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Round 1 Woodward, PA., 2000.
After years of anticipation, VANS finally brought BMX racing to the next level with the Triple Crown of BMX. With $40,000 up for grabs and national television exposure, it was sure to be a history-making event. Set in the lush backdrop of Pennsylvania's world famous Camp Woodward, this inaugural event was definitely designed to impress. The camp entrance soon gave way to the largest downhill BMX track ever constructed. It was something akin to a Supercross track, but with a huge 40-foot step-down, multiple doubles, rhythm sections, and shocking high-speed berms. These monstrous additions provided the main ingredients for excitement, bringing BMX the recognition it deserves. Of course, the potential for bodily injury raised the stakes considerably.
Round 2 Wrightwood, CA. september 16, 2000
Round 3 Wrightwood, CA. september 17, 2000
Final Standings: 1.Chris Sanchez ($40000) 2.Robbie Miranda ($25000) 3.Thomas Allier ($15000) 4.Robert DeWilde 5.Justin Loffredo
Vans Triple Crown Series 2001
www.fatbmx.com, june 2001: This year the Vans Triple crown of BMX is not the rad downhill race from last year. It's basically a BMX race at an existing BMX race with freestyle events in the parking lot. Big bucks, big sponsors, and..............TV.
Round 1 : Salt Lake City, Utah, June 14-16
Round 2: Louisville, KY, July 27-29.
Round 3: Oceanside, CA, Oct. 3-7.
$10,000 was awarded to Nyquist who amassed the most points throughout the three Vans Triple Crown Series events as he swept the Dirt category this year, taking first place in all three Vans Triple Crown Events. Miracle Boy Dave Mirra scored a "two-fer," winning the Best Overall title in both Vert and Street.

2001 VTC Vert Year-End Rankings 1.Dave Mirra 2.Dennis McCoy 3.John Parker 4.Rick Thorne (T) 4.Scott Wirch (T) 6.Jay Eggleston 7.Josh Harrington 8.Jeremy Fanberg 9.Kevin Robinson (T) 9.Chad Kagy (T) 11.Jimmy Walker (T) 12.Koji Kraft (T) 13.Ryan Nyquist 14.Jason Davies 15.Jim Burgess 16.Alistair Whitton (T) 16.Mike Laird (T) 18.Mike Seward 19.Steven McCann (T) 19.Brian Foster (T) 21.Rob Darden (T) 21.Steve Nowak (T) 21.Danny Williams (T) 25.TJ Stultz (T) 25.John Coursert (T) 25.Ben Snowden (T)

2001 VTC Street Year-End Rankings 1.Dave Mirra 2.Ryan Nyquist 3.Alistair Whitton 4.Dennis McCoy 5.Colin Mackay 6.Scott Wirch 7.Mike Laird 8.Ryan Jordan 9.Mike Ardelean 10.Rob Darden (T) 10.Mike Parenti (T) 12.Allan Cooke 13.Dave Osato 14.Markus Wilke (T) 14.Vic Murphy (T) 14.Mike Szczesny (T) 17.Brian Foster 18.Todd Walkowiak (T) 18.Chad Kagy (T) 20.Brian Kachinsky 21.Steven McCann 22.Shawn Walters (T) 22.Colin Winkelmann (T) 24.Jerry Bagley (T) 24.John Heaton (T)

2001 VTC Dirt Year-End Rankings 1. Ryan Nyquist 2.Cory Nastazio 3.Steven McCann 4.Mike Aitken 5.Ryan Jordan 6.Stephen Murray 7.TJ Lavin 8.Joey Marks (T) 8.Brian Foster (T) 10.Mike Parenti 11.Chris Doyle 12.Todd Walkowiak (T) 12.Fuzzy Hall (T) 14.Allan Cooke 15.Kris Bennett (T) 15.Paul Kintner (T) 17.Colin Mackay 18.Scott Wirch 19.Jerry Bagley 20.Mike Szczesny 21.Mark Kehl 22.Ronny Chalk (T) 22.Darren Berrecloth (T) 24.Adam Baker 25.Darin Read (T) 25.Kevin Porter (T) 25.Matt Beringer (T)

Vans "Off the Wall" Award: Ryan Nyquist
Round 1 : Charlotte, North Carolina, May 12, 2002.
Report, results.
Round 2: Denver, CO. June 30, 2002.
Round 3 : Oceanside, CA, October 6, 2002.

Tom Haugen won the overall street points series to take an extra $10,000 and Ryan Nyquist won the Ford truck as the overall points champion, with 3 first places in dirt this year.

DIRT: 1.Ryan Nyquist
Round 1: June 27-29, 2003, Denver CO.
The Vans Championships of BMX, the third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series.
September 28, 2003.
Results, pic.
Right Guard BMX Championships
Vans Triple Crown Stop #1
May 14-16, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Results, report, pic (1).
Vans Triple Crown Stop #2 at the Tylenol National Championships of BMX.
June 25th - 27th, 2004.
Denver, CO.
Vans Triple Crown Stop #3
September 26, 2004
Huntington Beach,CA.
2004 Overall Standings 1 Ryan Nyquist 2 Scott Cranmer 3 Steven McCann 4(tie) Tom Haugen 4(tie) Ryan Guettler 6 Allan Cooke 7 Cameron White 8 Joey Marks 9 Alistair Whitton 10 Josh Harrington 11 Morgan Wade 12 Brian Foster 13 Scott Wirch 14(tie) Danny Hickerson 14(tie) Dave Dillewaard 16 Rob Darden 17 Reuel Erickson
October 21-23, 2005 in Las Vegas (coinciding with the world's largest retail bike show, InterBike). Weekend devoted to freestyle BMX with Street, Dirt and Flatland participants.