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Premiere issue out september 10th, 1994.
Editor: Steve Buddendeck (1994-1996) Keith Mulligan (1996-....).
Published by Ride Publishing (Brad McDonald).
snap 09 1994 Premiere issue - september 1994
Haro's Billy Griggs at Sheep Hills on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
UCI BMX World Championship
Eric Carter and Andy Contes interviews.
Local scene: Long Island, NY.
MCS XLX Team test.
01 1995 issue 2 - january 1995
Foster on the cover.
1993 NBL Grands,
ABA Fall Nationals,
Gary Ellis interview
mike hammond billy au snap bmx 03 1995 issue 3 - march 1995
Mike Hammond and fellow Floridian Billy Au on the cover.
ABA Grands,
1994 NBL Christmas Classic,
ABA Reno.
todd lyons snap bmx 05 1995 issue 4 - may 1995
Todd Lyons on the cover.
Todd Lyons interview.
ABA Detroit,
Univega test,
Turn tactics how to.
07 1995 issue 5 - july 1995
NBL Orlando,
ABA Phoenix,
Clipping in.
snap bmx 09 1995 issue 6 - september october 1995
Christophe Leveque interview,
Florida road trip,
ABA Stockon,
NBL Akron.
11 1995 issue 7 - november december 1995
Gary Ellis on the cover,
4 big races: World cup, South Park, Seattle, Rockford,
Redline Pro AL test,
John Purse interview.
01 1996 issue 8 - january february 1996
NBL Grands,
ABA Fall Nationals,
Neal Wood interview,
BMX in Venezuela.
03 1996 issue number 9 - march april 1996 (1)
Christophe Leveque and John Purse rail the first turn in Oklahoma, while Neal Wood tries to sneak in ... on the cover.
ABA grands, Alan Foster interview, Atlanta scene, NBL Chrismas, ...
Starting with next issue Keith Mulligan will be the new editor of SNAP.
Tread #2, summer 1996: Tell us about your current situation with SNAP ?
Steve Buddendeck: I'm no longer the editor. I wouldn't move to california and that's what Brad (McDonald, publisher of SNAP and RIDE) wanted. I didn't quit and I wasn't fired, we just had a difference that we couldn't agree on. (...)
Tread: Do you wish things could have been different, or are you happy with the way they are now ?
Steve Buddendeck: No I'm not happy with the way they are. I feel like it's my magazine, I feel like I started it, I was a huge part of it. Brad gave me a chance and I made the magazine really great. I'd like to still be doing it. I like the magazine a lot, it was fun, I felt like it was better with me out east. (...)
Tread: Mulligan's the editor now. Do you think he can continue with what you builded and started ?
Steve Buddendeck: Tough question. No. Eventually. I respect Keith. He's a good photographer, I don't know if he can write that well but he'll learn. I mean, I think he'll do a good job. I think that's it's gonna be hard for him at first, it was really hard for me at first. If you look at the first issue of SNAP compared to now, it's come a long way. I think he has it easier. The magazine has money now. (...)
East Coast Editor: Steve Buddendeck.
New Editor: Keith Mulligan.
Keith Mulligan, www.defgrip.com, february 2006: That included writing and shooting almost every article, laying out the magazine, shooting photos for Ride, and doing a million and one other things. It was a small operation to say the least.
05 1996 issue 10 - may june 1996
Keith Mulligan, www.defgrip.com, february 2006: The first photo I shot that made the cover was Mike King and a gate full of double-A pros at the Winter Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona; 1996. It was the first issue of Snap that I was the editor of. It's still one of my favorite covers.
07 1996 issue 11 - july august 1996
NBL Orlando,
Randy Stumpfhauser interview.
Starting with issue number 12, Chris Hargrave is the Art Director.
09 1996 number 12 - september october 1996 (1)
Haro's British import, Jamie Staff on the cover,
Haro Monocoque test, North Carolina BMX, Santa Clara ABA Spring Nationals, Shimano brake, Profile hub, Answer forks, Leary DirtWerx test, Ruption Mahammed test, Connecticut scene report, Denver ABA Mile High Nationals, X-Games dirt jumping.
11 1996 issue 13 - november december 1996
NBL Grands,
Matt Hadan interview.
01 1997 issue 14 - january february 1997
Tim Fuzzy Hall on the cover.
World championships of BMX.
First test: Hoffman new race bike.
03 1997 issue 15 - march april 1997
Brian Foster on the cover.
Brian Foster interview.
The 19th ABA Grands.
snap bmx 05 1997 issue 16 - may june 1997
Torker and DK tests.
Chris Sanchez interview,
ABA Santa Barbara.
matt pohlkamp snap bmx 07 1997 issue 17 - july august 1997
Matt Pohlkamp on the cover,
Dylan Clayton and Danny Nelson interviews,
ABA Phoenix.
snap bmx 09 1997 issue 18 - september october 1997
Honda Hills scene report,
NBL Big Bear.
jeff emory snap bmx 11 1997 issue 19 - november december 1997 (1)
Jeff Emory on the cover.
NBL Grands, Matt Pohlkamp.