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bas keep ride bmx uk 01 2004 issue 74 - january february 2004 (1)
Bas Keep X-up tailwhip air on the midi ramp at the old Ape skatepark in the North East on the cover.
Wessel built the Seventies park.
Florida, Chad Degroot and Matt Coplan.
Board X.
Joe the butcher Kowalski interview.
Social Disorder trip to spain.
Chase Gouin interview.
The Elevation contest.
The Vans Triple Crown finals.
20 questions with Nate Wessel, Ryan Nyquist and Adam Aloise.
Bike reviews: GT Fueler, WTP Thrillseeker, Huffy M80 and DK Eight Pack.
owain clegg ride bmx uk 03 2004 issue 75 - march april 2004 (1)
Owain Clegg gunning a rather large rail in Flint, North Wales on the cover. Photo by Lard.
Interview: Shawn Arata.
The Darwen Jam
Go with the Glow
Interview: Alain Massabova
Simpel Session Contest
Emulsion: Padded Cell Birthday Jam
2004 Readers Poll
Art.Icle: Benson
Weekenders: Etnies Park, The LG Contest
Pro Bike: Phil Dolan's Proper.
WTF: Tommy Gore, Paul Horan, Jason Lange.
20 Q's: Jeremy Davis, Matt Puorro, Rob Tibbs.
Bike reviews: Eastern Phoenix, HB Disrupter EL1, WTP Div, Fly Bikes Barcelona.
184 pages.

Owain Clegg, rideukbmx.com, cover story, april 2009: I was coming up from Plymouth, no pressure but it’s a fair few miles if you bottle it! That’s how I remember how this photo came about. I’d mentioned the rail to Lard in passing and before I knew it he called me from half way up the M6 (during which time I was just finishing up work for the day) so pretty sharpish I had to get down there with my rail head on, not ideal situation in hindsight.
The thing that really stands out from this picture for me is how much I must have fallen hook line and sinker for the trendy products of the time, I got my Bucky helmet, my over-priced brake cable and the relevant Etnies shoe of the month, what a trend setter…
Now the actual pulling the trick was one of those where your hands would be diagnosed as those of someone with Parkinsons Disease! But in fact for once it turned out mint on both tries (timing was never Lards forte).
Lard literally packed up and headed off down South again not before promising me it was cover material, heard that one before I thought to myself, only to be pleasantly surprised to visit my local WHSmiths the following month and find my gormless looking mug staring back at me, I was the talk of my family that month and I am sure my mum still has a copy somewhere in her house, laying between a book about the Archers and a LP of music from her day. The rest, like my hairline, is history…
dave mirra ride bmx uk 05 2004 issue 76 - may 2004 (1)
Dave Mirra large wall tap over friends on the cover.
Tex's Ground force.
Interviews with Luke Marchant, Edwin Delarosa, Dave Mirra, James Moon.
GT/Mongoose/Schwinn Australia Roadtrip.
Weekender: Epic bow tag team jam and Skindaddy Comp in Bristol.
How-to wallride.
Pro bikes: Jon Taylor's Hoffman Rhythm and Karl Pentelow's S&M Dirt bike.
20 questions to Owen Clegg and Kevin Porter.
WTF ? Taliban Tom and Chase Dehart.
Bike reviews: Specialized Fuse, SE Todd Lyons Wildman Duce, Felt heretic, Hoffman Rythm EL1 ...

www.agoride.com: L'interview de Luke Marchant sous forme de QCM est très drôle et se lit vite et bien. C'est un des nouveaux petits tueurs anglais; il a fini second à la Backyard jam en amateur. L'interview d'Edwin Delarosa est par contre décevante. Trop courte. Dommage on n'apprend pas grand chose si ce n'est qu'il n'est pas américain. Celle de Dave Mirra est elle très très longue. C'est plus le récit du comment du pourquoi le photographe et le rédacteur sont arrivés à entrer en contact avec The Miracle Boy et toutes les péripéties qu'ils ont rencontré pour faire leur reportage... Les pages news sont ultra ultra fournies. C'est facile à lire et on apprend plein de trucs. Notamment sur les nouveaux skateparks en construction en GB et certains valent vraiment le coup... Le check bike de Karl Pentelow, un gars du North, pote à Ben Manual. Destroy son bike. A son image.
Un bon numéro même si on reste un peu sur notre faim... Ride BMX UK est dispo en France chez California style: ou http://www.4130.com
sean parker ride bmx uk 06 2004 issue 77 - june 2004 (1)
Sean Parker on the cover. Photo by Jamie Cameron.
Dirtbox: BMX freestyle in the Olympics.
Leeson frame.
George French about bottom bracket.
The Bournemouth Backyard jam.
Harvest team road trip.
South Bank flatland scene: Jason Forde, Mark WaltersJames White, David Leslie, Phil Dolan, Dan Gauci.
Toronto Metro jam.
Fly bikes trip to the Canary islands.
A little trip to Southern France.
20 questions to Northern John.
WTF ? Craig Kleckner and Maggot.
Derby jam.
robin fenlon ride bmx uk 07 2004 issue 78 - july august 2004 (1)
Robin Fenlon pole tap in Warrington on the cover. Photo: Paul Roberts.
Yorkshire Bull.
2004 UGP Roots jam
Simon Tabron interview.
Props Megatour 3
Bike show 2004
Corey Bohan interview
Vans Triple Crown Utah
CFB round 1
The Homemade jam in Holland
Liverpool jam
Circle of Balance.
Bike check: Carlo Griggs' Proper Houdini and Ricky Gunner's Hidden Nation
WTF ? James Maynard, Aaron Johnson, Sig Cools and Devin Hurley
20 questions to Scott Powell.
180 pages.
ride bmx uk 09 2004 issue 79 - september 2004 (1)
La Revolution / Subdivision trade show
The Hot Wheel Team Tour en Scandinavie
Shouldn't you be at Red Bull? Lambrini Jam
The Red Bull Tour 2004
Lost in translation: The Macneil Japan Trip
Red Bull 3 Degrees Contest, Cardiff
The Road trip to the 2004 Worlds.
Weekenders: King of Skateparks
Bike chech: le prototype Haro de Dave Mirra
Bike chech: Le Macneil Miron de Robin Felon
WTF? Edd Allen
20 questions to Joey Florida
How to 360 tyre taps
Bike Reviews: Haro Mirra 540 et Mongoose RAF.
joe riley ride bmx uk 10 2004 issue 80 - october november 2004 (1)
Joe Riley on the cover. Photo by Scott Papiro.
Bits, groundforce, videobox, ...
Industry: hidden nation's Lee Prescott.
Tech: the bar code by George French.
Steve McCann poster.
Olly Olsen interview.
Props Road Fools 13.
Eduardo Terreros interview.
Kris Bennett interview.
Joe Riley interview.
X-Games X.
Urban Games.
2&8 Jam.
20 questions to Pete Marsele.
WTF ? Ted Nelson.
How to: over to pegs.
stu clarke ride bmx uk 12 2004 issue 81 - december 2004 (1)
Stu Clarke on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Top five: Ryan Biz Jordan.
Terminator: Jamie Merritt interview.
Video box: Props 53, Standpoint 5, Aspire round 2, Impaqued 2, Road Fools 13, Shook The great eviction, Drop the hammer.
We The People video premiere.
George French tech: 4130 and all that...
Interbike 2004.
Interview with Liam Eltham.
The 2004 DC Team tour.
Interview with Adam Drinkwater.
Front Brake Revolution contest.
LG Action Sports.
King Of Concrete.
Perico's Fly Diablo and Delarosa's Fit bike check.
WTF: Antonio Trevino and Toby Goodyear.
20 questions to Caleb Kilby.
Text-book: No-handers.