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bmx plus! 01 90 volume 13, No.1 - january 1990
NBL Grands showdown,
Dyno's hot new Slammer,
King Of Vert
mat hoffman seat grab one foot pk ripper bmx plus! 02 1990 february 1990 (1)
Matt Hoffman on the cover.
1990 GT Vertigo bike test.
Ron Wilkerson gives us some 2-Hip Lip.
ABA Fall Nationals.
AFA Masters Series round 5.
Dennis McCoy jam.

Timo, www.facebook.com, june 2013: Possibly still one of the coolest BMX Plus! covers. Mat Hoffman feb. 1990 on his tricked-out PK Ripper. Bike-wise this was very interesting era with all the mixed custom stuff going on. The bikes looked as if they were built out of dumpster finds. Especially, when compared to today's BMX sub genre-specific models and specifications, where you have dozens and dozens of look-a-likes for each yet still they all look the same, more or less. It is also pretty stunning to think all this happenend 23 years ago while i still remember all this like it was just couple months ago. So this is how it feels every day when you get older. BMX Plus! magazine was the highlight for every month. The highly anticipated news from other side of the world on what's going on in Freestyle BMX. Kids these days might not fully understand how that felt back then. The magazine was the gateway, the source. Anyway, excuse me for being stuck in the past. Like the covers says; Goodtimes!
gary ellis bmx plus! 03 90 march 1990 (1)
GT's Gary Ellis on the cover.
ABA Grand Nationals.
The world's hottest freestyler,
AFA Masters finals.
Wilkerson Airlines and Diamond Back Reactor bike tests.
mike dominguez bmx plus! 04 90 april 1990 (1)
Mike Dominguez on his new ramp in Devore, CA. on the cover.
Haro Group 1 Limited and Bully tests.
2Hip Meet The Street finals.
NBL Chritmas Classic V.
Gary Ellis interview.
billy harrison rich barlett bmx plus! 05 90 may 1990 (1)
Billy Harrison and Rich Bartlett on the cover,
2Hip KOV finals,
Matt Hoffman interview,
ABA nationals rounds #1 and #2,
The first GT King of Dirt,
The British invasion: Craig Campbell, Lee Reynolds, Jess Dyrenforth, Jason Ellis, James Hudson and John Povah.
rick moliterno bmx plus! 06 90 june 1990 (1)
Rick Moliterno on the cover.
GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model test.
ABA Nationals round 3.
NBL Nationals rounds 4 and 5.
travis spriet bmx plus! 07 90 july 1990 (2)
Travis Spriet (2) pulled a holeshot on his sweet Robinson for the cover.
Gary Ellis, racer of the year.
Rampage Streetstyle fest.
GT/ABA King Of Dirt.
NBL Nationals rounds 6 and 7.
ABA SoCal Nationals.
brian lopes bmx plus! 08 90 august 1990 (2)
Brian Lopes (6), Greg Hill (leading) and Steve Veltman on the cover.
Robinson MX Pro bike test.
ABA Nationals rounds 5 and 6.
NBL National round 8.
Rick Moliterno interview.
Kore trashguard.
Freestyler of the Year.
Robinson MX Pro Titanium.
brian hernandez waterjump bmx plus! 09 90 september 1990 (1)
Brian Hernandez waterjumping on the cover.
Freestyle Bashguard Bike Shootout
1st ABA F1 Formula Race, Phoenix, AZ.
NBL Nationals, Burlington, NC. and Woodward, PA.
ABA Nationals, Round 7, Blue Springs, MO.
Lake Jumping Pictorial,
Power moves: Candybar by Dave Voelker, Handrail by Matt Hoffman and Whiplash to hichiker by Perry Mervar.
The Missing Link, A Guide to Gearing.
Total No. Copies (net press run): 121,768
Paid circulation (sales through dealers, ...): 25,966
Mail Subscription: 18,232
bmx plus! 12 90 october 1990 (1)
Mongoose's Tim Fuzzy Hall blasted a huge one-footer in Salt Lake City on the cover. Chris Potts inset.
Michael Ardelean letter.
Tests: Hutch Judge II and Mongoose Solution Pro.
ABA Nationals rounds 8 and 9.
NBL Nationals round 11 and 12.
How to ride a Cliffhanger by George Smoot.
Young Guns: Eric Carter, Matt Hadan, Kenny May, Steve Veltman, Tim Hall.
How to paint your bike.
Mongoose 1991 product guide.
shea pierce bmx plus! 11 90 november 1990 (1)
GT's little man Shea Pierce on the cover.
10 basic freestyle tricks.
The hottest amateurs of 1990.
ABA Nationals rounds 10 and 11.
NBL Nationals rounds 13 and 14.
bmx plus! 12 90 december 1990 (1)
A Texan local fence riding on the cover.
IBMXF World Championships, Marseille, France.
On the road again: truckin' with Haro's freestyle fanatics.
Sequence of Matt Hoffman pulling a 900.