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Country: USA.
Publisher (éditeur): Hi-Torque (BMX Plus!).
Editors (rédacteurs en chef): John Ker, Mike Carruth, Scott Towne and Jon Peterson.
Contributing editors: Josh White, Ron Wilkerson, ...
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK #8, december 1993: In their wisdom, Hi-Torque decided to bring out a freestyle magazine, just when freestyle was huge in the last eighties. Details are sketchy on this one, but suffice to say that it didn't last long, wasn't better than Plus!, didn't have the soul and gut feeling that Freestylin' did, and anyway the editors weren't as hardcore as Lew, AJ, and Spike.
Hi-Torque: First, we did a special issue called "Freestyle Spectacular". Then people started asking for more spectacular freestyle, so we bumped it up to bimonthly issues.
freestyle spectacular 04 1986 Freestyle Spectacular - first issue - april 1986
Jeff Carroll, Fred Blood, Ron Wilkerson and Woody Itson are on the cover.
Most complete plans ever: how to build quarterpipe & trick ramp.
'86 buyer's guide.
Over 200 photos to show you how to become a freestyle pro.
12 86 Freestyle Spectacular - december 1986 - 74 pages
Stu Thomsen and Eddie Fiola take you on the worlds greatest skate parks!
10 wild new freestyle tricks you gotta see to believe!
Axle peg shootout.
How to get a big time freestyle sponsor
Freestyle graffiti
Califonia raddest ramps.
February 1987 is the premier bimonthly issue of Freestyle Spectacular.
josh white freestyle spectacular bmx 02 87 february 1987 (1) (scanned by buissonrouge)
Josh White on the cover.
It's the first issue that has bike tests and regular departments.
Hutch Trick Star and Torker-2 360 Air bike tests.
Street scene: L.A. freestyle scene.
Project Eurobike: the whitest bike in the world.
Starting a freestyle team.
Setting up a freestyle contest.
Newest tricks in the book: One handed no foot cancan by Josh White, the Mar-turn by Martin Aparijo, the Randy roll by Randy Tischmann and the Kuwa-hopper by Mike Loveridge.
AFA Masters round 4 in NYC.
Rad gallery: Brian Blyther, Mike Dominguez 1984, Josh White, Marc McGlynn, ...
RL Osborn interview.
dmc martin aparijo freestyle spectacular bmx 04 1987 april 1987 (1) (scanned by Ndprts4hro)
Martin Aparijo's quickspin and the real McCoy's cancan on the cover.
GT Pro Freestyle Tour and Mongoose Decade Pro bike tests.
Contest coverage of first ever 2-Hip King Of Vert.
AFA Masters finals in the Velodrome.
Dizz Hicks interview.
Scooter buyer's guide.
How to make your own quarterpipe.
Street scene: Oklahoma city.
eddie fiola freestyle spectacular bmx 06 87 june 1987 issue of Freestyle Spectacular magazine (scanned by Ndprts4hro)
Eddie Fiola and Fred Blood on the cover,
87' Kuwahara Bravo Team test,
87' Haro Sport Team test,
AFA Grassroots Contest, Houston, TX. and Detroit, MI.
Dennis McCoy interview: Rad Boy McCoy Tells All: How I Became #1,
Scooter How-to's Step-by-Step Photos of 10 Super Tricks
Project CrazyBike
76 pages.
August 1987 is the premier monthly issue of American Freestyler.