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randy taylor ride bmx uk 01 2008 issue 111 - january 2008 (1)
rideukbmx.com, december 2007: Christmas is nearly here and so is the new issue of Ride, number 111. First thing you'll notice about the issue is Mutiny's rider Randy Taylor doing a tailwhip down a set of 20 stairs. I'll just casually mention that as Walter Pieringer's photo says so much more... Second try (how do you get a second try?) to the pedals. Boom.
On with the regulars...
Netley gets his rant on about building jumps in Dirtbox while John Dye blasts a few more people in his Firing Line. Joe Simon answers Who, Where, How, What and When in the Video Player. Nathan Williams Fires in some Blanks and expresses some views on politics and baseball. Daniel Dhers tells you that his ambitions are to be rich and to get it on with a supermodel in his Top Fives... Zach Shaw spends Six Minutes talking about the new vert resi at Corby, Chris Reisenberger is someone you probably have never heard of but you will learn what he does for Kink/Blackout Distribution in the Industry column.
Effraim says Flat Matters and gives the Diversion brand a few plugs, he suggests Youtube awards?! Bring back the DVD... Loads of colourful Christmas product this issue. Kink, Mankind, United and Failure frames all get the close inspection.
The comp this issue is the almighty Chris Doyle's Square One package including a bunch of T-shirts, hats and other garments to keep you cosy. Chase Dehart and Derek Strickland get pro bike checks. Joe Fox teaches the humble barspin. Leo Forte and James Newrick answer 40 questions, 20 each. WTF? Buzzard! Beddows took Niki Croft to Stoke for the Park Warden. A bunch of kind trail builders voice their opinions on locking up trails in Stripped. Raleigh Burners is this issues Icon.
And then onto the features...
BMX Houses: Rhys Mcfleece gives an A-Z on BMX Houses in one of the most truly British articles ever run. Six pages of carnage from some of the most infamous houses in the UK over the last 10 years.
Bruce Crisman Interview: Bruce Crisman lived in London for most of the summer and H-Man drove his huge white aquatic vehicle down south to cover Bruce doing what he does best. No, not 10ft one handed X-ups with a full face at Burnside... Going backwards.
Martti Kuoppa Interview: When i opened this double page it almost scared me. Martti says what he thinks and Rutger Pauw did a superb job of the photos...
V Club Roadtrip: This is where the crazy cover photo came from. The V Club team get on the road and absolutely destroy. Kareen Williams also 360's those massive stairs during their stay in Tennessee.
Scott Ditchburn Interview: Scott chats about riding, bad boys and his smuggling experience to France this past summer. He also mentions how he's been working on the quad whip that is sure to un-nerve Mark Webb...
The DC UK Roadtrip: It's a trick of the eye. It wasn't really as good as it looks in the magazine... What am I talking about? Read the article and look at some of the best trails photos in the magazine.
Red Bull Down N Dirty: Rob Dolecki covers the Red Bull comp in Bruce Springsteen's town of Asbury, NJ. Yours truly wrote about the contest and how team UK passed the time in a dead gay town...
davey watson ride bmx uk 02 2008 issue 112 - february 2008 (1)
Davey Watson on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
rideukbmx.com, january 2008: A new month, a new issue - and the February 2008 issue of Ride BMX has just hit the shops... I could talk about the weather, last night's TV, or the colour of Mike Miller's bike, but instead, let's cut to the chase. What you really want to know is, what's in the mag? Again, our Regular Pages are packed enough to make a stand-alone BMX mag on their own - UK news, USA news, an interview with Duo/Verde's Steve Buddendeck, an interview with Thecomeup's Adam Grandmaison, a ton of DVD reviews, Top Fives with Will Jackson, Firing Blanks with Owain Clegg, Six Minutes with Liverpool videographer Rich Wilson, photos from 4Down and Mutiny Premieres, 2007 Intrikat Jam, Product Reviews, Frame Reviews, an essay on Legalising Trails, a comp to win a package of Zoo York clobber, and tests on the Premium 3Ring and the new Trail Series Team from Fit Bike Co. At the back, we feature Geoff Slattery, Mark Nash, Danny Mac, Corby's big new indoor skatepark, a bridge in Jesmond Dene, and the iconic BMX Bandits movie... And then there are the features...
Cover: What happened before? What did he do into this trick? Where did he get on to the rail? Where did he come off? What happened next? See all in Dolecki's Digital Evolution article in Ride BMX no.112. Davey Watson, toothy hanger mid sequence!
Interview - Marv: How many riders does it take to interview Marv? Well, find out here - and find out what Marv thinks of various riders, sponsorship, video parts and other people's reputations...
Digital Evolution: Rob Dolecki collected a group of today's finest riders and fired his digital armoury at them - what we end up with is an article featuring the best sequences out right now...
Mike Hoder Interview! "For the most part I don't feel the need to look up to people, 'cause I'm not trying to be like anyone." All this, and more...
The Ride Quarterpipe Challenge: Steve had an awesome idea: get a varied dozen of the UK's BMX pros together with a pile of wood and and a bunch of powertools, sit back and watch them work together to build a quarterpipe, and then come back the next day to capture the riding jam. It worked a treat: here's what went down!
Night Riders: Jared Washington, Skinny, Frank Macchio, Rah, Marlon Europe, Oba Stanley and Nigel Sylvester and photographer Keith Terra hits the night streets...
Interview - Ryan & Dylan Smith: These two brothers have been quietly going about their business in Texas, and slowly but surely blowing up the place. Devon Hutchins catches up with them...
brian foster ride bmx uk 03 2008 issue 113 - march 2008 (1)
rideukbmx.com, february 2008: The man, the legend: Brian Foster. That's right Foster is on the cover with a nosedive 360 shot by Rob Dolecki for his interview!
Inside you'll see Tom Saunders taking a grainy slam in Malaga. An out-take from the Tomorrow We Work crews trip to Malaga. Dirtbox this issue is stolen from a Q&A session with Stew Johnson and he voices his opinion on how BMX has changed over the last 10 years.
Aaron Ross answers some questions on the pertinent topic of his sponsorship for Six Minutes. Sebastian Keep and Edd Allen answers some questions about Seventies latest endeavor, Brighton Ain't Ready. Joe Cox answers Benson's questions on Tomorrow We Work. Us and Them, Props Best of 07, Nobody Special, Costa Nostra and That's It! all get reviewed by a few different people. Chester Blacksmith gets a Top 5's and Ashley Charles fills in some blanks. Stew Johnson then talks about Anthem 2 and Elf Walters about That's It! Rhys let's you know that a backbone is important and Effraim gives a rundown in Flat Matters. Ton's of product gets reviewed including a 'grip shootout'. The Superstar New Deal and Macneil Whitton 2 get legit frame reviews and the Kuwahara KZ1 makes a bit of a comeback...
The Mirraco Blend gets a complete bike review and so does the DK Six Pack. There are some new threads to wrap yourself with on the Laundry page and you then get the chance to win a Bell helmet and a Kuwahara KZ1 (They rode them in the ET film...)
Davros and Dean Smith properly document their underground skatepark and then we move onto the features...
Brian Foster Interview: Brian Foster gets a full interview completely shot by Rob Dolecki. You know what to expect but it's pushed up a notch. Pedal to the floor while going round a berm? Bubba Scrub?!
Road House Blues: Benson's eye and Newrick's tongue explain the Tomorrow We Work winter trip to Malaga.
Simpel Session Report: Event report from the last weekend of January with long 180's, 540's and a spread of personalities...
Luc Legrand Interview: Ben Bello converts French to English and expresses his thoughts regarding the little man, Luc Legrand.
Kink in Phoenix: What does the name suggest? Kink motor their way around the City of Phoenix, Arizona with Kieth Terra.
Caleb Ruecker and Max Wood both get Informers. Pretty different people in style... Hot Wheels get Livid in London, Northern John put up with a bunch of nutters in London (and Corby) including Taliban Tom, Lorenzo Reed and a naked Jason Phelan!
For the weekenders Nathan Beddows went snapping a Taj inspired box jump trick and a street to flat from Loz at the Boneyard Jam in Chester. All penned by a lucky to be alive Owain Clegg. Will Jones has written a superb roadtrip story about some time spent riding trails in South West France. Seth Kimborough and Cleggy get their bikes checked over. Cookie gets his balls out to teach you the toothpick hangover on a gnarly rail in Newcastle. Davey Watson answers 20 questions and Oba Stanley gets a WTF written by Skinny, UK WTF is Tom Saunders written by Tom Blyth. On the subs page Jason Phelan shows you a little more than you'd like to see of his body and we have a new subscription T-shirt available!
Playstation, I mean BaySixty6 is this issues Park Warden with Ricky Gunner being the subject of a large box jump. Jon Dye recalls a few stories about the place too! Northern John is a big fan of the flyout as all Hard Dad video viewers will know, he encourages some more of it in Stripped. Rhys answers some kids letters who have never been to school and Mark Noble gives a run down of Mozza's old S&M Dirt Bike in Icon.
niki croft ride bmx uk 04 2008 issue 114 - april 2008 - photo issue (1)
Niki Croft flying high over Brighton's seafront sculpture on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, march 2008: The new issue of Ride is in and this time it's the photo issue... Although that doesn't mean there is nothing to read! The Kuwahara Bravo 1 and Wethepeople Beyond get reviewed, TJ Lavin spends Six Minutes talking about his leg, Beddows says how dangerous it is taking photos, Kay Clauberg gets to answer some Top 5's, Kye Forte gets Six Minutes on the Empire of Dirt, Jon Dye fires some blanks, Industry is Rob Dolecki's photo lab! Twenty Four minutes is a bunch of questions regarding the subject of being photographed. Thats with Marv, Van Homan, Ashley Charles and Ian Schwartz. The usualy pile of new products get reviews next along with two new Fit frames, the ECCD's. The Volume Ends, WeThePeople Ovoid and Volume Union. You also get the chance to win a Premium!. Then the features..
UK Shooters: The finest photos from Bancroft, Nathan Beddows, John Dye, Robin Fenlon, Chris Hill-Scott, H-Man, Will Jones, Kung, George Marshall, Northern John and Tom Simpson... Plus interviews with each.
Fully Clicked: A collection of the best images from the best image makers in BMX.
Why do you shoot photos? Answers to the above question from Benson, Keith Terra, Manu Sanz, Jed Rogers and Ryan Worcester...
ride bmx uk 05 2008 issue 115 - may 2008 (1)
rideukbmx.com, april 2008: First things first; the cover. Chicken is name you might not know about yet but here he gracing our cover. Yes he is a John Deere fan but there's plenty more to know...
Next up is James Harrison who's our contents page spread.
Dirtbox this issue is glowingly positive and should start a good attitude towards the summer, John Dye once again lays down the UK news with his twist of humor in Firing Line, Kyle Carlson fills in what's going on across the pond with US news, (then you get the hottest ad in the magazine), Ron Bonner talks about running a few companies over the years in Industry, Cleggy from Attila does the same... Jarrod Allen spends Six Minutes talking about his work with 2-Hip, Edwin gets a Top Fives and Brad Simms Fires Blanks. Ratty is author of the Video Player this issue and it's the best we've had for a while... He reviews Tomorrow We Work. With quotes like, "Thanks to certain parties delivering a concentrated dose of disney BMX on a daily basis, I'm desensitised.", you know it's controversial... Props Megatour, Shook - Like Totally, Vinyl BMX - The Best of Both Worlds and Odyssey - Electronical all get reviewed in the DVD Box, More products frames and bikes get reviewed than I can mention and Thomas Goering gets a few questions fired over regarding KHE's challenge of the Pivotal system... You get the chance to win a Redline Device frame too by answering a question relating back to the early Seventies... Get your internet search on for that one!
Next up Olly Olsen pays homage to The Shin Pad. It's emotional... Rhysthen talks about his BS3 GCSE which is his new upcoming gang of hungry kids who are much better than him and have been riding for less time...

Now onto the Features!
- Brighton Aint Ready - Part 1: Unless you choose to live outside the fishbowl of BMX then you might not heard of Seventies latest endeavor. They're currently renting an apartment in Brighton in the same building as The Kooks and flying in big time pros from around the world to film with their own UK riders for a DVD to be released later in the year. This is the first part of what they're up to and includes Gary Young, Kym Grosser, Dan Lacey, Tony Neyer, Dakota Roche, Nick Halsey and Nate Moroshan. That's quite a random group of people...
- The Ryan 'Biz' Jordan Interview: Biz has been a big time pro forever and he's busted out a couple of things he was scared to do for this interview. He also delves deep into his history and talks about sponsors swaps, weed and the bubble that he lives in...
- The United In 'N Out' Tour: This tour was a UK shop tour which is a rare thing in BMX but not so much in other industries.. United decised to bring over a couple of heroes and drive them aroud the UK to sign kids faces and bike parts. There's an in depth interview with both Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams about what they think of lots of different situations, including the In N Out tour.
- The Chicken Interview: Chicken is our cover star and will probably end up being a BMX star after everyone see's his interview. Quality photos, quality writing and a rider with a personality. What more do you want?
- Union do Portugal: I bet you thought that the Bicycle Union team don't leave London after watching the Props Megatour? Well that's not true. Dye took most of the UK team over to Portugal for some beautiful blue skies and bike riding.

Next up is the UK Winter Jams featuring Rampwrox, Mount Hawke and the Attila Jam in Leeds. Mike Spinner gets an Informer, like you didn't already know who he was. Double whip to tap to table in eh? We went to the Vans Beer Box Jam in Phil Aller's back garden while Devon Hutchins shot Ian Schwartz Sunday for a Bike Check. H-Man and Beddows came together to give Niki Croft a few more page of coverage, this time a bike check... Want to learn Tobbogans? Well who best to teach you but the father and previous record holder of the highest bunny-hop; Steve Geall. Mike Brennan and Leon Perkins answer Twenty Questions. Warrington Skatepark gets the Park Warden this time and Owain Clegg is the user. Stripped this issue is the Get Carter Gap in Newcastle. Clive Goslings old Bell Helmet is this months Icon and for once I'll leave the last page, Final Frame, as a surprise...
dan lacey ride bmx uk 06 2008 issue 116 - june 2008 (1)
rideukbmx.com, may 2008: Dan Lacey is the shaky cover model this issue boosting a dirtjump style turndown off the H&M stairs in Brighton. Dan has a full interview inside which get up close and personal so it's only right he's on the cover...
Regulars this issue include Owain Clegg's visit to the magical bone doctor, Orlando gets a short Informer, The Black Country Trampoline Jam and Red Bull Paris are our Weekenders, Cameron Wood and Alistair Whitton get Bike Checks. Want to learn Icepicks? No problem. Harry Main and Corey Walters get Twenty Questions, American Mike gets a WTF, Bridlington gets a Park Warden, Beddows strips down a pool, Matt Parker gets Six Minutes, Rob Wise Fires Blanks, Hood BMX is the Industry, Chris Doyle has a Top 5's, We review a ton of product and a crusier and Brighton Aint Ready get's another installment...
Our camera in a box finally came home. See who made good and those who made bad...
Dolecki and Dave Belcher came through with Philly Fire, an article about riding spots locally that you might just not see because you ride by them too many times...
Don't call it a comeback - Lorenzo Reid has never gone away...
Aversion roadtrip around the South - Only Mike Miller and Alex Kennedy rode...
Benson took a trip to Rotterdam and it looked sideways to us...
matt wakefield ride bmx uk 07 2008 issue 117 - july 2008 (1)
Matt Wakefield table over a hefty pallet gap in Oxford on the cover. Photo by George Marshall.
Dirtbox. End of an era, new beginnings... Last magazine to be designed by Chris Noble.
Firing end: Fise, Deluxe, ...
USA news: TJ Lavin quits Fox, Tree frames, ...
Industry: Profile's Matt Coplon.
Top fives: Dale Dilleward.
Firing blanks: Liam Eltham.
DVD box: Analog, Tomorrow we work, Goods BMX: Sum old shit, South BMX: Forward motion.
Industry: Unkwon's Darren Block.
New stuff: Fit, Gusset, K124, Tree, Odyssey, Premium, Salt, Shadow Conspiracy, King Kong, Snafu, Trasher, Simple, TSG, UnKnown Bike Co, Xposure, ...
Frame work: S&M LTF, KHE Barbados 2, FBM, United Feather, K124.
Bike reviews: Verde Vex and Mirraco Black Pearl Ltd.
Brighton ain't ready.
Interview: Matt Wakefield.
RedBull Elevation 2008.
20Twenty jam trip.
FISE 2008.
Gordy Toth.
Informer: Diogo Canina and Ryan Mills.
Weekender: Lynched in Leicester.
Pro bikes: Chester Blacksmith's WTP Elektro and Owain Clegg's Fit Edwin.
Textbook: Spine 360s.
WTF? Max Kyriakides.
20 questions: Nate Moroshan and Cory Walters.
Park Warden: Cantelowes.
Stripped: Secret spots.
Icon: Freestylin' Magazine.
Final frame: Sean Burns straight to flat.

rideukbmx.com, june 2008: Mirraco and Verde get reviewed, Diogo Canina and Ryan Mills both get Informers. Lynched in Leicester gets a weekender. Chester Blacksmith and Owain Clegg both get Bike Checks, Luke Marchant shows you how to 360. Max Kyriakides is Who The F*ck. Nate Moroshan and Cory Walters both get 20 Questions. Cantelowes in London is the Park Warden. Stripped refers to a secret but not so secret spot and Freestylin' Magazine is this months Icon...
For the features this issue, Beddows gets friendly with some Yanks from Kink in the Brighton Aint Ready House. Matt Wakefield gets interviewed. Rob Dolecki took a trip to Brazil and wanted to take some dogs home. Banners rumbled the Mexicans and got himself flown over to Elevation while I took a trip to Aberdeen with the Fit team for the 20 Twenty Jam. We both went to FISE and watched the comp and a street session and finally Gordy Toth built some wild stuff in his back garden and confesses all...
ride bmx uk 08 2008 issue 118 - august 2008 (1)
rideukbmx.com, july 2008: This issue is the brand new re-design issue! We have a new designer and some new ideas all rolled into this one... The front section has Top 5's with Fuzzy Hall, a new article called Circle One with Ben Hennon, Video Player with Johnny Devlin, Loads of brand new prduct and soft goods, the DK Six Pack gets a Bike Review, Toby Forte gives some small talk about Headway. In the back Wiz and Matt Wakefield get Bike Checks, Mark Webb teaches you flairs, plus loads more! Here are the features...
Road Fools 16 - The 10 year anniversary
Vans Euro Roadtrip - Chase, Bas, Hennon all go nuts...
Kevin Robinson - World Record High Air!
NASS 2008 - Any different?
Mass Informer - Four up and comers inform you who they are...
ride bmx uk 09 2008 issue 119 - september 2008 (1)
Ride to glory on the cover. Photos Robin Fenlon.
UK and US News.
Industry: Ralph Maier and Klaus Dyba about We The People.
Firing blanks: Matt Priest.
Top fives: James Cox.
Small talk: Alex Platt.
Video player: Save the woods, End search.
Circle one: Fit UKs photographer Daniel Benson.New stuff.
Framework: Fit Aitkin S3.5 Mike Aitken Signature, Sunday second wave and Subrosa Armada Eli Platt signature.
Bikereview: 2009 WTP Recon.
Ride to Glory: Volume (1st), Fit UK (2nd), We The People (3rd), Proper (4th), Federal (5th).
Pro bike: Dakota Roche's Fit and Dave Sowerby's Proper Proclaimer.
Reasons not to ride.
Informer: Gavin Shorthall.
20 questions: Will Jackson.
Icon: the humble Ford Transit.
Park Warden: Unit23.
How to shut down a rail with Farren Downs.
Ads: Odyssey Twombolt, WTP 09 complete bikes, KHE Astern, ...

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2008: RIDE UK have been around for a long time. Their staff might have changed up a bit lately but they're still cranking out a 180 page BMX magazine on a regular basis. Respect to that. Issue 119 is a special one as it is based around a road trip that RIDE put a lot of time and effort into. The Ride To Glory trip had 5 teams on the road who all had to come back with quality footy, prove of scored points and stories to tell. The DVD that was supposed to come with the mag just missed the deadline but was sent afterwards to all who had a subscription. A magazine with a free DVD is what bike shops can still sell. Next to the road trip there are some articles that are worth reading:
-wethepeople's Harry Schmidt explains their business
-Firing Blanks with Matt Priest
-Top Fives with James Cox
-Small Talk with Alex Platt
-A product page
-Frame article
-Bike Test (2009 wethepeople Recon)
-Dakota Roach and Dave Sowerby Bike Checks
-Gavin Shortall interview
-20 questions with Will Jackson
-Ford Transit story by John Dye
-Unit 23 scene report
-Rail how-to with Farren Downs.
lima ride bmx uk 10 2008 issue 120 - october 2008 (1)
Lima tuck no hander at a set of Oxford trails on the cover.
Industry: Grant Smith, BSD's CEO.
Firing blanks: Harry Main.
Top 5's: Joe Cox.
Circle one: Josh Bedford.
6 minutes with Jimmy Levan on the Duff 4130 shoe.
Video player: Van Homan Two by four video.
DVD box: Two by four, Props 69, Banned in Orlando 2.
New stuff.
Bike review: Colony Bloody Oath.
www in: Chris Doyle's signature Kink Farside.
Team files: The Source.
Vans off the wall tour.
Red Bull's Empire of dirt.
S&M UK tour.
Eli Platt interview.
Segment trails trip.
Metal bikes roadtrip.
Concrete skies: Romford jam 2008, DSAB Livi jam, Harrow jam.
Weekender: P5 Coventry confrontation.
Weekender: The 2008 Suzuki BMX Masters tourist guide.
Informer: Lloyd Wright and Cameron White.
Park warden: The revamped Stockwell Road.
Pro bikes: Scott Ditchburn's Subrosa Armada and Chase Hawk's Fit Hawk.
Catch up: Todd Walkowiak.
WTF: Luke Peters.
Icon: Anthem.
Final frame: Billy Mills 13 tyres to flat, Romford 2008.

rideukbmx.com, september 2008: Included with the new issue is the Vans 'Off the Wall' tour DVD! All filmed throughout the UK in August you get Chase Hawk, Sean Sexton, Dylan Smith, Sebastian Keep, Jon Taylor, Ashley Charles, Phil Aller, Niki Croft and Martyn Cooper.. That's free with every issue.
ben lewis ride bmx uk 11 2008 issue 121 - november 2008 (1)
Ben Lewis on the cover. Photo by Rutger Pauw.
Foreword: Summer '08 wash out.
Firing line.
Disposable life: a day in the life of Leo Forte.
Six minutes: The Make 3.
Top 5's: John Heaton.
Circle one: Scott Ditchburn.
Industry: Interbike 2008 by Steve Bancroft.
Video player: Edd Allen on Brighton Ain't Ready.
Firing blanks: Gav Shortal.
Hardware: BSD light sprocket, DK alpha hub, éclat, Proper alloy brake, DK Golf 4130 flight bag, Odyssey Twombolt, Fit DLR olde english, Tyres.
Frame works: BSD Forever, Wethepeople A to B, Verde Cartel series.
Bike test: Eastern Element and Diamondback Accomplice.
Seventies Up in Smoke UK tour.
Randy Taylor interview.
The Sunday UK road trip: Aaron Ross, Ian Schwartz, Mike Taylor, Jim Cielencki, Chris Russel.
A tale of two cities: part 1, Rome.
The Fly bikes UK road trip: Kevin Kalkoff, Stefan Lantschner, Luke Marchant.
The Poland roadtrip.
The UK Anthem tour.
Weekender: Project 5 street jam "Coventry confrontation".
Weekender: The Stephen Murray benefit jam 2008.
Weekender: Blazingstoke budget jam 2008.
Bike check: Jared Washington's Federal 1066 and Max Wood's Proper TTL2.
20 questions: Mike Osso.
WTF? Fooman
Love and hate mail.
Park warden: Hyde park, Leeds LS6.
Iconic textbook: The backrail fufanu by Steve Bancroft.
Stripped: Flipped BMX zine with Scott the Punk.
Backyard DVD boxset with Mark Richards.
Final frame: Matt Roe.

rideukbmx.com, october 2008: New issue is definitely a mixup... We've got a pretty savage Randy Taylor interview, luc-e grind twenty five stair rail! John Dye hung out with Stew Johnson and rocked around on the Anthem 2 UK leg with Chris Doyle, Clint Reynolds and Brian Yeagle for a week. South East trails and concrete for that one. We've got the Anatomy of a roadtrip article on the Seventies 'Up in Smoke' Tour. The Sunday UK roadtrip, although they covered less than 200 miles! Some chaps from Fly Bikes also came over to the UK for a bit of a trails tour and Wozzy, Scott the Punk went to Poland, documented by George Marshall; Some culture for sure. They're the features... Here are the spreads. Seventies 'Up in Smoke' Tour. Randy Taylor Interview. Rome - A tale of two civilisations. Fly Bikes UK Trails trip. George Marshall and co hit up Poland. Anthem 2 - Heavy hitters...
kye forte ride bmx uk 12 2008
Cover of how it should have printed.
issue 122 - december 2008 (1)
Kye Forte 4th time on the cover. Photo by Robin Fenlon.
Foreword by Nathan Beddows: Go your own way...
UK and US news.
Top 5's: Pipe.
Firing blanks: Eddie Cleveland.
Video player: Retribution BMX 2.5, Props Road Fools 16, Props 70.
Snippet: London to Cologne on a Moped.
Circle one: Alex Kennedy.
Industry: John Dye on Bicycle Union.
Hardware: Attila, S&M, Fit, Revenge, Primo, Duo, Verde, Shadow, ...
Frame works: Mutiny Cosmotron, Matt Roe signature frame.
Wwwin: 2009 Verde Theory.
Bike tests: Fit STR2, KHE Zenith, Mongoose Legion, Kink Transition, Verde Theory.
Are you pro ? Jamie Bestwick, Kye Forte, Phil de Mattia, Dan and Del Shepherd, Matt Priest, Owain Clegg, Scott Ditchburn, Sebastian Keep, Phil Aller, Mark Webb.
Sean Sexton interview.
Tale of two civilizations part 2: Jerusalem.
Local Exposure Tour 5: Allan Cooke, Zack Catfish Yankush, Anthony Napolitan, Micah Kranz,Drew Bezanson, Ryan Biz Jordan, Ben Wallace.
Team Simple, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Two sides to the same coin: Interbike 2008.
Informer: Will Herrman.
Weekender: Project 5 (War on Wolves), Fancy Dress jam 12/10/08, The Saltache trails jam 21/9/08, Villij trails jam.
Bike check: Tony Cardona's S&M LTF and Mark Love's Federal Hamilton HT.
Park warden: SMP skatepark, Shangai, China.
On the spot: Dan Cox.
Six minutes with Theo Simpson.
WTF? are they now ? Marc Bell.
WTF? Kriss Kyle.
How to build a dirt jump?
Catch up: Martyn Tambling.
Final frame: Ryn Paulson bike transfer.