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wade boots bmx plus! 01 98 volume 20 no.1 - january 1998 (1)
Wade Boots on the cover.
Interbike trade show.
BMX crash and burn.
tj lavin bmx plus! 02 98 february 1998 (2)
On the top right of the cover: TJ Lavin at the MTV SMF.
MTV Sports and Music Festival, Austin, TX.
Complete handlebar buyer's guide
The freestyler's video guide
ABA Fallnationals
Where are BMX and freestyle going ? Different angles on the future of our sport.
bmx plus! 03 98 march 1998 (1)
On the cover, top inset: Trevor Meyer.
King of Dirt, Oklahoma City, OK
Andrew Faris and Trevor Meyer interviews
Photo: Mike Escamilla - crooked handrail.

BMX Plus! march 2008: The cover was one to remember with a photo of a three-speed race bike with a profile three-cog cassette hub that was tested on the track. Date Holmes had the table of contents photo with a shot from the infamous Sheep Hills trails in So Cal. We took a look inside the PRO'S bikes of Rick Thorne and Trevor Meyer. The '97 King of Dirt contest was exciting with tricks like no footed can cans, bar spins to x-ups and suicide no handers. It is definitely crazy to see how far BMX has come in ten short years. There was a street riding guide with important tips before you go out and tear up the asphalt and a BMX/Freestyle history quiz that will take some of you older riders back down history lane. John Purse takes home the ABA Grand National win and the parting shot was from the BMX museum at the ABA Grands. There are pictures of six different bikes each wildly different in their own way.
ben crockett bmx plus! 04 98 april 1998 (1)
Ben Crockett on the cover.
Diamond Back Mr.Lucky and Schwinn Hydramatic (Jay Miron signature bike) tests.
Shoe buyer's guide.
Fly paper: Jamie Bestwick.
DK Dirt Circuit Colombus, OH.
bmx plus! 05 98 may 1998 (2)
Bikes on the cover.
Today's top rookie pros: Chad Kagy, Leo Dumlao, Matt Beringer and Josh Heino.
Dirt jumping buyer's guide,
Freestyler of the year: Dave Mirra.
Special how-to: bunnyhop, adjust a threatless headset, keep your bike from getting stolen, get a factory sponsor, nothing jumps by Ryan Nyquist, ajust V-style brakes, icepick, survive a crash, pinky squeaks, change sprockets, pull off a whiplash...
Inside the pros' bikes: Matt Hadan and Marvin Loetterle
Le sympatique Mark Losey du magazine US BMX Plus! a été recruté par l'autre géant de la presse US Ride Publishing pour venir renforcer son équipe rédactionnelle.
Assistant Editor: Adam Booth
bmx plus! 06 98 volume 21 no.6 - june 1998 (1)
BMX Plus! june 2008: The cover was filled with Danny Nelson and Kiyomi Waller battling out on the track and the table of contents was filled with Ron Kimler X-ing up over a big fountain gap in Austin, Texas. The Redline RL 140, Robinson Junior and Trek Team were all thoroughly tested for your reading pleasure. Greg Hill let out some of his speed secrets. We checked in with Pro dirt jumper TJ Lavin and saw how he kept busy on his trampoline bike in Vegas. A flatland buyer's guide showed you the newest and hottest flat products out at the time. We show off the new Hoffman Evel Knievel signature bike. On top of that we teach you everything you need to know about BMX racing. Finally, Greg Dickinson out of Vegas had his own Parting shot page doing some pretty sweet box jump moves.
bmx plus! 07 98 july 1998 (2)
GT Show flatland bike.

BMX Plus! july 2008: On the cover was "The Ultimate BMX Bike of '98" which was picked by the readers part for part and was a pretty bike. The Gonz graced the table of contents with a fakie barspin on a wedge in Long Beach. We had coverage of the ABA winter nationals including the famous brawl between Greg Romero and Neil Wood in Glendale, Arizona, and also checked out the specialized Cactus Cup jump contest. The flatland-specific GT Show was put to the test and we showed you some sweet riding spots across the country. The basics of skatepark riding were covered and this issue also featured a BMX/Freestyle tire buyer's guide. We took a look inside Christophe Leveque and John Purse's bikes and The Gonz ends the issue with a parting shot filled with crazy street moves.
pat dehenne bmx plus! 08 98 august 1998 (2)
Cover: Pat Dehenne, BS 98 round 1.
BS X-Trials round1, St Petersburg, FL
DK Dirt Circuit round 1
How to X-up, Toboggan, one handed x-up
Rider designed bikes
Taj and Joe Rich about T1.
bmx plus! 09 98 september 1998 (1)
2Hip Iron Horse Jam.
Norcal contest Ryan Nyquist full barspin to full barspin flip.
bmx plus! 10 98 october 1998 (1)
ESPN X-Games.
Tim Fuzzy Hall interview.
Dennis McCoy interview.

BMX Plus! october 2008: Powerlite's ultimate race machine graced the cover and was a pretty big deal at the time. It is not very often that we put a bike by itself on the cover, so you know it had to be good. The X -Games had a turnout of about 233,000 fans and went down in San Diego. We had a huge photo special to give you an inside look at what you couldn't see on TV As far as testing goes, Huffy had a freestyle ride new for 1999. One main focus of this issue was the interviews featuring two BMX legends. Tim 'Fuzzy" Hall and Dennis McCoy spoke up. We show you how to give your bike a makeover from the ground up and covered a dirt jumping contest when dirt jumping was getting huge. This issue closed with a doubles vert run and Mirra tailtappin DMC's back.
grant white bmx plus! 11 98 november 1998 (1)
DK Dirt Circuit, round 3, South Park, PA
20th anniversary of BMX Plus!
How to do 360s, Nastazio demonstrate.

BMX Plus! november 2008: Grant White, an australian racer, was one of the fastest pro's at the time and held down the cover shot, and Eddie "King of the Skateparks" Fiola was on the table of contents blasting an air at the pipeline skatepark in Upland California. (...)
jamie bestwick bmx plus! 12 1998 volume 21 no.12 - december 1998 (2)
Cover: Jamie Bestwick, BS finals
BS finals, Oceanside, CA
How to do superman jumps