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brian foster ride bmx us 02 96 issue 20 - february march 1996 (1)
Brian Foster on the cover.
Florida BS contest
Play contest
Aaron Behnke face
Ed Koening interview
North Carolina scene.
chase gouin ride bmx us 04 96 issue 21 - april may 1996 (1)
Chase Gouin on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
Chase Gouin interview.
Robbie Morales interview.
Jad test with Ken Hale and Dave Young.
1996 Morales pro flatland frame test with Edgar Placencia.
Hal Brindley interview
Vancouver/Seattle scene: Andrew Faris, Jason Brown, Jamie McIntosh, ...
taj mihelich ride bmx us 06 96 issue 22 - june july 1996
Taj Mihelich at ESPN BS contest, South Padre Island, march 1996. Photo Keith Mulligan.
Taj Mihelich, Jeff Harrington interviews.
1996 ESPN BS contest round 1.
jimmy levan ride bmx us 08 96 issue 23 - august september 1996 (1)
Jimmy Levan on the cover.
Jimmy Levan interview
Cameron Birdwell face
San Jose contest.
Ryan Nyquist got two photos labeled as Chad Kagy.

Chris Hargrave, Ride BMX US #100: I was really proud of The Underground Issue (#23). It featured a lot more street than usual and it had an interview with Jimmy Levan, who at that point hadn't even begun to get recognized as the rider that he is. We had a really cool shot of Jimmy toothpicking the Hubba ledge in SanFran for the cover, and we decided to use a fifth color (a bright metallic red) for the logo and cover blurbs to make it stand out a bit more. Well, when your printer is in Michigan and the magazine is in SoCal, things can sometimes go wrong... When me received that issue in the mail, we realized that they'd printed the entire run with a florescent pink ink instead of the red we had chosen. Back in 96. nothing said underground like florescent pink.
dave mirra leo dumlao troy mcmurray ride bmx us 10 96 issue 24 - october november 1996
Dave Mirra, Leo Dumlao, and Troy McMurray on the cover.
Ian Morris, Troy McMurray interviews.
3 bike tests: Haro, KHE and Supercross.
Denver, Dayton scenes.
robbie morales ride bmx us 12 1996 issue 25 - december 1996 january 1997 (2)
Robbie Morales clicks a turndown at Sheep Hills for the fisheye of Keith Mulligan's 35mm camera and lands the cover of the December/January '97.
Robbie Morales, www.ridebmx.com, may 2008: Most memorable single photo would be the Ride cover turndown Mulligan shot. It's rare to have a black and white cover and I'm loving the angle. Trailboss days.
BS finals
Backyard Jam
1996 Worlds in Germany.
Leigh Ramsdell, Ryan Nyquist and TJ Lavin interviews.
Chicago BS.
Jinx Chicken Jam.
shaun butler fire ride bmx us 02 1997 issue 26 - february march 1997 (3)
Shaun Butler on the cover.
Brian Castillo interview
Kris Bennett interview
Phil Dolan interview
Dardevils or stuntmen ?
Kennan Harkin double backflip sequence.
jason davies ride bmx us 04 1997 issue 27 - april may 1997
Jason Davies at Moreno Valley on the cover.
Ruben Castillo, Joey Garcia, Jason Davies interviews
Texas scene,
Eastern bike test.
cory nastazio ride bmx us 06 97 issue 28 - june july 1997 (2)
Cory Nastazio superman in Orlando on the cover. Photo Keith Mulligan.
Gonz flipping off a tree.
Dennis McCoy interview.
Daredevils dirt jump contest.
Amos Burke interview.
ESPN BS round 1 Providence.
Clayborn test.
Standard Trail Boss bike test with Robbie Morales.
Face: Jerry Bagley.
The average number of copies printed per issue during the preceding 12 months was 36109.
The average sale of copies through dealers, carriers, street vendors and counter sales was 16552.
The average sale of copies through mail subscriptions was 4618.
taj mihelich ride bmx us 08 97 issue 29 - august september 1997 (1)
On the cover: Taj Mihelich on home soil. Posh Trails in Bethleham, PA. Photo Keith Mulligan.
8 pros interviews: Mat Hoffman, Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Chad Degroot, Ryan Nyquist, Sean McKinney, Jeff Harrington, Nate Hanson.
BS ESPN round 2 Orlando, FL.
The Hoffman EP test,
$3.50, 104 pages.
dave mirra ride bmx us 10 1997 issue 30 - october november 1997 (1)
Dave Mirra at the X-Games on the cover of Ride BMX US october 1997. Photo by Steve Buddendeck.
Tooth pick to the moon: a look at Woodward, the best summer camp ever.
Paul Buchanan interview.
1997 ESPN X-Games.
Lessons in french: the Play/Kink Montreal comp.
Bike check: TNT HWA Fong Daddy.
Escape from NY: ESPN BS round 3.
Hoffman's new skatepark.
Bike test: Fishbone.
Dave Freimuth interview.
Number of december issue copies printed: 54 261.
Mail subscriptions: 8 121.
Sale of copies: 22 230.
nathan nate wessel ride bmx us 12 1997 issue 31- december 1997 january 1998 (1)
Nathan Wessel tail taps the wall at Chenga World on the cover. Photo by Steve Buddendeck.
The Andrew Faris interview.
ESPN BS finals Seal Beach.
Bobby Fisher interview.
2-hip contest.
1997 Backyard jam.