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ian morris ride bmx uk 02 94 issue 9 - february march 1994 - £1.60 (2)
Ian Morris at Crowhurst on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Jon Peacy interview.
2Hip jam in San Francisco.
Mike Canning interview.
PK Ripper test.
60 pages.
stuart dawkins ride bmx uk 04 94 issue 10 - april may 1994 (3)
Stuart Dawkins wallride on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Bath jam.
1993 BS finals Chicago with Jay Miron backflip to fakie sequence.
Video scope: Hypnosis and Fat 1's.
Ian Morris pull out poster.
Fat bikes: S&M Heavy As Fuck, HB Big Daddy, Standard shorty.
64 pages.
ed koenning ride bmx uk 06 94 issue 11 - june july 1994 (2)
Ed Koenning tailwhipping the hip at the Morano Valley BS contest on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
BS round 1 Moreno Valley.
Industrial: Steve Geall's Zima Bikes, Xposure and Rob Ridge's Reaction.
BFA round 1, Northampton.
Keith Duly interview
DMC poster.
Haro Burner, Haro Shredder, Redline 440 and GT Mach One bike test.
EBA round 1: Slough.
Clamp-on stems and Aheadset systems.
64 pages.
john parker ride bmx uk 08 94 issue 12 - august september 1994 (2)
John Parker at the 1994 Backyard Jam on the cover.
John Parker interview.
64 pages.
simon tabron ride bmx uk 10 94 issue 13 - october november 1994 (2)
Simon Tabron chinks the top of Taunton's quarterpipe with a toothpick on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Videos: Props 3, WAL non stop to San Francisco, Dorkin 7 wheelies, Cheeky Monkey tense nervous headache.
Todd Lyons interview.
How to's: nosepicks and barspin tyretaps.
Adele Croxon interview.
Simon Tabron interview.
1994 Worlds in Cologne Germany.
Testing 1995 Redline 240, Ruption SRI, Powerlite P61-AL and Diamond Back Viper.
64 pages.
 ride bmx uk 12 94 issue 14 - december 1994 january 1995 (2)
Unknown at the Hoffman bike park in OKC on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
KOC Southsea
1994 BS round 3 OKC
Darren Reidy and Tony Fleming interviews.
11 bikes tests.
64 pages.
Size: 240x325mm
paul roberts ride bmx uk 02 95 issue 15 - february march 1995 (2)
Paul Roberts nothing on the cover.
BS finals Chicago.
ABA grands Oklahoma KOD.
Champs of champs.
Jon Taylor and his shiny new GT.
Stuart King interview.
Morales test.
Videos reviews: Ring The Gack, DED, Props #5, Reaction.
64 pages.
jamie bestwick ride bmx uk 04 95 issue 16 - april may 1995 (2)
Jamie Bestwick at Wakefield on the cover.
Chad Herrington interview
Jamie Bestwick interview (by Simon Tabron)
Craig Campbell interview.
68 pages.
ride bmx uk 06 95 issue 17 - june july 1995 (2)
Darren from Slades Farm on the cover. Just a local with a seatgrab superman. Photo by Mark Noble.
Lucerne flatland contest.
Charles Townsend and Danny Nelson interview.
Tours Supercross report.
Bike '95 review.
Man and machine: Ian Morris' S&M Dirt Bike and Mark Cornick's X-Posure Ox.
Bicycle Stunts round 1 Moreno Valley.
Paul Osicka and Jimmy Walker interview.
TNT HWA Fong Daddy bike test.
64 pages.
mat hoffman ride bmx uk 08 95 issue 18 - august september 1995 (2)
Cover: Matt Hoffman riding on a wet ramp in front of a couple hundred people. This was a no handed double barspin at the backyard vert jam. Photo by Mark Noble.
The 1995 Backyard Jam
Todd Hoffman (GT) vs Chris Moeller (S&M) interviews.
Shaun Butler interview.
Brian Foster interview.
Brighton International UCI European round 3.
New Zealand. Dion Geaney, Simon Stojko Falk, Kerry Gatt.
Concrete evidence. Jason Davies, Seb and Dean.
Positions of the month: Nothing seat grab and X-up.
Tests: Muddy Fox Pro Freestyle, Redline 440 and 1996 Ruption LX, GT Pro XL Aluminium.
72 pages.
ride bmx uk 10 1995 issue 19 - october november 1995 (2)
KOC 1995
Positions of the month: 180s and X-up 360s
Rob Sigaty interview
72 pages.
dave mirra  ride bmx uk 12 95 issue 20 - december 1995 january 1996 (2)
Dave Mirra fufanu at Virginia BS Competition on the cover.
Jason Davies interview
Position of the month: no handers - both methods
The streets of Sheffield, George French interview.
Keith Terra interview
1995 BS OKC.
80 pages.