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1970 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: I was born May 17, 1970 in Oxford, England.
1975 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Moved to Monmouth, Wales.
1981 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Got my first BMX, a Diamondback Silver Streak and started dirt jumping.
1982 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Built a wedge ramp and learned kick turns and roll backs.
1983 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Built my first quarter-pipe and learned how to do airs. Traded my Diamondback for a Hutch Pro-Racer.
1984 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Got heavily into racing BMX for about a year. Won my age group racing at my local track in Ross-On-Wye, then I won the freestyle contest afterwards... decided to concentrate on freestyle.
1985 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Moved to Milton Keynes and hooked up with an awesome crew of riders. Found out there was a halfpipe about a mile from my house, and rode it as much as I could. Traded my Pro-Racer for a Hutch Trickstar. Started to enter UKBFA contests.
1986 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: Entered Mon's Ramp Jam and got my first magazine picture... stoked! Started to hang out in London a lot after a session at Meanwhile (2 quarter-pipes under a motorway overpass in a pretty sketchy part of town) where I met Nick Elkan and Greg Guillotte (Later we became the Twist Trick Team). We would also ride Romford & Chingford frequently. The crew grew to include; Mike Canning, Andy Brown, Jason Hassel, Phil Dolan, Lincoln Blacksley, Graham Marfleet, Jason Webb, David Beveridge, Fraser Campbell, Aju Bubu and Gary McAllion (R.I.P.)... to name a few. lee reynolds 1986
UKBFA contest.

lee reynolds 1986
Milton Keynes.

lee reynolds 1986
1987 2nd place 16 ramps @ 1987 worlds., august 14-22, 1987, UK.

Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1987 - I got my first bike sponsor; Hutch. Such an awesome time for UK vert riding, I can't say enough good things about the riders that were tearing it up around this time; Craig Campbell, Dave Young, Mike Canning, Carlo Griggs, Stephen Laidlaw, Jason Hassel, Andy Brown, Terry Jenkins, Jason Ellis, Scott Carol (R.I.P.), David Frame, Jason Lunn, John Povah, Marc Reardon (R.I.P.), Eric Steele, Simon Tabron, Jamie Bestwick, Jason Davies, Pepi Winder (R.I.P.), Greg Guillotte, the Hudson brothers... all amazing!
lee reynolds 1987

dennyd71, www.youtube.com: lee reynolds ramp run at the gloucester round of the tizer worlds 1987.
1988 The UK Underground: Lee Reynolds, Greg Guillotte, Craig Campbell, Mike Canning, ...in Freestylin february 1988.

Premier Megafree, 13 mars 1988, Paris Bercy.
Lee Reynolds (le ramp-rider anglais de chez Hutch) se laisse intimider par le public et ne participe pas à cette session... L'ayant vu aux essais, on peut vous assurer que ce pilote est un tueur et qui de surcroît comme pratiquement tous les riders anglais, n'a pas du tout la grosse tète,... Vraiment dommage !

3rd place experts @ 1988 2Hip KOV round 2, may 28, 1988, Flint, Michigan.
Kris Dauchy, BMX Plus! october 1988: Lee Reynolds is a sick lad. He does 540s with no feet on! After that (and a barrage of insanely difficult stunt maneuvers at a very lofty altitude), he attempted it... a 900. He missed it the first and second time. Ron Wilkerson comically tried to convince the obviously tired Lee to quit before he killed himself with fatigue, but Lee didn't stop. On his final attempt he did a full 900-degree rotation. Unfortunately, he landed flat bottom and slid out. Nevertheless, it was a 900.

8th place experts @ 1988 2Hip KOV round 3, Austin, Texas.

3rd place experts @ 1988 2Hip KOV round 4, september 3, 1988, Schenectady, New York.

8th place experts @ 1988 2Hip KOV round 5, october 15, 1988, American University, Washington, DC.
Mark Lewman, Freestylin, february 1989: IOuch is the first thing that comes to mind. NO ONE tries gnarlier tricks. But then again, no one has more battle scars than Lee, either. After some outrageous slams, Lee kept popping back up for more. It's not that he's a bad rider, but bad luck ... yes. Lee finished eighth and impressed many with his ability to pop out his fake tooth at will.

2nd place 18 ramp @ 1988 AFA Masters finals, November 12-13, 1988, Wichita, Kansas.

No hander on the cover of
Freestyle magazine december 1988.

Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1988 - Sick of the UKBFA contest format I organized a ramp jam at a half-pipe in Crawley... very fun! A couple of months later I came to San Diego on vacation, ended up at the Enchanted Ramp thanks to Kevin Martin and didn't leave. Started riding with vert legends Ron Wilkerson, Chris Potts, Dave Voelker, Jess Dyrenforth, Brian Blyther and Joe Johnson, and entering 2-Hip King of Vert contests. Got kicked off Hutch for partying after a contest and almost making the team miss their flight, then got sponsored my Trend Bike Source, great guys who totally hooked me up.
lee reynolds 900
900 attempt, 1988 2Hip KOV round 2.

lee reynolds 900
Cancan, 1988 2Hip KOV round 2.

lee reynolds
No hander, 1988 2Hip KOV round 4.

lee reynolds freestyle bmx uk 12 1988

lee reynolds
1988 AFA Masters finals.
1989 2nd place experts @ MegaFree 2, février 1989, Paris Bercy.
L'anglais Lee Reynolds termine deuxième avec des aerials entre 2,40 et 3m.

Lee Reynolds sky high in Paris France Megafree on the cover of Fat zine #10.

Lee Reynolds writes in Invert november 1989.
Lee Reynolds: Well, here I am in California having fun - it has been almost two years since I moved here. I have done a lot of things and met a lot of people in that time, but I am still the same person and I do really miss England - hopefully I will be coming back for a while next year.
From what I hear you had a hot summer this year - I spent mine touring the US for Haro, with Rck Moliterno, Joe Gruttola and Kevin '2 Hip' Martin. We toured for about two and a half months and did close to fifty shows - we had a lot of fun, but the most breath taking thing hapnened on the way home when the van over-heated, and then actually exploded on the side of the freeway!
Well, I have been riding for Hero for about nine months now, and when I look back and see how different things are for me now, I never realy thought that I would be able to survive doing something I enjoy so much - certainty didn't think that I would be living here in the US.
My main job at the moment is doing shows at schools to promote bicycle safety. They are really fun, and ore important because freestyte needs to be promoted to younger age groups- when I am old and probably crippied I at least want to be able to watch my kids ride!
Oh, did you hear that I am planning on getting married next year... pretty cool huh? I am getting married to Shannon Rowland (Stacy Wilkerson's sister!) and anyone who is reading this is invited - so you had better start saving!
By the time you read this the new Enchanted Ramp will be completed. and I will be practising hard for the King Of Vert Finals on December 2nd - it wll be the raddest contest so far, on the hottest bike ramp ever built. The ramp will incorporate two back to back halfpipes with a one foot wide spine between them, plus mini ramp sections. Expect to see: 900 Airs with variations, Tailwhip Airs with variations, Triple Tailwhips, 1260 attempts, and way more...
Anyway, the main reason I am writing is because my mail box has been a little on the empty side lately and I fell like I am losing touch with what's going on in my homeland - so anybody who would like to have some kind of intercourse with me can write through the magazine, let me know what's going on and I will write back and tell you what's up over here.
Well, folks I have to get going now, so take care and keep on riding, having fun etc. I hope to see you all soon...
Always your freestylin' friend.

Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1988 - More 2-Hip contests and lots of shows. Got sponsored by Haro and went on the summer tour with Rick Moliterno, Joe Gruttola, Jess Dyrenforth and Kevin Martin (announcer). Went to Paris for the 2-Hip invitational at Bercy. Finally felt really good about the way I was riding. We installed metal coping on the Enchanted Ramp and I did a peg grind right off the side... destroyed my ankle! Couldn't ride so I moved back to England to heal.
lee reynolds fat zine 10

lee reynolds 1989 airwalk

lee reynolds 1989
Vista ramp.
1990 The British invasion: Craig Campbell, Lee Reynolds, Jess Dyrenforth, Jason Ellis, James Hudson and John Povah in BMX Plus! may 1990.

Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1990 to 1991 - Lived in the UK. Got really into the music scene. Didn't ride much.
1992 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1992 - Moved back to San Diego, and started doing shows again for Haro.
1993 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1993 - Started DJing.
1994 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1994 - Began to ride less and DJ more.
1995 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1995 - Moved in with Zöe (the love of my life) and her daughter Serene.
1996 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1996 - My daughter was born: Harmony Skye Reynolds.
1997 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1997 - Moved to Northern California because Zöe got a job designing sportswear for Fox. Got a bike and started riding vert again.
1998 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1998 - Destroyed my ankle for a second time! Doing a no-footer and didn't get one of my left foot back on the pedal properly. Now I have 2 plates and 15 screws in there! Got more serious about DJing and collecting music. Got a job with Fox as head designer for their BMX and MTB line.
1999 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 1999 - Got a new bike from Standard and started riding periodically at the Vans skatepark.
2001 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 2001 - Moved back to San Diego.
2002 Lee Reynolds, january 2008: 2002 to Present - I DJ and throw parties in the San Diego area, as well as working as a graphic designer.
2007 Lee Reynolds, www.fatbmx.com, november 2007: Last weekend was Andy Shohara's 40th birthday old school BMX reunion. This event was so fun we're going to make it a regular thing! In attendance, and riding: Andy Shohara, Tony Murray, Brian Blyther, Todd Anderson, Chris Potts, Dave Voelker, John Povah, Robert Castillo, Woody Itson, Steve Swope, Brad Blanchard, Junior Torres, Alvin Mullins and a few more I can't remember right now. I'm so happy to be on a bike again!

Lee Reynolds, january 2008: I recently started riding again... is 38 too old to make a comeback?
lee reynolds 2007
Clairemont Skatepark.