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josh stricker ride bmx uk 01 2005 issue 82 - january 2005 (1)
The Do It Yourself issue. 180 pages.
Josh Stricker somewhere in Philly on the cover. Photo by Rob Dolecki.
Industry: Primo's Glenn PP Milligan.
Top 5: Robin Fenlon.
Sound off: Adam Banton.
Dorkin ripples.
Video box: Clicked 10, SM Please kill me, Hellboyz, Tip Plus System, Seventies number 10, Federal Trafaelio.
Ground force by Tex.
Tech: Bottom brackets and cassette hubs by George French.
Many hands make light work.
Josh Stricker interview.
Reports from the Gravity Games, FBM Ghetto comp, Backyard Jam in Derby.
Orchid road trip.
Mike Taylor interview.
Bike check: Dylan Clayton's Macneil Team and James Smith's WTP Div.
Bike reviews: Diamondback Fubar and Bully Impulse.
WTF ? Darren Palmer, Iggy, Jeff Slattery.
Text book: Handrails.
ride bmx uk 02 2005 issue 83 - february march 2005 (1)
Luke Marchant pulls a downside whip in Slades Farm's tight and fun bowl on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Animal bike company.
Zoo York Rodney Smith interview.
Mike Escamilla rooftop top 5.
STF Video's Fraser Byrne.
Video box: Props 54, T1 You get what you get, Martti Kuoppa Moments, Give it back.
Tex's Ground force.
George French's tech: twisted frames, bent triangles and the pyramids.
Jon Robinson interview.
Brian Kachinsky interview.
Network: when trails talk to each over.
James Weston interview.
The Cory Nastazio interview.
Pro bikes: Rick Moliterno and Mike Ardelean.
Weekender: A day at Fuzzy's.
Chester jam.
20 questions to Ryan Garvock and Timo Mrukwia.
WTF ? Russ Barone.
Textbook: turndown and lookback.
Bike reviews: WTP 4 seasons AM and Hoffman Bikes Rhythm EL1.
marv ride bmx uk 03 2005 issue 84 - april 2005 (1)
Marv barspinning in Barcelona on the cover. Photo by Lard.
Video box: 5710 Harmless victims, Kink Cheap thrills, Props year end 2004, Odyssey Odyssey, Tip Plus The family.
Tex's groundforce.
Top 5: Chris Doyle.
43 Hardware's Alex Jefferson.
Tech: Isn't that bike a bit small for you mate ? by George French.
A winter trip to Barcelona.
Aaron Ross interview.
Steve Crandall interview.
Phil Aller interviews.
Comp reports from Hanger 2, Padded Cell and Epic.
Bike checks with the rides from Dave Osato (WTP), Mike Aitken (Fit) and Tom Haugen (Free Agent).
WTF: Alex Sencus, Daniel Evil and Joe McIntire.
Hang-5 how to by Johann Chan.
Bike reviews on the Hoffman Rhythm EL2, Perv Gimp, Volume Black Sheep and the Federal Foundation.
ride bmx uk 05 2005 issue 85 - may 2005 (1)
Best issue ever ?
Trails tools
James Newrick article
Barcelona Mk2
Props Megatour 4
Stu Clarke interview
Robbie Morales interview
The Standpoint roadtrip
The Metro jam
Weekenders: The Pop session Estonia, Southsea Lanyard jam, The Ambience jam.
Pro bikes: Stuart King's King Ronnie Remo's 2Hip.
Informer: George Sulley
20 questions: Ernie.
WTF: Ed Mullins, Boyco, Stiffler
Textbook: Bunnyhops, fitting a euro bottom bracket
kye forte ride bmx uk 07 2005 issue 86 - july 2005 (1)
Kye Forte invert in a Cali pool on the cover. Photo by Paul Roberts.
Groundforce: the Aaron Frost edition.
Videobox: Empire DVD, Regions, Soul 27, Building the underground, Orchid Step on it.
Top 5 with Rick Thorne.
2005 Subdivision trade show in Binghamton.
The DFTU Battle Royale.
Red Bull Drenaje Tour.
Josh Bedford interview.
War of attrition: Cali trip.
KC Badger interview.
The Front Brake Revolution hits America.
Weekenders: Bike show 2005, Worcester tribute jam, Aliano's trails.
Bike checks: Butcher's Volume and Chris Souter's Hoffman.
John Povah interview.
20 questions to Jon Peacy.
WTF? Brad Simms and Leon Perkins.
Informer: Shaun Butler.
Textbook: fitting headsets.

This issue comes with a free, full length No Problemo DVD, presented by RedBull.
joe cox ride bmx uk 08 2005 issue 87 - august 2005 (1)
Joe Cox opposite toothpick grind on the cover. Photo by Lard.
Fly Cobra tube.
Andrew Kinghan's Covert zine.
Groundforce: the Leif Valin edition.
Videobox: Derek Adams about Orchid Step on it, Shook.
Top 5 with Alistair Whitton.
Tech by George French: How tight is tight ?
Worlds 2005 Prague.
Mongoose poster.
Props Road Fools 14.
Voices, Joe Cox's video.
A small portion of the MacNeil roadtrip.
Pariah trip to Berlin.
Kevin Jones, Jeff Brown, Brett Downs, Mike Tittle and Mark Eaton interviews.
Brixton jam.
SubDivision show and FBM jam.
Steve McCann's Mongoose and Greg Nicholson's Solid Killing Machine.
Bike test: Fit team and Haro 360.
Text-book: Sprocket stalls by Tom James.
20 questions: Ryan Sher and Crazy Baito.
WTF ? Colum Walsh and Shea Hoard.
Shoe box: SCG Shoe's Steve Caro.
josh elkington ride bmx uk 09 2005 issue 88 - september october 2005 (1)
Josh Elkington on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Anthony Pearson x-up flair and Kevin Robinson step-thru flair.
Mark Richards interview.
Rick Moliterno top 5
Industry: Volume bike's Brian Castillo.
Tech: chain tension by George French.
The Mitch Yeates vs Josh Elkington interview.
The Roundabout team UK roadtrip.
Interview: Chase Hawk.
The Federal bikes european tour.
Interview: Morgan Wade.
The 2005 X-Games.
Weekenders: NASS, Cologne BMX Masters, Lambrini jam, The Urban Games, Download festival, The moVment jam.
Pro bikes: Dean Hearne's Federal and Dave Dilleward's GT.
20 questions to Mike Miller, Mike Saavedra and Mark Mulville.
WTF? Matt Jones.

Fafa, www.databmx.com, september 2005: Ride BMX UK se détache des autres mags par sa taille et son nombre de pages important (et pas que de la pub...). Je pense c'est le mag le plus complet avec les plus belles photos. Il y a des séquences à couper le souffle dans le dernier.
ride bmx uk 89 issue 89 - november 2005 (1)
Inside there is coverage of the 'underground' Battle Royale 2 jam in Sheffield, along with a massive 30-odd page section of five different roadtrips. Aaron Nardi takes his Vult team for a jaunt in Standard Country stopping in for a snack at Bam's house (yes we love him). The Tree Bikes Sleep Deprivation Tour 2005 took the team north of St Louis into Canada to eat raw meat. I think that's because bacteria is a made-up thing... The Skavenger/Standpoint Team somehow makes their way into Canada as well, dodging dodgy geezers in the projects and driving with no brakes. Back to the UK for the NSF/ASBO/Streetphire Roadtrip around the same time the world is told Michael Jackson is innocent. Leeds to Eastbourne is the route; I once asked where Eastbourne is and was told. "It's where old people go to die". Go figure. The Eastern Bikes team has Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on board so I'm sure they had a laugh on their European adventure. They also got excited by a Smartcar?
This month's interviewee Luke Fink performs some manoeuvres for Chris Polack's camera. Shame there aren't any pictures of his Nissan Skyline R32, 2-litre, inter-cooled turbo... Someone needs to tell him that in America they say their ain't no substitute for cubic inches...
Seven Weekenders are in the mag - the notorious Telford fullpipe gets a hiding, Rom, Worcester, Hastings, Southsea, Bristol and Cambridge all get treats too.
If you like How-Tos then you'll be able to 540 tap by next month. Terry Adams and Hitchcox both show off their pride and joys in the Bike Check section while Jan and Steve Kennedy show you Who The F--k they are.
Cookie makes his appearance on the cover, dub wheeling a pink rail in Sheffield. Cookie rules.
As if the above wasn't enough to make you rush out and buy it, a full length DVD comes free with every copy: Made exclusively for distribution with this issue of Ride BMX Magazine, The Roundabout Tour is a week long UK roadtrip with Owain Clegg, Alistair Whitton, Robin Fenlon, Bas Keep, Chris Souter and Caleb Kilby.
Bonus: Subscribers also get another free DVD with Footage from the Backyard Jams of last year, the Snickers Tour 04 and The Snickers Soul Bowl Contest 04.
chris powers ride bmx uk 90 issue 90 - december 2005 (1)
Chris Powers decade over a shorty box on the cover. Photo by Steve Bancroft.
Top 5: Rich Hirsh.
Video box: Macneil's Andrew McMullen.
Tech by George French: the not-so-black art of wheelbuilding.
Groundforce: Day Smith edition.
Interbike at Vegas: new stuff, interviews with The Take's Jeff Harrington and Failure's Matt Bischoff.
The 2005 Etnies Backyard jam, Brighton.
DC UK Team European Tour
The Eastpak Team Invade Guernsey
You Skid Because You Are Weak: Winch trail jam
The Profile Windy City Trip
Portimao Revisited: Alone in Portugal
Informer: Pipe
Weekender: York Flatland jam, Vancouver Metro contest, Bone Death Jam in Philadelphia.
Bike Check: Jason Enns’ Volume Deathwish
Bike Check: Kevin Jones’ Hoffman Big Daddy
Textbook: Footjam nosepicks
WTF? Formby Jay and Tony Hamlin

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2005: I remember when I used to pick up a Transworld Skateboarding magazine or their Snowboarding version and was amazed by how many pages it had. RIDEBMX (UK) is amazing me these days with the number of pages it has, 180 to be exact. Lots of ads bring lots of pages or does it work the other way around? Issue # 90 has the following articles, I'm sure there's something for everyone. Editorial by Bancroft, Top 5 with Rich Hirsch, BMX news from all corners of this planet and that includes news from GoGo over in Scotland. A little interview with Macneil's Andrew McMullen, wheel building with George French, Groundforce with Tex, Music reviews and stuff, a handy skatepark directory, and it goes on and on. New Stuff shows nice black and grey products and then KingKong and Odyssey throw some colours in the mix on the next page. Frame reviews; 5 of them. The it's off to Vegas for Interbike and the Vans Let it Ride jam. Worldwide baby. The Backyard jam deservedly gets 12 pages of coverage with some amazing high air pics. Le DC road trip to France is up next followed by Island Life (Guernsey). The Barends Trails jam report is up next and it looks like a good time was had by all. More road trips? From Tampa to Chicago in 10 days with Matt Coplon and crew. Portimao, Portugal, Mahou, good times. Pipe the tweaker fills the next two pages (130-131) then there's more flatland from the Dorkin in York # 15 jam and Canadian coverage of the Metro jam. It's straight to the ghetto of Philly for the Bone Death Challenge (report by Keith Terra). FATBMX ad on 145 featuring Mat Hoffman, Tom Haugen, PdJ, Andy Zeiss drinking some booze, a hidden Simon Tabron in colour and someone's girlfriend. Now you know. Bike review? sure, Jason Enns' Volume Deathwish receives attention and so does Kevin Jones' Hoffman Big Daddy. Complete bikes this month are from GT (Fueler) and wethepeople (Darkness). RIDEBMX's how-to of issue 90 is the footjam nosepick. Bio's are for Formby Jay and Tony Hamlin. John Paul Rogers told us everything about Caste in a Bizznizz interview but if you want to find out more, go to page 172. Fashion shit is put in the Laundry section and the Letters to RIDE ends another full issue. You should be able to find RIDE at the better bookstores (and bike shops).