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Invert became Ride BMX UK in october 1992.
Mark Noble, august 2003: We launched 'Ride BMX Magazine' in summer 1992, because we just wanted to grow a pure BMX magazine. It made sense - times change. It's not called Ride BMX UK though - that is just the nickname people give it to differentiate it from the American version of Ride BMX. The proper name is Ride BMX Magazine... and since then the magazine has not stopped growing.
Publisher and managing editor: Mark Noble.
Contributors: Paul Roberts, Simon Tabron,...
Foreign contributors: Hal Brindley, Bart De Jong, Kay Clauberg, Armen Djerrahian, Taj Mihelich, Simon Stojko-Falk, ...
Size: 210x270mm.
chad herrington ride bmx uk 10 92 issue 1 - october november 1992 (1)
Chad Herrington seat grab nothing jump at Mission Trails on the cover. Photo by Brad McDonald.
R.L. Osborn interview.
James Shephred interview.
Chad Herrington interview.
KOC 1992.
Chad Herrington interview
Rider Cup report with Matt Hoffman flip no foot sequence.
Matt Hoffman doing a twenty foot aerial out of a twenty-one foot tall ramp.
Mongoose Hooligan test.
60 pages.
steve geal ride bmx uk 12 92 issue 2 - december 1992 january 1993 (1)
Steve Geall tabletop to fakie on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
IFN world championships in Hungary.
Greg Hill Products.
Bully Powerforks.
Weston super mare.
Chase Gouin interview.
EBA race round up.
Thomas Foreman interview.
Steve Geal interview.
Oxford jam.
1992 BS round 4 in San Jose.
1993 Dyno VFR bike test.
60 pages.
jon taylor ride bmx uk 02 93 issue 3 - february march 1993 (1)
Jon Taylor, canadian nosepick at Nottingham on the cover.
The Jon Taylor interview
Pete Augustin poster.
1992 BS round 5, Florida.
How to's: 450 tyre tap & Barspin jump.
60 pages.
stuart king ride bmx uk 04 93 issue 4 - april may 1993 (2)
Stuart King toboggan air out of the mini at Radlands skatepark on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
New Tricks Department: Chad Herrington nothing to tailwhip jumps, Bob Kohl is close to pulling double backflips, John Parker body varial airs on vert, Mat Hoffman double tailwhip to pedal on vert.
Made in Britain: Steve Geall's ZIMA frames , Matt and Paul's DECAY.
London and thereabouts.
Radlands contest.
BS Finals Chicago.
GT Interceptor test.
How-to's: 360's and spine 180's.
Respect: Grant Smith (Bless My Xerox)
The top eight UK amateur racers.
Rick Moliterno mini interview.
60 pages.
Mark Noble, Fat zine #26: We print around 16000 copies per issue but it's going up all the time. The vast majority of magazines are sold in newstands, we mailed about 500 subscriptions for issue 4(subs increase daily), and we ship about 400 magazines to bike shops, and we mail about 250 for free.
carlo griggs ride bmx uk 06 1993 issue 5 - june july 1993 (2)
Carlo Griggs no-handed air on the cover.
Backyard jam 1993
Carlo Griggs interview.
Bart De Jong.
Keith Treanor
Drano (body varial)
60 pages.
ricky bollington ride bmx uk 08 93 issue 6 - august september 1993 (2)
Ricky Bollington x-up on the cover. Photo by Mark Noble.
Video-scope: S&M 44 Something, Homeless Trash and Backyard Behold the wonders.
Oxford ramp jam.
BS round 2 Pennsylvania
2 minutes with Ian Morris, Robbie Morales, Eric Abbadessa and Nico Does.
Jason Davies interview.
Ed Koenning interview.
Special test section: GT pro freestyle tour team, Mongoose Villain, Clayborn Backbone, Mongoose Menace, Bully.
60 pages.
ride bmx uk 10 93 issue 7 - october november 1993 (2)
Howard Radcliffe at the KOC, Gerry Galley at the worlds in France and Clive Gosling in Holland on the cover.
Sequence of Joe Sandland pulling a frontflip.
Johnny Petit interview.
Jim Burgess interview.
1993 KOC.
Dave Mirra poster.
1993 worlds in Limoges, France.
Racing worlds in Schjindel, Holland.
Zima test.
60 pages.

This issue was coming with a free 16 pages supplement booklet.
Size: 210x297mm
mike escamilla rooftop ride bmx uk 12 93 issue 8 - december 1993 january 1994 - 10% more magazine free (2)
Mike rooftop Escamilla busdriver on the cover.
1993 BS round 3 Oklahoma.
The In-Complete History of BMX magazines.
60 pages.