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steve mccann ride bmx us 01 05 issue 104 - january 2005 (1)
Steve McCann no-hander out of Woodward East's cement bowl. Photo by Ryan Fudger.
Steve McCann, Bob Scerbo and Brian Foster interviews.
Morgan Wade double loop sequence.
Jay Miron about the International BMX Freestyle Federation.
Web site of the month: dirtysouth.com
DVD: Dragonfly Changes, NorcalBMX.com Disobedience, Matt Wilhelm Groud Rules 1.0
Gravity Games 2004. Danny Hickerson icepick grind up the rail to tailwhip out sequence.
Focus: Adam Banton, Jared Washington, Brian Kachinski, Chase Dehart, Ben Snowden, ryan Nyquist 1080° attempt, Matt Puorro, Eric Soto, Rob Wise, Volker Wildner, Chris Myers, Kris Bennett.
Set-ups: Rob Tibbs.
Bio: Brandon Hoerres.
How to: tuck no-handers.
End point: Will Love barspin to x-up lander to tailwhip.
philip teague ride bmx us 02 05 issue 105 - february 2005
Philip Teague handplant on the cover. Photo by Losey.
Animal Brooklyn Bridge jam.
Interbike Las Vegas.
Quicklook: Kansas City by Dennis McCoy.
DVD: Props Road Fools 13, Aspire round two, Dorkin collection.
NORA Cup 2005: Gary Young number one ramp, Corey Bohan number one dirt, Corey Martinez number one street and Ryoji Yammamoto number one flatland.
FBM Ghetto Street jam #3.
The Eastern escape: Mike Andrews, Guillaume das Neves, Brad Gethard, Pascal Guerrard, Mark Losey, Leigh Ramsdell, Phillip Teague, Ryan Van Cora.
Vancouver Metro Jam. Behind the contest: interview with Jay Miron.
The low-budget Northwest park tour.
Focus: Chad Degroot, Edwin Delarosa, Joe butcher Kowalski, Corey Martinez, Amos Burke.
Set-ups: Alistair Whitton.
Crooked grinds with Shawn Elf Walters.
Bio: Forrest Berke.
End point: Ryan Mills manual to 180 handplant dropin.
stephen murray ride bmx us 03 05 issue 106 - march 2005 (1)
Stephen Murray turndown flip at his new ranch in Riverside, CA. on the cover. Photo by Losey.
Quicklook: Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Web site of the month: carolinabmx.com
Employee of the month: Chris Cotsonas, product designer at Odyssey.
Pro Q&A with Brian Wizmerski.
DVD: SM Please kill me, Ride Drop the Hammer, System Cycle System.
Now and then: Chad Kagy.
Set-ups: Edwin Delarosa.
Product tests: Odyssey Elementary stem, Perv Spined post and Federal Foundation complete bike.
Transplants: Rob Darden, Ryan Sher, Chris Doyle, Stephen Murray, Allan Cooke, Ed Nussbaum.
Coalition roadtrip.
Rich Hirsch interview.
Shitluck team works Michigan.
Paradise found: Hawai.
Focus: Mark Konig, Brian Kachinsky, Ian Morris, Steve Cuesta, Franck Machio, Chase Hawk, Paul Horan, Garrett Byrnes, Markus Wilke, Edwin Delarosa, Ryan Nyquist.
Hang five with Leif Valin.
Endpoint: Joey Marks double downside whip 360.
matt beringer ride bmx us 04 05 issue 107 - april 2005 (1)
Matt Beringer on the cover.
Pro Q&A: Josh Harrington.
Quicklook: Reno, Nevada.
Website of the month: randombmx.com
Employee of the month: Darcy Saccucci, MacNeil's product manager.
Spot: Posh, Pennsylvania.
DVD reviews: T1 You get what you get, Federal Trafaelio, WTP Etc, Tip Plus The Family, Kink Cheap Thrills, Odyssey's odyssey.
Now and then: Jimmy Levan.
Setups: Jay Miron.
Buyer's guide: cassette hubs.
Steps: footjam nosepick.
Bio: Danny Smith.
Chad Johnston's first annual Long Beach flatland jam.
The Ryan biz Jordan interview.
Handrails 101.
Gangs of St Louis.
Breaking the mold: the Matt Beringer interview.
Focus: Mike Escamilla, Jason Enns, Josh Heino, Vinnie Sammon, Paul Horan, George Ramirez, Effraim Catlow and Jon Peacy.
End Point: Rob Wise barspinning into a handplant.
josh heino ride bmx us 05 05 issue 108 - may 2005 (1)
Josh Heino in San Diego on the cover. Photo: Zielinski.
Employee of the month: Mike Clarke, company henchman Little Devil, Orchid, TransAm.
Quicklook at Lansing, Michigan.
Rider web sites.
Pro Q&A with Seth Kimbrough.
Videos: Braun Front Brake Revolution and Animal DVD.
Spots: Home Ave. Ditch.
Now and then with Joe Rich.
Set-ups: Chris Doyle.
Signature grips.
Bike test: GT '05 Fueler.
Private property: Taj about the T1 ramp.
11 days in the Midwest.
The Josh Heino interview.
Pro life: Mike Saavedra, Ryan Guettler, Tom Haugen, TJ Lavin and Chad Degroot.
Focus: Cody Bowers, Brian Foster, Chad Johnston, Ty Hathaway, TJ Lavin and Mike Aitken.
Toothpicks grinds with Jimmy Levan.
Bio: John Ryan Rodgers.End Point: Scott Foster downside whip to disaster to 360.
morgan wade ride bmx us 06 05 issue 109 - june 2005 (1)
Morgan Wade at Woodward East with a dipped 360 transfer on the cover. Photo: Ryan Fudger.
Letters, fine print, products, stems buyer's guide, regional news.
Up front: Redline revolution, Hoffman gets wild, Ardelean's Lavar, Mirra's triple whips.
Employee of the month: Mark Owen aka Chuck D master of all at Hoffman Bikes.
Quicklook at Brevard County Florida by Dave Brumlow.
Website of the month: perspectivesbmx.com.
Pro Q&A with Dennis McCoy.
Spots: Woodward Lot 8.
Now and then: Dave Freimuth.
Private property: Ben Snowden.
One senseless roadtrip Road trip to Pennsylvania in december with Morgan Wade, Neil Harrington, Adam McDonald and Ryan Fudger.
Postcards from Australia.
Focus: George Ramirez, Rob Wise, Randy Brown, Ryan Barrett, Ryan Mills, Garrett Byrnes, Ben Hucke, Mike Aitken, Anthony Cico, Brian Wizmerski, Jamie Bestwick, Kris Bennett, Mike Hoder
DC shoes poster: Chris Doyle and Allan Cooke.
Setups: Matt Beringer's S&M Black bike.
Workshop: Cement quarter how-to.
Steps: bunnyhop 360's with Joey Cobbs.
Bio: Eddie Cleveland.
End point: Corey Martinez spinning a 360 over the gap at the LA banks.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, april 2005: Congratulations to Ryan Fudger on that wicked covershot of Morgan Wade doing a 360 transfer the new skool way. The June 05 issue is packed with stuff. People are warming up after the winter sleep. The UpFront section is getting bigger with news and little stories from all over the place. If you want to know what's going on in BMX you should not forget to read the Fine Print column. Mark Owen is the employee of the month and gets to park his car at the front door all month. Dave Brumlow is filling you in on the Brevard County scene. PerspectivesBMX is the web page of the month and DMC is answering questions in the Pro Q+A article. Woodward's Lot-8 gets reviewed and Freimuth gets the Now and Then page which has him shown in full HARO gear. Everyone should be stoked if they had Ben Snowden's backyard. Not sure about Matt Beringer's bike though. The buyer's guide reviews 5 stems and the magazine continues with One Senseless roadtrip. It's summer in Oz and the Macneil team made a trip with Jeff Z. on board. Focus, you need to FockUs! 13 sweet pics should have you covered. The DC pull-out poster features Allan Cooke and Doyle, pick your favorite. A how-to on building a cement quarterpipe and bunnyhop 360-s and a Bio on Eddie Cleveland. In case you've missed it, BMXonline is changing to RIDEbmx.com.
josh harrington ride bmx us 07 05 issue 110 - july 2005 (1)
Josh Harrington precision footjam nosepick at the Toronto Metro jam on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Quicklook at Boston, Massachusetts.
Website of the month, NegativeSource.com.
Employee of the month: Animal's Adam Weber.
Pro Q&A with Nate Wessel.
Videos: Origin Productions, Empire BMX, Aspire round 3.
Spots: Chenga World.
Now and then: Kevin Robinson.
Nate Wessel's Solid bike.
Toronto Metro jam 2005.
Interview with Josh Harrington.
The Red Bull Mexican adventure.
Focus: Eric Cuiper, "Surrey" Steve, Brandon Turner, Tom Stober, Clint Millar, Aaron Behnke, Nate Wessel, Derrick Girard, Jason Perz, Kevin Sheftel, Tobias Wicke.
Cement quarter how-to part 2.
Steps: 180 barspin with Corey Martinez.
Bio: Larry Alvarado.
End point: Aaron Ross.
mike aitken ride bmx us 08 05 issue 111 - august 2005 (1)
Mike Aitken 360 one footed invert in Eugene, Oregon on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey. The last one ?
Felt ad with Scotty Cranmer doing a flip to manual to whip.
Quick look at Austin, Texas by Taj Mihelich.
Website of the month: BMXboard.com.
Pro Q&A with Allan Cooke.
Videos: Riff Raff and Props Megatour 4.
Spots: China Banks in San Francisco.
Then and now: Dave Voelker.
Set-ups: Taj Mihelich's T1 Barcode.
Skatepark-friendly pegs buyer's guide.
Product test: Fly Alcantara tires and Odyssey Reloader freecoaster hub.
Joe Kid on a Sting-Ray premiere in Hollywood.
Transition jam in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The Terry Adams interview.
Northwest roadtrip with Mirra, Harrington, Aitken, Cranmer and Beringer.
Poster: Darin Read and Reuel Erickson.
Focus: Adam Baker backflip double whip and Corey Bohan frontflip.
Steps: Wallrides with Ian Munro.
Bio: Jose Munoz.
End point with Cory Nastazio.
mike saavedra ride bmx us 09 05 issue 112 - september 2005 (1)
Mike Saavedra downside whip on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Quick look at Long Island, New York by Keith Terra.
Steve Crandall's mini-crib.
Subdivision tradeshow.
Pro Q+A with Rich Hirsch.
Videos: Off the map, Orchid Step on it.
Spots: Bank one tranny walls in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Then and now: Robbie Morales.
Setups: Adam Banton.
Buyer's guide: denim jeans.
Product test: MacNeil Capital seat/seatpost, Lotek Edwin DeLaRosa's signature shoes and WTP Nova complete bike.
2005 CFB in OKC: wild times in Mat's town.
BMX Pig contest organised by Jay Miron.
The local exposure II Midwest tour.
Ben Snowden interview.
Focus: Edwin DeLaRosa, Mike Aitken, Travis Collier and Travis Hart.
Steps: Lookbacks with Joe Simon.
Free Agent poster with Tom Haugen and Rick Thorne.
Bio: Stephen Hearn.
End point: Dave Jacobs.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: RIDEBMX has been considered one of the leaders for a while and the September issue brings you loads of stuff. The Volume ads are funny, I like to see companies spicing it up. It's taking a while for the Shadow Conspiracy to go anywhere with their ads though but it might be just me who doesn't get them. They're at ad 5 of 7 so 2 more ads to go and everything should fall in its place. The Sept. issue has the regulars like letters, news, scene report on Long Island, Pro Q&A with Rich Hirsch, reviews and a 6 page adidas ad that would fit better in a skateboard magazine. Then and now with Robbie Morales. Every time I see him, he looks more and more like Richard Long. He even runs the moustache. Rob-O has always had a big BMX heart which got him where he is today. Hmm, the Macneil riders must be hot, they've got girls all over them in their ads. Adam Banton is running a moustache too but it's his bike that gets inspected, not his facial hair. Someone at RIDE needed jeans so they asked companies to send in their best product to get in the Buyer's guide. That's a way to do it. There's a contest report of the CFB in OKC, a report on the PIG contest, the Local Exposure II tour that shows Morgan Wade doing a 360 handplant on a barrier/volcano set-up. Nuts. There's a Ben Snowden interview that gives you a better idea of who he is. He also does a fastplant backflip and yes there's a sequence of it. A bunch of great photos can be found in the FOCUS (Fock-US) section. Then some video camera's are explained, something that might interest you. A Bio with Stephen Hearn is hidden between the ads in the back of the magazine and the END POINT is reached with Dave Jacobs doing a crazy transfer at the VANS park in Orange.
vinnie sammon ride bmx us 10 05 issue 113 - october 2005 (1)
Vinnie Sammon's second Ride cover doing an x-up grind, march 2003 being the first one. This one involves a jump over grind and his own bike too. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
Demolition ad with Dave Osato.
Up front: Morgan Wade, Road fools 14, Mongoose, Jim Bauer, 24K Hutch, ...
Quick look: Las Vegas, Nevada by Kyle Carlson.
Employee of the month: Leigh Ramsdell.
Pro Q&A: Brian Foster.
Oxy ad with Dave Mirra.
Spots: Brooklyn banks, NY.
Then and now: Taj Mihelich.
Gordy Toth's backyard.
Setups: Garrett Byrnes.
Buyer's guide: pedals.
Corey Bohan front flip poster.
Props Road Fools 14; Marco Massei and Stew Johnson interviews.
Subdivision pro/am.
Ask yourself: Joe Riley and Leif Valin.
Asian X-Games 2005.
Focus: Mike Aitken, Bobby Simmons, Mike Szczesny, Tom White, Conall Keenan, Brandan Pundai, Ryan Sher, Jarrod Allen, Adam Baker.
Workbench: bikes on planes.
Oakley poster: Josh Harrington jumps his bike while Alistair Whitton jumps onto his.
Steps: Inverts with Mike Ardelean.
Bio: Chad Moore.
End point: Scotty Cranmer's twist a cross-legged 360 whip over a spine.

Jeff Zielinski, Jeff Z’s 10 favorite cover photos, bmx.transworld.net, april 2009: I’m always psyched when there’s a vantage point to shoot street stuff from a “bird’s eye view”, for Vinnie’s over x-up grind it seemed like the perfect perspective to show exactly what was going on. He’s in an x-up, hovering over the rail, with his lean on—even without the tiny cover caption, one might guess it was an over-grind. The slightly high perspective also helped make for a clean background with plenty of space for text. Although, the diagonal lines of the steps were a headache for our art director when trying to place cover lines, so he had to add those blotches behind the text so it would be easy enough to read. This was also the last time the color pink was used in the logo of a Ride cover.
dave osato ride bmx us 11 05 issue 114 - november 2005 (1)
Dave Osato nosepick at the Little Devil warehouse on the cover. Photo by Keith Mulligan.
Quicklook: Rockledge, PA.
New company: The Take.
Pro Q&A: Danny Hickerson.
Videos: VClub Between the lines, Innocent Bystander This road ends, Props Road Fools 4 and 5.
Spots: Burnside.
Then and now: Ron Wilkerson.
Setups: Kris Bennett.
Buyer's guide: cranks.
Product test: Premium lite wheel, S&M Redneck XLT stem and DK six pack comple bike.
Busy on both side of the camera: Joe Rich, Rich Hirsch, Lino Gonzales, Sandy Carson, Dave Freimuth, Brian Castillo and Sergio Layos.
Gravity Games, under the bridge.
Nocturnal magic, a multi-strobe pictorial: Corey Martinez, Joel Moody, Vinnie Sammon, Alistair Whitton, Cory Jarmen.
Private property: Derek Adam's Little Devil warehouse.
Focus: Billy Franevsky flair on a Huffy, Brian Chapman, Sean Burns, Lino Gonzales, Brennen Britton.
Opposites: Eric Cuiper.
Bio: Cory Jarman.
End point: Ryan Guettler flairing out of a wallride.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2005: Had no clue who the guy on the cover was or where the shots was taken. Osato gets the cover of the November issue doing a nosepick at the Little Devil warehouse in PA. Sergio Layos gets the contents page, always good for a full colour picture. Castillo makes Pizza and the Shadow crew has finally come to rest. What's NKE6.com's deal anyway? Letters, yeah, pretty stupid ones. Up Front always has some good stuff. TJ on MTV and Hoffman in ESPN magazine, Steve Crandall hanging out with P-diddy. Mainstream or what? Kill the camera thieves. Rockledge, PA. What?! exactly. Downs explains. Danny Hickerson is answering your look in the face tailwhip questions in Pro Q & A. Did he say where the button is on his bike to spin it around? Reviews; sure, they get some swag over there at RIDE too. Burnside, been there, done that. It was early too. Wilkerson then and now, the perfect guy to answer those questions. Products: Adio shoes, Volume Frame, Premium Sprocket, SNAFU grips, Oakley glasses and Demolition pedals. Oh, there's a Kink belt too. Kris "I love FISE" Bennett's bike gets checked in SetUps. Got cranks!? 14 of them they have on page 54. Product tests: Premium Wheel: Rating 8.0, S&M Redneck XLT: Rating 9.0. Bike test: DK 6 pack. The PRO portfolio article is quite nice. Good shots by riders (Lino G, Sandy C, Brian C., Sergio L, Dave F. and Joe Rich). 20 pages later we arrive at the Gravity Games pictorial report. Jeff Z. learns you a lesson. Multi Strobe pictorial. The LD warehouse gets visited and they interview Derek Adams about it. Focus, did I tell you to Fock us!? Eric Cuiper (Kuiper?) gets the bio in this issue. Nasty gets the pull-out poster and shares it with Mike Aitken. Another Bio: Cory Jarman, and then Guettler does a wallride to flair in End Point. Oh shit, that was it. More next month.
anthony cico ride bmx us 12 05 issue 115 - december 2005 (1)
Smith grind by Anthony Cico on the cover. Photo by Jeff Zielinski.
Quicklook at Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Employee of the month: Aaron Huff, cofounder and president of Solid Bikes.
Tribute to Colin Winkleman.
Rooftop going big in LA.
Pro Q&A with Ryan Guettler.
Spots: Mt. Badly.
Then & now: Ryan Nyquist.
Setups: Mike Tag.
RedBull Mean Streets.
Kink Demolition Derby.
X-Games XI.
Micreation roadtrip.
Focus: Nate Moroshan, Joe Grogan, Rob Darden.
Steps: Ruben Wallrides with Brian Foster.
Bio: Randy Brown.
End point: Kurtis Elwell.