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Sources: rideukbmx.com, www.4130.com, www.defgrip.net, www.fatbmx.com, ...
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dan lacey ride bmx uk 01 2007 issue 100 - january 2007 (1)
Federal's Dan Lacey, Force 9 tuck over a big green 100 at a spot that's definitely seen some action over the years. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Top fives. Mat Hoffman.
Firing blanks. Phil Aller.
Lucky sevens. Jamie Bestwick.
Industry. Shitluck's Leland Thurman.
Six minutes with Travis Sexsmith.
Video player. Ross Milne and Barry on a Grifter.
Flat matters. Flatland top tens by Sam Foakes, Travis Collier, Thomas Göring, Keelan Phillips, Martti Kuoppa, Brian Tunney, Viki Gomez and James White.
French lecture. Party like it's 1992.
Video box. Pretty Shady 3, Hoffman Bikes Broke off, Local Exposure 3, Premium Products, Facad.
Frame work. FBM Stairmaster, Mutiny Captain, WeThePeople Ovoid, The Take Ivy, Mankind Archangel, Inertia Hades.
Bike reviews. Redline Link 5.1 and MirraCo Blend 3.
Shoebox. 20 years of Etnies with John Povah.
100 issues and counting. Interviews with Jamie Bestwick, Stu Dawkins, John Taylor, John Dye, Mat Hoffman, Ian Morris, George French, Dyaln Clayton, Dale Holmes, Simon Tabron, Effraim Catlow.
Backyard jam.
Dennis McCoy interview: King of Rock.
The Ian Schwartz interview.
California dreaming: a United Bikes California trip.
The single life: the Profile team on a journey to Seattle. Aaron Bostrom, Ty Stuyvessant, Mark Mulville, Anthony Cico, Kevin Garwood, Tony Cardona, Matt Coplon.
Who the Facad? Bruce Crisman, Mike Hoder, Seth Kimbrough, Davey Watson.
Good Vibrations, Pessac, France.
Pro bike check. Dave Mirra's MirraCo Blend and Josh Bedford's Mutiny Burlish.
Textbook. The manual with James Newrick.
20 questions. Lino Gonzales, Marvin Loetterle and Hannu Cools.
WTF? Lain Ward.
196 pages.

Mark Noble, rideukbmx.com, december 2006: The Ride 100 Party went off. The Consortium Club was packed. Two bands played, Tim’s band and Wetlook, and things started gettin messy during Wetlook’s set where upon the amazing wooden 100 sculpture that features on the new cover (see below – out now!), was pulled from the stage and carted into the air, it started crowd surfing, and was then smashed into a million pieces. Which was kind of a bummer, because I was looking forward to installing it here in the office, but on the other hand, the only place you’ll see it is now on the cover: which is kind of perfect, in an art sense (?).
Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK february 2007: It's time for Ride BMX to go monthly. 12 issues per year. It took us 100 issues to get to this point, but as that wise old crooner Franck Sinatra once sang, "To rush would be a crime, 'cause nice and easy does it, every time"
mike hoder ride bmx uk 02 2007 issue 101 - february march 2007 (1)
Mike Hoder 360 on the cover. Photo by Tal Roberts.
Top fives. Ruben Alcantara and Dave Freimuth.
Lucky sevens. Bas Keep.
Firing blanks. Toby Forte.
Spadework. Barend trails, interview with Rory O'Sullivan and six minutes with Mark Hinxman, filmer and producer of the Barend DVD, Tip one out.
DVD box. Lotek Vancouver, V-Club Overexposed, Frontline, Time Run Out by Digital BMX v Bring it on!, Norwich 06, Failure bikes, Animal Bike Co Road Trip.
Video player. Brian Castillo on the release of Volume's On the clock.
French lecture. Helium in Tyres, Splined forks and stems, Reverse thread wheel nuts.
Flat matters. Intrikat jam, Flatground, Style 43, Phil Dolan, Dust off your passports, Brian Tunney's pegless United Squad.
Neighbourhood watch.
New stuff.
Frame work. Mutiny Eden, WTP Millar Lite, Proper Proclaimer, Failure Bikes Grade 2, S&M Stricker.
Bike reviews. United Recruit and Colony Endeavor.
Disposable heroes: The Source trip.
The Odessa Barcelona brodown. Cleggy, Dean Hearne, Bomber, Tom Blyth, James Newrick, James Cox, Kes, Mark Tanker, Josh Bedford.
Bob Scerbo interview.
Props Road Fools Rock and Roll Tour.
Searching for Utopia: Norfolk.
Informer: Brandon Hoerres interview.
20 years of S&M: Chris Moeller interview.
Weekenders: Little Devil open house, Skegness jam and Epic Bowl jam.
Bike check: Ashley Charle's WTP Ovoid and Josh Stricker S&M Stricker.
Textbook: Downside tailwhips by Steve Bancroft.
20 questions. Jason Enns and David Frame.
WTF? Jonny Devine.
Stripped. Ken Hale pop.
Icon. Tioga Comp 3s.
justin simpson ride bmx uk 04 2007 issue 102 - april 2007 (1)
Justin Simpson on the cover. Photo by Walter Pieringer.
Lucky sevens. Joe Rich.
Firing blanks. Northern John.
Top fives. Corey Martinez.
Industry. DK Bicycle's Scott Papiro.
Six minutes. Mike Spinner and the 1080.
DVD box. Roundabout Second time around, Welcome to Pittsburg, Barend 3, Triplesix Selftitled, Attila Hit the switch, Volume On the clock, Ride BMX US Flipside.
Video player. Matty Lambert on What you looking at ?
Flat matters. Chad Johnston, Circle Cow 8, KHE RIP, Cream Flat Kings, Degroot, OG, ...
French lecture. BMX photography.
Neighbourhood watch.
New stuff.
Frame work. Sunday, KHE Method 2, Liquor Bikes, Volume 81, Mutiny Sinister and Terrible One Ruben.
Bike reviews. We The People Phoenix pro and Hoffman Condor EC1.
Shoebox. Derek Adams about Orchid.
Sometimes flashes don't fire.
Photo section. Rob Dolecki, Walter Pieringer, Scott Papiro, Keith Terra, H-Man, Manu Sanz, Kung, Sandy Carson, Joe Cox.
Bike check: Steve Bancroft's Simple and Rob Dolecki's T1 Ruben.
20 questions. Lard and Josh Harrington.
WTF? Weird Sam.
Stripped. Peacy and Conners.
Icon. The Fisheye lens.

Mark Noble, www.defgrip.net, march 2007: This Photo Annual is a celebration of BMX photography. With no word of exaggeration or hyperbole, you cannot even begin to measure how influential good BMX photography has been upon our world of BMX. A good photo can inspire a person to pick up a bike and go ride. A person can look at a certain image, printed in a certain magazine, of either a riding move, or a spot, or a scene – and then you just try and hold that person back from grabbing his bike and (to coin an old Dorkin’ In York phrase) bust out. How can a simple printed image do that and have that effect on a person? It’s a special thing. Good BMX photos, such as these here printed on high quality pulp sourced from sustainable forests, have inspired generations of riders to go ride. It’s as important to BMX as a chain on a bike. So when you think about that fact, it’s a miracle (and almost a crime) we haven’t created a Photo Annual before now.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2007: Most of the time I'm not a big fan of "Photo issues" for the simple reason that I need something to read when I pick up a magazine. Photo issues are usually an easy way out to flap photos together and make a quick issue in times when there is not too much going on (winter). Good pics need to be in every issue, not just the photo issue. When Ride BMX UK brought out their first Photo issue, I was fearing the same thing but I was wrong. 180 freakin' pages thick this one! Next to the great photos from Dolecki, Sanz, Pairo, Bancroft, Kung, Pieringer, H-man, Terra, and Carson, there is loads to read. In fact, I haven't finished reading issue 102 yet because it's full of so much other stuff (including a 20 questions section with both LARD and Josh Harrington and all their regulars). Hats off to RIDE for putting together another killer issue. They have now gone monthly so maybe the number of pages will go down a bit so at least I can finish up every issue.
steven hamilton ride bmx uk 05 2007 issue 103 - may 2007 (1)
Steven Hamilton on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson.
Dirt Box. Mark Noble, rideukbmx.com, april 2007: The position of the editor of a magazine is widely regarded to be one of middle-of-the-roadness. Actually, is that a new term? Still, one is supposed to be sat on the fence, overseeing all that happens within BMX near and far, providing something for everyone, a healthy fulfilling piece of every type of slice of the BMX layer-cake to the readers. Never really proffering an outspoken opinion. For example, there’s an unwritten rule that one is technically not really allowed to announce favourites, in case the ones not nominated get the proverbial hump and crawl off with their tails between their legs. Worse case scenario, favourite brands; brand managers could certainly get the arse, if for example their brand didn’t even appear on a top ten list of “editor’s favourites”. Some could get the arse so much, that their knee-jerk would result in a pulling of ads, and I can see some suit-wearing number-crunchers not liking that a whole lot. However, over the nigh-on two decades I’ve been putting out BMX magazines, often various people have accused us of only putting in our favourite brands, scenes, riding styles and even riders. Pah.And from this point on, just so we’re on the same page, here’s the new deal.This month, we’ve put my favourite street rider on the cover of the magazine. Steven Hamilton is my personal number one street rider on the planet. Sure, I believe a whole raft of amazing street riders to be consummate badasses, and have all the time in the world for those guys (my list is quite long, and I won’t bother listing it here and now). But Steven has brought something new to the table. Fearless street riding at a thousand miles per hour. He powers new angles on things most riders would just ride past on their way to a lil’ ledge to feebs on or shoot the Bs off. Creatively, Steven’s top of the tree. Almost 190,000 people have watched Steven’s Federal video section on Youtube; and you can’t argue with that. Steven’s a little kooked, but like the green mould running through a mature Danish blue, it gives him a hell of a lot more flavour than the catering cheddar Ed from the sandwich shop slaps on our baked potatoes at lunchtime. So, it gives me great and personal pleasure to feature Steven Hamilton’s interview in this month’s issue.Providing the chalk to the cheese, the yin to the yang, we have another amazing rider interviewed here: Scotty Cranmer. Scotty is a clean-cut, fresh faced, straight-laced, gung-ho, zero-to-hero rookie pro who came from nowhere to winning gold medals at the X Games in less time than it takes most people to fit a new headset. You may not like his whipflippery-to-whipflip-to-whip antics, but frankly, that’s of no concern to me any more: you cannot argue with the fact that Scotty’s riding ability is utterly outlandish, and if you get your strict pants on and want to see a nice stylish air instead of 14 tricks in one tyretap, then Scotty can buzz his shoulder on an invert higher and better than pretty much anyone.We also have two opposing ends of the roadtrip in this issue as well. In the blue corner, we have a pro team from one of the richest shoe companies in the industry sending their salaried professionals off in a very copious tour coach around some of the finest riding spots the Western United States can offer. In the red corner, we have three six-foot tall British BMXers setting out in a borrowed convertible compact car driving hard across a frozen Northern Europe to a contest that kicks off the year with a inebriated bang and the unleashing of this season’s new rookies, pros, and hammers. Yin and yang.But that’s the beauty of BMX. Something for everyone. Pick your favourites and run with it. It’s only natural. I have, and will, until the end of my days.
Six minutes with Marcus Tooker.
Top fives. Seth Holton.
Lucky sevens. Jon Taylor.
Firing blanks. Dan Lacey.
DVD box. The Impetus of Cletus by Jason Ryan, Soul issue 30, Circle issue 1, Fashion by Mainy, Left/Right.
Video player. Jeremy Hrabel and V-Club's Overexposed.
Industry. Liquor Bikes.
Flat matters.
French lecture. Scene it...
Neighbourhood watch including KC Badger and his new Kink.
Art-icle. Brian Gavagan.
Simpel session, Estonia.
The Steven Hamilton interview.
DC USA Team Tour.
Jason Phelan interview.
Scotty Cranmer interview.
Three Englishmen in France. Josh Bedford, Ricky Feather and Kye Forte.
Weekender. Agriculture jam and Toronto jam.
Pro bike check. Tyrone Williams' Redline Device and Kevin Porter's Fly Tierra.
Textbook. Nosewheelie with Bas Keep.
20 questions. Aaron Ross.
WTF? Ty Morrow and Adam Johnston.
The headcam project. Hadrien Picard and Bibi.
Icon. Vans shoes.
will jackson ride bmx uk 06 2007 issue 104 - june 2007 (1)
Will Jackson on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirt Box. Mark Noble, rideukbmx.com, may 2007: As I write this, it’s one day after the hottest April on record since records began; May 1st. Technically, it’s one day before this magazine goes to print, and as usual this is the last page to be done – everything else is done and dusted, processed through the pdf channels, and look amazing; actually, the editorial of the mag is being finished a day earlier than schedule. Nice. This new monthly schedule may be swiftly kicking us in the shins with more regularity than the old nine-issues-per-year thing, and our old six-week production period has been sliced to four weeks or less, but from the looks of things around here, it’s not so bad. The office is slowly becoming a complete shambles, since we are also moving offices to a new suite at the end of the month; so our old warehouse is being thoroughly cleaned out (and yes, it will take a month). Photo libraries are being re-filed, junk being tossed into a massive skip, paperwork and data going back 15 or 17 years is being shredded, the warehouse mini ramp has found a new home, and it’s all clean-slate time come first week in June. It’ll be good! And so, onto this issue. Earlier this year, when Steve announced that he was going off on his World Tour 07 for a couple of months this Spring, I joked that while he was away I was going to fill the mag with trails and flatland. Well… we’ve come close with this issue. Check the Trails Is Talking article, with a massive round-up of a bunch of UK trails scenes; has the UK trails scene been any better? Well, with a bit more rain (ironically) it could be more ridable, but the scene is tight right now. James Smith is a London flatlander, but he’s coming at ground riding from a slightly different angle, and we like it. If you’ve ever dragged a mouse over style43.com, you’ll know what James is about. Nevertheless, it’s not all about dirt and flat and banging on about the good ol’ days. Steve is actually working while he’s away – it’s not just surfing and ticking off a list of Dangerous Outback Animals To Poke With A Stick for Mr Bancroft – he sent in the full interview and cover photo with Will Jackson using a massive broadband cable he personally laid behind him while travelling to Will’s new home in Melbourne, Australia. Perfect. Rob Dolecki blasted down to Mexico dragging with him a crew of characters wishing to escape the Northeast USA winters and proceeded to shut down Guadalajara streets. Sandy travelled around a bunch of gnarly spots with Corey Martinez for his photo section, then, with Jed Rogers, proceeded to discover what makes Mutiny Bikes owner Joe Simon tick. All this, alongside more bios, more how-tos, and more other stuff than ever, all shoe-horned into another monthly instalment. So that’s us done for another month; we have a warehouse to clear out, a new office to plug our network into, a photo studio to set up, and a new clean slate to get used to. Oh, and the small matter of the next issue to create. Just you wait…
Lucky sevens. Matt Roe.
Top fives. Brian Wizmerski.
Video player. Joel Moody on Empire's Chill Bro.
Firing blanks. Joe Butcher Kowalski.
DVD box. Empire Chill Bro, Fly bikes Dos, Props Rock'n roll tour.
Six minutes with Phil Aller.
Industry. Jeff Harrington's The Take.
Flat matters.
Scott O'Brien. Flatland World circuit, Errata and Voodoo jam.
French lecture. A circle of balls: pedals.
Neighbourhood watch.
New stuff.
Frame work. United Caled Kilby, Simple Debut, Mutiny Burlish, United Squad Brakeless, KHE Impact, Mutiny Sinister.
Bike reviews. Hoffman Rhythm PL1, Volume Black Sheep.
Laundry, shoebox.
Art-icle. Leif Valin.
UK Trails is talking. Chertsey (James Brooks), Epsom (Jon Robinson), York's finest (Dan Broadfield), Wingham (William and Louis Spence), Barend (Dave Douglas), Organic (Patrick Best), Milford (Matt and Tom), Wisley (Gareth).
Viva la Mexico!
Joe Simon interview.
Will Jackson interview.
The church of T-Nez. Corey Martinez in session.
James Smith interview.
Matt Jenkins interview.
Weekenders. Turning japanese. The RedBull Circle of Balance.
Weekenders. Padded cell jam.
Pro bike check. Tom White's Fit Edwin and Karl Poynter's Sunday.
Textbook. 270 over-icepick and back by Pete Marseille.
20 questions. Ross Tanner.
WTF? Chef and Andrew Sweet.Stripped. A night at Zero.
Icon. Jive Handles.
martyn tambling ride bmx uk 07 2007 issue 105 - july 2007 (1)
Martin Tambling in Plymouth on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirt box. Steve Bancroft: Our UK contributors have been getting stuck-in for this issue: Beddows, who has finally saved up enough reddies to replace his pinhole camera, has been flat-out chasing Mutiny’s Niki Croft around the streets of Nottingham. Northern John has been sending himself in the foam pit of photography and has acquired an impressive new bag of tricks. H-man, who was assembled with a digital camera in his hands, managed to pick up a shady people-carrier and hit up most of the UK to put together one of the most widespread articles we’ve run in a while. Joe Cox and Benson, who in this office have the joint worst reputation for dusty negatives, collaborated their efforts to document a trip to Madrid with half of Sheffield and a slice of London. But far from coming back with a double dose of Spanish dust, Joe must have jumped shit on the way over and ‘gone digi’ and the stubborn Daniel Benson must have hoovered out his wallet as even his slides were clean this time. John Dye has turned his steady tattooist’s hand to pointing a few lenses and firing a few flashes at some bigshots on a trip all the way to Scotland. And I’ve put another two photos of myself in the mag. Further afield: Robin ‘let me drive’ Fenlon trucked all the way to Monpellier to shoot the Nokia Fise contest, but there were so many whips and spins going on we had to recruit the high speed motordrive of Manu Sanz to freeze all those blurs for the record. Just like Gary Linker – who never got a booking in his whole career – USA’s Rob Dolecki – who is yet to take a bad photo – has tagged along on another amazing trip: this time with not one but two teams on Props’ latest excursion: Mega Tour 6. One man media company Walter Pieringer trekked way down to New Zealand for a bout of sheep herding, rally driving and a few bike stunts with some people with Levis on their legs. And finally Sandy Cason and Keith Terra let their powers combine to present Garrett Byrnes’ latest high-speed take on the whole thing. It’s summer… Pack a bike and a camera… And get stuck in.
Word. Etnies Grounded premiere, the last of the old great BMX videos ?
Video player. David Quesada on the new Fly Bikes' video, Dos.
Firing blanks. Adam Baker.
Six minutes with James Hitchcox.
Industry. Odyssey's Jim Bauer.
Snippets. KHE Reverse, Mirraco, 2-Hip.
Top fives. Bomber.
DVD Box. Here we go, Circle 2.
Web-edit. mosh-parts.com San Francisco, federalbikes.com, ...
Flat matters. Keelan, Trickstars 7, Voodoo, NASS, Chris Bohm, OG Bike Co, Bad thing, Pete Brandt's Persevere, Sickchild, Battle in da Club, Spinner entering pro flat at FISE.
Neighbourhood watch.
New stuff.
Frame work. Sunday wave, Subrosa, Fit Hawk, FBM Joint, KHE Barbados.
Art-icle. Michael Sieben.
Garrett Byrnes interview.
Props Megatour 6.
Rites of spring. Madrid.
Niki Croft interview.
A New Zealand vacation.
Geoff Slattery and Van Homan do Scotland.
Weekenders. Nokia FISE, Montpellier, France.
Pro bike check. Sergio Layos' Fly Pantera and Chad Degroot's Twenty Tzar.
Textbook. Luc-E.
20 questions. Joe Cox.
WTF? Adam Wasylenko and Nathan Rule.
Stripped. Reasons to be cheerful.
Icon. The Tailwhip.
martyn tambling ride bmx uk 08 2007 issue 106 - august 2007 (1)
Mike Miller no hander at Saffron Waldon's new concrete skatepark on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirt box. Mark Noble: We are British, so it’s inherent within our sociological and psychological make-up that we waffle on about the weather at any given opportunity. It’s an ice-breaker, a casual chat between strangers, it’s what we Brits do. But yeah, wasn’t June just a crock of crap? The wettest June since records began? And we had to make a magazine under these conditions? Red Bull’s seemingly bottomless coffers chipped in to create the raddest (and I use this term wisely) BMX course ever made in history. They hauled over the hottest badasses ever to sling a leg over a 20-inch bicycle, and laid on the finest hotels in all of Devon for the media circus. And it hammered with rain. But still, with Kye’s barn and Decoy trails remarkably weathering the storms, we all still got some riding done and shots in the bag and a tale to tell; and witnessed the best dirt session to date.
Miller Time. Dodging the rain and lightning and various touring commitments, Steve Bancroft managed to track down the UK’s answer to Chase Hawk for a few random sessions in various parks up and down the land – along with a nuts evening session which took place right outside our new front door. When asked “what’s your favourite you’ve ever ridden?” Mike answered with, “well… the Backyard Jam jumpbox?” So Steve set out to acquire said jumpbox, and after a couple of phone calls, Stu from Seventies said we could help ourselves to it and take it away. Which we did. Once set up, Mike proceeded to destroy it – check the photos in this issue, and a video clip which is being put up on our new website as I type this… check it out. Mike goes HIGH.
Stay Young. We’ve had this in our sights for some time now – he’s been on our hit-list of interviewees for 2007, since the beginning of 2007, and we set Rob Dolecki on the hunt right away. Several shoots in San Diego later, and we have the Gary Young interview in the bag! Gary was keen to make this article really work, and the amount of effort he put in to nailing that whip to fufanu alone would have felled a lesser man. But that’s Gary for you – always riding with a smile, always pushing himself to the next level at max speed (complete with those power-wheelies), always having a good time. This month we finish off the issue with another rider who still does the same, only this guy is clearly old enough to be Gary’s dad. Ron Wilkerson has been driving freestyle forward since the dawn of freestyle itself, and his attitude, drive and passion for BMX as a whole should be an inspiration for all of us. This is why he’s this month’s Icon. Ron is definitely one of those guys who is staying young…

Lucky sevens. Ben Hennon.
Firing blanks. Morgan Wade.
Top fives. Biz.
Snippets. Stephen Murray.
Six minutes with The Beard.
Industry. Wethepeople's Rob Harrison.
Flat matters.
Neighbourhood watch. UK, Canada, USA.
New stuff. Snafu, United, Gusset, Wethepeople, Demolition, Colony, Passport, Fit.
Frame work. S&M LAF, WTP Phoenix, Macneil Gary Young, Colony Sect, Macneil Whitton.
Bike reviews. Wethepeople 4seasons, Fit Flow park.
Laundry. Shoebox.
Art-icle. Caleb Everitt.
Empire of MUD. The '07 Red Bull Empire of Dirt. Kye Forte.
Gary Young interview.
The first Subrosa trip.
Mike Miller interview.
Two by four store tour. Van Homan, Darryl Tocco, Trey Lampe, Geoff Slattery, Garrett Byrnes, Randy Brown, Brian Wizmerski, Dan Kelleher, Cody Jennings, Cesar Monzon.
Welcome to Essex: Ant Pearson interview.
Escape the Midlands, a three-day trip to Scotland.
Bibi. Romuald Noirot interview.
Weekenders. Hoodwards jam,
Pro bike check. Van Homan's Fit Homan and Taj Mihelich's T1 Ruben.
Textbook. Over toothpick with Rob Ridge.
20 questions. Brian Kachinsky, Skinny and Anthony Napolitan.
WTF? Neil Maher.
Stripped. Adam Baker.
Icon. Ron Wilkerson.
www.fatbmx.com, july 2007: Factory Media today announced two staff changes within its bike portfolio and most notably to its market leading magazine, Ride BMX UK. Mark Noble, Ride BMX UK magazine’s founding editor of 21 years, is to broaden his responsibilities across the bike portfolio in the role of Editorial Director. Whilst maintaining a day-to-day focus in helping to deliver Ride BMX on a monthly basis, Mark will be assisting with Ride BMX’s web development and lending a hand to other editors on Factory’s bike titles. His huge experience in the bike market is a great asset to Factory Media as it looks to further strengthen its position. The second change of significant note is the appointment of Steve Bancroft as Editor of Ride BMX UK. Steve’s promotion comes on the back of his significant contribution to the title over the last four years. During his tenure as Assistant Editor he has delivered some of the UK’s most creative BMX imagery and taken the title to the very heart of the UK scene. Whilst Steve has plenty of plans in the pipeline, he will be officially taking over the reins from Ride 108 (the September issue) when you will be able to see the fruits of his labour.
robin fenlon ride bmx uk 09 2007

United Bike Co DVD, "Don't Matter" trailer.
issue 107 - september 2007 (1)
Robin Fenlon on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirt box. Mark Noble: It’s the day before we go to print, and – as usual – the last thing to be done is this page, the Editor’s Intro. The Dirtbox page. As you can see, from this photo of Steve’s bike laying submerged underneath the floodwaters of an Oxford road, July was not the best month on record for creating anything much in the UK, other than some form of water-borne disease that occurs when you mix tap-water with sewage works. June sucked. July sucked more. So… it’s no wonder that this issue is a little more foreign, nay, overseas, than usual. But it’s OK, bear with us – Canada’s Elevation contest was the best dirt jump contest ever, the global giant Nike took their new team guys on two trips (one to New York, one to Paris), everyone and their uncle descended on Cologne in Germany for the exceptional annual bikes n’ beer fest that is Ze Masters, Primo holed its freshly revamped squad up in Toronto to shut down its spots, the video team at Etnies spent two years filming Grounded on all four corners of the globe and we have the inside track on the process, and last but not least Mutiny’s Matt Roe escaped the torrential weather for a quick break to Austin, Texas, for his interview. We’re all over. Global outreach…
But now, the sun’s out today, our most local star is shining brightly through the clear glazing of our studio’s roll-over front door, and it looks as if the British Summer is about to start (again). As I write this, Steve’s out shooting some people somewhere in a location that didn’t require arguments with check-in desk staff or passport stamping – sometimes the best riding happens right on your doorstep. What’s happening on your doorstep? Wherever you are in this world, make sure it’s good. Have a good day.

Video player: Mike Manzoori and Fraser Byrne.
Firing blanks: Kurtis Elwell.
Video box: Off the field premiere night.
Top fives: Josh Elkington.
Lucky sevens: Mitch Yeates.
Industry: Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern.
Flat matters.
Neighbourhood watch: UK, USA, Canada.
New stuff.
Framework: Volume Union and Macneil Bibi.
Art-icle: Adam Roye.
Redbull Elevation 2007.
Nike 6.0 Paris and New York trips.
The 2007 BMX Masters.
Primo's Toronto trip.
Behind the scenes of Etnies Grounded.
Federal Bikes hit Paris.
Informer: Matt Roe.
Weekenders: Attila Jam and NASS.
Pro bike check: Brad Simms's Hoffman Loyalty and Dirty Dan's Kink Sidepipe.
Textbook: Hop whips with Robin Fenlon.
20 questions. Jimmy Walker, Ruel 'Wormz' Smith and Wade Lajlar.
WTF? Dom Hill.
Stripped: Hackers.
Icon. The S.E. Racing PK Ripper.
mitch yeates ride bmx uk 10 2007 issue 108 - october 2007 (2)
Mitch Yeates on the cover of the road trip issue. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirt box. Steve Bancroft: This issue is dedicated to paying homage to the magical experience that is the ‘BMX Roadtrip’. The places you go, the people you meet, the places you ride, the places you sleep: the only certainty are memories that will last a lifetime. You know you’re having a good time when you reach that certain mindset, that near nihilistic mentality; a level of consciousness only a roadtrip can transcend you to. Sleep deprivation, inconsistent diet, consistent hangover, lack of female contact, exhaustion and a general deficiency of personal hygiene all add up to create a surreal sense of self. Within the space of a few days usual social conduct breaks down and it becomes completely normal to sleep on tarmac, be naked in public and cook food on stolen shopping baskets. The comforting factor is having a goal… a destination. This feeling of purpose mixes with the excitement of the unknown to create a sensation that doesn’t translate easily to words. Thousands of people have tried, with mixed success, but it’s just not meant to be. Way back in the 50s Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road, arguably the best travel storey ever written, but even this piece of literary genius falls short of accurately describing the unadulterated sense freedom offered by travelling with good friends and small bikes. Although we’ve tried with this issue, you can’t really read about why roadtrips are so special; we can harp on until we’re blue in the face about all the crazy occurrences and the endless good times, but until you’ve experienced it first hand you’ll still be in the dark. Read this issue and plan a trip – whether it’s a day trip to a skatepark in the next town over or year long voyage of discovery: there’s a whole world waiting out there, and it’s not going to come to you.
The great Ride meeting of 2007: Northern John, Rhys McFleece, Daniel Benson, Kohn Dye, H-man, Robin Fenlon, Steve Bancroft, Mark Noble, Tim March, Rob Dolecki and Chris Noble.
Neighbourhood watch.
Top fives: Ron Wilkerson.
Lucky sevens: Daniel Benson.
Video player: Marco Massei.
Flat matters: Best of the Green Mile jam.
Industry: Rob Dolecki.
Six minutes with Marcos Torres.
New stuff: Standard Bykes, Fly, Simple, Ilegal, DK, 43 bolts, Coalition, FBM, Thomson, Chris King, Halo.
Framework: United Trinity, S&M Black Bike, DK R/T, Ilegal, United Feather.
Bike review: We The People Trust and Macneil's Bibi frame.
The illustrated A to Z of the BMX Road Trip.
The Superstar UK roadtrip.
Props Road Fools Rock&Roll Tour 2.
Federal Germany: A trip to remember.
4Down in Europe.
The Hotwheels roadtrip part 1.
Budget 3000 Movment trip.
The Colony BMX trip of New Zealand.
Simple Bikes Copenhagen to Roskilde.
Pro bike check: Jon Robinson's United Squad and Marv's Fit Edwin.
Textbook: Roadtrip.
20 questions: Liam Eltham and Ratboy.
WTF? Arrash Saidi.
Icon: Props Road Fools 1.
mitch yeates ride bmx uk 10 2007 issue 109 - november 2007 (2)
Robbo moto whips on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Dirtbox. Media studies by Stece Bancroft.
Snippet: Deadend frame.
Videoplayer: Tex Thayer Elusion.
Screen burn: Edd Allen.
Top fives: Ian Gunner.
Lucky sevens: Cookie.
Snippet: Ashley Charles.
Six minutes with Jon Taylor.
Industry: Primo main man Nate Moroshan and John Morgado from Ryder Distro in Canada.
DVD box: Nang, The Make What's that, Props 66.
Flat matters: Keelan Phillips.
New stuff: BSD, Federal, Macneil, The Shadow Conspiracy, Snafu, Tree, United, ...
Framework: Federal 1066, Mutiny Nocturnal, Terrible One 5 A Day, United Squad, United 40.
Bike reviews: Wethepeople Custom Lo-Fi, 24-Seven Twenty.
The pivotal project: Darcy Saccucci interview.
Myspaz vs video sessions vs winter. Rhys' internet troubles.
One man and his leg: Alex Hale.
Summer of Fit.
Staying srong, two and a half jams from the wettest trails season since records began: 2&8 Murray jam, Epsom, Brighouse.
United's Euro Megatour.
Bicycle Union Megasnore Europe.
Shadow team in Atlanta.
Informer: Merlin Mason interview.
Informer: Kris Bennett interview.
Weekenders: Rebel jam.
Pro bike check: Dan Lacey's Federal Notorious and Joe Fox's S&M LAF.
Textbook: Icepicks by Phil Aller.
20 questions: Niki Croft.
WTF? Shaun Hadlington, Devon Peril and Alki.
Park Warden: Crawley.
Stripped: Girls and cars.
Icon: Profile cranks.

rideukbmx.com, october 2007: The new issue of Ride is now out, Mutiny's Robbo features on the cover! Closely followed up by One Man and his Leg, a story of Alex Hale who lost his leg in an accident but hasn't let it get in the way of his riding. The next 16 pages are occupied by The Summer of Fit. Staying Strong comes next with what was supposed to be the UK trails jams article, unfortunately the weather took a dump and this was reduced. Two and half jams out of 6 still isn't bad though. Cheers mother nature. United and Bicycle Union then go on the Props Euro Megatour, Bancroft and Jon Dye do their best to cover Barcelona and London respectively. The Shadow Conspiracy team go on another vacation, this time to Atlanta. Two informers this issue, one for Merlin Mason and one for Kris Bennet. and Pivotal/Macneil's Darcy Saccucci gives some depth the the history and future of the Pivotal system.
For the regulars this issue Rhys talks about internet troubles, Leeroy gives a Snippet on Dead End Bikes, Flat Video DJ Tex Thayer talks about videos and so does Edd Allen, Ian Gunner makes sure we all know he likes Drum N Bass, Cookie's luckiest moment is sleeping in the back of a van, Ashley Charles on his signature bars, Jon Taylor talks for Six Minutes, Industry's with Nate Moroshan and John Morgado, DVD reviews include Nang and The Make as well as Props 66, Keelan Phillips get questioned by Chris Job for Flat Matters, Dan Lacey and Joe Fox get Bike Checks while Niki Croft gets 20 Questions, Devon Peril and Alki and Shaun Hadlington (who whip hops a canal from flat!), Crawley gets a visit from the Park Warden, Northern Jon reflects on how cars and girls have distracted so many riders and the Icon of the issue is the Profile Racing Crank.
A packed issue indeed. Now I'm going up for air...

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2007: I like it when magazines are just numbered. That way you don't have to fool the readers with how recent your copy is and you can still sell it in the newsstands as the copy of this month. Ride BMX USA has released the December issue already but to my knowledge we are still in the month of October. Now that Ride BMX UK have gone monthly they could go by a monthly title too (this is the November issue) but why not simply call it issue 109. Man, 109 issues down and with 180 pages the fattest BMX magazine out there. It's $7 bucks (USA) well spent as the new issue has the following features:
-One man and his leg (stop whining now)
-Summer of FIT (Staying in shape with drill insructor Rob-O)
-Staying Strong (Dirt jams for Stephen)
-Euro Mega Fools: United Bikes (Barca again)
-Euro Mega Fools: Bicycle Union (incl. Ashley Charles)
-Shadow team in Atlanta (doing things a little differently)
-Informer: Merlin Mason (by the Leeds locals)
-Informer: Kris Bennett (I love FISE)
The regulars include bike checks on Dan Lacey's Federal and Joe Fox's S&M, 20 questions with Niki Croft, WTF's with Shaun Hadlington and Devon Peril & Alki and much much more.
Ad of the month is the Vans ad with Jon Taylor, a classic. No more Mad Jon, it's RAD Jon from now on. Don't ask him to do a handplant next time you see him. A turn bar will do.
ashley charles ride bmx uk 12 2007 issue 110 - december 2007 (2)
Ashley Charles on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
rideukbmx.com, november 2007: We're in the middle of Winter's Grip, and the December 2007 issue of Ride BMX UK is out now! Despite the fact that we now have to scrape ice off the car windscreen in the morning, the leaves are layered all over our spots, and the trails are becoming soggy messes, we're still out there riding and putting the magazine together. So, what's in issue 110? Even the basic Regulars in this issue read more like full-blown features - Rhys talks about his impressionable youth, we wrap up a season of flatland comps, the Glamorama Jam, an East PA Trails Jam, we checkout Darryl Tocco's new Kink and Ricky Feather's United bikes, show you about Hang-Tens, catch up with Scott Malyon, The Count, and Ben Basford, check out Lancaster's concrete skatepark, plus we interview Shad Johnson, Martyn Tambling, Ralph Sinisi, James Hitchcox, Tom Blyth and Clint Reynolds, and check out the scene in Cheltenham. And those are just the Regulars!
As for the Features in this issue, check them out here:
Interview with Chris Doyle: We’ve been working on this one for nigh-on a year. But then, with someone as badass as Chris Doyle, it’s worth taking your time to do it properly. Here we present Mr Doyle’s first pro interview since his major sponsorship change...
Trails Jams 2.0: Autumnal weather changes and seasonal trails jams, this time from Bar End and Chertsey. If you want to see a horse, Edward Scissorhands and an F1 driver ride a bike, then look no further.
Interview? James Cox. In his own words – James Cox gives us his feedback on filming vs riding, web-edits, his future, getting into the rollie scene, and naked screaming idiots.
Small Town Tour: Mutiny Bikes. The Mutiny Bikes team heads out on the road, taking in some of the smaller towns that Texas has to offer – and man, did they meet some right ol’ tweakers on the journey…
Interview: Antony Lille. The quiet, reserved Superstar / BSD pro gets comfortable with his interview and tells us about riding fast, what his influences are, and why he doesn’t drive a car yet.
Informer: Matt Priest and Bob. Matt Priest burst onto the UK trails scene this year, so we figured a quick trip to his local spots was worthwhile before Winter kicked in. Oh, and some dude called Bob Manchester was there as well...

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2007: Coming up with a new cover idea every month can be difficult. You can take a rad action shot but doing spomething special is usually the better idea. It requires some more effort but the result is always there. This cover shows Ashley Charles doing a barspin jump off a plank with a few brinks underneath. Not quite the extra labour to build that jump but it makes for a good cover anyway in front of that white (studio) wall. The December issue is full of interviews (Chris Doyle, James Hitchcox, Clint Reynolds, Tom Blyth, Martyn Tambling, Shad Johnston, Anthony Lille, James Cox and Ralph Sinisi) and has its fair share of jams and road trip reports. How-to: Check. News: Check. 20 questions with Scott Malyon: check. Park directory for the winter: check. Bike Checks on Darryl Tocco's Kink and Ricky Feather's United: check. Matt Priest and Bob article: check. Scene report on Cheltenham: check. Flat is dead: check. Issue number 110 has 180 pages. That should tell you enough.