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mike aitken ride bmx us 01 02 issue 68 - january 2002 (3)
Mike Aitken 360-table at the X-Games on the cover. Photo: Mark Losey.
2001 X-Games.
Metal tour 2001.
Style vs tricks.
Bios: Ben Snowden, Phil Wasson, Shane Smith, Chris Myers.
Mike Ardelean poster and interview.

Jeff Zielinski, www.ridebmx.com: Bruce Crisman won gold in Street at the 2001 X Games and a few days later when we were both at Woodward, Bruce asked if I'd shoot a photo for a Diamondback ad. The ad was going to hype up Bruce's win and show him riding street with the medal on. The ad ran in issue 68 and the ribbon is visible, but his hand blocked the actual medal. I think a lot of people never got the gist of it.
will taubin ride bmx us 02 02 issue 69 - february 2002 (3)
Will Taubin on the cover
Big east road trip
Stephen Cerra interview.
Ken Hale
Riding with Gonz, Ratboy, Ells and JZ.
Jimmy Buchans poster/interview.
alistair whitton ride bmx us 03 02 issue 70 - march 2002 (4)
Alistair Whitton handplant on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Alistair Whitton interview.
Garret Byrnes interview.
Colin Winkleman's world record jump.
2 HIP Meet the Street.
BACO jam.
La Revolution Milwaukee.
Winkleman poster.
Jeff Zielinski, staff photographer, associate editor since issue 71.
mat hoffman ride bmx us 04 02 issue 71 - april 2002 (3)
Mat Hoffman on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Mat Hoffman Pro BMX Tour.
Erie scene.
Chicago crime stories.
Huge Taj Mihelich/Mike rooftop Escamilla poster.
Bio: Brian Kachinsky.
pete majoinen ride bmx us 05 02 issue 72 - may 2002 (2)
Pete Majoinen one hand one footer in Australia. Photo by Mark Losey.
Australia trip.
Swimming pool riding.
Why we ride.
Chris Duncan poster.
OZ X-Games
Cielincky ride.
dave mirra ride bmx us 06 02 issue 73 - june 2002 (2)
Dave Mirra big 360 tailwhip over a spine in Greenville on the cover. Photo: Mark Losey.
Ben Snowden's map to the spots.
The ten riders that are changing BMX.
Dan Sieg and Gary Young bios.
markus wilke ride bmx us 07 02 issue 74 - july 2002 (2)
Markus Wilke on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
The best contest ever ? La Revolution Toronto.
Inside the industry: Long Beach, CA.
Colin Mackay interview.
CFB Florida.
mike rooftop escamilla ride bmx us 08 02 issue 75 - august 2002 (2)
Mike rooftop Escamilla on the cover.
Rooftop interview.
Hoffman & Castillo poster
joey cobbs ride bmx us 09 02 issue 76 - september 2002 (2)
Joey Cobbs footjam nosepick in Trannyland, Texas on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
The brakeless revolution.
NORA cup 2003.
Palavas, France FISE contest.
Flatland motivation.
Ian Morris scored two photos in issue 76 from the same day; a feeble grind down a steep ledge off a roof, plus a curved wallride-to-peg grind in End Point.
chris arriaga ride bmx us 10 02 issue 77 - october 2002 (1)
Chris Arriaga on the cover.
Van Homan poster
Edwin DeLaRosa interview
Rooftop Mega Tour
Fantasy Island Japan tour
CFB #2 New York
Chris Rye and Todd Walkowiak interviews
travis hart ride bmx us 11 02 issue 78 - november 2002 (2)
Travis Hart on the cover. Photo by Scott Papiro.
Extraordinaire sommaire: Shamco clip-in pegs. (Glenn Milligan is actually the guy doing the steam roller on the side of the building)
Freestyle world championships in Cologne, Germany.
Mike Aitken interview.
Snafu road trip.
Julio Corpa bio.
Taj Mihelich story.
CFB Finals.

Ride bmx, www.facebook.com, april 2012: Rest in peace, Travis Hart. I personally didn't know him well, but from everything I remember, he was one of those dudes that was good at everything he did. Our condolences to his family and we're honored to have him grace the cover of our November 2002 issue.
ride bmx us 12 02 issue 79 - december 2002 (1)
10 year anniversary. Fuzzy (1992), Vic Murphy (1993), Mike Forney (1994), Sean Peters (1995), Mike Escamilla (1996), Shawn Butler (1997), Nathan Wessel (1998), Brian Castillo (1999), Dave Voelker (2000) and Ben Snowden (2001) on the cover.
Extraordinaire sommaire: zines.
10 years special.
The greatest show on vert.
Rafael Costa bio.
Osiris and Vans tours.