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haro sr-71 bmx plus! 01 1999 volume 22 no.1 - january 1999 (scanned by pharv85 - download) (2)

Haro SR-71 frame on the cover.

Specialized Fatboy Vegas T.J.

DK Dirt circuit finals.
NBL Grandnationals

Helmet buyer's guide.
Brand new bikes and parts for '99 from the Vegas bike show.
Setups tips from pros.
Moving pictures:
Top ten tips to stop bike thieves.
Pro spotlight: Christophe Levêque.

Inside scoop.
Ask the BMXperts
Parting shot.
todd walkowiakbmx plus! 02 99 february 1999 (1)
Todd Walkowiak on the cover.
MTV Sports and Music Festival.
KOD Finals.
reuel erickson bmx plus! 03 99 march 1999 (1)
Reuel Erickson does a cannonball at the 2-hip burning bike festival on the cover.
How to's: feeble grind, bunnyhop manual, turndowns, 360 x-up.
ian munroe bmx plus! 04 99 april 1999 (1)
Ian Munroe rocks an icepick for the cover along with Stephen Murray blasting a suicide no-hander.
Flatland How to's: Double fire hydrant, Lardyard, Hitchiker.
DK Dirt circuit.
jerry bagley bmx plus! 05 99 may 1999 (1)
Jerry Bagley on the cover.
Panasonic KOD round 1.
cory nastazio bmx plus! 06 99 june 1999 (1)
Cory Nastazio at round 3 of the King of dirt series, Ontario, CA. on the cover.
The jump in the desert: Reuel Erickson backyard
gabe weed bmx plus! 07 99 july 1999 (1)
Gabe Weed on the cover.
John Parker pull-out poster.
The Offspring's bmx jump-off.
jay miron bmx plus! 08 99 august 1999 (1)
Jay Miron at the B3 in Louisville on the cover.
UGP Roots contest
Interesting "How do you make a living in bmx" article
B3 round1 Louisville
allan cooke bmx plus! 09 99 september 1999 (1)
Allan Cooke barhop on the cover.
Hoffman EP test
Leigh Ramsdell interview
How to do old school no handers
Ten nex bikes companies
ryan nyquist bmx plus! 10 99 october 1999 (1)
Ryan Nyquist at the 1999 X-Games 99 in SF on the cover.
Dirt Circuit
Sequence: Reuel Erickson double flip attempt
2-hip contest in SoCal
FreeAgent 2000 catalog
X-Games in SF
Dave Mirra freestyler of the year.
greg dickinson canonball bmx plus! 1999 issue 253 - november 1999 (1)
Canonball by Greg Dickinson on the cover.
KOD round 6 and finals Cory Nastazio was going for double backflips, Matt Beringer pulled backflip on the first set and front flip on the second set
Soul Bowl.
Rick Thorne interview.
simon tabron bmx plus! 12 99 volume 22 no.12 (issue 254) - december 1999 (1)
Simon Tabron on the cover.
BS round 3, Oceanside, CA
The best of 253 issues of BMX Plus!
Handrail 101 with Troy McMurray.
Left Hand Drive.
Moving pictures.