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ride bmx uk 01 2011 issue 147 - january 2011 (1)
Alex Coleborn on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, december 2010: Christmas is almost here, and Santa’s come early. Issue 147 is out now, and fully packed with tonnes of new stuff! This months regulars are occupied by Northern John, Tommy Dugan, Tom Thumb, and more. Plus there’s a new how-to and pages of gossip and news.
Anthem II: The Final Days Of Filming “ …I think it’s definitely good to have the monkey off our backs …”
Joe Fox: Man Of The Smoke “ …Joe Fox has become a name synonymous with London, its estates and streets, he’s the Boris Johnson of BMX …”
Korea: Tommy Dugan, Nathan Williams and Aaron Ross Go Carb Loading in Korea “…We didn’t even bother going inside the “Chicken Foot Restaurant” for obvious reasons…”
The Next Big Thing: Alex Coleborn “…Riding with Webbie helped out loads because he personally really pushes you to learn new stuff…”
Hold On To Your Wallets: It’s the Leon Perkins Interview “… It’s just dancing on your front wheel isn’t it? The only jam I like is the Backyard Jam…”
Bad Voodoo: KERT & RAIGO “…I don‘t like Kert at all. He’s a buttmonkey!! To see him twice in a month is enough for me!…”
BSD: Low Key in the BIGGEST Way “…The famous Steven Hamilton curved wall was located here as well and I figured Wee Crab would get a chubby over it …”
pete sawyer ride bmx uk 02 2011 issue 148 - february 2011 (1)
Wethepeople’s, Pete Sawyer taking it back to basics with this hop to flat in Gran Canaria.on the cover.
rideukbmx.com, january 2011: This month’s issue features the regular banter with how-to’s, disposable life’s, WTF’s, and more! We also have a bunch of stuff featuring, Gary Young, James Reynolds, Richard Forne and more.
Cinema Battles Phoenix: Bringing A Bike To A Knife Fight.
Alex Donnachie: Pocket Rocket
WTP Do Gran Canaria: The Next Barcelona ?
Orchid: Filming For The DVD
The Lonesome English Man: The Season Trip To Montpellier
Road Fools 18: The Humble Frenchman’s Perspective
2010 Round Up: And 2011 Predictions
Winter Wonderland: Making The Best Of It.
pete sawyer ride bmx uk 02 2011 issue 149 - march 2011 (1)
The cover star is ‘Underdog’ Sam Baskett jumping out of an abandoned house… to flat.
In the this issue we’ve also got a bunch of new stuff for ya, including ‘Room 101¢ with Rob Ridge, ‘Get Fact’, ‘How To – Extinct Tricks’ and a new Letters page by our man in the know, Cleggy. We’ve also got the regulars occupied by, Red Bull Backyard Digger v2, Niki Croft, Formby Jay, Jonny Devine, Tom Dugan, Bruza, Max Wood and more! Check out the featured articles below.

THE PROPER DVD: “…Tonash got a savage toothache during the last days of editing and we missed another deadline…”

RIDING BIKES INSIDE SIX FLAGS NEW ORLEANS: “…We really had no idea what we expected to find out there…”

LIFE AND LIVING: ,WITH THE MOLE “…Mole’s probably the happiest person you’ll ever meet. I’ve never known him to complain about anything…”

MIDWEST EXPEDITION: NATHAN WILLIAMS & CO HIT KANSAS. “…Sure enough that little bit of clearance gave Russ enough room to clear the bus…”

RIDERS ON THE STORM: TEAM STOLEN IN TENERIFE. “..the local shops sell Fosters and Carling cans, the restaurants serve bangers and mash, full english breakfasts and roast dinners…”

SNOWBIKES (BUT IS IT BMX…?). “…where I live it is really hard to ride BMX in the Winter, so when I want to ride my bike badly but I can’t, I just ride my snowbike instead and I’m satisfied…”

END OF DAYS: AUTUMN AT THE POTOCZNY TRAILS. “…What started as a few lips my brother Mike and I carved into our old motocross jumps eventually turned into a full set of trails…”
dan lacey ride bmx uk 04 2011 issue 150 - april 2011 (1)
Dan Lacey on the cover.

DC UK Team Lock-in article, where the UK team hired a huge warehouse for a week.

Duffs Houston Roadtrip article from a newly reinvigorated team, which includes the return of Jimmy Levan, who’s still doing huge roofgaps, and shredding from Kevin Porter, Alex Magallan and Jake Seeley.

Kye Forte hitting up Red Bull’s Dirt Pipe down in Australia for week. 20 foot hips and berms bigger than your house anyone?

Full report on Simpel Session 2011. Photo highlights and behind the scenes snippets from the infamous Estonian long weekend…And if you don’t know now you know..!

Eastern Bikes hitting up the desert. Sweet trails, pools and concrete hips…

We’ve also got all that good regular stuff too, including 3 informers on Weird Sam, Duncan Lloyd and Dale Armstrong. An in-depth interview with Cleggy on the start-up of the R.O.S. (A dedicated directory of rider owned stores in the UK). The recent DUB Jam Rampworx photo highlights. Senad Grosic and a frozen damn up in the Alps. How To Bombdrop by Northern John, pics of the new concrete bowl in Petersfield and a bike check with Dan Paley. DVD reviews of Proper’s Picture Box and BMX FU’s FU4 Digital Video Disc (did someone say pegs?). WTFs with Leigh ‘Sketch’ James and Jordan Waters. Bruno Hoffman has also snuck his way in there onto a couple of pages… And basically a whole load of other stuff, including 25 free stickers attached to the cover itself.
ride bmx uk 05 2011 issue 151 - may 2011 (1)
Lima is on the cover riding one of his favourite spots at his Winter getaway location, Austin, TX whilst staying at the Relentless House.

Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross, Gary Young and Sean Sexton head out to the Cayman Islands and mix it with stingrays.

After almost a year out with injury, Harry Main is finally back on his bike. We caught up with the Main man himself to see how the last year has been for him.

What happens when two completely different teams collide whilst on the road. BSD versus FBM on the Props Megatour.

Malaga for eight days with eight riders and a whole lot of hate. The Alone team tell their story.

Was you at Unit 23 for the BSD & Nike 6.0 Jam? If not you missed out! Check what happened and who/ what went down.

A young Yorkshire man by the name of Alexander Barton-Holme aka Fathead, gives us a lesson in BMX.

Regulars include an Informer with Matty Worthington, Haro and Premium go to Scotland, Scott the Punk gets to answer 20 Questions, BSD owner Grant Smith gives us his Top 5s, Alex Coleborn hands in his disposable camera, Joss Fenn tells us what’s What? And that’s not all. You don’t miss this one!
ride bmx uk 06 2011 issue 152 - june 2011

For years now we’ve wanted to create a fully dedicated UK-specific scenes issue, and for Issue 152 we committed ourselves the task and sent our guys to almost every corner of the British Isles (and more) to bring you this special one-off issue. It was obvious that the cover had to shout out ‘Great Britain’, so we enlisted the talents of Owain Clegg, who’s known for finding the most random spots, and he took us to a dam in a far off unknown UK location. This was the perfect setting for the cover shot, but could have gone so wrong if the dam had opened its valves…

We’ve never jam-packed an issue with so much UK specific content before… From Scotland to Jersey to Northern Ireland and back again; we’ve gone to almost every corner of the British Isles, and more, to give you an insight of what the UK BMX scene is all about.
Here are just a few things to tickle your fancy: Ben Lewis gives up his top 9 favourite spots in Liverpool, an insight into what happened to the NSF crew from Olly Olsen, a full cover story on how we shot this month’s cover with UK spot-finding legend Owain Clegg, a ‘Back in Time’ look at Northern John recreating his cover shot from 10 years ago, a few Snippets including the Game of Ride at the Source Bowl and also info on how to win VIP tickets to this year’s Relentless NASS.
matt roe ride bmx uk 07 2011 issue 153 - july 2011

Matt Roe footplant in a random reservoir/wallride set up on the cover.

Check out the Mutiny versus The Make trip to Tenerife featured within this issue, as well as a full cover story with Matt himself (can you believe this is Roey’s first ever Ride UK cover!). Also featured this month are the ‘Lazy Days’ Vans Europe crew in Austin, the LS6 BMX lads head out on tour, while the now infamous Nike Pool gets its just deserts in print. Throw in a bunch of regular articles including Owain Clegg, Mat Burton, Tony Neyer and Isaac Lesser and you have a pretty full magazine.
road to glory ride bmx uk 08 2011 issue 154 - august 2011
rideukbmx.mpora.com, july 2011: Finally, the issue you’ve waited a whole year for is here. This years Monster Energy – Ride to Glory featured the talents of Verde, Nike 6.0, Dub, Lotek and last years winners BSD. The whole trip started out in a rain soaked Leeds, then made its way around all 4 corners of the country and came to an end at a now infamous swimming pool location in London. After talking with the teams and getting the lowdown on went went on, the only word best to describe the week long road trip was… immense.
As per usual this issue comes packed full of RTG content with the added bonus of the RTG DVD cover mounted, filmed by some of the best videographers the BMX world has to offer. As well as the 50+ pages of Ride To Glory goings on, Issue154 is also packed with the usual regular; news, facts, products, Top 5’s – Simon Barraco, Room 101 – Mike Jersey Taylor and a Bike Check – Lima’s Verde Cartel Series 2.
This years winners Verde, putting the work in at their unfortunate location challenge Redcar. Who says the industry is dead in the North.
Last years winners BSD had an exceptionally crazy week, so much so that they almost regained the RTG title. Lets just say we had numerous re-counts.
Third place ended up in the hands of Nike 6.0. Some big hitters on this team set them out as odds on favourites for the win before the week started.
DUB were in good form, but as per usual chose to take on a very relaxed attitude to the whole contest. It’s a lifestyle for these boys you know, but even when chilling these guys threw down some serious bangers. Check the edit.
Last and certainly not least was Lotek. These guys had a rough start to the week with serious van trouble putting a dampener on proceedings. Then they went and mysteriously “lost” their challenge book!
jason phelan ride bmx uk 09 2011 issue 155 - september 2011
rideukbmx.mpora.com, august 2011: Jason Phelan flipping his way on to the front cover.

rideukbmx.mpora.com, august 2011: This month’s regulars include Top 5’s with Tony Cardona, Room 101 with Go Go, DVD Box, product reviews and bike tests. We’ve also got some Snippets which feature an abandoned pool in the UK and “The Search for the Glory Hole”. We have coverage from the King For a Day/Charges Prow Jam and loads more including – Informers, What?s, Bike Checks, WTF’s, you name it!
Main features:
Roughing It: Living the good life on tour with DC Shoes.
607 square miles of concrete: A guide to London’s bowls, old and new.
Kink French Trips Trip: Bleu rainures, bleu du ciel et des baguettes…
So This Is NASS?: A schizophrenic’s guide to NASS.
No Timing Like Bad Timing: Bad Timing trip
chase hawk ride bmx uk 10 2011 issue 156 - october 2011
rideukbmx.mpora.com, september 2011: The rider on the cover of the 156th issue of Ride UK is none other than Chase Hawk. ,The cover photo was taken at the final stop of the Cult Federal Tour in the back garden of The Source BMX shop. The Source fully hooked the day up with an awesome BBQ, beers, the infamous indoor bowl and obviously the new outdoor rhythm set-up. What a perfect end to an amazing trip! Chase had been shredding the whole trip but the final day was all his own as he tore the back-garden rhythm section to pieces, roasting these massive 3 tables at never-seen-before heights (in only the way that Chase can do ‘em!). Tune all that to the backdrop of blue skies on one of the nicest days in the whole of August and it was a done deal. We do normally try to keep the cover slot reserved strictly for UK riders only, but with such an amazing set-up and obviously the epic-ness of the Cult Federal trip itself, it would have been rude not to. The fact that it was also located in Hastings, the epicentre of UK BMX, at one of the UK’s finest rider-owned shops only added to the argument to run with Chase on the cover. Basically, all the right ingredients were in the mix for this one, and we think you’ll agree too…

rideukbmx.mpora.com, september 2011: Who Called Shotgun? With all the roadtrips that have taken place last month we’ve gone for a bit of a road-trip theme this issue. The main three bangers were the Etnies / Blackout trip, The Haro Team UK road-trip and the Cult Federal UK Summer Tour. We’ve also got Soul Mag’s Garden Party, A few brief moments with Luke Towey, a massive Stay Strong WWWin package, both Chase DeHart and Dennis Enarson’s Pro Bike Checks, Room 101 with Cory Nastazio, WTFs with Richie Lee-Haigh and Chad Osburn, and loads of other goodness from the month.

rideukbmx.mpora.com, september 2011: The Etnies / Blackout crew travelled through Colarado, Utah and California on a 10 day whirlwind trip. They saw rainbows in the desert, Tommy Dugan kill just about every concrete bowl in sight, Nathan Williams dropped a switch backwards crooked to indian on a legit handrail, and even our very own Walter Pieringer backflipping the mega ramp.
The Haro team hit the UK and travelled through most of Scotland and fair chunk of England, Enarson whipped over the wall at Gnarly Bowl, and Nasty partied every night of the week long trip.
The Cult Federal UK Summer Tour – the big one, the one that may have even hit your town… An epic trip, an epic crew and epic riding. Written by Adam Roye and Ryan Navazio, this huge 14 page article documents the 10+ day trip that saw both teams travel from Brighton to Aberdeen and then all the way back down again on a whistle-stop tour of the UK hitting up shops, street and parks. This one was seriously amazing and the edit will be online soon…just watch this space.
Want to know what DeHart is riding? It’s all in here.
New regular launching this month, “Thought Bubble” – Jim Cielinski and Ben Hennon have made-up and become friends again.
leon perkins ride bmx uk 11 2011 issue 157 - november 2011
Leon Perkins on the cover.
rideukbmx.mpora.com, october 2011: Kicking things off with the cover this mouth, is Leon Perkins. “101 things to do in Skem before you die” Northern John was on hand to capture Leon whipping this bridge support structure in Skelmersdale. “One such object is a modern eyesore located in the heart of skelmersdale and has never seen the likes of us BMXers or has it.

rideukbmx.mpora.com, october 2011: Breaking Boundaries, riding spots that have never been ridden before... From cover to cover, we’ve got a jam-packed issue you for this month! From bat-ridden tunnels, to untouched Estonian architecture, to recent events, to signature frames and a £5000+ WWWin competition that will literally blow your head off!

rideukbmx.mpora.com, october 2011: In this issue:
Find out the reason behind Dan Paley moving to BSD, including a ‘Top 5’s’ from the man himself.
The story about the Etnies & United colab.
Informers from James Reynolds and Corey ‘Midget’ Walters.
Weekender events from the Cycle Show, G*Y*P*O Jam and VANS Kill The Line.
A Snippet on the Red Bull Back Yard Digger 2.
And more from Stefan Lantscher, Markus Wilke (where is now?), Nathan Williams, Leon Perkins and Peter Adam lays down the law with a Room 101.
Summer Wonderland: Estonia & Finland welcome Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Tommy Dugan, Aaron Ross, Tony Hamlin and Sergio Layos. After the 2011 Simpel Summer session in Finland, a group of riders including Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Tommy Dugan, Aaron Ross, Tony Hamlin and Sergio Layos – decided to spend four days in Helsinki, Finland and another four days in Tallinn, Estonia. The place that host’s the famous, Winter Simpel Session event, which is commonly known to be very cold and 3ft deep in snow, but not this time of the year! “Good friends, good times, cool cities, and more amazing spots than we knew what to do with. We literally found way more spots than we even had time to ride while we were there. Unique architecture, rad setups, you name it – the Finns and the Estonians really know how to build it.
Get Some Petty for the Genny: Two years later at the Tunnel. ,Two years ago, Nike 6.0 found a disused tunnel in the middle of nowhere and hosted an event where most of the worlds top riders came to compete together. Nike 6.0 left the tunnel fully intact for those in the area to ride, and now two years on, find out what’s going on in the bat ridden, dark, and spooky like tunnel… “…Bas Keep’s tyre-marks still sit firmly as the highest elevated bike-markings inside the tunnel…
Diamonds Are Forever. A crew of UK riders explore the diamond capital of the world – Antwerp. Robin Pearson and a bunch of UK ‘Snatch’ fans head to Antwerp not to trade diamonds like the Snatch character – Doug “The Head”. But to ride the many untouched street spots and skateparks that you wouldn’t of even heard about. Robin the photographer took a slightly different approach to shooting this article and shot the riding photos at a 45° angle to keep with the diamond theme. “You rode through dog shit then got a puncture. That’s the worst combo ever – Tony Watkinson”
Vive La Voyage: 22 Days in the Hell Bus! Haggler, Dunk, Cam Hardy and Arrash Saidi take their van in search of Europe’s riding Mecca. Follow them in their blue van, with almost next to no budget, through France and Spain! “The best experiences are the ones you hadn’t expected, and if you don’t plan anything then you cant be disappointed.
Ben Hennon & His Lady Luck. “What it actually means to get a signature frame…” Hoffman Bikes put’s together the first UK Pro rider signature frame, and what better than to put Ben Hennon’s name on it! Find out the full story in the mag as Ben answers a few questions for us about his Lady Luck frame.
Kris Kyle’s new stead. Kris Kyle has had his ‘Trailorpark’ signature frame for a few years now, but he recently built up the new version. Be sure to check out what this “Wee crab” is shredding on nowadays…
mat hoffman ben hennon ride bmx uk 12 2011 issue 158 - december 2011
Ben Hennon jumping over Mat Hoffman on the cover.
rideukbmx.mpora.com, november 2011: Only Mat Hoffman would have a ramp attached to a car, not any old car either, a 1976 Lincoln Continental to be exact. What’s even better is the fact that Hoffman Bikes rider, Ben Hennon is doing a stretched superman over him! “I definitely wouldn’t have just gone and done a burnout on my driveway, but the story we got out of it makes it totally worth it!

rideukbmx.mpora.com, november 2011: Free stickers, Hoffman, burnouts, a superman, Hennon and the horns… and that’s just the cover. From old school legends to new school up and coming riders and everyone in-between, add in the fact the magazine has a whole new redesign and you can see we’ve got it covered! Let’s take a look at the new issue…

rideukbmx.mpora.com, november 2011: In this issue:
Fooman gives us a Bunch of Fives.
Effraim Catlow spreads the Love & Hate.
United x etnies provide a package ‘For The Win’.
Vince Mayne takes it to the next level in this month’s Step Up.
An Insight into going tubeless? Ben Pearson possibly reinvents the BMX wheel?
What’s Luke Marchant be up too? Find out in this month’s Catch Up.
Mike Miller tells us what’s What!
We take a First Look at riders, Louis Mire and Lewis Render.
Jason Phelan gives us his thoughts on the progress of his Props ‘Owned’ section.
Old school legend Olly Olsen tells us where he’s at now.
We head to Clifton to check out their new fresh concrete in this issues Spot Check.
Tom ‘Robbo’ Robinson and Max Gaertig show us their bikes.
Missouri Loves Company: Hoffman Bikes in The Heartland. Follow Ben Hennon, Seth Kimbrough, Jeremy Hrabal, Caleb Quanbeck and Jabari Winters as they travel to Missouri from Hoffman’s home town of Oklahoma City. “As far as I was concerned, it really couldn’t have gone any better – what’s the fun of an over-under air with Mat Hoffman if there’s not a little danger involved?
Too Loose in Toulouse: What started as a BSD tour round France ended up as a trip to Toulouse in search of the elusive Antony Lille. Kriss Kyle, Alex Donnachie and Dan Paley spend 14 days and clock over 3000 miles to film for the first section of the new BSD DVD. “At one point while we were stopping traffic on a busy road so Dan could try a line over a rail, the police came up to ask us what we were up to, once we told them we were filming for a bike video they just stood back and watched.
FBM New England Trip. One last filming adventure... The FBM team head to the North East, for one last chance to catch some footage for their new full-length “Thousand Yard Stare” video. “From there on, my view of the trip was from the inside of this wild green limo
Complete Nightmare! 14 complete bikes go head to head in Bristol... We head to Bristol and take 14 complete bikes straight out of the box and test them to their maximum capabilities. “…whatever the case may be just remember to look at what you actually physically get for your money…
We talk to Will Stroud on filming Alex Coleborn’s new edit. “I usually check the traffic and comments a few hours after a new edit drops, but I always tell myself not to sweat negative comments
A look at Robbo’s Mutiny Lucky Strike. Robbo is currently shredding the trails in the US, find out what he rides and makes him kick out as well as he does…