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max wood ride bmx uk 01 2012 issue 159 - january 2012
Max Wood on the cover.

rideukbmx.mpora.com, december 2011: In this issue:
Mad Jon Taylor tells us what he Loves & Hates
Bruza gives us a Bunch of Fives
An Insight into how we shot this month’s cover
Reviews of new Source and FBM DVDs
Loads of info on some new fresh products
Arron Ross get’s his complete Sunday bike Tried & Tested!
VANS Let it Ride custom Guitar and more up ‘For the Win
Rich Lee-Haigh takes’s it to the next level in his Step Up
A brief look at what went down at the Berlin Telekom Playgrounds
A Catch Up with Brian Yeagle an what he has been up to since his injury
Ale Pitu, Alex Boyd and Stuart London get a First Look
Jambul fills in our Whats?
Pro Bike checks from Chris Doyle and Paul Ryan.
We take you to Terminal 1 skatepark in this month’s spot check.
A Game of Two Halves: VANS Let it Ride 2011. We follow one of the two ‘VANS Let it Ride’ teams to the sunny Canary Islands. Featuring Gary Young, Ben Hennon, Dakota Roche, Eddie Zunda, Bas Keep and Tobias Wicke catching the sun and more…
Bad Idea: The making of the EMPIRE DVD. 4 years in the making! Was “Bad idea” really a bad idea? Find out in this in depth feature straight out of Austin, TX about the making of EMPIRE’s latest DVD.
Dos Amigos En Malaga: Don’t call it a team trip. Ben Hennon and Dan Lacey head to Malaga for their first Chain Reaction trip away. “We explored new spots and enjoyed some classics, all at a leisurely pace. Malaga can do that to you, it just that vibe about it…
Do what you like and you will like what you did. The Stefan Lantschner Interview. Stefan Lantschner is not slowing down. He’s going faster and higher as each day goes on, while still making it look good! Check him out in his full Interview… “…I always think that if you can do stuff in your head you can do it on your bike…
Monkey Nuts and Cee-Lo: Macneil UK in Madrid. Not so long ago Macneil announced their new UK team. We follow them to Madrid on their first trip together!
Say What?! James ‘Jambul’ Giles answers a few questions for us.
See what Chris Doyle is currently riding… Chris Doyle is known for a high seat post, but don’t let that fool you as he has one of cleanest bikes around.
cam hardy ride bmx uk 02 2012 issue 160 - february 2012

Who would of thought that we would be shooting a cover on something as simple as a concrete block. A concrete block which is situated less then 100 meters from Ride UK HQ. About a month ago, these cold and crusty looking blocks outside the Smithfield Meat Market found themselves a new lease of life, when Berlin based street artist, Evol gave them a fresh lick of paint. We joked about shooting a riding photo on these blocks, but there was no doubt about it though as they look pretty sweet whether you’re into “street art” or not. As the shorter-than-normal-Christmas deadline approached we needed a cover and Cam Hardy was on hand to come visit the Ride UK HQ and shoot on the transformed concrete block.

The Source BMX’s Marc Moore tells us what he ‘Loves & Hates’
Bob Manchester gives us a ‘Bunch of Fives’
More ‘On The Cover’ behind the scenes action with this month’s cover star Cam Hardy
Loads of new parts, frames and clothing in ‘Fresh Out The Box’
‘What They Ride’ featuring bike checks with Dakota Roche and Eddie Zunda
Mike Millers actual complete Proper TTL bike is up for grabs in ‘For the Win’
We take another look at Sam Marden in this month’s ‘Step Up’
The new Horsham skatepark gets a ‘Spot Check’
Michael Jordan and Sam Cunningham get a ‘First Look’
Anthony Watkinson gets asked ‘Say What?’
We ‘Catch Up’ with Drew Hossleton
Robin Fenlon tells you ‘Where are they now?’
2011 Rider Round Up. 32 riders look back on 2011. Without a doubt 2011 has been a big year for BMX on a whole. So let’s look back and get the opinions from the riders themselves.
Dutch Courage (VANS Rebeljam 2011). Three days of trees, steez and NBD’s. There was no other way to end the competition season than at the VANS rebeljam. 90% of the people who were there would say it was the best event they’ve been too! Find out for yourselves…
Team Mongoose in South Africa. UK riders, Paul Ryan and James Ivett head to unfamiliar territories to meet up with, South African locals Stu Loudon and Greg Illingworth. Did someone say ditch!
City of Ocean & Surf museum… “If you want to pay the museum a visit, take my advice… You probably need to put a 44t sprocket on your bike.”
Datoka Roche get’s his bike checked out…
bas keepride bmx uk 03 2012 issue 161 - march 2012

The cover is featuring none other than Bas Keep! Bas recently scored himself the Ride UK Lifetime Achievement award and to celebrate this, he pulls this savage 270 one-footed darkside over the new box-jump-like setup at T1. He’s also now in the Ride UK 4 cover club along side Kye Forte!
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2012: (...) stickers will be wrapped around on the left of the magazine and that's why the logo has been printed like that.

Jordan Aleppo, the artist formally known as ‘Hypa-J’ gives us a ‘Bunch of Fives’.
We ask Mark Webb for his ‘Love and Hates’.
A behind the scenes with Bas Keep ‘On The Cover’
We review a tonne of parts and frames in ‘Fresh out the Box’
This months ‘Tested’ is a Fly Bikes complete bike.
We’ve got an Awards Winners package up ‘For the Win’ this month.
Jordan Waters kills it in this month’s ‘Step Up’
We’ve also got a ‘First Look’ into Oliver Jones and Jordan Okane
We ‘Catch Up’ with Rob Andrews.
Ben Basford gets the ‘What?’ treatment.
Our ‘Thought Bubble’ this month is with Corey Martinez.
We see ‘Where?’ Alex Leech is now.
And a look at ‘What They Ride’ with Mark Webb and Isaac Lesser.
Ride UK Reader Award Winners. The 2011 Reader Awards finished off an amazing year, with a few lucky people going home ‘Winning’. We spoke to the lucky few to hear their thoughts…
MUCHO FUEGO! Cinema in Barcelona. Four of the biggest street names hit up one of the biggest street venues. Cinema riders Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Sean Sexton and Dakota Roche shut down Barcelona.
Mutiny Bikes: Agony in El Paso. Mutiny Bikes head to a place called El Paso. Some place in between Texas and Arizona, somewhere near the border of Mexico. A place where nobody goes…
To Hunt and Be Hunted with Loz Taylor. We track down one of the UK’s most elusive Street Riders.
We take a look at Mark Webb’s bike.
We ‘Step Up’ with Jordan Waters!
dan barber ride bmx uk 04 2012 issue 162 - april 2012

Skavenger flow rider, Dan Barber kicks off this month’s issue with this oppo pegs on the very same spot Joe Rich pegged back in 2007 for his Etnies Grounded part and puts himself straight into the BMX history books…

Jack Marchant drops in and gives us his ‘Bunch Of Fives’.
Verde’s Martyn Tambling tells us his ‘Love and Hates’.
‘On the Cover’ gives you an insight into Dan’s cover this month.
More new frames, parts and clothing in ‘Fresh out the Box’.
This month’s ‘Tried and Tested’ is a Wethepeople Zodiac.
Up ‘For the Win’ this month is a package from Adidas.
‘Watch and Learn’ review BMXFU, Nearly 2, Federal Gold and 4Down DVD’s.
We take a ‘First Look’ at Santoo and Sven Hackett.
We ‘Catch Up’ with Jamie Bestwick.
Tony Neyer answers ’20 Questions’.
Fathead ‘Says What’ this month.
Mike Curley shares this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
We see ‘Where?’ Vinny Hunter is now…
A look at ‘What They Ride’ with Ben Wallace and Kevin Kalkoff.
We have an ‘Insight’ of Trey Jones’ Rat Zine.
And we also head to Deeside for a ‘Spot Check’
We take a look at Ben Wallace’s bike.
Step Up with Joe Gould

Adidas in Seville: Explore and go massive the Inbetweeners style... Adidas have now got a BMX team and they head to Seville, Spain for their first bonding exercise.
Our House Jam, If your name’s not down you’re not coming in. Seventies have been dropping ‘Our House’ edits with all sorts of riders over the past few months, and it was now time to hold a big jam! Ben Hennon hosts an invitational only jam, in a riders for riders style format. Find out what went down on the day!
From The Streets Of Valreas: We head over the channel to Valreas in France and talk to the much talked about local, Alex Valentino…
Will The Sun Come Out Tomorrow? The trails are living day by day. Trails take years and years to build and just before you know it, your local government or the land owner decides enough is enough… This is the situation that is most likely to happen or has happened to most trails spots here in the UK and will it be the same case for Casselberry trails?
Standard Definition, waiting for spring with the SBM. We head to Syston, which is straight smack bang in the middle of England and infiltrate the scene in Leicestershire...
harry main ride bmx uk 05 2012 issue 163 - may 2012

rideukbmx.mpora.com, april 2012: We can’t express just how long we have waited to get Harry Main back on the cover since his first one back in Issue 124. We wont go into too many details, but fast forward to March 2012, a ditch in Madrid, Spain and a session with Sergio Layos and Ruben Alacantara and the following results were created. Harry Main first timed flip drop in, and back on the cover. (...) “everyone fell silent and held their breath. He hopped, flipped and landed into the bank perfectly. It was all over in less than 2 seconds but like most epic things you get to witness, it seemed to take an eternity for Harry to come round and touch down”

rideukbmx.mpora.com, april 2012: From Spain to Portugal to Hastings to Plymouth to Kentucky and even to India! We’ve gone far and wide on this month’s issue to bring you a whole array of rad content!

• Cover boy Harry Main gives us his ‘Bunch Of Fives’ for this issue.
• Newton Abbots, Leo Forte tells us his ‘Love and Hates’
• ‘On the Cover’ – We give you an insight into Harry’s cover this month.
• More new frames, parts and clothing ‘Fresh out the Box’…
• This month’s ‘Tested’ is a Stereo complete bike.
• Up ‘For the Win’ this month is a Package from Red Bull Empire of Dirt package.
• We take a ‘First Look’ at Rafal Gnap and Jono Bell
• We ‘Catch Up’ with North East legend James Newrick
• Say What?’ with Matt Priest
• ‘Something For The Weekend’ we spend the weekend at the DUB Jam in Rampworx Skatepark.
• Stereo In Porto takes this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
• We see ‘Where?’ Mike Hill is now…
• A look at ‘What They Ride’ with Jamie Bestwick and Dan Boiski.
• We have an ‘Insight’ into Ditches
• And we also head to Prime Skatepark for a ‘Spot Check’

Escape From Mumbai, BMX in India is hard work. Nathan Williams, Aaron Ross and Tommy Dugan head to Mumbai and find out how hard it is to ride BMX in India. “…It had been one of the craziest days of my life, and it wasn’t even noon yet…
Private Property, Don’t be a dick and don’t be dicks. We headed South to check out a bunch of Private skateparks, including the Seventies ‘Our House’, Webbies Ghetto Shed, The Forte Barn and Unit 6 in Bournemouth. “…We are the ones who have to foot the bill at the end of the day if things get fucked up…
When The Shit Hits The Pan. Getting ill on the road with team DK. DK riders, Brian Hunt, Anthony Watkinson and Chris Childs head to not so great, Kentucky on a two week trip. “…Sure, Kentucky isn’t exactly on the top of my list of places to hang out, but at least it’s not Ohio…
Lost For Words. Behind the scenes with Harry Main as he films his latest Nike Edit. We followed Harry Main around Spain as he filmed his latest Nike edit with Matty Lambert. We pinned Harry down to answer a bunch of Q&A on what filming that edit was like, what he likes/dislikes about filming web edits and what his plans are for the rest of the year. Definitely worth a read if you are a Harry fan… “…stock DSLR filmers bore me, and filmers who don’t let the rider have any input on the edit or the filming…
Bastard of a Trip. Riding, Hikung and Moaning in Porto with the Stereo UK Team Stereo UK head to Porto and get lost, rained on and rained on some more… “…I certainly didn’t go to Portugal to buy a coat…

We ‘Step Up’ with Bertie Buck
And also Anton McGuirk “Steps Up’ to the plate.
The DUB JAM Weekender
phil demattia ride bmx uk 06 2012 issue 164 - june 2012 (1)

rideukbmx.mpora.com, may 2012: Mr Tech himself, Phil Demattia doing an Over Levitator on a very wet rail in Leeds…

rideukbmx.mpora.com, may 2012: Caution When Wet! Riding anywhere outdoors during the last month was pretty much deemed a write-off. The UK is supposedly in a drought (even though it’s been raining constantly for over a month now) but despite the non-stop rain, we dug deep and battled on. This issue includes features from the UK (in the rain), Sunny California (not in the rain), a boat trip on the Atlantic Ocean and a selection of some Idiots Abroad…
In this issue:

• Cam Hardy gives us a ‘Bunch Of Fives’.
• Joss Fenn tells us what he ‘Love and Hates’.
• ‘On the Cover’ – We give you a rainy insight into Phil Demattia’s over levitator.
• More new frames, parts and clothing in ‘Fresh out the Box’.
• This month we ‘Test’ a complete Subrosa Letum.
• Up ‘For the Win’ this month is a Stolen Bike Co package.
• One of our photographers gives us ‘An Insight’ into the dangers of shooting BMX photos.
• We ‘Step Up’ this month with Rory Duncan and Dillon Lloyd.
• We ‘Catch Up’ with what Tom Forster has been up to.
• Eric Capone and Sean O’Connell get a ‘First Look’.
• Dean Cueson flys in with a ‘Say What’!
• Ty Hardy dices with disaster in this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
• We see ‘Where?’ old school legend Dave Young is now.
• We take a look back at what went down at this years Simple Session with ‘Something For The Weekend’.
• Check out ‘What They Ride’ with Ben Lewis and Jonny Devine.
• A ‘24 Hours’ at home with special with Sergio Layos.
• Our ‘Spot Check’ this month is at the new Market Harborough park.
• And finally, an ‘Insight’ article with the legend that is Ruben Alcantara.

Persistence Pays Off. The Phil Demattia Interview. He’s not your average, everyday rider and most definitely has his own riding style. He doesn’t smoke, he runs a brake and he’s a wacky guy, but yet rides for the DUB team. Here is Phil Demattia… Enough said. “…What do you call a ginger kid with glasses? Names…”
California Dreaming. Sun, Sea and Schools with the Madera Team. Follow three Midwesterns and a Floridian as team Madera head to California for the sun, sea and schools… “…I think she should have just looked up at the palm trees all around her and thought “Oh I’m in California, lifes good”…”
All Hands On Deck. A week at sea with the Amity Bikes Crew. After spending a few weeks in Tenerife, team Amity Bike Co set sail to further islands in search of spots around the Canaries. “…We are all men, and admitting seasickness would be a sign of weakness…”
Idiots Abroad. A European adventure of calamity and misfortune. Isaac Lesser, a Bruza and Billy Purcell head to Rotterdam with absolutely no budget or clue. What’s the worst that could happen… “…The three of them are such simple creatures, part of me was wondering what had I let myself in for…”

‘What They Ride’ with Ben Lewis.
A ‘Insight’ with BMX Legend Ruben Alcantara.
leo forte ride bmx uk 07 2012 issue 165 - july 2012

rideukbmx.mpora.com, june 2012: Probably the biggest dirt course at a contest we’ve ever seen and no doubt the biggest Nac Nac in the game. On the cover this month we have UK’s finest, Leo Forte Nac-in’ over the first of the last straight of the crazy Empire of Dirt course!

rideukbmx.mpora.com, june 2012: Dirt At The Palace. Apart from the extensive coverage of Empire of Dirt, we also feature some of the UK’s best DIY spots and look at how you could go about making your own. Busting from pages is also a rad article on the Sunday team living the life in Atlanta, Georgia, a Kink UK trip and much, much more!

• The E.O.D main man Key Forte gives us a ‘Bunch of Fives’
• We find out reality show star Corey Bohan’s ‘Love & Hates’
• A more in-depth look at why it took 3 photographers to shoot Leo Forte’s cover
• NASS tickets up ‘For the Win’.
• We talk to the builders of E.O.D and walk you through the course in this month’s ‘Insight’.
• We ‘Catch Up’ with James Bond stunt double, Ali Whitton.
• Drew Bezanson has so much fun this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
• We ask Vince Mayne ‘20 Questions’
• ‘Where Are They Now’ with Harrow and Ride UK legend Scott Stevens
• ‘Spot Check’ on Doncaster’s amazing new indoor skatepark.
• ‘What They Ride’ feature with Phil Aller and Anthony Napolitan
Plus the usual Ride UK features, entertaining letters and lots more!

Empire Strikes Back. Red Bull’s Empire of Dirt drops 4200 tons of dirt on London’s Alexandra Palace. This is not your average BMX contest that comes around each year. More of a World Cup/Olympics type of an event i’d say, but in BMX. Ally Pally saw 20,000 people watch probably one of best dirt events in BMX history. We take you inside and out to give you the lowdown from the diggers to the top celebrity international riders! “…Everyone else warmed up standing on the berm, not Nasty or Tk Ellis though!…”
A Dead Industrial Atmosphere. Do it Yourself. With the recession here in the UK, there’s more and more businesses/factories shutting down, which is not a good thing but on the upside there’s more derelict spots about, perfect for a DIY spot of your own. We take a look into some current DIY gems and give you some tips & tricks on how to start your own… “…If you don’t do it now, you will look back in a few years time and think, what if?…”
Road To Nowhere. Kink in the UK. Kink recently added Phil Demattia to the team. Jay Roe and Darryl Tocco from Kink’s US team came to the UK in the Spring to meet him and spend sometime with the rest of the UK guys. Follow them on the ‘Road to Nowhere’ battling their way around the uncontrollable British weather. “…Besides the winds, the sun was putting up a strong battle against the soggy pavement…”
This is Major League. Sunday in Atlanta. Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger are a few of the names on Sunday team that were livin’ the life in Atlanta with their own pool, blistering hot weather and tons of spots nearby. “Sounds like somewhere, where I want to be right now!” “…Also with the heat element causing all kinds of hydration issues, is made it rough to ride more than we actually did, Thank god we had access to a pool…”

‘What They Ride’ with Phil Aller
‘Where Are They Now’ with Scott Stevens
Harrow legend Scott Stevens lets everyone know ‘where he is now’. Big smiles all round. Who would you like you to know ‘where they are nowadays’?
adam aloise ride bmx uk 08 2012 issue 166 - august 2012

rideukbmx.mpora.com, april 2012: Winning Road To Glory team get’s the cover and Stay Strong’s team manager, Adam Aloise was the man for the job as he rides up the wall of one the sketchiest full pipes in the UK.

rideukbmx.mpora.com, april 2012: Finally, it’s here! The one you’ve been waiting for all year, the Ride To Glory 2012 magazine. We have had so many people tweeting and messaging us asking when this is going to drop, and we are more than happy to say that it is out now in the shops! This month’s issue is bigger than normal, has the cover-mounted Ride To Glory DVD, and even comes with some sweeties on the front for you to have a nibble on.

• BSD’s international rider, David Grant gives us his ‘Bunch of Fives’
• We find out the Make’s, Chicken ‘Loves & Hates’
• We ‘Tested’ a United Supreme complete bike and a bunch of other fresh new products and frames.
• A massive Ride To Glory package is up ‘For the Win’.
• We give you an ‘Insight’, into how the cover photo was shot, the rules and challenges and what it’s like in the back of one of team’s bus.
• ‘Working on the Road’ with the TMs, Filmers and Photographers.
• Maxime Charveron looks back at his Ride To Glory tattoo for this month’s ‘Thought Bubble’.
• A special MVP award this year for the rider who got the most points overall, any guesses who?
• ‘What They Ride’ bike checks with Ride To Glory riders Max Wood, Mike Hodder and all the Team Managers.
Plus the usual Ride UK features, entertaining letters and loads more!

Stay Strong. Somehow finding time for BMX and challenges in a week of pure laughter Read about this year’s winners, Stay Strong, gained the pole position all whilst having nothing more than a good time… “…With the shifting schedules and gradually inverting sleeping patterns, it seemed it was more likely that we’d be getting moon tans than sun tans…”
BSD. Third time unlucky. Previous year’s winners and allround sick guys, BSD, head to London for a week long battle against rain, security guards and dressing up as Cam Hardy… “…Johnny vegas seemed like a cool guy so we gave him a bsd dvd to take home…”
The Make. We got the hell outta there! In their usual underdogs style, The Make, say a big F_ck you to the rain, smog and fog by all boarding a plane bound for Tenerife. Read about they had a beast of a trip, smashed a load of challenges, got dangerous driving tickets and came a very respectable third place… “…And just like that in a whirlwind of sun, sea and smith grinds we were back in the ukon the last day of the trip…”
Wethepeople. The obvious choice for a good time. Wethepeople rekindled their love for the Emerald Isle by heading to the homeland of Jason Phelan, Ireland. Having gone there 5 years ago on their first ever Ride To Glory adventure they attempted to relive the dream as it were, but was it all plain sailing at sea..? “…Max came pedalling down the bumpy stairs and then tooth picked the rail straight into the sea, holding on all the way like a crash test dummy…”
Proper Bike Co. Attempting to conquer europe. Team Proper in their laid back style cruised over to Europe and got more Google Earth spots ticked off than you could shake a stick at… “…Through years of european travel, chance encounters, trawling skate mags and google earth jamie has amassed a true bible of rideable terrain…”
S&M. Deploy the hoder. Mike Hoder and 4 English guys team up to smash the streets of Sheffield and Hull for a week long adventure of brawls, beers and Little Chef life. Warning, contains Mike Hoder… “…The motorists stopped behind us must have been completely baffled by this enormous man with neck tattoos jumping out of a moving vehicle and senselessly beating the shit out of one of its windows…”

Team Managers Bikes.
Flat Bar Challenges.
For The WIN.
Hoder Bike Check
Max Wood Bike Check
chris jenner ride bmx uk 09 2012 issue 167 - september 2012

rideukbmx.mpora.com, august 2012: Chris Jenner is gracing the cover after one of the best King For A Day jams Leeds has ever seen.

• A ‘Bunch of Fives’ with Dan Figg.
• Liverpool’s street connoisseur Ben Lewis gives us his ‘Love and Hates’.
• A sweet etnies package is up ‘For the Win’.
• We talk about Euro travel and feature a Motocross/BMX crossover in this month’s ‘Insight’. (see more in the below)
• We take a ‘First Look’ at Barney Stonelake and Johny Lloyd
• We ‘Catch Up’ with Big Daddy while he was here in the UK
• Shaun Jinks answers this month’s ‘Question Time’
• ‘Where Are They Now’ with the legendary wild man Todd Lyons
• ‘Spot Check’ on Subculture in Hull
• ‘What They Ride’ features with James Reynolds and Raymond Inskipp
Plus the usual Ride UK features, entertaining letters, products and loads more!

It’s Chill Time. the ETNIES all inclusive CLUB MED TOUR. The etnies team head to the South of France to not only chill out in the mediterranean weather, but to hit up some famous street and concrete bowls along the way… “…It basically meant being late every morning, and I don’t mean 10 minutes late, I’m talking 2 hours, minimum!…”
Come together. Mutiny in Austin. The plan was to get a couple of Mutiny riders per visit into Austin during the Spring to film for their new video. Find out how that story pans out…
Far From Ordinary. Mongoose in France. How do you plan a trip with a team consisting of Dirt, Park, Street and Vert riders… Mongoose seem to have it down and head to France, which started at the BMX Street Station event before heading out on the road… “… Overly eager, I was the first one in the bowl, and it only took about 6 seconds before I had slid out and realised we were attempting to ride something slicker than soap…”
Taking over the city. DUB Street Series Bristol. The DUB BMX Street Series hits Bristol for its second Jam. With a huge turnout and a rider list to die for, Bristol really didn’t know what hit it! “…The public were ascending out of the underpass up the steps to be greeted by a rowdy flash mob of BMXers heckling them…”
“I’m still at NASS…”. NASS 2012 in a caravan. The best ever NASS! Here’s the inside story from the man who may just be ‘still at NASS’… “…Some new heads got their chance to shine and some old faces reminded us why they are brilliant at what they do…”
Band of broths. Camping in France with Premium UK. Premium UK’s team pack up the kitted out van with their bikes and tents and head to the North of France for a week long trip… “…Finding random old tracks to camp on or sneaking down the edges of fields late at night is a good way to run it, I reckon…”
Road To Gatebil/The Worlds. Trying to keep up with Ben Wallace. Follow Ben Wallace and Greg Illingworth on a high horse powered road trip drifting their way to the The Worlds and back again… “…We travelled through European countries at speeds so quick you couldn’t really appreciate what was actually on the other side of windscreen…”

Ben Lewis Love / Hate
Catch Up with Big Daddy
Moto Crossover – Stefan Lantschner
King For A Day 2012
chad mailey ride bmx uk 10 2012 issue 168 - october 2012

rideukbmx.mpora.com, september 2012: On the cover is Chaz Mailey at Stoke Plaza. Typical British summertime shot, with the hordes of kids on the coping awaiting their shirts signing from the BSD crew.

• A ‘Bunch of Fives’ with Mat Roe
• Bas Keep drops in and gives up his ‘Love & Hates’
• WIN a Relentless / Verde package for this month’s ‘For the Win’.
• We talk ‘Industry’ with new company Social Bike Co.
• We take a ‘First Look’ at Scott Theakston and George Reid
• We ‘Catch Up’ with Dyno about his recent Mutant trip.
• Bruza hits us up on this month’s ‘Question Time’.
• We end down south for Martyn Tamling’s B-day Jam.
• ‘Where Are They Now’ with the legendary Paul Roberts aka Grotbags.
• ‘Spot Check’ on Smithfield Plaza.
• ‘What They Ride’ feature with Bob Manchester and Bengo
Plus the usual Ride UK features, entertaining letters and lots more!

Turning Up The Heat: Fit UK Roast the Altlantic Coast. The Fit UK Team pack up two vans and head to the Atlantic coast hitting France and the Basque country in the blistering hot heat… “After a few attempted tires we realised that it was crazy to try and ride when the temperature was hotter than an oven on full blast!”
Embrace The Unexpected. Going with the flow in Ecuador. Drew Bezanson, Clint Reynolds and Brian Yeagle head to Quito, Ecuador for 9 days of tripping and a BMX contest somewhere in between… “Next thing we knew we were wandering through the backstage entrance to some kind of high-brow beauty pageant. It was a really strange and unexpected twist to an already fascinating day.”
Hashtag Verde UK Tour. Losing it every step of the way. Verde UK and a few of the US team pack up and hit the road across the UK for a week, visiting shops, filming and of course shooting photos for this very article, that’s if you haven’t seen it on instagram or twitter already… “He was commanding barbecues and making two crutches and a peg leg look about as gangster as they could be.”
South West Dream Living. Tripping to Boardmasters with VANS UK. VANS UK head off on a jolly, while heading down to Newquay where they end up for the annual Relentless Boardmasters event for the weekend… “The highlight for me was when he pretty much did a back rail fufanu on my face.”
30% Chance Of Sun. The BSD UK Shop Tour. Verde were not the only team on a shop tour last month. BSD were too, they only predicted 30% on sun for their trip due to the shabby weather we had, luckily they had more! Follow them day by day on their UK Shop tour. “Things started off slow but ended with grant and i soaked in beer from dancing to nirvana on this tiny stage with a bunch of drunk girls.”
Run For Cover. DUB JAM Hits London Town. The last of the DUB BMX Street Series jams had it all last month. It was in the capital of the country, it had the heaviest rain the UK had ever seen, it had big us names there and despite the shitty weather, in true Great British fashion everyone still rode even if their tires were slipping everywhere! “…The London DUB Jam proved that old idiom that you can always make the best of a bad situation…”
A Camp Far, Far Away. Shadow go to Woodward. Team Shadow including UK riders, Alistair Whitton and Scott Ditchburn hit up Woodward, PA. Read on and see how it panned out for them… “Little kids will send themselves off anything for a free t-shirt”

A Insight into Kye Forte’s World Record.
matt priest ride bmx uk 11 2012 issue 169 - november 2012

Style cat Matt Priest boosts himself onto the cover with this huge downside foot plant on the roof of an abandoned building.

Taking the Rough with the Smooth. Be sure to get your hands on this issue as not only is it covered from front to back with stickers, but it features some pretty crazy articles such as the DC US team hitting 3 different Asian countries, Fly Bikes flowing around various spots, as only they do, the Colony Bikes team take on a UK shop tour, a fitting and personal Memorial piece to Randy Taylor and we have three interviews this month featuring cover star Matt Priest, Florida native Trey Jones and The Hunt edit winner Eddie Zunda. And we still have a few pages spare, so let’s go have a good look inside…

• A ‘Bunch of Fives’ with Liverpudlian tech wizard Paul Ryan
• Ryan Guettler gives us his ‘Love & Hates’ this month.
• Behind the scenes ‘Cover Story’ with Matt Priest.
• ‘WIN’ a HUGE Ride UK Reader Awards package.
• We hit 3 ‘Weekenders’ featuring Kill The Line, The Yard Jam and Gamescom Spine Battle.
• An ‘Insight’ into both Greg Illingworth’s anticipated upcoming article and Jason Phelan gets all Para Extreme.
• We ‘Say What’ with Brandon Kitson.
• We ask ‘Where Are They Now’ with Lorenzo Reid.
• Another new park ‘Spot Check’ on 360, in Richmond.
• Two pros tell us ‘What They Ride’ and why with Pete Sawyer and Jeremiah Smith
Plus the usual Ride UK regulars, product reviews, entertaining letters and more!

Classic Priest. The Matt Priest Interview. This month’s cover star Matt Priest features a long overdue full length interview telling us more about his sponsors, friends, local spots, traveling and digging trails before school… “It was literally like a carrot in front of my face and I wanted to chase it! If you get to do what you love with your friends, it seems like a no-brainer”
Ill In Asia. DC Shoes In Indonesia, Malaysia And Thailand. We travel with US DC riders Jeremiah Smith, Alfredo Mancuso, Dylan Stark and an injured Rob Wise through Asia, where they visit Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand to do demos on beaches, signings with nuns and tear about on scooters through some of the most diverse places on the earth… “Walking out of the neighborhood and back into the skatepark felt like i had
teleported to another dimension.”
Life On The Run. Colony UK Take To The Road. Aussie brand Colony make the trip over to the UK for their first shop tour. Featuring Chris Courtenay, Ryan Guettler, Sam Dave-Bates, Cooper Brownlee, Liam Vance and of course the most famous of them all… Eddy The Great! “We drove for hours almost every day and almost certainly drove for more hours than we rode”
Ora Francis Jones III Aka – Trey Jones. Cult rider and Florida native Trey Jones, doesn’t follow trends, doesn’t follow rules and most definitely does it for himself. Find out more about this guy and his opinions in his mini interview… “But at the same time I’m not the BMX police, I’m not trying to put rules in BMX or whatever, I just really think that type of riding sucks…”
One More Euro Table. Fly Bikes On The French Swiss Border. After the ‘By the Lake’ Jam in Annecy, the Fly Bikes style cats, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Ruben Alcantara and Stefan Lantschner hit up random spots across the French, Swiss border. “Everyone knows that all the Fly riders are a stylish bunch, but Roey has got that extra something special that makes that little bit of difference.”
Easy Ez. An Interview With Eduards Zunda. Eddie Zunda is on everyone’s radar right now after winning this years HUNT competition. We went to his home, which he calls Latvia and shot some photos, took in some traditions and mixed with the locals, good times… “I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid to show him that I had broken the frame he had made me, so I just hid it!”
Randy Taylor Memorial. Rest In Peace. Randy Taylor sadly passed away last month so we decided to dedicate this article to him, featuring a few of his closest friends remembering the good times, the man himself and the things they will miss the most about him… “Randy was a character of his own kind. He lived by his own rules, which he most certainly made up as he went along. His spontaneity and creativity were some of his best traits.”

What they ride with Pete Sawyer
Weekender with VANS Kill The Line.
Where are they now with Lorenzo Reid.