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Country: USA.
Publisher: Hi-Torque (BMX Plus!).
Editors: John Ker, Mike Carruth, Scott Towne and Jon Peterson.
Contributing editors: Josh White, Ron Wilkerson, ...
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK #8, december 1993: In their wisdom, Hi-Torque decided to bring out a freestyle magazine, just when freestyle was huge in the last eighties. Details are sketchy on this one, but suffice to say that it didn't last long, wasn't better than Plus!, didn't have the soul and gut feeling that Freestylin' did, and anyway the editors weren't as hardcore as Lew, AJ, and Spike.
August 1987 is the premier monthly issue of American Freestyler. (formerly Freestyle Spectacular)
American Freestyler august 1987: A magazine every 30th day, that's the "American" way! American Freestyler, that is! By now, you've probably noticed that the name Freestyle Spectacular has been changed to American Freestyler. We feel that people around the world can relate more to this title. Many people didn't really understand what "Freestyle Spectacular" meant. There's another change taking place here. Freestyle Spectacular has been available only as a bimonthly magazine (once every two months). American Freestyler will be at your newsstand on a monthly basis. We're the only monthly magazine that's exclusively freestyle. We don't have a half-skate/ half-bike or a half-BMX/half-freestyle format. We're hitting the sport of freestyle full-on. You may, occasionally. see features on fashion, or maybe a skate photo here and there, but, by and large, American Freest yler will be all freestyle! So read, enjoy, get into the new title, and run down to your newsstand to get the next issue!
dave voelker american freestyler 08 87 august 1987 (1) (scanned by Timo 0512 - download)
Dave Voelker in a successful aerial assault at Dominguez's, and Dominguez himself in a not too successful 540 attempt on the cover. Photos by John Ker.
Socko Freestyle Championship.
Dyno Pro Compe and Huffy Sigma bike tests.
The 10 greatest tricks in freestyle: The 540, no-footed cancan, boomerang, tailwhip, one-hand one-footer, cherrypicker, infinity roll, lookback, no-hander, top gun.
1987 Factory team tour schedules.
Grass-roots competition Detroit.
Freestyle forum: the top guys speak out on what the rest of the world is saying.
josh white dave voelker american freestyler 09 87 september 1987 (1)
Josh White and Dave Voelker dual airs at randazzo's, captured on film by John Ker, on the cover.
Diamond Back Mike Dominguez Strike Zone test.
CW 16-inch Aftershock test.
Dan'up Just Say 'No' FS Tour with Moliterno, Hoffman, Pollack and McCoy.
Woodward BMX Camp.
Dave Nourie and Eddie Roman's how to's.
2-Hip King of Vert in Flint, MI.
Eddie Fiola interview.
Average number of copies during preceeding 12 months;
Net press run: 141,328
Paid circulation: 51,010
Mail Subscription: 2,743
scott towne american freestyler 10 87 october 1987 (scanned by Timo 0512 - download)
On the cover, Scott Towne cruises his scooter (photo by Jon Peterson) and Josh White releases all but one limb en route to a Velodrome victory (photo by Scott Towne).
Hot up&comers: Kevin Jones and Joe Gruttola.
AFA Velodrome Freestyle Spectacular.
Grass-roots competition: pennsylvania
Test Schwinn Free Form EX, CW California shaker and Laser scooter.
Woody Itson's Diamondback!
Project bolt-on.
Things to do on your scooter!
How to's from the east: the shrinky squeak by Kevin Jones and backyard by Joe Gruttola.
scott ewing american freestyler 11 87 november 1987 (2)
Scott Ewing in the air and Don Cook on the ground on the cover.
1987 General Fred Blood, Test
1987 Zeronine Ultra, Test
ABA Freestyle Series, Anaheim,CA
Wheel Truing
Woodward BMX Camp
Freestyle fashion,
Josh White interview.
american freestyler 12 87 volume 2 no.8 - december 1987 (1)
A lookback snapped by Tony Murray, snapped by Scott Towne on the cover.
Project megabucks, 1988 guide to coolness, Becoming a top pro by Ron Wilkerson, Project grand slam: a $1080 bike, 2Hip King Of Vert round 3 Colorado, Air Uni Ozone bike test, Preparing a contest routine, General's "Cruisin the States" tour, Matt Hoffman sr. and Bob Haro sr. pics.
brian blyther ron wilkerson american freestyler bmx 01 1988 volume 3 no.1 - january 1988 (1)
Brian Blyther and Ron Wilkerson, both riding for Haro at the time, appear on the cover. Irene Lovato trackstands on the top right. Photos by Scott Towne.
88' Kuwahara Magician Pro and 88' Hutch Excel bike test.
Time warp: Freestyle early days.
RL Osborn Story/Bio
How to do aerials?
AFA Masters in Columbus, Ohio.
Interview with Mike Dominguez, Brian Blyther and Ron Wilkerson.
american freestyler 02 88 february 1988 (1)
Josh White and Randy Lawrence on the cover.
Haro Team Master and Mongoose Stylist bike tests.
AFA Masters Series, Wayne, NJ.
Interview: Rick Moliterno.
Where would I be without freestyle ?
eddie fiola american freestyler 03 88 march 1988
Eddie Fiola riding a PK Ripper and Lord Voelker in the car on the cover.
ABA, AFA and KOV finals
Takin a ride in freestyle's fast lane with Dave Voelker! -the new freestyler of the year
american freestyler 04 1988 april 1988
Marty Schlesinger and Danny Hubbard on the cover.
AFA round 1, 1988 –Palmetto Florida
$199 Blowout - Kuwahara Magican Expert, Hutch Jet and Schwinn Free Form TC
GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team
Up-and-comers: Derek Schott and Joel Alamo
Freestyle’s Fantastic Four: Eric Evans, Mat(t) Hoffman, Gary Pollak, Rick Moliterno.
Lifestyles of the Rad & Famous: Ron Wilkerson.
Kevin Jones interview.
mike dominguez american freestyler 05 1988 may 1988
Mike Dominguez on the cover.
ABA Freestyle Nationals round 1, Velodrome in Compton California.
Tests: CW California Boulevard, DB Hot Streak, GT Pro Performer, Haro FSX and Mongoose Decade.
Axlepeg Shootout.
Dennis McCoy interview.
Sizzlin’ Spring & Summer Styles.
East vs. West – which coast rules?
marty schlesinger american freestyler 06 1988 june 1988 (shared by Simon 1603 - download)
Marty Schlesinger during taping of 101 Freestyle Tricks, Part Two on the cover.
Albe’s Winter Blowout II
King of Vert, Round 1 – At Mike Dominguez new ramp.
Dyno Pro Compe test
Outtakes from 101 Freestyle Tricks, Part Two
The Little Kids of Freestyle – Eric Evans, Jonathan Rugg, Gregg Macomber,
Tim Cotter and Phil Olson
Hot up-and-comers – Gerry Smith and Chad Johnston
Coasters vs. freewheels
american freestyler 07 88 july 1988
Mat Hoffman (riding for Haro Bikes at the time) appears on the cover.
88' Haro Invert Test
88' Schwinn FreeForm Pro Test
Product Test: ACS RL Hub
Interview: Dino Deluca
King of Vert, Paris
AFA Masters, Portland,Oregon.
josh white dennis langlais american freestyler 08 88 volume 3 no. 7 - august 1988
On the August 1988 cover you have Josh White and under him it's Dennis Langlais on the General Hustler Pro test bike.
AFA round 3,
ACS freecoaster,
Bulldogs versus Pitbulls,
Freestyle: how much radder will it get ?
mat hoffman american freestyler bmx 09 88 september 1988
Matt Hoffman on the cover.
Trick how-to's
Contest coverage of AFA in Austin, TX
Playland Jam in Flint, MI
Martin Aparijo interview.
american freestyler 10 88 last issue - october 1988
Chris Potts(riding for Hutch at the time) appears on the cover.
Contest coverage of King of Vert in Austin, TX, (the one on the raft).
88' Peregrine Expert Test
Factory summer Tour Issue
Ramp Lip Trick How-to's
How to set up your own tour?
We've stopped publishing American Freestyler. The decision was not an easy one to make. The circumstances that prompted the move were a nationwide dip in the popularity of freestyle, and the decisions by Mike Collins (of American Freestyler) and Todd Britton (of BMX Plus!) to leave California for new ventures. American freestyler staffers Karl Rothe and Tony Donaldson have joined the BMX Plus! staff.