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ruben alcantara ride bmx us 01 01 issue 56 - janvier 2001 (3)
Ruben Alcantara on the cover.
X-Games 2000
Rooftop flip an helicopter for MTV
Chris Doyle pull-out poster,
Flatland life,
Chris Stauffer interview,
Primo La Revolution contest.
jason enns ride bmx us 02 01 issue 57 - february 2001 (2)
Jason Enns on the cover.
Jason, www.expn.com, december 2000: That's my first cover. I was pretty excited. It was good. I never expected to get on the cover; so it was awesome. We ended up going to [Comax, on Vancouver Island, BC]. None of us had ever been there before. I just started trying to jump the hip and Losey just shot and shot and shot. He probably shot 50 or 60 photos of that hip; I guess we got at least one good one out of it. When it came out, Brian Castillo called me and told me that I got the cover. I thought he was just kidding me because I'm always telling him that I'm going to be on the next cover, just messing with him. He's like "You're on the new cover," and I thought totally for sure he's messing with me, but then Mark called me later and told me. It was quite a surprise. I was psyched. That's been a goal of mine for a long time, too. A cover shot is so important. I was just excited that it was me. I never woul've thought it would happen. It seems to be the big times.
Interbike 2000.
Dave Osato interview.
2-Hip Meet the Street San Francisco
Dave Voelker, some street and a ramp,
Reuel Erickson poster.
ryan nyquist ride bmx us 03 01 issue 58 - mars 2001 (3)
Ryan Nyquist on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Greenville scene
Bruce Crisman interview.
Flatland life: Chase Gouin.
brian castillo ride bmx us 04 01 issue 59 - april 2001 (4)
Brian Castillo on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Brian Castillo interview,
AFL contest San Francisco.
Poster: Taj and Mike rooftop Escamilla,
Bio: Magilla.
dave freimuth ride bmx us 05 01 issue 60 - may 2001 (5)
Dave Freimuth tailwhip to icepick on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Martti Kuoppa interview.
Road fools 7.
Marco Massei interview.
jerry bagley ride bmx us 06 01 issue 61 - june 2001 (disponible dès fin avril) (3)
Jerry Bagley on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Sombra Tour
Oklahoma scene,
Mosh in Australia,
Indoor skateparks checked,
Todd Lyons / Cory poster.

Jeff Zielinski, Ride BMX US #100: Issue 61 featured the first Sombra tour with Ells, Ratboy, Gonz, "Smoker" Dave, Edwin Delarosa, etc. The article mentioned a lot of what happened, except that I got left at a gas station in Louisiana for 30 minutes before they realized I was missing.
allan cooke ride bmx us 07 01 issue 62 - july 2001 (2)
Allan Cooke on the cover.
CFB round 1
Ratboy interview,
Tampa scene,
Chris Duncan poster,
San Antonio scene check,
Alan Cooke,
Corey Martinez.

Jeff Zielinski, Ride BMX US #100: Out of the nine photos/sequences in the John "Ratboy" Wrigley interview in issue 62, seven of them were shot within or near the same park as the "wedge" in Phoenix, Arizona. To say he worked every inch of the place would be an understatement.
vic murphy ride bmx us 08 01 issue 63 - august 2001 (disponible fin mai) (2)
Vic Murphy on the cover.
Vic Murphy interview.
Etnies Spanish roadtrip.
John Heaton interview.
DK roadtrip.
La Revolution.
Fuzzy and Steve McCann giant poster.
chris doyle ride bmx us 09 01 issue 64 - september 2001 (2)
Chris Doyle at the 401 trails on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Mat Hoffman and his 22ft ramp.
One day photo blitz.
Ron Wilkerson interview,
Joe Simon interview,
Big poster of Robbie Morales!

Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com: During the "One Day Photo Blitz" photographers around the country had to go out and shoot photos on the same day. Mike "Big Island" Castillo went to shoot with Mat Hoffman, but Mat didn't want to do anything he had done 1,000 times before. So he hooked his daughter onto him with a harness and then rode vert with her strapped to the front of him. The photos were unbelievable, especially the one where Mat did a no-hander while cradling the baby. Upon closer inspection, though, it wasn't really his daughter. It was a "Chucky" doll from the Child's Play movies.
van homan ride bmx us 10 01 issue 65 - october 2001 (2)
Van Homan at the Little Devil warehouse on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Van Homan interview !
Dave Mirra's Super Tour.
CFB Round 2
Corey Martinez poster.
La Revolution.

Mark Losey, www.ridebmx.com: The night before the Dave Mirra Super Tour started, Ryan Nyquist's ramp saw one of the most incredible sessions ever. Dave, Nyquist, Osato, Darden, McCoy, Mackay, Laird-so many people were going nuts. The highlight, however, had to be Mirra doing a giant carving alley-oop 360 over the spine while Ryan did a double-peg over and back on the spine underneath them.
tj lavin ride bmx us 11 01 issue 66 - november 2001 (1)
TJ Lavin on the cover.
kris bennett ride bmx us 12 01 issue 67 - december 2001 (1)
Kris Bennett fufanu in Talent, Oregon on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.