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nathan williams ride bmx uk 01 2010 issue 135 - january 2010 (1)
rideukbmx.com, december 2009: Front cover of United Bike Co rider; Nathan Williams.
Inside we have the usual regulars which are occupied by; Rob Castle, Jason Phelan, Randy Taylor, Marv, Joe Fox, Dan ‘Boiksi’ Kijewski, Mark Le-hair, Chase Hawk, Seth Kimbrough, Tyrone ‘ T-bone’ Matson and Jim Goodwin. Also information on how to win Nathan Williams signature United frame; Mothership.
This month’s featured articles are:
Last Licks: The Final Days Of A Season.
The Nathan Williams Interview
Odessa: Hazy Days In Holland
Shaun Hadlington: Blood From A Stone.
Chester Blacksmith: ’I'm Oer It’
Woodward: This One Time…
Exclusive first look at Chase Hawk’s prototype Cult frame.
ben hennon nacnac ride bmx uk 02 2010 issue 136 - february 2010 (1)
rideukbmx.com, december 2009: This February the issue comes with free stickers and a treat of a front cover – featuring Ben Hennon doing a topless nac nac at one of the sunniest places on earth. Inside we have the usual regulars which are occupied by; Matty Lambert, Alex Kennedy, Richard Homer, Chris Doyle, Josh Bedford, Scott Ditchburn and more. Check out this months features below.
Return to roots: Vans European in California.
Nike 6.0 Partners In Crime: A Pair of Wethepeoples in Bulgaria.
Alicante: Sunshine Hills, Cerveza, and the Crazy Peanut.
Malta: Riding the Rock.
TU WHeel Co.: Northern Exposure
Weekender: Prokect 5 Ghetto Jam Newcastle.
mike taylor ride bmx uk 03 2010 issue 137 - march 2010 (1)
rideukbmx.com, february 2010: We have a packed issue for you this month. Including this cover of BSD’s Mike “Jersey” Taylor, doing a slippery – over to 50/50 in the snow. We have the usual regulars which are occupied by Paul Ryan, Phil de Matia, Corey Martinez, Tom Blyth, Alex Riley, Dave King, Joss Fenn and more! You’ll also get an insight of the latest products and information on how to WWWIN a Verde Theory complete bike!
Mooching in Morocco “…How do you ride your camel down such small ledge?…”
The Tom Dugan Interview “…Go fast or go home…”
Rolling Nowhere “…A 5,000-mile search for summer in all the wrong places…”
The Nathan Williams Interview Post-Mortem “…It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”
The OBA Stanley Interview “…Obadose: To mercilessly slay a spot with the conviction and swagger only an NYC Bronx native can possess…”
The Tom O’Boyle Interview “…Tom specifically stated he didn’t want to answer and questions about riding or BMX…”
The Alex Mallagan Interview “…A trucker hat wearing, Lucero craving, and PBr guzzling agenda…”

Mike Taylor, rideukbmx.mpora.com, february 2010, cover story: Nathan Beddows (the photographer) text me saying, would I like to shoot a picture. I text back “I’m trying to let me wrist heal for Estonia” (hospital had x rayed it and nothing was wrong, so I went to the doctors 2 weeks later and it doesn’t feel right. “Oh there’s a note off the radiologist – you have a chipped the bone.” “Thanks when the fuck was you gonna tell me?”) So Beddows text me again and said “Oh well if the pic was right, it would be for a cover” , pretty sure he was just laying the bait. I thought this may be only chance I get, and any BMX rider wants the cover its an honor! So I text back saying “ill strap my wrist up and take the pain.” It was taken in Burnley somewhere, I saw them when I was going my mates to buy some motorbike tyres. I only saw the tops of them and thought sweet rails. I only crashed once. I kept needing to feel it out, if I over pegs and lent over id be ploughing into the corner of a wall.
leo forte ride bmx uk 04 2010 issue 138 - april 2010 (1)
United Bike Co/DC Shoes/Fox rider, Leo Forte and photographer, Jonathan Williams snuck themselves and a kicker into the UK’s largest supermarket, Tescos. After flying around on the glassy smooth floor, Leo boosts over the bargains, which scores him this months front cover.
rideukbmx.com, march 2010: Issue 138 hits the shelves on Thursday and hopefully it’ll close the door on what’s been the most grotty and anti-BMX winter in living memory (well, the coldest on record for the last 40-odd years… so sorry dads or DMC or Tim March or any other silver fox riders out there… you may well remember a less BMX friendly one). Never before have the seasons influenced the content of the magazine to the extent they have this issue, Mother Nature herself was behind the wheel last month and she sent people scurrying in all directions, looking for shelter or sunny skies.
Wild in the Aisles: Leo’s random lock-in. As you’ve probably already seen, Leo Forte sought refuge inside Tescos and he’s written a particularly random story to accompany this particularly random riding session.
Access All Areas: Simpel Session 2010. The world’s premier contest riders (and their entourage of rowdy hangers-on — mostly drunken Brits Abroad by the looks of things) battled it out under the roof of the Saku Sur Hall in Tallinn, Estonia for the 10th anniversary of the legendary Simpel Session. We went deep behind the scenes to find out if it really is all hammer tricks, free drinks, cute screaming girls and hotel orgies (…and in case you can’t wait to find out if it is or not… it is!).
Treasure Island: Spot Hunting in Tenerife. A gallant cast of adventures set sailed south and washed up on a small island off the coast of Africa for a week in search of that ever elusive ‘Spot Gold’. Headed up by Niki Croft, Robbo and The Count, the motley crew befriended the natives and found more than enough sun-kissed treasure to see them through till Spring.
Run To The Hills: VClub’s Arizonian Adventure. Even the usually agreeable climate of VClub’s hometown, Austin, Texas took a dive below freezing and forced the team into the barren deserts (and endless ditches) of Arizona… all For The Sake Of The Video.
Nike 6.0Z: Harry Main In Australia. But, the winner of this month’s Run To The Sun was our own Harry Main. He’s renowned for pushing things one step further and generally being on a different level to everyone else, so it makes sense that he should head to another hemisphere to stamp his distinct style on some fresh Australian concrete.
A F*cking Winter Wonder Land: Props’ Midwest Tour. Fellow BMX media outfit, Props Video Magazine were also wrestling the elements this month in a bid to keep putting out issues – we teamed up and took a tour of the MId-West’s hottest indoor facilities (someone needs to build a UK version of Ray’s Bike Park… badly… that place is too wild).
Interview: Buzzo. And then there’s Buzzo, the up-and-coming Bristolian who looks like a Spanish foreign exchange kid from the mid 90’s… he didn’t go anywhere… he kind of got left behind.
mark webb ride bmx uk 05 2010 issue 139 - may 2010 (1)
Mark Webb on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, april 2010: This month’s front cover is with VANS/Total BMX/Relentless rider, Mark Webb. It has been 48 issues since we ran a cover of Mark Webb, and even then he was hitting random objects and transitions (that cover on issue 91, captured him flaring a small, damp grass bank). Since then he’s probably done more flairs than you’ve had hot dinners (unless your names Daniel Dhers of course!). Not really sure how many have been done in the old section of Southsea Skatepark, but this one, shot by Nathan Beddows, was probably one of the first.
rideukbmx.com, april 2010: Issue 139 is headed up by the ever-controversial Mark Webb wafting a huge flair in some previously unflaired territory. Along with Romford Skatepark, meanwhile 2 and Lloyds Blocks, the snake run at Southsea Skatepark is an official UK BMX National Treasure and whilst usually, you’ll only see coverage of Mark upside-down or spinning like a top over the newer ramps in the park, that doesn’t mean for a second that he can’t handle the cold harsh concrete. With their irregular curves, gnarly steep transitions and cheese-grater-like surface, most riders tip-toe around the 35 year old snakerun with a careful caution, but not Mark Webb, he uses a combination of local knowledge and superhuman bike control to shred the place like no other. A casual flair high above some deadly serious concrete. Whilst we were there, as well as shooting the cover photo, we filmed a bunch of stuff with Mark and new Southsea resident Alex Coleborn, so check back soon for video of this savage flair as well as the rather unfortunate coming together of Alex Colborn’s face and a cafe roof.
Inside The Outback: On the other side of the world to the iconic curves of Southsea’s snake run, Walter Pieringer and a small crew get all Bear Grylls as they tackle the hosstyle conditions of Australia’s outback during their epic trans continental drive in a 4X4.
Putting Your Back Into It: Ryan Air’s best customer, Dan Benson travelled to Bilbao with the Proper team on a quest for some untouched Spanish treats. A pre-trip search on Google maps revealed some tasty rewards but Mike Miller, Gav Shortall and Co. had to put in some serious work to get their just deserts.
LS6: Rise of the Fallen. Once considered a hub of bike riding creativity and the DIY BMX capital of the UK, over the last decade the city of Leeds had kind of fallen from grace. But the tides have turned and with some fresh faces and a renewed bout of enthusiasm the scene has been rejuvenated and once more thrives with talent whilst keeping the ragged edges which make it so unique.
Ben Green vs Boiski. After hitting the streets of Madrid, Cologne and their hometown of London, we sat down with 2-man-mobile-media-company, Ben Green and Dan Boiski to talk sponsorship issues, filming techniques and Dan Mcgeary.
Notion Youth Squad. In our present era of big money TV contests and Olympic medals, we take a look behind the scenes of an exciting BMX training program that is confident on churning out a new breed of ultra-efficent gold medalists from West Yorkshire.
Hoss-Style. “The couch in the back is from some dirty BMX house, so it’s definitely got its fair share of jellyfish” He might own the rattiest van in all of Arizona but this future teacher and sharer of spots has things figured out pretty damn good in our books.
matt priest ride bmx uk 06 2010 issue 140 - june 2010 (1)
Matt Priest on the cover.
Matt Priest, cover story, rideukbmx.mpora.com, may 2010: I was out in Austin and I got my invite for the VANS Wheels or Rock Tour. Luckily Vince Perraud (the photographer) was in town as well, so we got in contact and sorted out a time to shoot the trailer for the trip and get a couple of pictures for the VANS website. I headed up the trials to find Vince already there, so we watered up the line and I did some runs, I did a few twists and other bits for the trailer. Then a month later Banners (Editor of Ride UK Mag) e-mailed me that he had some pictures from Austin and wanted to do an article in the mag. I guess one of the photos came out pefect for the cover.
rideukbmx.com, may 2010: Issue 140 featuring Matt Priest on the cover is now available in all good BMX shops and newsagents. The mag is full of content getting you ready for the Summer! Packed with the regulars which are occupied by; Peter Adam, Chase Hawk, Ashley Charles, Danny Hickerson, Joe Fox and lots more! Check out the featured articles below.
The Curse Of The Interview: Boiski’s Interview Of Injuries. “…As pale as a sheet from celebrating his birthday the night before and still injured with a badly bruised foot, all he could pull out the bag was a sick in the corner of frozen car park …
Kink Down Under: 3 Weeks With The Family in OZ and NZ. “…There’s eight of you, and only one of you can do a backflip?…
Bruno Hoffman: A Not So Traditional Interview. “…I genuinely hope he gets another chance to come back to Barcelona soon to be the first person to 7 The Macba…
Video Days: Behind The Scenes of 5 UK Videos “…That shit’s yours for life and no super pro can ever take those first tyre marks away from you…
The Great Escape: Reasons To Spend Winter In Austin. “…As long as you’re into BMX, partying, having a blast or getting tattoos: this place is the ideal location for a BMX adventure…
New Orleans Will Wreck Your Life: Sputnic’s Florida Vacation. “…I can’t express how elated I am to not be in jail right now…
jimmy rushmore ride bmx uk 07 2010 issue 141 - july 2010 (1)
Jimmy Rushmore on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, june 2010: Check out issue 141 featuring a Jimmy Rushmore table out one of the oldest and hardest transitions in the UK! This months regulars are occupied by; Luke Peeters, Scott The Punk, Garrett Reeves, Scott Ditchburn, Mike Miller and more. This months ‘How To’ is with The Make’s, Chicken teaching you how to leap frog. Check out the featured articles below. Now go buy it! It’s got a poster and info on how to win a Complete Fit Bike Co Bike and 2x VIP tickets to Relentless NASS.
The Changing Man: Adam ‘Wozzy’ Wasylenko Interview. “…I came up with a name for my own ‘crossover thrash’ band called Birthquake, you’d drop a ten stair if you heard them play!…
Live Fast, Die Faster: Justin Simpson Interview. “…It’s loud, and it’s fast, and it’s tough as fuck – and that’s how we roll …
Lost and Found: Union Search For Concrete Waves. “…Girls like this really annoy me, you can’t even ride and the only reason you’re watching is because you’ve got the hots for Rushmore. Does she know that a lot of the transitions are unpredictable?…
Rolling Through Rural Virginia: FBM In Small Town America. “…The one bomb we did was a 5-mile run, and it only took about 7 minutes to do… that means our average speed was really fast …
Hello Fairies: An Isle Of Man HDP Scene Report. “…8 foreigners dabble with death as they explore the mystical island of man…
The Yorkshire Secret: Safe Nath interview. “…Frank Bruno’s got a better chance of leading the BNP than you have of contacting Nath…
Je Suis Un Poisson Rouge: Amity In France. “…I wanted a baguette, but I saw the word ‘croissant’ and just wanted to say the word ‘croissant’, so when the lady asked me what I wanted, I just said ‘croissant’…
Weekender: FISE 2010 – Montpellier, France.
bsd ride bmx uk 08 2010 issue 142 - august 2010 (1)
BSD on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, july 2010: It’s here, the one you’ve all been waiting for! Issue 142 aka, the Ride To Glory issue has made it out of the printers and is ready in stores (with a FREE DVD) to buy now! The new mag features a three page pull out with hundreds of behind the scenes photos, plus the usual regulars and of course tonnes of exclusive Ride To Glory content!
Kick Off
1st – BSD – 4575 PTS. “…the way he sees it is that if you ask enough girls – the law of averages says that one will get their tits out eventually…
2nd – Mongoose – 4400 PTS. “…so everyday you would inevitably end up grinding against either the buttocks or the crotch of another man…
3rd – Relentless – 4300 PTS. “…Webbie spent last night in the slammer, so you can tick the ‘Get Arrested’ challenge off…
4th – Primo – 3275 PTS. “…Buddy told Hennon, “You just saved your friend a broken jaw,” and I believe him …
5th – Profile – 2200 PTS. “…Last is better than next to last, or the spot above that, it shows that at least you can all work as a team and really throw the towel in…
The Final Results.
josh bedford ride bmx uk 09 2010 issue 143 - september 2010 (1)
Josh Bedford on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, august 2010: Regulars with; Ben Lewis, Dave Thompson, James Cox, Brian Kachinsky, Ruben Alcantara and more.
Stop Light Make Out: Tommy Dugan in the UK.
This is Bullshit: United in Canada.
Get In The Van: Etnies and Mutiny in California.
South West by South West: Verde in Devon and Cornwall.
Underdogs: Heavy Hitting Unknowns.
A Crew Of Five, Barely Alive: Shadow in Atlanta.
Relentless NASS 2010.
farren downes ride bmx uk 10 2010 issue 144 - october 2010 (1)
Farren Downes on the cover.
Farren Downes, cover story, rideukbmx.mpora.com, september 2010: Banners gave me a call and asked me if I could do any posh grinds for a cover shot. I had been doing x-up luc-e’s for a couple of years but had never done one on a legit rail, and thought that this was a pretty good incentive to give one a whirl! The rails are on the outskirts of Southampton. There pretty much perfect. Decent run up and run out, not to steep, good length and there in a pretty quite spot. Getting all those factors in one rail in England is rare to put it lightly. I flew over the bars at least ten times in a row and landed on my face, knackered my heel, elbow and also cut both my palms open. . . I’m not going to lie – I was really hurt.

Regulars with; Ben Lewis, Dave Thompson, James Cox, Brian Kachinsky, Ruben Alcantara and more.
Stop Light Make Out: Tommy Dugan in the UK.
This is Bullshit: United in Canada.
Get In The Van: Etnies and Mutiny in California.
South West by South West: Verde in Devon and Cornwall.
Underdogs: Heavy Hitting Unknowns.
A Crew Of Five, Barely Alive: Shadow in Atlanta.
Relentless NASS 2010.
ben hennon ride bmx uk 11 2010 issue 145 - november 2010 (1)
VANS and Hoffman Bikes rider, Ben Hennon on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, october 2010: This month features the usual shenanigans with Levi Rogers, Kevin Kalkof and more. Weekender Jams include; Murray Jam, Vegas Rail Jam, Budget Jam, Rebel Jam and more! A Catch Up with Dakota Roche and a bike check with Cam Hardy. Check out the featured articles below, and be sure to head out and go buy one!
Reaping The Rewards: Flying High Deep In The Woods “…Everything happens fast. . . once you’re heading down that hill you’re strapped in and there’s no eject button…”
The Beginners Guide To Roadtrips: Team Notion Hit The Highway “…Destination unknown, budget limited, cock in Monster Munch packet emptying bladder, and we’re only 13 miles out of town…”
Vacaciones De Verano: Let It Ride “…Hennon’s extreme wobble-cam style was capturing nothing but Matt’s back tyre and some blue sky!…”
Trails Toil: Oakley National Trails Champs “…Did Elton John write Gangsters Paradise…”
Wrong Side Of The Tracks: A Week On The Trains With Team Hoffman “…Seth was watching the Jeremy Kyle show occasionally repeating key phrases like “be a man for the first time in your life” and predicting DNA test results…”
Pointless Reassurance: The Tom Davis Interview “…Just before I do a trick I always ask Jack if he thinks I can do it…”
steve bancroft ride bmx uk 12 2010 issue 146 - december 2010 (1)
Steve Bancroft on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, november 2010: So what’s in the issue ? First off, you do get a bunch of FREE stickers. And inside, we have Top 5’s occupied by Corey Martinez, industry news with Almond Footwear, a lot of product reviews and loads more other cool stuff! Also you could learn how to Downside Smith better than Luke Towey! Check out the featured articles below, and be sure to head out and go buy one!
Sin City: Interbike 2010 “…Thankfully I don’t think the UK scene takes itself seriously enough yet to need a glamorous awards night, and I hope that’s the way it stays…”
Road To Recovery: Mike Aitken Interview “…The plan for the future is I’m gonna go down there and do that trick that I got hurt on over that jump again. Not lettin’ it take me out like that…”
Walking A Fine Line: Shadow Conspiracy Roadtrip “…JP, I want to visit America and walk a fine line between life and death. A simple request from Scott Ditchburn…”
Growing Up In Public: Leo Forte Interview “…If by “pagan” you’re referring to the Latin origin “paganus” which suggests rural, rustic or of the country then there’s strong evidence. As for witchcraft. . . there’s just not enough hours in the day…”
Hotter Than Two Squirrels Fucking In A Wool Sock: Sunday Roadtrip “…We rode all day every day while there, got some stuff done, and managed to have fun at night pulling 40 yr old titties out of shirts…”
Empire Of The Sun: Empire In Spain “…Apparently returning would be a bad idea, but Hanson and I are never ones to shy away from bad ideas…”
Complete Nightmare: 12 Complete Bikes Go Head To Head “…If you had to compare the brand to a car I reckon a Golf would be a good match…”
Cheers Sharon And Tracy: Red Bull Backyard Digger “…7Up single handedly ruined any possibility of me ever liking lemonade. I wouldn’t even use it as a mixer…”

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: For a second I thought I was looking at R.A.D. (Read And Destroy) magazine. The Full Circle colours reminded me of the mag that used to cover the UK scene. But this is the new cover of RIDE UK, #146!
It will have the following to keep you occupied during the rainy days:
-Road to Recovery: Mike Aitken interview
-Growing up in Public: Leo Forte interview
-Sin City: Viva Las Vegas
-Cheers Sharon and Tracy: Red Bull Backyard Digger
-Complete Nightmare: 12 completes go head to head
-Walking a Fine Line: Shadow Conspiracy road trip
-Hotter than two squirrels fucking in a wool sock: Sunday Road trip