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marius kern freedom bmx 02 2002 issue 43 - Februar-März 2002 (4)
Cover: Marius Kern, Paint it white!
Christian Ziegler und Frank Lukas Interview.
Just BMX.
Aussie X-Games.
Porz Jam.
Shinichiro Interview.
alex reinke freedom bmx 04 2002 issue 44 - april may 2002 (4)
Alex Reinke on the cover.
Glücksritter on Vert.
Japan Roadtrip.
Frankfurt und Austin Jams.
brian castillo freedom bmx 06 2002 issue 45 - Juni-Juli 2002 (3)
Brian Castillo on the cover.
Brian Castillo Interview.
Backyard Jam.
Hannover Contest.
christian kohler freedom bmx 46 issue 46 - august september 2002 (2)
Christian Kohler on the cover.
www.agoride.com: Pas besoin de parler allemand pour apprécier le nouveau Freedom, les photos parlent d'elles-mêmes. Que ce soit Tobias Wicke en Flip tail whip, Day Smith en Elbow glide no foot (saisissant!) ou les décomposés de whip to tail tap to sprocket to 180, pour les fans de rambardes il y a aussi backward pegs grind, ice pick grind et bien d'autres choses encore. Allez à la découverte de la scène allemande avec ses nombreuses jams et événements. Au programme de ce mag, des news, du matos, des leçons (hitchiker et tooth pick) et des reportages de qualité (Fise, Bk road trip,...)avec des photos impressionnantes qui raviront autant les fans de flat que de street et dirt.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 2002: Germany has one BMX magazine and that's FreedomBMX. It has been that way for a while. To me it looks like there is not much progression in the 'zine at the moment. A lot of issues look the same and the layout is pretty square (literally). It sure has its own style like this but maybe I don't like that style that much. Might be a personal thing. On a positive note, Freedom is everywhere, don't matter if it's a contest in Germany, France, USA, Holland or England, Kay, Klaus, Thomas or Axel will be there to shoot some pictures and make a report. The October/November issue has 84 pages of full colour freestyle stuff with lots of photo's from this year's world's in Cologne. I would like for Freedom to step it up a few notches; Freedom, we need some spectacular pictures, we need shocking news, we want some action, we could use an item to shock the German freestyle scene, we need more FLAMES!
bruce crisman freedom bmx 47 issue 47 - october november 2002 (1)
Bruce Crisman, 2002 worlds Cologne on the cover. Photo by Kay Clauberg.
Die unvermeidliche Contest Ausgabe mit: Worlds Cologne, Urban Games, Backyard Jam 2 und Mellowpark Jam. Ausserdem Sebo Interview, die Wethepeople England Tour und die Tour der Dresdner.
freedom bmx 48 issue 48 - december 2002 january 2003
Portfolio: Axel Reichertz, Timm Wiegmann vs. Christian Köhler, IFMA Bike Challenge, Contest in Prag, Jam in Chemnitz und einiges mehr.
freedom bmx 49 issue 49 - february march 2003
Circle Of Balance, Hamburg Rock City Contest, Bruce Crisman Interview, Backyard Jam Derby, Trends 2002, Jam à Hannovre, Gallerie et plus.
50 issue 50 - april may 2003
Vic Murphy on the cover. Pic by Keith Mulligan.
Numéro Old School avec Vic Murphy, Stefan Heilek, Marc Matter, Olaf Cavalcante et Marcus Dheuten, Mathias Rechenbur, le Jugendpark Contest et plus.
freedom bmx 51 issue 51 - june july 2003
Björn Heyer on the cover.
BMX Kommunen, Backyard Jam Bournemouth, Bob Scerbo Interview,
Gallery, Roadfools 11 und einiges mehr.
52 issue 52 - august september 2003
Jan Philipp Kovermann on the cover.
Das deutsche Mag. Alles was in Deutschland abgeht wird hier gecovert und mit Interviews, Szenereports verfeinert und unters Volk gemiescht. Schönes Ding.
Inhalt:Heimspiel: zu Hause ist es doch am schönsten, Carharrt Flatland Jam, WeThePeople Roadtrip (Spanien), Mellow Park Highway to Hill, Fise Contest Montpellier, King of Dirt Linz, Woozy Spermüll Jam.
53 issue 53 - october november 2003
Stephan Prantl on the cover.
Country Bikes Tour
WM Portugal
Darmstadt Contest
DM Berlin
St. georgen
Backyard jam
Tobias Tilgner
Vert jam Bonn
Sport Import 2004 Katalog.
david lombard freedom bmx 12 2003 issue 54 - december 2003 january 2004
David Lombard on the cover.
Inhalt: Das könnte dein SK8 Park sein, Team Planlos in Essen, Red Bull 3 Degree, Vancouver Metro Jam, Bielefeld, Krass & Co.Burg, IFMA Bike-Challenge, Flatimeking, Interview: David Lombard, Rude Baronz KHE Jam.