacy 2.David Brumlow 3.Eben Krackau 4.Jim Burges 5.Steve Swope

STUNTMEN VERT: 1.Matt Hoffman 2.Dave Mirra 3.Jay Miron 4.Jason Davies 5.Bob Kohl 6.Dennis McCoy
dave mirra
Dave Mirra no footed can-can. Photo by Bart de Jong.