Sources: www.artbmxmag.com, www.fatbmx.com, www.flatmattersonline.com, ...
If you want to add any info, please contact buissonrouge@23mag.com.
Attitude, Riding & Travel BMX magazine.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2011: Cream magazine in France is no more. Welcome to A.R.T. BMX magazine. At the helm is Alain Massabova and he put a crew together of the following people to launch A.R.T.: Patrick Guimez (Chief editor), Sarah Elyafi (marketing), Christian van Hanja (Photo editor), and Arthur Dietrich (news/web guy).

artbmxmag.blogspot.com, january 2011: This bi-monthly magazine that will be coming out in early 2011, is not a new magazine, but rather a logical and matured sequel to CREAM. This reference in BMX riding has given way to a breath of fresh air, matching the evolution of riders and the urban and cultural universe of BMX riding. A.R.T. magazine is conceived both by proficient BMX riders and journalists, and is the answer to what is an artistic sport. The main goal is to develop BMX as well as the culture that surrounds it, be it in fashion, music, and graphic design. Based on photography, and designed like a book, A.R.T. chose to favour stylistic abilities of the riders, beyond mere sportive performances. It is made by people who are renowned in their actions for the recognition and evolution of BMX, and the world that surrounds them: professional riders, brand owners, event planners, activists from around the world... A.R.T. magazine applies the formula “International and Lifestyle”, covering events from around the world, as well as all the aspects of BMX riding (street/park, flatland, dirt/trail, race, oldschool).
artbmxmag.blogspot.com, january 2011: Ce bimestriel qui arrive début 2011 n’est pas un nouveau magazine mais la suite logique et mature du magazine CREAM. Cette référence du BMX a donné vie à un nouveau souffle qui correspond à la fois aux riders et à l’univers culturel et urbain du BMX. Conçu par des professionnels du BMX et de la presse, A.R.T. est la réponse à la question du sport artistique. Le but étant toujours de développer le BMX tout comme la culture qu’il englobe en matière de mode, de musique et de graphisme. Basé sur la photo et pensé comme un livre, A.R.T. a décidé de privilégier les prouesses stylistiques de ses acteurs au-delà de leurs exploits purement sportifs. Il est l’œuvre de personnalités reconnues et actrices de l’évolution du BMX et du monde qui l’entoure : riders professionnels, patrons de marques, organisateurs d’évènements, activistes venus du monde entier... Le magazine A.R.T. applique la formule “international & lifestyle“, en couvrant les évènements à travers le monde ainsi que tous les aspects du BMX riding (street/park, flatland, dirt/trail, race, oldschool). Ce magazine est toujours partenaire des principaux évènements dans le monde (BMX Masters, Simpel jam, Ticos jam,Vibrations Urbaines...) et fait partie de l’organisation des Lords of Dirt, FISE (Flatland), Bicycle Film Festival (Paris), Salon du Cycle, King of Paca, ...
mat hoffman art bmx issue 1 - march april 2011 (1) (pdf available)
En couverture, la légende Mat Hoffman en cancan lookback brakeless à Cologne en 2008.

Simpel Session, Trinidad show, California shots, Kill the Line, Twenty Jam, Street Station, Rebeljam, Vibrations Urbaines, W-base Tokyo, Eastern Trip. Circle Cow, FAT BOY clothing, Long Beach opening, Nico Badet, 40 years of BMX, Race history, Flat is dead?, Dew Tour in Las Vegas, Mat & the Big Air, Nike ID new, Stephane Bar, Bulgary kids, Finest air show, The Voice, Mike Hucker Clack, Bel Bachir Karim, Pat Casey, Wild Games Italia, and the Oakley story.

En vente mardi 8 mars dans les bmx shops et en kiosque à partir du 10 mars.

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com, march 2011: Like you probably were, I was bummed when I heard Cream magazine was no more, but curious what “Art” magazine would do differently than what Cream already did to survive.
First impressions? The first issue has just reached the news-stands, and by now you will have seen the red cover of Mat Hoffman, my first though when I picked up the magazine, was “wow!”, the magazine is bright red, it captures the eye, the glue binding gives the feel of a collectors item, the paper quality is really good, this in my mind is not a magazine, it feels like a book. It is an object of beauty that will rightly sit on my bookshelf at home.
What’s different than Cream? The format is slightly different, it’s smaller than A4, has more pages than the last Cream magazine had (over 144!), and the cover has a waxed paper feel, like I said, doesn’t feel like a magazine. What I noticed immediately, was that “Art” covered all types of bmx, even racing, thus the circulation I would presume is much bigger, lot more advertising too, this can only be a good thing to keeping the magazine afloat!
What’s inside flatland wise? The main big flat article for the first issue discusses is “Flat is dead?”, editor Alain Massabova asked a wide spectrum of pros/industry types in the scene there thoughts on the topic, Alain’s intro discusses the hot topic of the flat/street crossover “Today’s shame on flatland riders is pushing us toward street/flat in order to get closer to the public. But is this a solution? Scarifying flatland to make it a ‘sport’ just like Skate did? Rails became park, funbox tricks are considered as dirt, aren’t we turning back to what it was before? Does flatland must go through all those sacrifices?”… The article is six pages, with translations in French and English (this runs through whole magazine)-interviews with myself, Martti Kuoppa, Jesse Puente, Trevlon Hall, Chad Johnston, Hiroya Morisaki, and Thomas Goring gives an industry perspective, a really interesting read, and differing perspectives on what we all love, the flatland! ,I was particularly interested in what Hiroya had to say, “each individual should pay attention to the rest of the world besides riding. Although our community is still small against society, each of us has so much potential. Organizing riding lessons or performing shows are some examples of activities to expose ourselves to the public to improve our scene better. You can contribute to the scene somehow with your skills and with something that you are comfortable to do. The more riders notice their own potential, the more youth would get involved in BMX. Increasing population develops the BMX industry and eventually it brings more opportunity to riders to be able to make living off BMX. That’s what I’ve seen in the Japanese BMX scene.”
So what else is in this issue flatland wise?
-Ticos jam and War jam both get some love , hot chicks and flatland, nice mix!
-Circle Cow 12- Really nice report by Emmanuel Massabova, focussing on the appreciation for what event organiser Pascal Mintovt has done for the flat scene in France, “I’m one of those who think that the Circle Cow is to the flat what Chabel is to the rugby, that is to say Circle Cow is a mainstay of the flatland scene. It’s always the first contest that kicks off (the year) with pros and amateurs”. Emmanuel’s writing style is brutally honest and very refreshing to read, he discusses the Adam Kun and Joris “So yeah sure on the paper the world champion (edit: Masters Champion) is probably better than our friend from Lyon but on this 2 minutes of the battle he was just better. Too bad Adam wouldn’t consider the fact that Joris is also good maybe he would have done something better than a spin to a spinning hitchhiker. That’s the way things are.”
I conclude this was a breath of fresh air to read, brutally honest, maybe harsh even, but compelling reading. It is also great to see that Alain and Emmanuel have it appears squashed their personal beef, and this really shines through here, that these two brothers working together for Art magazine, can only be a good thing for BMX in France. St Martin also ran a full-page advert in the magazine, great to see!
-Portfolio with Yuta Yoshida from Tokyo Japan, really nice zoom shot of Dominik Nekolny.
What else is in the mag? So much stuff but what stood out to me was the really well written article/interview discussing with Mat Hoffman the birth of the big air, Mike Hucker Clark who has some the best nose dive 3’s in the business gets an interview. Simpel Session quite rightly gets a few pages. There’s so much stuff in this first issue, BMX is alive and well. And I really like how the first issue of Art has come out, is it better than Cream? That’s hard to say, I would say this magazine is more liable to survive, its depth of coverage is much greater, thus advertising appeal is bigger. I feel honoured to have been asked my opinion on “flat is dead?” article, “Art” I hope is here to stay. RIP Cream, Long live Art!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2011: The very first issue of A.R.T. BMX magazine arrived in the mailbox today. ART stands for Attitude, Riding and Travel which has the main ingredients of BMX covered. The size is a bit smaller than most mags, but it feels good when you hold it in your hands. It's a little bigger than a 'zine so the photos still come out good. ART is about BMX worldwide. They cover pretty much any BMX event that is happening on this globe through contributions to the mag and because of their big staff. It's good to see Mat Hoffman on the cover. The man deserves all respect he gets. When is the last time you saw a vert cover on a BMX mag? Based in Paris the ART crew does things their own way, with their own attitude. Issue one has 148 pages and sells for 6 Euros.
art bmx issue 2 - may june 2011 (1) (pdf available)
-Latin King Of Dirt
-Kuga Art Expo
-Pegless jam
-Spokes Jam
-LA Trip
-Wild Night Jam
-Jamaican Street
-Daisuke Yoneta
-Mission Japan
-Markus Hampl
-Yohan Bieuron
-Simon Moratz
-Stephane Bar
-OS Reunion
-Oliver Weidemann
-Troy Lee Design
-The Bicycle Source
-Coachella Pool Party
-Deep Event
-ARO Shop
-Barcelona Trip
-Brazil Scene
-Thomas Omel
-Masters of Dirt Vienna
-Jems Muller bike
-Who is Martti Kuoppa ?

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com, may 2011: Issue 2 of ART magazine came through the door yesterday, the “japan” cover is not only timely but beautiful and the editorial is dedicated to “Mission japan”, Hiroshi from 430 clothing talks about his “pray for japan” campaign, Taiko Kaneta known for his back wheel madness, tells the moving story of the refuge work he is doing, and describes how the money generated from 430 clothing has gone into the cause. The layout and photography by Green G, is incredible.
So what else is in this issue?
-The First main article I came to “Who the Fuck is Martti Kuoppa?”, an amazing double page spread of Martti doing a x handed brakeless decade opens the interview, the interview discusses sponsorship, his contest achievements, trick mastery, the devil, Alcohol, and Groundtactics ” The whole deal is to being some new tricks on the table. Like when our generation was coming up, each contest we went, I knew someone would bring some new tricks to the comp so I did the same. Then the whole thing/attitude changed and that wasn’t too important anymore. When I realised that it is no more important to go out to a comp and bring some new tricks I did not want to support the comps anymore and started thinking Ground tactics.”…
-The Brazilian scene gets a dope five page article, with some great insight on their scene from Claybom, Lisias Tabarelli, Marcelo Lima, and Neston. They discuss years riding, Claybom’s video collection, international comparisons of scenes, scene unity, how easy it is to get parts, the contest scene, the talented riders, Claybom – ” I always try brand new stuff. That;s the opposite I see in the world scene. I see riders doing the same combo over and over just to get dialled on the their runs in contests. I call them all “contest riders”. In a few years these riders will tend to disappear”. I can’t recall too much coverage in the printed media on the brazilian scene aside from Balu, so it was refreshing to read about their scene.
ART already has grown since the first issue, as I said before, It really doesn’t feel like “traditional” magazine, but something that rightly people outside of bmx would pick up, and be able to look at and comprehend. Besides those two articles I already previewed theres a lot more.
- Kuga Art show.
- 6 pages portfolio of the photography of Stephane Bar- dope black and white photography, great shots of Charles Paty, Merlyn Masson and Joris Bretagnolle.
-Deep Contest.
Besides the flatland coverage, ART caters for everyone, theres park, street, racing,dirt, lifestyle, girls, scene checks, it’s all here! Already since the first issue you can see how the magazine has grown, beautiful photography and layout, I wish other magazines would take a lead from ART, and cover the flatland. I guess this is what sets ART apart from the rest. Congratulations to the ART crew on a cracking issue!
art bmx issue 3 - july august 2011 (1) (pdf available)
-Deluxe Bikes
-Barcelona Extreme
-Paul Dezeix
-Maxime Bonfil
-Monster Tour
-Georgy Doremus
-The Pool
-Concrete Waves
-Anne Caroline Chausson
-Shanghai Trip
-Tribute to Philippe Pereira
-The Peruvians
-JC Pieri
-Bowl to be a trail
-Daniele de Piccoli
-Romain Georges Bike
-Royal Hills
-Kayley Ashworth
-Nao Yoshida
-Stay Gold photos
-Shawty on bike
-Julien Boulanger photos
-Bellflower show

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com, july 2011: The first impression as ART came through the post, was “wow, this is a thick issue!”, in its third issue, the magazine is steadily growing, packed with all types of BMX, even racing. This of course hurts the amount of flatland coverage in the magazine, in order to survive to sell the magazine, you gotta do, what you gotta do., magazines such as The Albion, Ride Uk, and Case after all barely cover flat, maybe an advert or two. I was curious what would be inside this issue after what happened at Fise, would Alain voice his opinion, or would he stay quiet? So without further due, what is inside Issue 3 flatland wise?
-The first feature and one of the best of the issue, is a page entitled “My Bike” with St Martin rider, Romain Georges, a great piece by Manu Massabova that has short interview plus bikecheck, the piece is brutally honest, “At a time where we glorify riders who are not always worth it. It is always nice meet riders who (not) only have a low popularity, but a big talent…..Let’s hope he stays that way so he can set a good example for the other big headed French riders!”. Shame this article wasn’t longer!
-Nao Yoshida has a two page interview discussing his decision to drop one form of art for another, this interview needed to be longer, for my part I thought it was just getting interesting then it was over, great article nevertheless.
-The Fise contest has 8 pages, that focuses mostly on the photos, JF Boulainne has a photo on the opening spread, but in terms of flatland coverage, that was it, somewhat disappointed I have to say.
-The Flamenco Contest has 3 pages, with text by Viki Gomez, some great photos by Alberto Lessmann, Viki reports “ Everyone loved and enjoyed this new concept of contest, this has been the best concept ever made in flatland for the public, for the TV and everyone! Kids and elder people loved and enjoyed this show and I am proud to say that so far this has been the best flatland competition ever! It has been in 120 countries worldwide now and its unstoppable! Next year we are planning to make it in Japan!”.
-My favourite article of the issue is entitled “The Peruvians” by Luis Elis Benavides, a nice 4 page article interviewing three riders from Peru, Camillo Gutierrez, Antonio Marrache, and Jorge Nazario, they talk about their limitations, the contest scene, and Jorge’s flatland brand “Supreme Bykes”. The photography is great, and reminded me of Cream Magazine when it was at its peak!
Towards the back of the magazine, flatland starts appearing a lot more, interesting!
-Paul Dezeix from Montpelier, has a two page interview by Louis Nassar, his comment that “The French scene is the best! Well that’s a bit of debate there!” was amusing. Its great to see new faces featured in the magazine. Really like the dark shot of Paul in xft steam position.
-Fise Shanghai trip gets one page, nice shot of Takahiro Ikeda doing the seatpost time machine, editor Alain is pretty much quiet in this issue which is a shame, here he writes “that Fise maybe in China so you’d better be ready to accept a different way”.
-The Barcelona Extreme contest that happened the day after Fise, gets a page, with Viki Gomez once again reporting, great to see Viki writing more about flatland!
-The last feature is Adam Kun’s Monster Whip, with Adam telling his story “I pictured the trick in my head a thousand times, played as a film and I felt its was possible to pull it (the voices in my head told me, yes Adam you can pull it ahhahaha!.) So after 3 days of hardcore practise and hundred of tries it became reality. I pulled the upside down whopper that was one of the happiest days of my riding career.”
Issue 3 of ART is done and out in the news stands now, and continues to grow, more pages, more BMX, in summary not much flatland that sadly seems to be a commercial reality. At least ART covers flatland more than anyone other printed magazine.
chad johnston elbowglide art bmx issue 4 - september october 2011 (1) (pdf available)
Cover shot of Chad Johnston by Kai Kuusisto.
Events: X-Games, BMX Masters, Lords of Dirt, Fise Experience and more ...
Interviews: Joris Daudet, Mark Gray, Manu S and Nico Cambon and more ...
Others: Urban Kreation, Roots Jam, urban Plagne and more ...

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com, november 2011: IThe 4th issue of ART (attitude, riding and travel) is out now. As I sit here on this damp November’s morning here in Southsea, I can’t help wonder the future of the traditional printed magazine. Recently magazines such as The Albion, and Case have raised their game to such levels in terms of editorial writing, quality of interviews, that you would buy the magazine and they are free!
The problem with the printed media is accessibility compared to the internet, information right at your fingertips, i’m lucky enough to get sent ART magazine, but are you? I doubt that. How do you get ahold of the magazine? I guess i’m on a rant already here, but my point is simple, The Albion is free, is the best magazine out there, and its accessible. It’s created quite a following already!
Without further a due, Art 4, in terms of flatland content in the printed bmx media, ART leads the way. Of course you have all seen the incredible cover, Chad Johnston dropping the elbow glide on the fork for the first time on a cover, that is dope! Props also to ART for having the balls to put flatland on the cover.
“Community” this issue covers the fundraiser for Chase Gouin, with words are the original press release from Chase himself. Many people throughout BMX in France will see this editorial and be made aware, thats a good thing!
Bo Wade gets a nice 4 page interview, discussing his life in Redondo Beach and the LA flat scene, his influences, bike set up, some great shots by Christian Van Hanja.
The next flat article up is the scene in Argentina, 7 pages are devoted to their scene, you may recall the Flatlive videos that dropped a few months ago documenting the scene there, this article focusses on 4 riders who each bring something different to their scene, really well researched article by Luis Elias and it’s great ART covers scenes like this, last issue Brazil had a dope article, one part that stood out to me was Antonio Pagani talking about accessibility of getting bike parts to their country.
“To be honest,bringing parts from overseas is very expensive, and sometimes the price exceeds by far so it’s impossible to get flatland products. I started making my own parts because in Mendoza, where I live, it was almost impossible to get flatland-specfic parts, even videos. Then, the local riders started asking me to make frames and handlebars for them, and thats how I started with my company. Now without realising it, I see many people who started riding with my frames or bars. I think many guys are able to start using one of my frames, which are more affordable, than buying in another country.”
Following from the cover, the main cover article in this issue “What’s Up California?” by Kai Kuusisto who 5 weeks there, an awesome 8 page pictorial with side interviews from various key people discuss their scene, great insight from the likes of Chad Johnston, Pete Brandt and the Clocktower in SF, and Bobby Carter. As I look at out the window, then look back at the Californian sunshine, I think “oh man, winter is coming…”…
Groundforce has a nice double page , with words from organiser Calvin Tan and a dope shot of Moto mid backwards spinning karl, Calvin writes about the stress of finding sponsors for flatland in singapore and leads to more what goes into making an event rather than what happened at the event, interesting stuff!
King of Southsea has a page (see above), which surprised me, wasn’t expecting that at all, thanks to Alex Romain for writing the words on the flatland contest!
G shock Real Toughness has a page, with nice shot of Ucchie.
Of course if the magazine was flatland only, it would not survive, other articles include:
-X Games – what a photograph of Chad Kagy flair whip!
-BMX Masters- no flat coverage though?
-Roots jam.
- Urban Kreation
-ASA Megaramp
-Fise Costa Rica
- Lords of Dirt
and much more.
ART continues to grow, great to see flatland adverts in a magazine, Quamen, the World Circuit, Flatland Fuel, for example.
Time will tell if ART will survive, I applaud Alain’s efforts to keep flatland in the magazine, and having the balls to put flatland on the cover. One sad thing to me is that due to the fallout with Alain and Matthias/Alex, these guys don’t feature in the magazine, thats not a good thing for the future I don’t think. Both coverage wise and sponsor wise.
Regardless, another good issue of ART, I just hope people can get hold of this easily and without much cost!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2011: Boom! It was like they shoved a bomb through the door this time. The 148 pages on quality paper sure adds to the weight. I'm glad the postman was happy he got rid of this one. ART #4 just arrived and it's got loads of BMX stuff in it. From an interview with BMX racer Joris Daudet to the Lords of Dirt report. From the X-Games to the Bilbao trip, from flatland in Argentina to the King of Southsea. ART seems to cover it all and it is looking better and better. We'll just continue telling you what's inside, that way you can decide if you need to make sure to get your copy for the €6 euros they're asking for it. ASA Megaramp - FISE Costa Rica - G-Shock toughness - BMX Masters - Kenneth Tencio - Cam White bike check - Genoa Spots with Barraco and Lantschner - Urban Kreation article - Roots jam - Crime Rider - JP Montiel - Alessandro Barbero - Edwin Mach - Bo Wade - Manu & Nico Cambon - Ground Force - FISE Experience - Urban Plagne - Alejandro Caro - Chilkoot - Who is Mark Gray? and lots more. How to get it? In the French newsstands now, or contact ART mag via their website.
ruben alcantara art bmx issue 5 - november december 2011 (1) (pdf available)
Ruben Alcantara en couverture. Photo par Manu Sanz.
Edito par Patrick Guimez.
Concours photo: Thomas Deschenaux par Guillaume Guiguittant.
Interview de Fabien Loaec de Bordeaux.
Shopping selection: Dartmoor, Ares, KHE, Eastern, Prophecy, Stay Strong crew.
Le Mankind de Daniel Juchatz.
Interview du pusher allemand Daniel Tuente.
Chase Gouin words.
Interview de Ruben Alcantara par Manu Sanz.
Kill the line.
Mike Lefevbre.
Pub Béton Hurlant.
Born in California. Interviews with Robbie Morales (Cult), Brian Castillo (Volume), Chris Moeller (S&M) and Zenta (Dig it).
Le stéphanois Christophe Desarmaux, photographe de race.
King of Bowl à Marseille.
The Lords of Roc.
Finlande: Dark riders.
Vibrations urbaines à Pessac.
Interview du flatlander Diego Tejada.
Redbull Dream line aux USA.
Pitchfork festival.
Roc BMX park contest à Frejus.
FISE Paris.
Daniel Wedemeijer au FISE.
Milano flatland.
Dew tour Vegas.
Mr Green.
Mim le Pennedu.
Josh Stead.
Old school reunion à Longuenesse.
Alice Dageville.
Hong Kong parks.
Nathyworc stages.
Chase jams.

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com,february 2012: I’m somewhat late reviewing this issue of ART, being that the new issue is already advertised on the site a few days ago, but whatever, I’ll keep this review short and sweet. Issue 5 is dedicated to lesser known riders, but equally deserve the coverage as the top pros, within the bmx media it’s very easy to get in the “trap” of covering the same guys all the time, so I this issue of ART was an awesome simple and “overlooked” concept.
Issue 5's editorial is one of the best pieces of writing i’ve read recently in a bmx publication, Chase Gouin talks about the difference in old and new school mentalities, which does for whatever reason seem more vocal in flatland circles. “My best advice is to give equal credit to all riders who have contributed to our fine creative sport and to hold valuable that every generation has given.”
Big article on the Bmx industry in California – Flatland related Interview with Zenta at Quamen, amongst all the other bigger brands and players (S&M, Volume, Cult, etc)..
6 page feature on “The dark riders” with great photography of Aleksi Ritsila and Toon by Kai Kuusisto.
Diego Tejada has a sick 6 page interview, great to see Diego get some much deserved coverage, until this video I didn’t realise Diego is on S&M, so you learn something new everyday! The interview discusses his travels, his love for flatland, where he wants to take his riding, his bike, S&M flow, with cracking photography by Davis James.
The Milan Flatland scene has a 4 page article, which again like the news on Diego, was news that there were even riders there, this is awesome! With great interview with some of the best riders in Italy (Benjamin Ramirez and Michael Piccolo).
Like I said this review is short and sweet, in summary it is awesome that in this day in age, ART continues to cover flatland, and cover it well more importantly. I’m still amazed by the quality of the magazine, seems more like a coffee table book. One thing is for sure, the magazine seems more diverse than it was under the “Cream” label, and that means more readers, more interest, more advertising, and a future.
Good job Alain and the ART crew, really looking forward to Issue 6 with interviews with George Manos, and Dominik Nekolny (who is rarely interviewed!)
mark webb art bmx issue 6 - january february 2012 (1) (pdf available)
Mark Webb at home on the cover.
Face: Kert Petersel.
Photo: Jeremy Pavia.
Racing: Laeticia Le Corguillé.
Event: Rebel jam Holland.
Report: La Reunion show.
S&M party.
Eletron Bike.
BMX fr cup.
Art: Chad & tables.
Event: Superheroes.
My bike: Joris Bretagnolle.
Kevin Kalkoff.
Tribute: Dane Searls.
Ask Chase Gouin anything.
New pusher: Jack Watts.
Riders of the sun: Costa Rica.
Viki Gomez trip: Egypt.
Face: Mark Webb show.
Total Bikes.
Simone Barraco in Milano.
Face: Lionel Dejean.
Eye contest.
George Manos.
Unit riders.
Lee Musselwhite shows.
Art: Niko del real.
Latino FISE tour Costa Rica.
Face: Olivier Durieux.
Photo: Trails UK.
Shop: Fat Ride France.
Face: Dominik Nekolny.
Market: Toads BMX.
Girls: Chloé et Magali.
Face: Sean Burns.
Urge products.
Ouata Labo.
Oldschool: The hall of fame.
Oldschool: King of Skatepark.
Flat live Argentina.

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com,february 2012: Up and coming Pro, Joris Bretagnolle has a really cool double page spread about his Khe A damn bike, which also kills two birds with one stone with a mini interview also, they discuss new tricks, the french scene, his opinion about the street/ flat phase to which Joris comments “personally I’m not a big fan, but having said that, It might just revamp flatland……I can’t see flat runs being made up of just street tricks. And let’s be realistic here, we haven’t done half the tricks you can do in flat yet…”….
Chase Gouin has another editorial type piece, this issue is not flatland related, its about “vowels”, A E I O U and sometimes Y, I’m going to need a lil’ more time to digest this one…
Viki Gomez in Egypt – Viki takes flatland to the pyramids, a place I thought I would never see flatland, great double page spread with story by Viki himself.
George Manos has a “face” double page spread, I personally was expecting more pages for one of the most original riders in the game right now, but nevertheless its a great article by Luis Elias, that discusses his riding roots, his motivations, riding pegless, his thoughts on originality, “Let’s be reasonable, it’s always been the same, so it’s not a matter of nowadays and I’m afraid it will never change because this has deeper roots in the human behaviour and consciousness. But concerning our particular type of living, I’ve seen lately more examples of character than I could imagine, and I’m happy for it. Everybody has their place in this thing and one should accept the other as he accepts himself. There should be respect and reward for one’s good qualities and skills, no need to say and point out the negative things (it gets worse) because everybody knows that “action speaks louder than words”. Great words from George, the interview continues to discuss his influences, the flat scene in greece, his experience at the rebel jam “I would like to consider myself more as a craftsman. I see the contest as another opportunity to present my work. Presentation and reactions are my concern/factors. The first is about my critic on my work, the second is about others critic on my work. “Rebel jam” was my second pro contest and concerning the two above factors I have both mixed feelings”… Sadly the interview finishes two questions after, just as the discussion was warming up. Still sometimes less is more, this certainly left me wanting more!
Lee Musselwhite show company “Inspire promotions has a great three page feature, with some cracking photographs of Lee by Jonathan Williams, with words by Lee, he tells his story in riding from inertia bikes to sales rep for skate show brand, and how he ended up making his living as a show rider, how he branched out further than flatland, and added MTB, free running…Very few can say they are a making a living off flatland in the UK, Lee made it happen!
Cartoonist Niko Del Real has a two page interview, if you are on Facebook, you may often see his drawings of the likes Chad Johnston, yours truly, Lea Dobrowski, Chase Gouin, Pete Brandt, and many more. Great to see this guy get some coverage.
The next article with flatland is a three page story on the “Reunion show”, Reunion island is the south east of Africa, they sent pro flatlanders Chris Bohm, Raphael Chiquet, Adam Kun, Takahiro Ikeda and Alain to promote the Fise event, along with a whole host of ramp riders, the article has some great shots of Ikeda, Adam and Chris, looks like fun in the sun, really appealing in this cold month of February.
Jeremy Pavia has a six page photography portfolio, with some great shots of Ryan Russell at Malibu, and Tono…
This week we featured Blake Hicks and the Electron Bike, the chaps at Flat Web TV put together a small interview for ART, which is interesting, as I don’t know anything about him, it was news to me that Blake earns his living off flatland, supporting himself by doing circus shows, or any type of event that wants to draw a crowd, the interview also discusses his Electron video and of course the latest video, nice short piece, good to see Blake get some coverage.
The next article surprised me, that is a good thing! Chad Johnston and his table designs gets a double page spread along with interview, his tables for example are made out of bike parts, you can two pairs of bars and forks with a wheel between as the main structure with wheel on top for table top, really creative, its Chad through and through, one of the best articles from this issue, different form the norm.
Dominik Nekolny has the stand out article in this issue, a dope 6 page interview, Dom is rarely interviewed, and I was curious what he would have to say, Matti Rose and Thomas take care of the interview and do a great job, as this really opens up and is a fascinating read. I admired Dom’s honesty/outlook on riding in this interview, they discuss his motivations to ride. to which Dom replies “I take flatland as a sport and only as sport and in sports it’s about crossing your line to be better and better! So this is my motivation, to reach my limits!”.. They discuss his similarities with Justin Miller which relates to the last quote, who is one of Dom’s favourite riders, “I think he took it like really sporty and not like “fashion awesome cool guy”! He wanted to show everybody that he could do the hardest shit with his bike, and he did not care about super originality and style or silly fashion shit…”..
The interview goes on to discuss his riding focus, throwing bikes, riding backwheel, riding brakeless, his job, cad drawings for a big company which builds powerplants, the interview gets more interesting again when they discuss Dom being straight edge and into PMA “Positive mental attitude” and so on, his plans for future etc, the interview went way past my expectations, I was waiting for this issue for the George Manos interview if I am entirely honest, but it was the Dominik Nekolny interview that really grabbed me, it is brutally honest, you can’t ask for more than that!
The last page of flatland is a small repo on the Flatlive contest in Argentina, across the page is a dope full page of Pete Brandt for Quamen Bikes, check the photo.
There’s so much more than flatland to this issue, but I will be writing forever if I comment about all of ART magazine, whilst I was disappointed with only a double page spread for the George Manos interview, the Dominik Nekolny interview is a must read! One of the best interviews i’ve read in a long time! ART continues to get better and better, great depth in articles, dope adverts, Matthias Dandois has full page G shock ad on the back page for example, and as I already mentioned Pete B’s quamen ad, is so sick! This is issue 6, and ART continues to grow, exciting times ahead for this magazine. Try and get hold of this if you can.
justin fouque art bmx issue 7 - march april 2012 (pdf available)
Justin Fouque on the cover. Photo by Manu Sanz.
Kevin Guerdner.
Pierrick Hovette bike.
Chase Gouin words.
Musso brothers.
Fat Tony.
Peter Olsen.
Lou Uba.
Basic BMX.
Costa Rica FISE.
Captain wheeling.
Indoor de Caen.
Redbull roast it.
Shape bikes.
Chris Bohm.
Wild night contest.
Melvyn Masson.
Thomas Hamon.
Race company.
Redbull Metro Pipe.
Ride or win contests ? Hervé André-Benoit, Bart de Jong, Joris Coulomb, Daniel Dhers, Achim Kujawski.
Mats Kahlstrom.
Voces Madrid contest.
Taipei show.
Trip to Genova.
Desmond Tessemaker.
Kris Fox.
Stay strong.
Simpel session.
Trophées de la glisse.
Masters of dirt.
Pir hand made.
Dave Voelker birthday.

164 pages
6 €uros
rob darden art bmx issue 8 - july august 2012 (pdf available)
Rob Darden in Barcelona on the cover.
Trinidad Monster tour.
34R BMX company.
Dawid Godziek.
Go to Barcelona !
Maxi best-of : Lluis Lacondeguy.
Sosh Urban Motion.
KOG round 1.
South Africa trip.
Marek Svancara.
FISE Montpellier.
Asia X-Games.
Empire of dirt.
Avignon jam.
Urban wave.
Bike hall contest.
Concrete wave.
Family album: Sergio Layos.
Racing: French olympic team.
Alex Meyer.
Axel Jurgens park.
Parana contest.
Ticos jam.
My bike: Ryan Taylor.
Words: Chase Gouin.
Urban and Water.
Holidays in France.
Magny street jam.
Lord of dirt.
Paraguay flatland.
Art: Jimmy Petitet.
Bowl to be a trail.
New pusher: Topo.
TPG Bercy and EGP18.
Oldschool: Bob Haro party.
cory nastazio art bmx 09 issue 9 - september october 2012 (pdf available)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2012: Nasty makes the cover of the new issue of ART BMX magazine coming out of Paris, France. The photo was taken at the 2012 BMX World's in Germany and we actually saw Nasty ride at a demo in Japan this last Saturday. Nasty might not be the one landing on the podium all the time, but he's out there, he's got fans, and he turns it up whenever he feels like it. He's always leaving an impression either way. Find Nasty's head in the newsstands in France during the months of September and October 2012. What else is in the new issue of ART BMX? A FATJAM report! Also Bio's with Simone Barraco, Catfish, Anthony JeanJean, Connor Lodes, and Cyril Lapoirie. Event reports from the Voodoo Jam, Urban Plagne, Finist Air show, Kill the Line, X-Games, World's, and the Brighton Jam. Nicholi Rogatkin gets a bike check, Justin Kosman gets a photo interview, the HARO Old School show from Cologne gets covered, and the Olympic Games are in this issue. The mag will cost you only 5 Euros. Has 156 pages and is available in BMX shops and book stores.

Effraim Catlow, www.flatmattersonline.com, october 2012: ART Issue 9 is out now, and as always it seems, brimming with flatland content! And as professional looking as its gets! So let’s get right into what’s inside:
-The first main flatland related article is a four page interview about Gonzalo Bellianti’s trip from Argentina to Europe, where he of course competed at the BMX Worlds for the first time, the interview talks about money struggles for the trip, sponsorship, the countries he visited (Spain Madrid, Amsterdam,Holland, Paris France, and its great to get perspective outside of the norm at the BMX Worlds. “I’ve never been so motivated in my life….I met a lot of riders that I only knew from the internet and videos…” the trip helped Gonzalo get two new sponsors back home, motivate other riders. Great stuff!!
- Gabriel Higa, also from Argentina has 6 page “Photo” article, this is the guy that put together the “Flatlive” DVD, great shots of the locals Emiliano Pucci, Federico Capon, Nicolas Visser, Gonzalo Bellanti, Alejando Santana. Argentina looks happening!
- The Brighton jam gets two pages, with a great repo by Johann Chan. The story focuses on some background as to how the jam came around. Which was documented in my recent interview on FlatWeb TV about the UK scene. Jam organiser Trevor Lacey has a short interview also, along with Mark Cunners, Chris Brown, and Aidwin. Jason Forde and Mark Cunners both get nice photos in this story. Top marks to Johann for the repo, really well written. Can I hire you Johann? :)
- The old school Haro show that took place at the BMX Worlds gets 5 pages, with quite possibly one of the best photographs I have ever seen in a BMX magazine! Bold statement I know, Dave Nourie performing a gander roll with the crowd and the Haro team in the shot, I won’t ruin it with an iphone photo. If your into photography, it is worth getting the magazine just for this shot to be honest.
- Luis Elias Benavides interviews some of the major players in the Columbian flatland scene (Jonathan Camargo, Sebastian Palencia, Esteban Plaencia, and Nelson Castro).
The article takes up four pages. One of the most interesting parts for me focusses on the development of flatland in Columbia. Jonathan Camargo states “There were limitations not only with money (sponsorship), but there was also a lack of spots to ride in the past. The police didn’t let us ride in parks or other spots because they used to say flatland was not a sport and we didn’t have permission to ride there: with the passing of time, though some riders from the capital city started to look for recognition and we finally got the permission to use some spots. We took our claims to the media to make it public and we also started to look for sponsors. We designed a sports profile and developed an image for the public and private companies. From there we got many sponsorship contracts to do different shows and projects.”
Great to read stories like this, riders taking control of their situation, and eventually after much blood, sweat and tears, prospering. The rest of the interview discusses international travel (pretty funny story about waiting for Raphael Chiquet and falling asleep in the middle of the L’Opera, great to read about riders I admittedly do not much about.
- Kip Williamson writes about Aggro Rag, which rightly focusses on the history of the Plywood Hoods and all they have contributed. Well written short article.
- MC Catfish gets a six page interview with some nice flatland shots, full page rolled, and a plasticman, the interview isn’t flatland based, so I’ll keep that short and sweet.
- Jim McKay writes about the crown jewel of contests, the 2012 gets a two pages, with some great points of view from a Veteran rider, John Simmons and Joe Cicman, Amateur rider Omari Cato, and MC Scott O’Brien has the final word, as he explains ” The Pro finals format will be looked at again. I like the 3 man battle not 4. The 2013 Voodoo jam looks set for the first week in June.
- Viki Gomez has a “travel” double page spread from The Maldives. Great shot of Viki mid two footed spinning greater one handed on pedal by Danil Kolodin.
Go get yours, ART Mag is dope!
Alain Massabova, www.artbmxmagazine.com, january 2013: After a very busy year 2012, ART BMX is coming back in 2013 with a new formula more suitable for readers of each country. The entire team developed a new system which offers a different content for each country and multilingual: a free downloadable monthly online magazine that highlights each national scene without forgetting, of course, international news.
The ART BMX printed version doesn’t disappear though since it will have a new formula as well: a quarterly format more consistent, based on exclusivity with in depth covered topics, keeping the lifestyle orientation aspect that is the genuine trademark of the magazine. All the BMX disciplines will be feature: street, park, trail, flatland, racing, oldschool as well as its culture: fashion, music, photo, video, art, travel, tattoo…
Our website will be refreshed as well, with more news and a daily update. Given the importance of the Internet in our sport, we had to adapt our media to your needs and expectations in terms of news and it is with that objective in mind that we have recruited new members within the creative team. We will introduce them to you very soon, they will bring a new energy to the magazine, both on a national or international level.
Wishing you all an excellent year 2013, filled with BMX, we invite you to follow this new ART BMX adventure which will start over the next few days. The countdown is on!
ART BMX, by riders, for riders!

Alain Massabova, www.artbmxmagazine.com, january 2013: Après une année 2012 bien remplie, ART BMX revient en 2013 avec une toute nouvelle formule bien plus adaptée aux lecteurs de chaque pays ! Toute l’équipe s’est appliquée à développer un nouveau système offrant un contenu par pays et multilingue : un web magazine mensuel téléchargeable gratuitement sur Internet qui met encore plus en valeur chaque scène nationale sans oublier, bien entendu, l’actualité internationale.
La version papier de ART BMX ne tire pas sa révérence pour autant puisqu’elle adopte aussi une nouvelle formule : un format trimestriel bien plus conséquent, basé sur un principe d’exclusivité et des sujets traités de manière approfondie, tout en conservant l’orientation lifestyle, véritable marque de fabrique du magazine. Toutes les disciplines BMX seront à l’honneur : street, park, trail, flatland, racing, oldschool, sans oublier sa culture : mode, musique, photo, vidéo, graphisme, voyage, tattoo…
Notre site internet fera lui aussi peau neuve avec bien plus d’actualités et une mise à jour quotidienne. Etant donné l’importance d’Internet dans notre milieu, nous nous devions d’adapter notre média à vos besoins et vos attentes en terme d’actualité et c’est dans ce but que nous avons recruté de nouveaux membres au sein du noyau créateur ; ces derniers, que nous vous présenterons d’ici peu, vont apporter une nouvelle energie au magazine tant sur le plan national qu’international.
En vous souhaitant une excellente année 2013, riche en BMX, nous vous invitons à suivre la nouvelle aventure ART BMX qui débutera d’ici quelques jours. Le compte à rebours est lancé !
ART BMX, par les riders, pour les riders !!!
ryan nyquist art webzine bmx 01 webzine 0 - february 2013 (pdf available)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2013: ART is going in a new direction in 2013. The first production is almost done and as usual we get treated by a big list of BMX events and interviews. On the cover is non other than Ryan Nyquist with a trick that automatically gives away that it's him without looking up close. Taken at the Red Bull Skylines event in Paris, a contest that he ended up winning. ART will be adding BMX racing to their work and Tory Nyhaug and Quentin Cayleron were contacted to help out with some content for the February 2013 issue. Old School BMX fans get taken care of by the Windy Osborn article and the Pessac event. Also the FISE in Paris gets covered, the Red Bull COB in Japan, Lords Of Dirt in Serignan, Vibrations Urbaines, the Nitro Circus Live show, and the Vans rebeljam. If you're a fan of Bruno Hoffmann you're in luck too as he's in there, and also Viki and Jesse, and Stephane Royer, Maxime cassagne, Celso Galeano, plus Laurent Venditelli. Last but not least the Maddog accident gets looked into which should make everyone realize that it's never too late to start wearing a certified helmet.
ryan nyquist art webzine bmx 01 webzine 1 - march 2013 (pdf available)
jean francois boulianne art webzine bmx 02 webzine 2 - may 2013 (pdf available)
Le canadien Jean-François Boulianne en couverture.
thecomeup.com: This issue of ART has interviews with the legends Ryan Nyquist and Eddie Fiola. You can also learn how to manual from a comic strip and there’s a dialed photo gallery by Davis James.
drew bezanson art webzine bmx 03 webzine 3 - june 2013 (pdf available)
Drew Bezanson on the cover.
art bmx 10 issue 10 - july 2013 (pdf available)
Best-of webzines 0-3 and photo issue. 148 pages + poster. 5 €uros

Photos: Windy Osborn, Maxime Cassagne, Celso Galeano, Guillaume Ducreux, Davis James, Juan Paez, Fred Mairet, David Nemcsik, Marcelo Lopes.
Legends: Bob Haro and Eddie Fiola.
Tricks: Ucchie flip.
Face: Sifiso Nhlapo, Julian David Molina, Drew Bezanson.
Girlz: Johana Marmont.
Art: Chad Powell.
jamis cunculis art webzine bmx 04 webzine 4 - october 2013 (pdf available)
Jamis Cunculis in Paris on the cover. Photo by Toby Goodyear.
Rendez-vous : Vibrations urbaines, Comin' Lyon, ...
Flat Kings Japan: Hiro Morizaki et Kotaro Tanaka.
My bike: Vincent Massardier, La Machine.
Making-of Coco Zurita edit.
Face: Keelan Phillips, UK.
Report: L.A to Vegas.
Racing: Redbull R.Evolution in Germany.
Twin cup Anglet, France.
Adam Kun in Miami.
New Pusher: Jakub Benda, Czech Republic.
VIP: Steve Swope.
Photo: Carlos Fernandez, Germany.
Girlz / Micki Danielle Stephan / USA
Maxi Best-of Sergio Layos.
Event / Flat al parque / colombia
Oldschool: Cavaillon show, France.
Girlz / Paula Callery / Canada
Event / Kill the Line / France
Event / Cannes session / France
PHOTO / Ronny Engelmann / germany
Trip / Proper in Paris / France
Event / Lords of Dirt / France
Event / red light jam / France
Event / Waxx contest / France
Event / Fise X Nantes / France
Event / Urban plagne / France
Event / Ex&Hop Contest / germany
Event / Finistair show / France
Report / bike lordz / GHANA
Event / Worlds / germany
fa ce / Alex Landeros / usa
mark vos art webzine bmx 05 webzine 5 - december 2013 (pdf available)
Mark Vos on the cover.
Art: Christophe Boul.
Oldschool: Mano the Quiet Resistant.
Girlz: Rebecca Pergentile.
Event: Comin' Lyon.
Story: Frame video.
VIP: Bart de Jong.
Event: Flatland Vibrations.

www.fatbmx.com, december 2013: Congrats on Mark Vos for getting the cover of the new ART BMX Webzine. As usual the ART crew has busted their asses to get you loads of BMX content for their next edition. Here's just a little selection of what you can find inside. COM'IN Lyon contest, FRAME Video story, Lluis Lacondeguy bike check, Yohan Benoist (new pusher), Mark Vos itw, Vibrations Urbaines contest report, Bart de Jong itw, UK Vert Series, Owen, Bohn bio, Rebecca Pergentile (girl rider from Canada), Flatland Vibrations, Wheelz, Tyrone Bradley pics from South Africa, Adolf Silva Bio, Trophy of St. Etienne (BMX Racing), Pics from Roman Neimann (Estonia), and lots more. You'll see for yourself when you flip through the pages on your computer tomorrow.
A.R.T. BMX magazine is proud to announce a new member that will join our dream team. The french legend, world champion, pioneer of freestyle, the leader of the Mad Dogs: José Delgado ! More than 30 years of riding and its experiment as a pro rider will be at the service of the BMX to continue to develop our international and lifestyle media. Following the success of the webzine (50 to 100K views a month), we continue that way with 6 webzines a year and always the printed magazine which takes again the best of the webzines with a quality close to a book, distributed in kiosks and BMX shops throughout the world. Attitude, Riding & Travel BMX will remain a magazine which deals with all the news from all BMX disciplines of the world (street/park, flatland, dirt/trail, race, oldschool) and its culture (music, travels, art, fashion, business…), by emphasizing the photographs (3 portfolios per magazine). The Webzine is always free and downloadable (HD).
art webzine bmx 06 webzine 6 - march 2014 (pdf available)

Seb Ronjon, www.facebook.com, march 2014: Le nouveau numéro de ART est en ligne, avec au chapitre oldschool tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur Vincent Ranchoux, Bicross Mag represent, sans jamais oser lui demander. Egalement un sujet sur l'excellent documentaire "A Wicked Ride", signé Scott Moroney, sur la naissance du free sur la côte est des USA, loin du bling bling californien de l'époque! Et quelques clins d’œil à droite à gauche, un édito signé Jose Delgado, une jolie pub Quiet Resistant signée OTB, du GT Pro Perf "banana" du côté de Bercy, du vieux bike néo-zélandais fort bien accompagné et des tonnes de trucs foufous à découvrir... Enjoy!

Manu Massabova, www.theriderpost.com, mars 2014: Bien touffu, complet et varié comme d'habitude, le nouveau numéro du mag français est dans les bacs. Avec un edito de José Delgado (l'un des premiers riders français) et un contenu riche et intéressant, le dernier ART webzine est à downloader d'urgence. À noter la session photo avec Viki Gomez ou York Uno et l'excellent article sur le contest d'Alençon.
webzine 7 - june 2014 (pdf available)

www.fatbmx.com, may 2014: Attitude, Riding & Travel. That's what ART stands for. Number 7 of their BMX webzine if full of that. Scheduled to be out in April, but with a contents list that long, we give them some extra time to finish things up. You be prepared, because it's coming. Soon.

ART BMX webzine content list of issue 7:
-Dub Street Serie
-Jason Halayko
-The comeback: Martti Kuoppa, Raphael Chiquet, ...
-Mankind story
-MOB tour
-Michal Beran
-Mark Webb Recovery
-Josh McElwee
-Sculpture trip
-Fise Marseille
-Team EGP
-Kurt Yeager
-Matias Torres
-Red Bull Dirt Conquers
-Miami street art
-Trevlon Hall Freestyle Exams in Trinidad
-Anton Evstifeev
-Oldschool ads
-Anthony JeanJean bike check
-Danny Josa
-Simon OBrien in Tokyo.
-Florian Rusterholtz
-Adam in Belgrade