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Country: USA.
Founders: Jim Stevens and Scot Breithaupt.
Publisher: Hi-Torque since 1983.
Editor: many.
Contributors: many.
First issue: november 1978. (Il était offert aux abonnés de Bmx Action accompagné d'une offre promotionnelle d'abonnement.)
1 issue 1 - november 1978
Greg Hill on the cover.
75 cents
NBA/Schwinn 1978 National
BMX race tour.
The name "Inside BMX Plus!" lasted for only one issue like the first editor, Scot, A. Breithaupt. He was responsible for writing and photographing this very first issue.
2 issue 2 - december 1978
75 cents
Brian Evans on the cover.
Free poster of Anthony Sewell.
BMX Plus! interview with Ernie Alexander.
BMX Plus! evaluation: Tuf Neck.