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brian blyther freestylin 01 89 issue 44 - january 1989
Brian Blyther on the cover.
Street talk
Steve Swoope undergrounder
King of Vert New York
AFA masters New Jersey
test the Dyno detour
Craig Grasso no handed tree ride fakie
Joe Johnson pulls first tailwhip air.
martin aparijo freestylin 02 89 issue 45 - february 1989 (1)
Spikes' feet explore the deck of the Enchanted Ramp and Martin Aparijo using his elbow and gliding on the cover.
Curb manipulation
off the deep end
2-Hip King of Vert round 5
Nora cup awards
Craig Campbell interview.
Diamond Back Hot Streak test.
74 pages.
ron wilkerson freestylin 03 89 issue 46 - march 1989 - 68 pages
Ron Wilkerson on the cover.
R.I.P. Dave Vanderspek.
GT tours Mexico
Interview: Joe Johnson.
Bike review: OZONE method air
AFA masters round 7
Product review: Redline RL20 B.
Last Bite: ramp-to-ramp 540 transfer to crash!
gary pollack freestylin 04 89 issue 47 - april 1989 - 66 pages
Gary Pollack on the cover, captured by Spike Jonze during a cancan lookback at Hoffman's ramp.
Look: John Huddleston
Interview with Matt Hoffman.
Dave Vanderspek Memorial Jam
AFA masters finals round 8
1989 new breed HARO.
kevin jones freestylin 05 89 issue 48 - may 1989 (shared by oldschoolmags.com 1601 - download)
Kevin Jones on the cover. Photo by Spike Jonze.
Daniel Winqvist, www.vintagebmx.com, february 2005: This cover, from Freestylin' Magazine, May 1989, is probably my all time favorite cover, at least of the Freestylin' ones. There are a couple of reasons why I like it so much. For one thing it's a great photograph, shot from an interesting angle and with Kevin's shadow playing an important part of the picture. Another thing is the layout. It's just super-cool. No info on bike-tests or interviews, just a "List of things to do". Very Lew and AJ. The fact that it's Kevin Jones on the cover is important too. I was 15 when the issue came out, I was just starting to get serious about riding freestyle and Kevin was a big idol. The bike is also of importance. Here was this great rider, no longer riding for Skyway and still not on GT, on a chrome Street Beat (I suppose he peeled the paint off) with white Comp STs that wasn't looking very "factory".
Brett Downs, www.vintagebmx.com, february 2005: We were on top of the second parking garage in York. there was another platform that Spike was on so he could shoot it straight down. The big thing was that Kevin was on 48's instead of Tuffs. he was so stoked to have rims that didn't flex and could hold a lot of air pressure. he's also wearing the Aggro Rag "A Puppet No More" shirt that we thought was old at the time. The trick is called Elephantitis.
2Hip King of Vert finals.
Last bite: Jay Miron nosepick tailwhip attempt.
dave voelker freestylin 06 89 issue 49 - june 1989 (1) (scanned by buissonrouge 0601 - download)
Dave Voelker in Paris on the cover.
2-Hip KOV in France,
Limb protection
1989 GT freestyle team
62 pages.
rl osborn freestylin 07 89 issue 50 - july 1989 - special 50th issue collector's edition
RL Osborn on the cover.
joe johnson kevin jones freestylin 08 89 issue 51 - august 1989 (1)
Joe Johnson and Kevin Jones on the cover.
2-hip KOV de Toronto au Canada (24 mars 1989) avec le 900 rentré de Matt Hoffman
interview de Kevin Jones.
2-hip Meet the Street,...
ruben castillo freestylin 09 89 issue 52 - september 1989 (1)
Ruben Castillo on the cover.
AFA Masters round 1, Austin, TeXas
The impossible new K.Jones Trick: Hitchiker
Texas scene
Pete Augustin interview
Trick Page: look down fakie wall ride.
72 pages.
brian blyther freestylin 10 89 issue 53 - october 1989 - last issue
Brian Blyther on the cover.
AFA masters Bristol
East coast
The woodward ordeal.
Faute de moyens financiers suffisants, il disparait après octobre 1989 pour donner naissance à GO.