Sources: www.propsvisual.com, Ride BMX UK, www.freedombmx.de, Transworld BMX, Seb Ronjon, Tread, Chris Rye, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
Transworld BMX september 2003: Back in 1994, Marco Massei and Chris Rye cranked out the first issue of Props Video Magazine (PVM) doing their part to define the modern bike video format. With the launch of the Road Fools series in 1998, they sealed their position as one of the premier video production crews in the industry, if not the best. These days. Props Visual has grown to include Stew Johnson (filming/editing/primary editor for PVM), Will Siroud and Joel Moody (filming/editing for PVM), Brenda Mideast (sales/office), Brian Tunney (music clearance), and Aron koag (graphic design).
Chris Rye,freedombmx.de 1999: In the beginning me and Marco would do everything together. We edited linear back then and it was always faster with 2 people. I would be setting up the next edit and he would be finding the next clip. As time went on and after we got the computer, things started changing. Marco'a dad is this big buisnessman and Marco starting taking more of an interest in that. With the computer for editing it was more of a one man job and I could do the editing on my own. Soon I just ended up doing the video making part and Marco did the buisness side. Currently I am responsible for making the videos, doing any graphic design (logos, box designs, ads, etc.), and whatever else. The computer is always a ballup, it's pissy and it's a chore sometimes just to get it to do what you want. It requires a lot of maintenence. Marco does all the sales, plans out our schedule for traveling, and tons more. He's kinda like my team manager, he takes care of me. We own Props 50/50 and we both do our part equally I think. About who had the idea...to tell you the truth, I really don't remember, it just all fell into place. I came up with the name "Props" though. It was origionally supposed to be a print magazine but turned into the videos.
PROPS 1 - march april 1994 - $9.95
ABA Natonals: Pine Bluff (AK), Phoenix (AZ), Reno (NV).
Profiles of the Richly infamous: Joe Rich, John Englebert, Craig Reynolds, John Peacy, Barry McManus.
BS contests: 1993 Final, Chicago, IL: Lionel Cardoso, Alexis Desolneux, Day Smith, Chase Gouin, DMC (360 no foot cancan), ... and 1994 Round 1, Moreno Valley, CA.
TOOL Time with Ron Anderson.

Ride BMX UK #11 june 1994: (...) As it's a first issue, you'd expect it to be a tad glitchy around the edges - obviously the Props trio of Chris (Rye), Chris (Banes) and Marco (Massei) will get things more dialled as they go on (after all, the first issue of this mag looked pretty sad compared to recent issues). For my money, Props has got too much mug shots during interviews (with Craig Reynolds, Barry McManus, Jon Peacy, Joe Rich, Luc-E) but their riding's on it.
Contest footage includes BS Finals in Chicago, some ABA National race highlights, and the first video from BS round 1 at Moreno Valley. Check Jay Miron doing double busdriver airs, John Parker trying 540-to-tailwhip airs, and various semi-unbelievable mini ramp tricks from other riders.
There's a flatland how-to, a tech tip, news section, adverts, and that's about it.
Props is very well filmed and finely edited on professional equipment, and uses some high-tech Mac based special effects and fades, all making this new video concept a good one: it's the mid-ground between a regular video and a magazine, and it works.
What's more, a copy of Props is really cheap. They are planning to bring out roughly six issues a year, and with this as the premiere instalment look for greater things in the future.
billy griggs props bmx 1
Billy Griggs. Photo by Brad McDonald.
PROPS 2 - may june 1994
Races: Wichita, KS ABA | Rochester, MN ABA | Orlando, FL NBL Easter Classic.
Play contest Shimerville: DMC 540 busdriver, Jay Miron huge flip and truckdriver one hand to one hand, Luc-E no foot to late tailwhip.
Rampage Jam.
UK North Hampton comp.
Music Interview w/ Simple Simon
Mike Forney Interview.
Brian Vowell Interview: 360 tailwhip.
Billy Griggs Interview.

Eric Carter Interview
GT Freestyle Team.
(John Parker, Dave Voelker, ...)
Tool Time
Spring Fashion Section.

Pro Racers Go Bowling
How to do an icepick.

Ride BMX UK #12 august 1994: If the first, issue of Props looked slightly dicky and a bit of a rush-job, then issue 2 is a vast improvement. The all round BMX video magazine is bang on schedule with issue 2, and no doubt by the time this magazine hits the newstands issue 3 will just be out. But whatever.
Props #2 is way longer than #1, and contains loads more stuff (there are about 5 contents pages for a start), and it's packed with good stuff like interviews with Billy Griggs, Brian Vowel (awesome fladander/dirt jumper from Arizona), the GT f/s team, Mike Forney, race reportage from two ABA nationals and an NBL national, freestyle comp coverage from the 2B jam at Shimmerville (great footage of mini and funbox riding), a Rampage contest, and even stuff from the recent BFA contest at Northampton (yes, that's Radlands, UK).
All in all, editing, music, camera angles and all-round production is way better than the first, the guys at Props are going from strength to strength.
john parker props bmx may 1994
John Parker. Photo by Brad McDonald.
PROPS 3 - july august 1994
Flatland coverage from the York Jam with Ross Smith, Chris Young, Edgar Placenscia, Richard Zabzdir, ...
Backyard Jam in Hastings (UK).
Rampage Jam in Davenport, Iowa.
BS comp Overland park, Kansas.
Paul Osicka interview.
Allan and Brian Foster interviews.
Ed Koennig interview.
Dirt jumping coverage from the PUSH Kill Yourself Jam in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mulliga Hill, NJ NBL | Tanglewood, NC NBL | Evansville, IN NBL
Rockford, IL ABA | Coppull UK super Grand
Daniel Spraque Interview.
The Playground Jumping Jam.
Music Interview Caroline Records’ Peach.

Ride BMX UK #13 october 1994: Third issue of the popular Props video magazine series. This one is a tad shorter (I think) than #2, but the articles are longer and the footage is better. Fast stuff comes from three NBL Nationals, an ABA National, and UK racing from the Super Grands at Coppull even. More UK stuff comes in shape of a Backyard jam section, and the KOD at the Super Grands - racing camerawork.
Interviewed in this one (longer interviews this time) are Ozzie racer Daniel Sprague, the Foster brothers, and Standard's Paul Osicka (rad flatlander who does hang five's down stairs). A crap interview with band Peach litters up the flow, but to lighten it up, there's som sicko jumping jams going on too. Freestyle contests include Bicycle Stunts from Kansas, Rampage jam, and the infamous York flatland jam.
All in all, this is Props at its finest. Best trick ? Rick Moliterno's fakie to nosepick to fakie. Best interview ? Paul Osicka. Funniest part ? Chad Degroot downhilling on a mountainbike.
john parker props bmx may 1994
Mike Forney nothing. Photo by Chris Hallman.
Paul Osicka interview.
PROPS 4 - september october 1994
Races: UCI World BMX Championships - NBL Grand National, Colombus
Profiles: Taj Mihelich - Stuart King - Gary Ellis.
Freestyle Contests: BS Comp, Oklahoma, OKC - Worlds, Koln, Germany - The Fat Jam, The Nederlands - King Of Concrete, England
Knowledge - New Products

Ride BMX UK december 1994: With every issue of Ride we see a new issue of Props, the awesome video magazine from nearby Chicago. And as with previous Props, the new one exceeds all earlier issues. Props 4 is no different. Content? World Championships from Michigan [racing] and Germany [freestyle] with good futt-length footage from both events. Interviews coming from Taj Mihelich [burly]. Gary Ellis [surprisingly good] and even Stuart King. Freestyle contest footage comes from Oklahoma BS, the Fat Jam in Holland. and even King Of Concrete. Along with some sidelines like tan Morris railing a huge one in Holland and all the news and whatever, this is the best Props to date [as usual].

www.propsbmx.tv, april 2010: Taj had just moved to Austin, TX for the first time and would later go on to found Terrible One with fellow BMX legend Joe Rich.
dmc props bmx 4
Dennis McCoy on the cover.
PROPS 5 - november december 1994
Races: ABA Grand National, OKC - King Of Dirt
Profiles: Robbie Morales - Todd Lyons - Dylan Worsley
Freestyle contests: BS Comp, Chicago, Illinois - Rampage Jam Finals - Mysterious Comp, Prattville, AL
Local Pit Stop: Pinner, UK
Knowledge - New Products

Ride BMX UK: The latest and definitely greatest instalment in the Props video magazine series. Their video toaster must be working overtime in Chicago, 'cause this one's the best yet. Rad in-depth interviews with Robbie Morales, Todd Lyons, Dylan Worsley and more, great footage from the ABA Grands [pro racing alone, on a pretty good track] and King Of Dirt fest [with Fuzzy frontflipping], and even a local pitstop at Pinner spot [filmed during the summer]. Flatland comp section from one of the Mysterious Promotions jams. Rampage Contest [Krt going backwards] and some great ads. Watch Hal Brindley purchase over 520 packets of instant noodles and cart them off in a pickup. The best part by far is the Bicycle Stunts footage from Chicago. If you thought previous comps were big, check this one: huge transfers were going off. Good stuff from Dave Mirra, Matt, DMC [flairs the funbox], Day Smith, Chad Degroot, and Colin Winkelman's transfers. The raddest camera angles, fast editing, good parts, news, and more make this Props a full-on ruler.
Best Part Taj pulling the hugest tailwhip jump ever, in Chicago.
mark murphy props bmx issue 5
Mark Murphy on the cover. Photo by Chris Banes.
PROPS 6 - january february 1995
Races: NBL Christmas Classic, Columbus, OH - King Of Dirt
Profiles: Krt Schmidt - Scotty Yoquelet - Dave Mirra
Freestyle contests: The Contest Of Love, Orlando, FL
Knowledge - New Products

Chrys Rye, www.propsbmx.tv, april 2010: Classic interview of a 25 year old Krt Schmidt from early 1995. BMX legend, co-founder of Standard Bykes, and overall fun dude, Krt was a leading innovator of fakie trick miniramp riding and one of the more interesting characters BMX has ever seen.
nate hanson props bmx 6
Nate Hanson.
PROPS 7 - march april 1995
NBL Easter Classic Orlando, FL | The Daredevils Of Dirt
Mike Ocoboc Interview | Matt Haden Interview
Rob Nolli Interview | Eight Days of Radness in Florida
Brennan Brown’s Zellwodd Jumping Jam
A Tour Florida’s Finest Skateparks |Rampage Jam Davenport, IA
Hoffman BS Comp Moreno Valley, CA.
Local Pit stop Bo’s Trails Ontario, CA

Ah yes, the new Props Video Magazine, number seven in the long run of video mags from the Chicago rulers Marco and Chris. Easily the best issue so far, end also the one video most borrowed from Ride's office from the locals - in fact, I'm reviewing blind right now as some git hasn't given it back yet. Props is that good.
If I can remember rightly this one has some greet up-to-date race reporting in it: Props covers racing really well, so even if you're a core freeetyler it is still rad to watch. And if you like racing, you'll love it. The race is the NBL Orlando race, the one where John Purse won the mid-season truck: all the pro races are covered, with each pro main from start to finish. This is how it should be - damn feet racing from gate to line.
I think there was some Moreno footage on there too - quality stuff from the California Bicycle Stunts contest, just check out the action going over the spine. Matt Heden gets an interview, as does Mike Ocoboc and Rob Nolli: Mike and Rob totally go off in their respective local spots - Nolli is especially rad in his Florida skatepark.
Jams and contests are covered from the latest Rampage Jam and the Brennen Brown jumping em, end Bo' infamous Trails in SoCal also get e look in during the Props West Coast tour [for the sickest busdriver ever, check Chris Moeller doing one over the hip]. There is more on this issue then any other, there's tone to watch. The editing is getting better the whole time, end even though they've only been going for 18 months Props videos are full of soul.
£11 from decent bike shops.
rob nolli superman props bmx 7
Rob Nolli superman on the cover.
PROPS 8 - may june 1995
Races: ABA, Louisville, Kentucky
Profiles: Day Smith - Matt Polkhamp
Freestyle contests: Play Rock the World Comp, Montreal, Canada - Funbox Comp, Appleton, WI. (Colin Winkleman almost pulling a huge double flip) - Backyard Jam, Hasting, UK
Jumping Jam: PUSH Trails, Pittsburg, PA
Local Pit Stop: Mullaly Rink, Bronx, NY - Seven Eleven Trails, Long Island, NY
Knowledge - New Products
kris bennett props bmx 8
Kris Bennett on the cover.
PROPS 9 - july august 1995
Jay Miron Interview.
Jody Donnelly Interview.
NBL Summer National Southpark, PA
The Ravine Ft Wayne, IN Jumping Jam
Daredevils Of Dirt Southpark, PA
Woodward Camp Pit Stop.
Chicago, IL Pit Stop
Rampage Jam Davenport, IA.
Funbox Jam Appleton, WI.
keith mulligan props bmx 9
Keith Mulligan on the cover.
PROPS 10 - september october 1995 - $11.95
Races: NBL Grands, Louisville, KY - Daredevils Of Dirt
Profiles: Dave Osato - Jeff Harrington
Freestyle contests: BS Comp #3, Oklahoma City, OK - Rampage Skatepark, Davenport, IA - Bike Rock the World Finals, Chicago, IL
Local Pit Stop: Sheep Hills, Huntington Beach, CA
chad degroot props bmx 10
Chad Degroot.

PROPS 11 - november december 1995
Joey Garcia Interview | John Purse Interview
Local Pit Stop Union Hills Phoenix, AZ
Hoffman BS Finals Daytona Beach, FL
The Pit Contest Rockford, IL
ABA Grand’s OKC, OK | ABA King Of Dirt OKC, OK
NBL Christmas Classic Columbus, OH
Daredevils of Dirt Columbus, OH
ronnie gaska props bmx 11
Ronnie Gaska. Photo by Steve Buddendeck.
PROPS 12 - january february 1996
First issue edited with a computer.

Races: NBL Heartland National, Columbus, OH
Profiles: Shawn Butler - Sean Peters
Southern California scene report: BO's trails - Sheep Hills - Flatland Fugitives - Twin Palms ...
neal wood props bmx 12
Neal Wood. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 13 - march april 1996
1996 BS round 1, South Padre Island, Texas.
NBL Easter Classic Orlando, FL
Daredevils of Dirt Orlando, FL
Pit Jam Rockford, IL
Rampage Jam
Jim Rienstra Interview
Bogi Givens Interview.
neal wood props bmx 12
Brian Vowell laying one down in Phoenix on the cover.
PROPS 14 - may june 1996
819 Trails Mt Pleasant, PA
Woodward camp scene report
X-Games Providence, RI.
NBL Freedom National Evansville, IN
Classic interview of then 17 year old Kris Bennett from the summer of 1996. Kris would later go on to found the now defunct Square One Clothing with fellow dirt jumping legend Todd Walkoviak.
Neal Wood Interview.
joe rich props bmx 14
Joe Rich superman seatgrab on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 15 - july august 1996
JUMPING JAMS: The Ravine (Wayne, IN) & The Daredevils Of Dirt (Southpark, PA)
FREESTYLE CONTESTS: Hoffman BS Comp (Chicago, IL)
BMX COVERAGE: NBL Summer National (Southpark, PA)
PROFILES OF THE RICHLY FAMOUS: Aaron Behnke & Danny Nelson.
brennan brown props bmx 15
Brennan Brown flatties forever. Photo by Hallman.
PROPS 16 - september october 1996
JUMPING: The Daredevils of Dirt Louisville, KY & Jump Your Jalopy Huntington Beach, CA
FREESTYLE CONTESTS: Hoffman BS Comp round 6, New York, NY.
BMX COVERAGE: The NBL Grands (Louisville, KY)
- Chris Breen
- Brian Vowell interviews Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales in Phoenix, AZ.
props bmx 16
Leif Valin on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 17 - november december 1996
NBL Christmas Classic Columbus, OH.
Local Scene Atlanta, Knoxville, & Nashville.
The Daredevils of Dirt Columbus, OH
Rampage Jam Davenport, IA (Butcher's superman seatgrab busdriver)
The Pit Rockford, IL -
Brian Foster & Rick Moliterno Profiles.

Don, www.bmx-test.com, december 2000: Considering that the latest Props have been pretty sick, I long forgot about one of my very first videos when I was getting into biking. I had called up Trend and asked what back issues they had. I have alligator arms and can't reach into my pockets for cash, so I was looking for something cheap... at $6 I couldn't go wrong. Issue 17 arrived so I put it in my vcr right away and was surprised at the content of the video and the lenght of it. It had an in depth interview with Rick Moliterno, and not only did I learn a lot about him, but I saw how sick he was. Then there was another long profile on Brian Foster; normally I wouldn't like this but it only showed him dirt jumping and it too was also very informative. There is a little roadtrip to Altanta and it has some sick street jibs in it including Robo in his chub days riding steet and busting manuals. There is also some dirt footage from Columbus, Ohio which isn't half bad. So in all this is a great video for the time it came out and is definitely one of the best old Props there is. At 6 bucks the movie's a steal and at $16 you get your money's worth.

Chrys Rye, www.propsbmx.tv, december 2010: The BMX industry was going through a lot of changes in the 90s, a time when inventive rider-owned companies started challenging the big corporate brands that ruled the 80s. We interviewed one of the Standard Byke Company founders and BMX pioneer Rick Moliterno in the early wintery months of 1997 at his home base of Davenport, IA. At the time Standard had an ever-expanding and amazing team lineup, probably the most infamous of all time, consisting of Joe Rich, Chad DeGroot, Dave Freimuth, Taj Mihelich, Ron Kimler, Luc-E, Mark Murphy, and other top riders of the day. Having started Standard with Minnesota’s Krt Schmidt in 1991, owning the shop Goodtimes, and having founded the infamous Rampage Skatepark, Rick was one of the first true rider entrepreneurs from the Midwest, proving you didn’t have to be headquartered in California to be influential or successful in the industry. Standard raised the bar of BMX manufacturing by drastically beefing up their frames and parts, and ushering in an era of excessively heavy bikes – where a 40 pound complete was not only normal, but desired because it was less likely to break. The BMX print media, consisting of only magazines at the time, was also going through changes, and, according to Rick, were seemingly hesitant to give coverage to Standard due to industry politics of the day. Of course everything is different now, with rider-owned companies of every sort fully dominating the BMX industry on all levels, and the Internet continually disseminating the latest news – but it wasn’t always like this. A Japanese Shoe-G mans the mic in this classic interview from Issue 17 of Props Video Magazine.

Chrys Rye, www.propsbmx.tv, june 2010: Classic interview of a 24 year old Brian Foster, interviewed by Craig Reynolds.
chuck props bmx 17
Chuck turndown on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 18 - march april 1997
NBL Easter Classic Orlando, FL - Rampage Jam Davenport, IA - BS Comp Providence, RI (may97) - The Daredevils of Dirt Orlando, FL - Alan Foster Profile - Brian Tunney Bio.

Tread #4, 1997: I know that if you're not a BMX racer and if your favorite rider isn't a thirty something AA pro from California, the interviews and BMX nationals can be a little hard to sit through. But luckily that's all been changed. Now instead of two full length interviews, Props has changed to one full-length interview and two smaller rider bios. In addition they've begun to spread the jumping contests throughout the BMX national coverage. In this issue the rider bios are Corey Nastazio (Bully's hip-hop jumper from West Palm Beach) and Brian Tunney (talented flatlander from D.C.), And the full interview goes to Alan Foster. The best part of #18 has to be the Rhode Island BS section. This section could pretty much be a video in itself. It's that good! And of course I can't forget the trusty old Rampage contest, the Orlando NBL national and the Dare Devils of Dirt, also from Orlando.
brian tunney props bmx 18
Brian Tunney on the cover. Photo by Chris Hallman.
PROPS 19 - may june 1997
NBL Great Lakes National Waterford Oaks, MI - BS Comp Orlando, FL - Play Comp Montreal, Canada - Andrew Faris Profile - Mike Ardelean Bio, and more.

Don, www.bmx-test.com, may 2001: This video is definitely an old one: it's the type that you sit and watch and say, "Wow, riding has progressed." It's also one that you only watch in a blue moon. The video isn't the most interesting to watch, but there is a Play comp that's probably the best thing in this movie. The Jinx comp is okay but not so hot. The back of the box says "Woodward Camp" but if you consider a 30 seconds clip footage, fine, but it's more like an infomercial. Then there is an old BS comp were the ramps are red and white so you know they're oldschool. An Andrew Faris profile is next where he brags about dressing like a girl. He's a good rider, but if I was a judge, after watching his interview I'd definatlly deduct points. There is also a little profile on Mike Ardelean that takes the cake. Well, actually all the cake's gone by the time the video reaches Ardeleans section because you're so worn out. If you want an old Props save your money and don't get this one. Buy a new issue, or, like in my case, if a friend wants to trade swap him a porno.

Tread #4, 1997: Issue 19 contains an Andrew Faris profile proving he's definitely a fruity ass but all the while, a really good flatlander who can do a mean peg wheelie. Some of the best riding seen in a while is contained in the Florida BS contest in this section. The level of riding going on at these events is completely out of control. The more I think about it though, the riding found throughout the whole video is rather out of control. There is a smor-gasbord section where Ryan Nyquist does a triple truckdriver where he can't make up his mind which way he wants to let the bars spin. He inde-cisively keeps spinning them back and forth, that kid don't know which way he's swingin'. This issue also has a Mike Ardelean bio proving the fact that the kid rules. The credits have been the most notable section in Props for the past few issues and this one is no exception. Humor abounds. The whole video needs to be a 30 minute or so credits section.
mike ardelean props bmx 19
Mike Ardelean. Photo by Chris Rye.