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Sources: www.expn.com, Freedom magazine, Cream, Mauricio Natario, Ian Parkinson, Robbie Peru, Derrick Owens, Moley, ...
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UK's first dedicated BMX Freestyle magazine.
Publishers: BMX Publications Ltd (This magazine was a product of the BiWeekly team from oop north and was the better of the 2), then UKBFA and then MKN Ltd.
Editors: Martin J. Higginson then Mark Noble.
July 1989 was the last issue, in august 1989, Freestyle BMX became Invert.

Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK #8, december 1993: A curious magazine - what happens when a rider tries to make something decent but was held back byprinters and typesetters: mix 3 parts rider control to 6 parts mystery and bad phone lines, and you have a dullard of a magazine. Still, it was getting there. I guess. Killed - July '89.
andy paterson freestyle bmx uk 04 1984 issue 1 - april 1984 (scanned by moley 0801 - download)
Andy Paterson/Quadangle on front cover.
Ammacco Freestyler.
Building your own trick ramp.
Andy Paterson.
Freestyle for leisure.
BMX Bandits.
32 pages.

Iain Parkinson, april 2005: Just browsing your site and saw what I think is an error. Not being picky but I'm sure the guy on the front cover was called 'Andy Preston'. He and another chap, who's name I can't remember, used to do a 10min freestyle 'Tips n Tricks' type show on one of the Saturday morning kids TV show's in the 80's. I think the other guy was called Mike or something like that.
Robbie Peru, june 2005: Yeah, the guy on the front is Andy Preston. He and Mike Pardon (Raleigh) used to do the BMX tips n that on Saturday mornings. They always had real cool music on like early electro albums and stuff...
mike pardon freestyle bmx 05 1984 issue 2 - may 1984 (scanned by kdw712 0802 - download)
Mike Pardon on the cover.
32 pages. RL Osborn & Mike Buff interview, ROM Skatepark pull out poster, How to perform the perfect aerial, Building a quarterpipe.
craig campbell freestyle bmx uk 06 1984 issue 3 - june 1984 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Craig Campbell at Romford skatepark on the cover.
Street scene.
Skyway recreation UK trick team.
Freestyle Frames compared.
TRM Freestyler bike test.
Ground tricks: Coaster wheelie and Front wheelie 180.
32 pages.
terence jenkins freestyle bmx 07 1984 issue 4 - july 1984 (scanned by kdw712 0802 - download)
Terence Jenkins on the cover.
Eddie Fiola How to, Southsea skatepark, Torker trick team interview, Pontins Freestyle Competition.

Shaun Stenton, november 2008: I was featured in it at the Pontins freestyle championship as i won. There is a picture of me with a trophy but they got make name wrong on my picture, i think from memory the name they put on it was Daniel lee or something like this...
eddie fiola freestyle bmx uk 5 issue 5 - august 1984
Eddie Fiola on the cover,
Eddie Fiola & Bob Morales interviews, Kellogs comp.
andy preston freestyle bmx uk 09 1984 issue 6 - september 1984 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Andy Preston on the cover.
GT Pro Performer test.
CW California freestyle.
Blackpool street scene.
DP Freestyler.
How to handstand.
michael bell freestyle bmx uk 10 1984 issue 7 - october 1984 (scanned by moley 0802 - download)
Michael Bell on the cover.
Julia Toddz, july 2008: I have had a look at your webpages and found my boyfriend on the cover of freestyle bmx  - volume 1 - issue 7 his name is michael bell , he used to test ride for nigel,martin, and jon higginson's  family from morecambe . He took over the pontins bmx track job from mike pardon in 1985.
4 pages of Curb Dogs; Dave Vanderspek, Maurice Meyer and Robert Peterson.
Curtis freestyler test,
Southsea comp,
Wheel comparison,
Nottingham streetscene.
jess dyrenforth freestyle bmx 11 1984 issue 8 - november 1984 (scanned by kdw712 0802 - download)
Jess Dyrenforth on the cover.
Rom KOS Skatepark coverage.
Jess Dyrenforth.
Glynn Lewis.
Billy Stupple.
Craig Campbell.
Freeagent Freestyler.
paul hudson freestyle bmx uk 12 1984 issue 9 - december 1984 (scanned by moley 0802 -incomplete - download)
Paul Hudson on the cover.
BMX Beat.
Rickman freestyler.
Bournemouth street scene.
Neil Stephens interview.
How to body pop ?