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Running time: 30min

Shaun Butler, Robbie Morales, Jimmy Levan, ... See Fuzzy Hall's backyard ! Watch Matt Beringer do the craziest kinked handrail in the world ! Visit the Backyard Jam ! ... nothing to tailwhip.

danscomp.com: This video features great street and trail riding from several locations around the world. Riding from Utah, includes Fuzzy's backyard. Pennsylvania features Posh, Push and Bethleham street. Filming in London shows the backyard Jam, local trails and street. In California you'll see riding from Sheep Hills,local skate parks and street. Many top name riders are shown. Includes some great footage from Jamie Bestwick.

Ride BMX US #31 december 1997: This is Ride's first video ever, and boy does it rule. This video is chock full of some of the cleanest filming ever, featuring amazing and varied spots from all over the world, some ground-breaking and captivating music, topped off with some of the most professional editing ever seen in the world of BMX videos.
OK, OK, so maybe we're a bit biased. But, for a first video, Thunder is pretty damn great. It features sections from England, the Backyard Jam, NYC, Pennsylvania, Utah, SoCal and a whole bunch more. The editing is super clean and really fast paced, and the soundtrack manages to swerve away at times from the power-pop-punk that seems to dominate most bike video soundtracks as of late.
So hell, yeah, of course were stoked on it. It's a really good video. But the thing is, you'll be stoked on it, too. So go out and buy it.

Al, www.notfreestylin.com: This Video is one of the best videos that i have seen. Really good for a first time video. Features Utah (Fuzzy's backyard, some other trails and good street), Pennsylvania (Posh, Push and Bethelham street), London (Backyard Jam, local trails and street), Long Island finally a video with Sevs in it. Then California. (Sheep hills, Skate Street park and street). The music is pretty good except for the Beatles during the London scene. Ride is suppose to be coming out with three videos a year so look forward to some more good videos.

Ol'School, www.notfreestylin.com: Huge trails, check. Great real street, check. Cool tunes, check. Most of the things that make a video good, check. This video has all the elements of a good video but it didn't move me. I don't know if it was just in the way it was put together or what. This should have been a better video, though many people do like it. I am just not one of them. I do like seeing Ride venture into video making and I hope I like the next one better. In one aspect I might have liked this video a little more if they had included flatland. This is a video from a magazine that covers "freestyle". There is a descent amount of flat in the magazine but why is it m.i.a. from this video. There maybe plans to do a flat only video in the future but one would think that being their first video they would have been a little more broad in what is done. I feel their is a place for a niche type video, like all trails, all flat, etc... I am saying though is this is Ride magazine. I do not feel like they should have snubbed flatland it's first time out in video.

30 minutes long

Starring: Mike Laird, Ryan Nyquist, Sean McKinney (HangFiveNoFootOneHand), Joe Rich, Markus Wilke, Fuzzy, Taj Mihelich, Dave Mirra.

Tom, www.notfreestylin.com: A couple days ago I picked up the new ride mag video called "generation" and I was damn impressed. It basically covers some of the best spots in the country along with the respective riders that are from these areas (and a few visitors). The spots covered are Nevada/Utah, Carolina/Virginia, Texas, Davenport Iowa, and Southern California. Within each of these sections they visit various locations like Planet Plywood and Fuzzy's house in Nev/Ut, Mirra's Eastwoods Ramp Club and the Hampton Va. skatepark in the Carolina section, 9th Street, downtown Austin, and a couple local skateparks in the Texas section, Rampage in Iowa, and SkateStreet in California. The video basically flows throughout, alternating between trails, street, skatepark, vert, and flatland, very similar to ride's previous release, "Thunder". Obviously with riders like Joe Rich, Taj, Dave Mirra, TJ Lavin, and Rick Moliterno (just to name a few) the riding's gonna be dope, and combined with some good indie punk rock, you just can't loose. Definitely buy this video if you like street and dirt (not much flat, but that's no surprise) because you won't be disappointed. With the people and places featured, how on earth could you be? word.
ride bmx us video generation
Released in 1998.

: Jerry Bagley, Kelly Baker, Kris Bennett, Matt Beringer, Jamie Bestwick, Shaun Butler, Brian Castillo, Chris Duncan, John Dye, Mike"Rooftop" Escamilla, Evil, Fuzzy Hall, Mark "The Gonz" Gonzales, Brian Larocci, Toledo Joe, T.J. Lavin, Marvin Loetterle, Jeremy "Magilla" Reiss, Rick Moliterno, ryan Nyquist, Robbie Morales, Josh "The Wombat" Orr, Ruben "Pollo" Alcantara, Dan Price, Chris Stauffer, Josh Stricker, Mike Tag, John Taylor, Todd Walkowiak, and many more...
Locations: Trails, street, and ramp riding from California, England, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Scotland & Utah.

Matt Beringer frontflip.
Jamie Bestwick tailwhip to 540 tailtap

Chris Ayers, www.notfreestylin.com: This video is great. It has some great riding by Matt Berringer and some serious street stacks that look very painful. Other riders include Todd Walkowaik and some English footage of Dan Price. Jerry Bagley is also on there ruling as usual.

BMXup #18 fevrier 1999: La video qui prouve que les BMXers aiment les pétards ! Suite d'une déjà longue série qui avait débuté avec la vidéo Thunder, Ride Publishing nous propose son troisième épisode en moins de deux ans ! Quelle cadence !
Pas de temps mort dans cette vidéo réalisée par Ryan Young. Toujours le même concept qui a fait le succès de Thunder: Street, skapark et trails s'enchaînent, la majeure partie provenant de la côte Est mais aussi pas mal d'images provenant de l'Angleterre. Le montage est nickel, le son accompagne la dynamique de l'ensemble. Cette fois ci ce sont les seconds couteaux qui sont mis en valeur comme Matt Beringer, Chris Stauffer, Josh Striker, Brian Larocci et Jerry Bagley vous montreront ce que le mot stylé signifie en BMX. L'Angleterre vous démontre s'il était nécessaire, au travers de ses nombreux skateparks, que le paradis du BMX n'est peut être pas si loin, et vous apprécierez les images de la tournée Seventies avec Rooftop, Joe Rich, Brian Castillo, John Dye. Une très bonne vidéo qui finit sur une image idyllique. Je vous laisse juger.
ride bmx us video role models
Released in 1999.
Edited by Ryan Young.
Running time: 23 min.

Starring: Mike Tag, Chris Toth, Ralph Sinisi, Josh Stricker, The Gonz, Nate Hanson, John Parker, Rick Moliterno, Marvin Loetterle, Duncan Gore, Luc-E, Jerry Bagley, Jason Davies, Troy McMurray. Plus many more...

Josh Stricker 180 to handrail fakie sorti en half cab.
Mark Gonzales lookdown sur un gap de huit marches, ...

Locations: California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, 1999: Marvin Loetterle, Chris Toth, the Gonz & more filmed in their own territory: the Streets of America. Handrails, crazy gaps, barspinning drops, getting hurt, that's where it's all about with these Streetwizards. "Through the lens" shows you the best riders at the best spots and they didn't hesitate to film some nasty crashes too! Jason Davies and Jon Parker riding at their hometurf in Arizona, a heaven for ramp and halfpipe riders. Best VDO if you want to see what we mean with REAL STREET RIDING!
ride bmx us video through the lens

Released in 2000.
Edited by Glenn Milligan.
Running time: 23 min.

Vidéo école avec: Robbie Morales, Chad DeGroot, Mark Gonzales, Jamie Bestwick, Luc E.

The new how-to video from Ride BMX USA Magazine is hosted by Robbie Morales and shows you how to get going: it features how tos from a ton of riders and shows you all about riding ramps, trails, street riding, flatland, and more. Made by Glenn Milligan, this is a high quality video, and if you are looking for a how-to video for freestyle, then this is it.
Ride brings the BMX pros to you and they break new ground and insight on tips for, street-180's, smiths, feebles, bunnyhops, flatland-rolling, scuffing, flipping, spinning, ramps-drop in's, fly outs, stalls & lip tricks, dirt jumping-X-ups, tabletops, turndowns.

www.stillriding.co.uk: This video is produced by the American side of Ride BMX, the quality is excellent.
The host of this lesson in BMX freestyle is Robbie Morales, his presentation is excellent with the right amount of tongue in cheek humour (riding street in full face helmet and body armour).
All aspects of BMX riding are covered: Street, Flatland, Ramps & Dirt Jumping. Other riders providing an insight include Jamie Bestwick, John Englebert, Mark Gonzalez and many more. There are plenty of tricks on display from the basic (bunny hop) to the not so basic (nosepick), all with quality camerawork.
There are also some 'bonus' sections of the riders doing what they do best.
This an excellent video for anybody starting out in BMX or even those who want to learn a few more tricks.
ride bmx us video basics




Released in 2000.
Edited by Glenn Milligan.
Running time: 28 min.

Des images d'un contest UGP Roots.
Jeff Harrington pieds croisés.
Dave Mirra en tail tap sur le sommet d'un escabeau posé sur la plate forme de sa big.
Adam Banton, Brian Castillo , ...

Paul de Jong , www.fatbmx.com, january 2001: Rate: ** /5
Kagy, Taubin, Laird, Osato, The Gonz, Josh Harrington, Nyquist, Hoffman, Taj, Winkleman, Riestra, Stricker, Fuzzy, Losey, Benkhe Flat & Street, Jeff Harrington profile at Profile, Murphy, Garcia, Carson, Martinez, Jennings, Nolli, Beringer, Banton profile, Aitken, Bagley, Fit Robo, Haugen, Fanberg, Mulder Flat, Nardi, Enns, Freimmuth, Wilke, Bizz, Mirra, Heino, Cooke, Wormz NY, Hale, Poplon, Perez, Weasel, Branscombe, Kimbrough, Wessel, Toledo Joe, Griffin, Van Homan, Voelker and a Brian Castillo profile that's "all" in this VDO and in this order so you don't need to buy it because you know what's happening in INDUSTRY.
Just kidding, see all the talent (except for Losey, hey Mark What's Up?!) and you can't stop watching.
Top Quality by Glenn PPM as we are used to, brought to you by Ride Magazine USA.
ride bmx us video industry
Ride Publishing presents its sixth video - Turbulence.
Released in 2001.
Edited by Glenn Milligan.
Running time: 30 min.

The format for this video is a rider by rider section featuring footage of Josh Heino, Ryan Sher, Mike Ardelean, Ratboy and Edwin Delarosa, Billy Grahm, Chris Doyle, Dave Jocobs, Joe Rich, Taj, Bruce Crisman, John Heaton, Jimmy Buchans, Dave Mirra, Dennis McCoy, ...
Includes special footage of the amazing Dave Mirra 20 foot air on the DC Ramp and a look into Taj Mihelich's new skate/bmx park, Thunderdome.

puro2wheelmotion@yahoo.com, www.bmx-test.com: This video has some good riding, tech as fuck, and lots of street, something I can't get enough of. In my opinion, Edwin's part is the best, but that's cuz I dig his style of riding.
If you're into more burly shit, Josh Heino throws it in your fucking face with some scary riding. Seeing McCoy ride street was great, and Corey Martinez, in about 20 seconds, lets you know why he's on Standard.
The video was short but sweet, with very good editing, and VERY good riding. Fuck corporate bmx. 8/10.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2001: Rate: * /5
TURBULENCE is excactly what the riding is in this new Sixth Ride VDO. Especially the Dennis McCoy part with his backwheel spins with or without fullface helmet, Dennis is still one of the best allround riders and at the age of 34 he is wise enough to protect his head. Not the new kids on the block, they don't "need" protection but don't watch the Crashsection before you go out riding, these guys are young and wild! Especially Josh Heino with his big tricks is the master of disaster, some tricks are in Ride Magazine and if you couldn't believe it this one shows you he did all the stuff in real without fakefotography etc. Glenn P.P.M. is getting more hi-tech with his lights and different camera angles so expect an hi-quality Street VDO with riders like Edwin Delarosa, Ryan Sher, Ratboy, Mike Ardelean, Taj & Joe, John Heaton and many others. The cover said that Paul Osicka is In this vid but I guess I missed him so I closed this review and watch TURBULENCE again, if you like Streetriding this is the #1 right now.

Adam22, www.thecomeupbmx.net, august 2007: This video really has it all. Edwin's first video part, Dennis Mccoy riding to Reach The Sky, Dave Jacobs doing amazing one footed tables to opposite tables, every rider doing kickflips, George D doing allep oop smith to other side feeble to 270 and a bunch of front brake shit, Ryan Sher totally ODing on kickflips, the infamous Ratboy part, a lot of peg bonks ( bring them back ), a much higher average seatpost height, Emmit Crooms, that frame that Ardelean was riding with the really big down tube, and a totally awesome Josh Heino section. This was definitely one of my favorite videos as a kid and I haven't seen it in years.
ride bmx us video turbulence

Released in 2001.
Editor: Glenn P.P. Milligan.
30 minutes. No random sections...Just Parts.

This video from Ride BMX USA is all based on rider parts -- with full sections from Josh Harrington, Rob Darden, Chris Doyle, Matt Coplon, Jim Cielencki, Ben Snowden, George Dossantos, Brandon Pundai, Ty Stuyvesant, Austin Coleman, Bob Scerbo, Aaron Bostrom and even Van Homan, Parts is a full 40minutes of incredible street, dirt, and parks riding.

Glenn P.P. Milligan, www.thecomeupbmx.net, june 2008: While filming Bob Scerbo and George Dossantos, they had me up all night every night I was back there. I was like 15 pounds heavier and out of shape, Cali made me a pussy. So after that trip, I bought an ab roller, lost the weight, got back into shape, and now I can kick Bob's ass (g-life). Both bob and George were rockin' FBM then! I was Horrible at mixing sound on that video. Bob is rockin' GT bars not Bob bars, I on the other hand put Bob bars on yesterday. The abandoned bowl they both ride was in the building the redbull down and dirty event was held (mad history in the casino). When bob is riding the Asbury pool, it was the hottest day of that year, we went to the beach with Gonz that day, he kept swimming under water to grab chicks he didn't know. The first clip in Bob's section was right under the WTC just a couple weeks before the attack.
ride bmx us video parts

George Dossantos' part.

Bob Scerbo's part.

Van Homan's part.

Matt Coplon's part.
Released in 2002.
Editor: Glen PP Milligan for Ride BMX
Time: 39 min
Music: Fugazi, Docter Vivid, AFL, Samiam, Waxwing etc
Featuring Ryan "Biz" Jordan, Will Taubin, Ryan O'Connell, Joey Cobbs, and tons of other riders. In addition to the sickest and most current riding, this video will include a unique perspective into the life and dedication of a BMX rider today and will be the most complete BMX video to date: including: Flatland, Dirt, Ramps, Street, and everything that goes with it.

Bongo, www.bmx-test.com: Everyone knows that Glenn P.P Milligan has a lot of successful and well made videos behind him. He edited "Parts" and that video was great and also from Ride BMX. Unfortunately this video is an exception, definately not what you would expect from Glenn. I purchased this video as I had seen a lot of advertisement in magazines and it was made by the same company as "Parts." I wrongfully expected this video to be a kind of day in the life of.... a rider, as the title suggests. I was wrong, another wrong thought of mine was the expectation that this video would be good.
The filming in this video in some places is quite poor, and the editing seems rushed. Music to me is a quite important factor in a video, it sets the whole feeling of a section, and the music was nothing special, nothing inspiring or memorable. Another very, very, very low point of this video was the completely devastating amount of flatland, it completely ruined the feel of the video I really did not expect it to contain people riding around and spinning on their back wheel. Flatland has it's place and I definitely don't think it is here. Full sections include Will Taubin, Ryan Jordan, Ryan Oconnell, Sean Hoskins, Joey Cobbs and Rick Thorne. Will Taubin's section was probably the highlight of the video, and there are also appearances from riders such as Ben Snowden and Garrett Byrnes.
Overall this video is definately below average, it gives the feeling that it was made as a shadow of "Parts", and played on the past success of that superb video. It seems rushed and worth less than pre-cum. I have no intention of seeing this video again. 3 OUT OF 10.

Paul de Jong, www.fatbmx.com: This should be called the "in the Mix" vdo, not only are there over 30 pro's covered but also a lot of streetriders mixing flatlandtricks while riding park or street. If you see the cover it shows the names of the brakeless: Nussbaum (flatland), O'Connell, Cobbs and Hoskins and the men with brakes: Thorne, Taubin and Jordan but those three words: and many more... is sure a true thing. So many good riders in 1 vdo is awesome and good for every type of rider (except Vertriders), Flatlanders are treated with good riding from the not so famous riders (yet) and the park and street riders find new inspiration with all the cool stuff that happens in "in the Life". I never have to talk about quality cause Glenn only makes quality stuff.
Names that are the "and many more...."are: Castillo, Valin, Heino, Wessel, Scerbo, Flash, Ratboy,Osica, Snowden, Robbie, Wissel, Nolli, Whiteboy, Bennet, Benkhe, Delarosa, Martin, Duran, Enns, Scerbo, Pinther, Ardelean, Sammon, Brassfield, Povah, Mulligan and many more...
Sean Hoskins is doing brakeless nosewheelies in the park, taking Flatland into streetmoves, the Man in Black Rick Thorne shows you that he can do more than announcing a tv show, his part is "awesome Dude"! Joey Cobbs riding dangerous on the streets without stopping power, Ryan O'Connell doing brakeless hangfives in the park and Ed Nussbaum showing the latest stuff on the flat bottom. The Hook is a concrete æ pipe and certainly worth it to clean for an hour before shredding the place.
Adam Banton showed his skills before his ACL surgery (as seen on tv) and riding after his 8 month rest, Banton rules! I was glad to see some coverage of Leif Valin again and for all the Redbull lovers you can see Jerry Bagley fly. Another FLY(Bikes) rider is Ryan Biz Jordan and that guy is insane on dirt, street and park. As you see this is a good video if you want to see lots of riders, lots of spots, lots of tricks, lots of crashes, lots of fucks (Taubin part) and lots of good stuff for your money, buy it now!

skavenger15, www.bmx-test.com, november 2003: I purchased this video about one month ago in a sports supply store for $19.99 and it is worth every penny. It's a fairly old video but the riding is top notch. The video is made up of under rated and well known riders. There is three or four mix sections with the likes of Ratboy, Edwin Delarosa, Ben Snowden, Josh Heino and many others.
The first rider is Sean "Fish" Hoskins. He has a great part with pools, ramps and street. Watch for his huge tuck no handers down steps that would make the trail riders jaws drop.
Second part goes to Rick Thorne, he has some good things to say and some good ramp and street riding. I just wasn't feeling his part though, he's just too glamorous for me.
The third part goes to the unbelievable, Joey Cobbs. Brakeless manuevers and a blend of tech and burly make up his part. Look for his opposite and regular icepicks to 270 and 540 tailtaps to feeble.
Ed Naussbam recieves the flatland role in this video and does some links that have to be seen to understand. I don't know any flatland trick names but his style said it all.
Adam Banton's part was mostly about his knee problems and how it pushes him to ride every time like his last. He does an over toothpick to 270; that left me speechless. Good riding and attitude made it a great part.
Ryan "Biz" Jordan has been making a big name for himself lately, with his tech and burly runs. This video is no exception. A lot of ramp, unbelievable trail runs, and small street stuff complete his part. He does one line at the Erie trails that's amazing, it has a 360, another 360 and tailwhips, some in the same trick, some not. He capitalizes his part with a 540 hurricane barspin... unbelievable.
The next rider is Will Taubin, with some good insight on his attitude and his past. His part is full of smooth street tricks; opposite feeble to 180 into backwards regular feeble, sounds weird but its amazing. Big grinds, barspins, crankflips and hard 180s are done perfectly. Definitely a part to look forward to.
The last part goes to sir, Ryan O'Connell. He puts together flatland and tech ramp tricks and does it with unbelievable style. I personally thought his 180 into 360 manual to 180 down the double set of steps was the videos best trick, something about brakeless manuals and spinning that gets me. He does some great street, ramps, and trails riding with the biggest 540 I've ever seen at a Vans park.
The video closes with the typical credits and crashes. Some funny clips so look for them. Glenn Milligan is a god at making videos. 9/10.
ride bmx us video in the life

Available october 2002 on VHS and DVD.

www.danscomp.com: With a combination of rider parts and road trips, Momentum is sure to get you pumped to ride. Features Brian Foster, Markus Wilke, Jamie Bestwick and Jim Rienstra, plus road trips with the Etnies and Snafu teams.

Ride, www.bmx-test.com, april 2003: I decided to buy this video because I liked the Ride Bmx "Industry" and "Parts" videos. I knew it had Jamie Bestwick and Brian Foster, two of my favorite riders, so it was an obvious buy. I got the DVD version because I heard it had a lot of extra features.
When the video arrived I watched it immediately. The background picture of the menu is a picture of an incredibly clicked Jason Enns invert, and it starts the video off right. There is one mix section at the beginning of the video which has riding from riders such as Ben Snowden, Austin Coleman, Ryan Nyquist, Vic Ayala, Vinnie Sammon, and Edwin Delarosa.
It then moves on to Jamie Bestwicks part. It was set to some crappy club/dj mix music, but suprisingly it complemented the riding quite well. This video part is a great example of the fact that Jamie can rip it up on whatever he rides, from vert to park to mini ramp.
The Snafu road trip section was great. It had some good shots of a quasi-hot slutty girl named Jackie, some great riding at Mat Beringer's house, and Dave Freimuth pulls a 180 tailwhip to disaster. (not downside)
The second road trip section, the Etnies one, was equally as good. It makes you wonder if Edwin Delarosa really rides brakeless or if the video makers just edit it out and there is an International League of Rider-Owned Companies (ILROC) that meets deep within the mountains of Switzerland and manipulates the bike industry. Edwin Delarosa has so much talent that it is hard to tell there aren't brakes on his bike. Another rider featured in the Etnies roadtrip is Joey Cobb, one of my favorite riders. Most brakeless riders just do a bunch of tech tricks and ride a lot of street. But Joey Cobbs rides brakeless and actually flows through skateparks and does 180 brakeless nosepicks over spines. There is some great footage of Mike Escamilla riding a pool, and Jason Enns kills it as usual.
Markus Wilke's section was not a disapointment either. He is a great pegless rider who takes sub box/back rail tricks to a new level.
Jim Rienstra's section is the most tech part of the video. He utilizes his front brakes better than any other rider and does some wild nosemanual tricks.
Brian Fosters part was the highlight of the video. Everyone knows he can flow parks and jump higher and longer than everyone else. But the ex-AA Pro racer has a large tech trick vocabulary which this video demonstates. At one point he does a pedal stall OVER AND BACK on one of those bridge of death rails that go across a channel. It was exetential my brotha.
In conclusion, the caliber of riding is not quite up their with what is going on today, but it covers all volumes and colors of riding and is definetley a must see.
ride bmx us video momentum
BrownHours, www.bmx-test.com, august 2003: Well, since the reviews have been coming in way too slow lately, I figured to throw in a review, on Ride BMX “Reincarnation.” The whole video consists of mixed sections, excluding the Ride BMX “Parts” section (which sucked, music = blah). When I popped the video in and sat on my comfy chair (yes, it is comfy), some of the riders started talking such as Dave Mirra, Edwin De La Rosa, Chris Doyle, and etc. They all had one or 2 things to say about random stuff, progression and yadda yadda. Then came the riding…
The first section was a new mixed section, with tons of numerous riders like – Rich Andreau, Ronny Chalk, Mike Parenti, Ben Snowden, Luke Fink, Sean Hoskins, Dave Jacobs and others. Some pretty sweet stuff went down, but nothing out of this world. This section I give a 7.5/10. It had some all right music with some pretty good riding.
Next, came up, what I call “best of” videos. This was the best of “Industry” video. It started out with Mark Losey bragging about Dave Mirra, and how his part was filmed in 2 days and so on. Then he went on for a little longer about street shredders like Gonz and ramp riding super stars like Mirra (I think I quoted it right). So then the riding begins. Some of the riders that I can think of, from the top of my head are Dave Mirra, Brian Castillo (he rules), Ryan Nyquist, Gonz, Ryan Sher, Adam Banton, Taj Mihelich, and others. This section was pretty good and slightly better than the mixed section. I give it an 8/10.
Next up, “Turbulence”. This was possibly my favorite section in the whole video, but probably not (Ha, that doesn’t make too much sense). This had some great music, and great riding too. Some of the riders were – Jason Enns, Gonz, Corey Martinez, Seth Kimbrough, Ryan Jordan, Adam Banton, and Josh Heino. It was pretty damn good; I like it, a lot. Plenty of good riding, and swell music. You can’t get much better than that, 9.5/10. The only thing missing was some Bob Scerbo action, haha.
Edwin De La Rosa interview/section was up next. The interview wasn’t much, considering it took me about a whole week to decipher Edwins lisping mumble, and that was not easy. He had some good things to say, but who doesn’t. Now on to Edwins riding, he did some pretty good stuff, but his section was too short. Though he did do some pretty crazy stuff. Here are some of the stuff that caught my eye – Feeble grind up a ledge to bar spin, then ride over to another ledge and smith grinds down it; He feeble grinds down the same ledge and does a hard 180 out; Edwin also does a feeble grind to HARD 180 BARSPIN out… which made me say “what the fuck” pretty loud.
Now comes the worst part in the whole video. I’m still not sure if it’s the fact, that I have the Ride BMX “Parts” video, so I have already seen it all, or its the horrible music… probably both. Anyways, this section isn’t random, each rider has there own mini part (about 5 clips each). Not all the riders got to have there sections in this though, here are the ones that weren’t included in this one were – Ben Snowden, Austin Coleman, and Matt Coplon (THANK GOD!). The first song is rap, which I either fast forward through or put it on mute and watch it. It consists of Van Homan, George Dossantos, Josh Harrington, Jim Cielencki, Ty Stuyvesant, Aaron Bostrom, Brandon Pundai (Punjab) and Chris Doyle. The first part is definitely the worst part. Next up are Bob Scerbo and Rob Darden, they share the same song, which is still bad, but not as worse as the rap song. This time the music is some guy screaming like a fruit, which is SLIGHTLY better than the “G dogg rythms.” Bob showed whats up, as usual, and doing some pretty sweet stuff. Rob Darden does the same and shows you that if he couldn’t tailwhip, he couldn’t have a part, ha just kidding, his part is great. Overall, I give it a 6/10. Riding was good, but the music…
Then out of no where, Glenn PP Mulligan starts talking about Ride BMX “Parts” and telling you how it was the “crazy one” and how there wasn’t enough filmers at the time, and what they did is what they call “bro cam” footage (That sure was an over running sentence). Basically, he ends up concluding that he feels sorry for Austin Coleman that he got a crappy part in “Parts” and had to show us how good he really was. Well, before, I didn’t think too much of him, but now, I respect him more. With some weird yet good music, Austin ripped mainly park and some occasional street. You don’t see truckdrivers on a spine to manual to 180, too often, now do you? Yeah well, he does that and more. Overall, I give it a swell 9/10. It was good, but I wish it had more street in it. So far, so good.
Up next – Ride BMX “In the Life”. Nothing out of this world in this section, but it was really good. With great music and riders, it’s a splendid 5 or so minutes of my time. Some of the riders were, Will Taubin, Biz, Ryan O Connell, Adam Banton, and others. Not much can be said, considering I have forgotten a lot by now since my finger feel broken from typing and my brain just doesn’t feel like working anymore. Good section, 9/10. Out of the 4 videos, this was either the best or second best of them.
Now for my favorite part… the Animal Warehouse. It’s amazing what you can do with junky ramps and a good vibe. It reminds me of my own warehouse (hahaha, the JR Warehouse, as we call it). All the riders shred and it’s awesome to watch. I am going to try to name almost all of the riders, there were a lot – George Dossantos, Edwin De La Rosa, Vinnie Sammon, Bob Scerbo, Butcher, Rich Andreau, Sean Curran, Tyrone Williams, Ralph Sinisi, Brian Tunney, Ron Wilkerson, Corey Martinez, and Brian Wizmerski. There is tons more, but that is all I can think of. All the tricks are either done on a wedge to sub box, or a 3 (I think) feet quarterpipe, or a weird quarterpipe/wallride thing. Some of the good tricks that went down were- Corey Martinez – 540 tiretap to icepick to abubaca to fakie (clean), Wiz – transfer icepick stall, to hard 270 fakie out. I forget whom – tailwhip transfer. I give this section a 9.69 out of 10, because the section rules and I am partly perverted, so the 69 had to be in it, heh.
Wreck sections, can’t live without them, this was quite possible the best wreck section yet. There were tons of wrecks, and good ones at that. Some of the best wrecks were- Some guy trying a back flip off of a roof, Bob Scerbos manual to attempted rail hop gone wrong (he jumped over the rail, the bike didn’t, get it?), Josh Heino trying a rail and did a front flip and landed on his back. Ryan Sher (not KP) tried a sprocket stall and ended up dropping a story size and hits a soda machine, and some guy totally face plants on hitting a spine. 10/10 for the wreck section
Another mixed section! If you are thinking, wow, there are a lot of mixed sections, well, you are right. This one is the best out of them all though. It consists of riders like DMC, Ryan O Connell, Grimaldo Duran, Bob Scerbo (he’s god), and Dave Cabrera. It was really good and had tons of good street riding. Look out for Dave Cabrera, it’s the first time I saw him, and he kills street. 9/10, its all good.
Finally, the last part, the tour. The riders in the tour, were, Stephen Lilly (sp?), Dave Dilleward, Josh Harrington, Rob Darden, and Ryan Nyquist. It should have just been Josh Harrington and Rob Darden, since it seemed like they were the only ones to do anything really. They went to about 5 spots I would say. Off of the top of my head, I know they went to Woodward East, Chenga 2, and The Flow. Josh killed everything, usually an icepick and or a barspin was in his trick though, but it was still insane. Rob Darden proved once again, he can tailwhip anything and everything. The other guys weren’t shown a whole lot, but did some good stuff. Ryan Nyquist showed us how to ruin a decent trick (rocket airs), but he did do some pretty good stuff too. Overall I give it a, 9.5/10. The music was really good, and so was the riding. So in conclusion to the whole video… buy it and make long boring reviews, like me.

Olivier Tourrel, www.agoride.com, juin 2003: Au sommaire, les meilleurs images des précédentes vidéos de RIDE BMX ("Industry", "Turbulence", "Parts", et "In the life"), plus des images nouvelles: road-trip sur la côte Est des States avec: Rob Darden, Josh Harrington, Ryan Nyquist, Stephen Lilly et Dave Dillewaard , l'Animal warehouse, sections spéciales Austin Coleman, et Edwin Delarosa, et la promo de la prochaine vidéo de RIDE: Digital Interference (qui promet d'ailleurs...).
Best tricks: Downside peg-grinds sur sub-box de Josh Harrington, truck-driver to manual sur spine de Austin Coleman (!!), Double tailwhip de Rob Darden et 360 lookback to barspin de Ryan Nyquist sur funbox, handplant x-up sur spine de Pill, Backward manual to barspin de Ratboy, nollie to wall to barspin de Ryan Jordan, Crooked grind sur gros handrail de Dave Cabrera, Tailwhip to fufanu dans un bowl-médium en béton de dave Dilleward (!!)....
Mon avis: Franchement, j'étais sceptique avant de glisser le disque dans mon lecteur, du genre: "Ppfffff.. encore une vidéo comme toutes les autres !". mais au final: REINCARNATION est LA vidéo indispensable ! C'est une "boutique de tricks" ! A part peut-être 2 ou 3 (au moins...), toutes les figures de la terre sont exécutées dans cette vidéo ! On n'imagine pas à quel point Rob Darden, et Josh Harrington, sont bons, et polyvalents !! le roadtrip est à voir absolument ! Edwin Delarosa avec son style de skater est super beau à voir dans NYC. Quand à Austin Coleman , il déchire en park, en street, en mini.. Tech en plus ! On a l'occasion de voir un peu Dave Mirra aussi, ça fait toujours du bien (un taptail en haut d'une échelle de 2m posée en haut de sa vert' !!). Chez, "Animal", les modules ne sont pas nombreux, et pas très rassurants à première vue, mais y'a qu'a voir Cory Martinez en 540 taptail to icepick to abubaca to fackie.. wow !! Personne n'a l'air de "chipotter", et il y a du technique ! Les vidéos RIDE sont bien faites, et un point positif, est que l'on voit un rider au moins 30 secondes d'affilées.. à l'inverse des PROPS. Le montage ne vaut pas une FLAVA, mais c'est plus que correct, sans parler de la musique qui est top ! Beaucoup d'Indie tranquille, et un peu de Hip Hop, et de Punk. Pour conclure, si il en a qu'une, ça doit être celle-là !
ride bmx us reincarnation
Mexican John, www.streetphire.co.uk, january 2004: Digital interface is the most recent vid form Ride BMX USa and it is quite different from their recent offerings. Glenn pp Milligan has tried a different approach with this vid and has used alot of tech editing touches to make this vid stand out similar to some skate vids. I think that this is quite refreshing from the usual black title then punk rock/emo anthem to follow although it does go over the top at times with the effects. The riding is super good and up to date with sections form Colin Mackay, Butcher, Kevin Porter and Jason Enns. All of those sections are excellent with good music (Butcher has a killer hip hop track produced by Will Taubin). The vid also has a really good film section with some ggo footage, the Aspire road trip and the Vans road trip that was in Ride BMX USa not long ago. I was really impressed with this vid because the riding is dope and alot of effort has been put in to make it different.

FProTown, www.bmx-test.com, november 2003: I am going to start this off by saying I love KP. And this video just helps to strengthen my love for his riding. Now on with the review. I pre-ordered this video from Danscomp (I hate them but they have a good selection of videos), and to my suprise it showed up a week earlier than they told me to expect it. I took it upstairs and plugged it into the DVD player. The first thing you'll notice in this video is the intro; its pretty funny. And it proves that Glenn Mulligan is a bad ass (plus its at the civic center banks).
Colin Mckay's part is pretty good. He does some pretty cool stuff but he has a strange style, so I'm not really too sure about how I feel about it. Next, the ASPIRE road trip. MY GOD! this is some of the most insane tech - it is riding yet to be seen. Josh Nendza (something like that...) is effing amazing, KP and Dirty Dan also kick in some crazy junk too. But the banger for that section is quite interesting (I had to rewind and play it in slow motion about 10 times to figure it out).
Next, Butcher... I hate Butcher's style so I don't really like his part, plus the music sucks ass (Will Taubin beatz...). Then comes the random mix sections, they're both pretty good and have some decent riding in them. The only bad thing is; in the second mix section, they don't put the names of the riders there, so unless they are particularly recognizable, you have no idea who they are.
Ahh, the Vans road trip... Ali Whitton is a bad ass mofo. That guy does some amazing stuff here, and add that to the always amazing riding of Gary Young and Mikey Aitken and you've got a great section.
KP! His section is effing awesome. He does some crazy ass tech pegless business that has to be seen to believe, and some burly crap too.
The last part is Jason Enns. He looks like a grizzly bear. And he rides like a Canadian, so his part is pretty good too. The credits have some pretty funny shit in them too.
Overall, I give this video a 9/10. Some of the parts could have been a bit longer, then no one would complain. This video leaves you thinking, like, wait is it over already... yeah so go buy this video or die!

Glen P.P. Milligan, march 2006: This video was made a few years ago, but I was always real happy with the way the intro turned out. The music is from the group cursive.
quicrete, www.bmx-test.com, november 2004: This review is for the long awaited DVD from Ride called "Drop the Hammer." It's presented as a video featuring full sections from Ryan Nyquist, Corey Martinez, Gary Young, and Morgan Wade. There is also is a full section from a new rider named Jonah Lidberg, and a section dedicated to the Animal Bikes Roadtrip. Also the Intro and credits are parts to be seen in themselves. So here's my overview
First obviously is the Intro. This features riders from Dave Osato to the yet-undiscovered local. It's ridiculous. From the moment I saw a guy do a rail ride to tailwhip off I knew that this video would be something. Intro gets a 9/10.
Next is the Animal Roadtrip and I'll be honest, I don't really know why it's called a roadtrip, its basically the same street spots. However they do stop and ride a a few skateparks! Yes, this could be the first footage of the Animal team at an indoor park. This section is pretty much what you expect when you think of Animal, lots of tech peg tricks, grinds, ledges, etc. Also Bob and George hasve some pretty funny freestyle parts. Other than that nothing special. 7/10.
Next is Jonah Lidberg. This section is very original in that there is no cameraman. Yup he sets up the camera and rides by himself. Which I think makes the part that much cooler, because I find it harder to get motivated when I ride alone, but he gets things done. His riding style is very original as well, I'd describe him as an Edwin Delarosa with his tech street and huge rail hops and icepicks, with a slice of Dave Osato with his hang fives and bunnyhop tailwhips. I think this guy will get a lot more coverage very soon 9/10.
Gary Young. Words cannot explain how much I loved this part. I'm going to make a bold statement here and say it's the best video part I've seen since Corey Martinez in Wide Awake Nightmare and the entire Can I Eat? video. We all know what a triple threat he is on street, dirt, and park and this part proves it. He goes huge on all three. His park sections are amazing because he seems to go mach 5 and 20 feet higher than anyone ever should. There's a good mixture of all 3 terrains. All I can say really is that his 4 minute part is worth the 20 dollars. 11/10
Corey Martinez is next, He is the main reason I bought this video, because I have yet to see something from him that hasn't left my jaw on the floor and my finge on the rewind button. This is no different. Simply amazing, there's nothing he can't do. His part features his signature gap to rails, whips, and handrails. His ending trick is amazing as well, don't worry I won't tell you what it is, but let me just say "Wow", 9.5/10.
Ryan Nyquist is next. I guess I expected Ryan's part to be mostly old contest footage and Hucking Spins, I was wrong. There is no contest footage and there is very little dirt. It's mostly park, and not just box jumps. Ryan proves in his part why he is on top of the rankings in pretty much all he does, with his huge flairs, barspins, 720 barspins, He even rides street in this part, including double pegging a quadruple kinked rail! Yes, Ryan Nyquist does do handrails. This part brings me newfound respect for Ryan and the determination, hard work, and straight up balls he displays. 8.5/10 for Ryan.
Last and certainly not least is Morgan Wade. Morgan has been getting a lot of coverage in the past few months with his bike flips and looping Mt. Baldy, both of which are featured in his part. Most of this is park and I'm not into park riding that much but overall he kills it and goes big. 8/10.
So there's my review for Drop the Hammer my final say is "Go out and get it" and support Ride becuase they support us. Thank You. Oh yeah, and the music is mostly Indie-Pop and the obvious Rap in the Animal part, and in Gary's part.

Ryan Sher, www.ridebmx.com, february 2005: Drop the Hammer is Ride's best video yet. One of my favorite sections of DTH is a self-filmed section from Jonah Lindberg, who rode and filmed by himself (via a tripod), but still puts together a well-filmed part with some amazing tricks. Gary Young starts off the riders' sections with high-speed street, ramp, and even dirt riding-watch for some serious runs from his favorite "oddly" shaped bowl. The Corey Martinez show is never ending with amazing spots and equally amazing tricks. The Nyquist lovers already know what Ryan is capable of, but with tricks like a flair on a ramp about three feet tall; his part will show you naysayers how good he really is. As For Morgan Wade: nothing can be said-you just have to watch his part for yourself and try to make sense of it all.

Intro: Teeth - Mekons
Animal Section: City Livin' - Encore
Jonah Lindberg: Wait In A Line - Now Its Overhead
Gary Young: Red Hook Day - Shabazz the Disciple
Corey Martinez: I Won't Lie Down - Spoken
Ryan Nyquist: On Eyes Closed - Sparrow
Morgan Wade: Stop Looking At Me - The Expoxies
Credits: Miserable World - The Plug Uglies


Gary Young's part.

Ryan Nyquist's part.
Starring Mike Escamilla, Danny Hickerson, Will Love, Sergio Layos, Seth Kimbrough, Bruce Crisman, Brian Kachinsky and more.

Fafa, www.databmx.com, janvier 2006: Après la monumentale Drop the Hammer, Ride sort un nouveau dvd plus orienté street pour mon grand plaisir. Le casting est top avec les mecs en forme du moment. Corey Martinez n'a pas une part complète mais c'est lui qui ouvre le bal et ça fait mal. Pas besoin de beaucoup d'images pour tout casser le Corey, il est vraiment fort: rail to bus hop, whip de furieux, feeble to over nosewheelie (voir le spot). Glenn Miligan, le réalisateur de la ride, rend hommage à Colin avec 2 riders qui dédient leur part: Mike Escamilla et Stephen Lilly. C'est le grand retour du Mike qui est déchaîné avec du grind et de la cascade, un grand moment! Stephen est un rider complet, j'adore son style, c'est super clean. Il ride partout brakeless avec facilité: ice pick to over bus. Bruce Crisman est définitivement un fackie Killer et en plus il vient de monter un freecoaster! La palme du flow et de la hauteur est remporté par Sergio, il paye des hauteurs de folie en opposite, dingue...Will Love est dans une vidéo enfin et il s'impose direct comme un client vu sa palette de trick. Il tape un condor à une hauteur phénoménale et un gap qui fait peur à Kachinski (faut le faire!). Les Black Brother Nigel et Blackman from Brooklyn sont dans la place avec du pur street à la Edwin, il y a un 180 au dessus de marches trop trop chaud. Danny Hickerson nous fait du Danny, bus et whip sont claqués comme un fouet, sans effort, c'est assez impressionnant. Après Will Love, Kurtis Elwell est le gars pas trop connu qui défonce. Son riding en street est engagé avec un 180 whip tendu, en park un seul trick nous fait comprendre qu'il se débrouille (540 hurricane bus sur un sub!). On s'éclate avec le roi du combo, Seth Kimbrough qui aime toujours les spots peu acceuillants. Il est un de mes riders préférés et il confirme son niveau avec un dernier trick de barbare, rail to fackie wall!!!!! Brian Kachinski clôt la vidéo et c'est du lourd. Pour un mec qui fait des études, il arrive à débrancher son cerveau en ridant. C'est un rail master, tooth pick grind over en monté, en descente sur des rails tendus... Holy shit comme dit Kevin Porter... Cette ride est une vidéo très correcte dans l'ensemble avec de la bonne zique dans certaines parts. Le montage est basique et certaines images ne sont pas terrible en qualité. Là, c'est le riding qui prime...
ride bmx livin in exile
When the world as you know it is suddenly reversed, you’ve entered a place called the Flipside. The 12th feature film from RideBMX, this latest installment documents the encounters of four virtually unknown but immensely talented street riders on their quest from NYC to Greenville, North Carolina, to hang with some of the best pros in the sport. The roles are then reversed when the pros visit the city to ride street. Watch as BMX street up-and-comers Nigel Sylvester, E-man, Blackman, and more hit Pro-Town, USA to ride with the likes of Dave Mirra and Josh Harrington. The four riders hang-out, golf, and learn some of the tricks of the trade from with the Miracle Man himself in one of the most unique and entertaining films ever to hit the sport. Directed by Glenn PP Milligan and sponsored by MirraCo and GT Bicycles, Flipside features some of the most progressive and talented riders in the sport including Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Dave Dillewaard, Mike Spinner, Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, E-Man and more.

www.ridebmx.com, december 2006: When the world as you know it is suddenly reversed, you’ve entered a place called the Flipside. The 12th feature film from RideBMX, this latest installment documents the encounters of four virtually unknown but immensely talented street riders on their quest from NYC to Greenville, North Carolina, to hang with some of the best pros in the sport. The roles are then reversed when the pros visit the city to ride street. Watch as BMX street up-and-comers Nigel Sylvester, E-man, Blackman, and more hit Pro-Town, USA to ride with the likes of Dave Mirra and Josh Harrington. The four riders hang-out, golf, and learn some of the tricks of the trade from with the Miracle Man himself in one of the most unique and entertaining films ever to hit the sport. Directed by Glenn PP Milligan and sponsored by MirraCo and GT Bicycles, Flipside features some of the most progressive and talented riders in the sport including Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Dave Dillewaard, Mike Spinner, Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, E-Man and more.

www.danscomp.com, march 2007: Ride BMX took Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, E-Man and other street riders on the come up and swapped them with Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Corey Bohan, Rob Darden and other pros of Greenville,NC, to test their riding abilities in foreign environments. Check out how true street riders take on the ramps of Pro Town and how X-Games riders tackle the mean streets of the big city.

Fafa, www.data-bmx.com, février 2007: Cette dernière vidéo Ride est assez originale puisque le concept est de faire rencontrer des riders au style vraiment opposé. D'un côté les streeteurs NYC (à part Eman de L.A), casquette new era, tee shirt xl et 4 pegs no brake. De l'autre, les riders pro de Greenville, full protec et envoyant du gros. La rencontre est assez sympa, surtout avec Mirra chez lui. C'est rigolo de voir les streeteurs s'essayant au bac à mousse. Ralphy se débrouille vraiment bien car il paye son front flip sur le rési. On se régale de voir Mirra rouler chez lui, c'est super impressionnant (720 nose dive). On voit pas mal d'autres riders comme Mike Spinner, Josh Harrington, David Dillewaard... la vidéo se divise en différents mix, soit street soit rampe. Les mix street mettent en jeu tous les riders les pros de greenville et les streeteux. Il y a un bon passage de Mike Laird qui envoie de la bonne cascade. Nigel Sylvester a aussi droit à sa part avec une grosse maîtrise en street, whip et bus n'ont pas de secret pour lui, il rentre même un fackie to double bus! Le mélange des genres rend cette vidéo attractive, les mix sont supers efficaces à mater! Ouai, j'oublié, en début de vidéo, Eman et Blackman s'attaquent à un méchant legde. Il est assez haut et il nécessite de faire un "hop" pour le rentrer, je vous dis pas les gamelles!
Available march 2008.
Insight - A new film from Ryan Navazio presented by TransWorld Ride BMX.
TransWorld Ride BMX is putting out another groundbreaking film. Forget the smoke and mirrors you've seen in the past from other filmmakers, Ride BMX will give you an inside look at what it takes to create a video part from start to finish. Starring Mike Brennan, Jared Washington, Davey Watson, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Dakota Roche.

www.danscomp.com: Forget the smoke and mirrors you've seen in the past from other filmmakers, Ride BMX will give you an inside look at what it takes to create a video part from start to finish. Today's best show you it's not all glamour shots with Mike Brennan, Jared Washington, Davey Watson, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco and Dakota Roche pushing the limits and taking the hits hard.

Kurt Hohberger, bmxunion.blogspot.com, april 2008: So this is how it goes in order I guess is the best way to do this.
The intro which is a lot like the trailer plus a few extra clips, the song is the same too. However, maybe I am just weird but I was super into that song and want to find more like that. Something I thought was cool is the guys in the video all talk about the different challenges with filming parts and just their perspective on things, I found that pretty interesting. So then after the intro it rolls into Dakota's part! I don't even have to tell you the kid is good, you already know this. Somebody complained on another review of mine I didn't tell what was going on tricks wise, but I don't want to give it away so I will describe the stuff a little better this time through.
He has a lot of wall ride lines, and a lot of bank to wall rides where he does some spins including a man sizes 540 out of one. There is a pretty big rail hop then immediately after he rides up a pretty straight up and down pallet.
He also does a 180 off this big ledge going about mach 10 into the street, brakeless like a champ. However, I was kind of bummed on his ender banger, it was just a ice over into a drop but I couldn't tell how big the drop was, so I was bummed on that.
Next up was Chester Blacksmith's part, this part was rough for Chester I guess, he got broken a lot filming for this including a compound fracture in his leg, they show you that crash which is badass, his wheel explodes! Some of the things I was super into was the loooong multiple kinked rail that turned a bunch, super good. He also does this double peg to over into a bank, but he beat the hell out of himself doing it! real tough dude. Remember that photo from Ride where Chester was bailing like way up in the air out of a tree?
Well, they show that, and the one where he actually lands, I am shocked he has ankles and pedals let's just put it that way.
Darryl Toccos part up next! I am going to throw this out here, this personally was my favorite part. I don't know what it was about it but I just liked it a lot. The weird thing that I am shocked I was happy about was the number of barspins he did. He litterally does a barspin in almost every clip, I usually would get bored, but the way he does barspins is super fast and does them clean as hell. Also, he had some really good tobbagons too! He does a pretty long rail to real clean tobaggon out, hot! The other was this ginormous pole jam! It had to easily be a 5 foot tall pole jam, he did multiple variations out of it and it was rad. Sorry if I seem overly excited about this part.
The friends part was cool, it was just a mix of other clips collected throughout the filming. As you can see from my notes in the picture attached, Van does a real clean rail ride to whip. Sean Burns is an animal, massive 360 down a big set! He takes himself out the first try but gets it done. Nathan Williams has some real good clips. There is a guy with a red bandana I don't know who he is, but being a pussy like I am, this makes me nervous.I feel like I am going to get stabbed or something watching this dude. Brad Simms does like a 30 stair double peg up the rail, man sized. That Eric Litchenberge dude is good, he has some sweet clips. So over all this part was really interesting! I didn't really take the time to stop the credits to get all the names but there was like 10 people in this part and it turned out to be solid.
They did a 4 way part with Mark Gralla, Jeff Kocsis, Dave Belcher, and Tom White. If you have paid attention to the web videos and stuff lately these names all sound firmilar. Some really smooth lines from Mark, the kid kills it! A lot of wall rides and nose manual tricks so I am sure if your a street dog you will be into this kid. Jeff has a few good lines, my favorite was a hop onto a block thing, to 180 gap onto another block to cab out, that is some difficult stuff! Dave has a clip where he manuals a truck beds like side, so an inch at most. He also ices up a big rail! Tom does some real cool stuff in some good spots, however his banger is a over to double peg, where if he messes up he could have falled probably 20 feet to death, RESPECT!
Jared Washington has a smile that is contagious, now that might sound gay, but seriously the dude is smiling like his whole part it is real cool. Except when he gets 13 flats trying one trick, then he ets pissed! haha Some of his good stuff includes a superman seat grab, fast barspins and whips, and a bank into ice into bank whic seemed to be a pain in the ass for him, it was good. He finishes stuff up with a smith up a rail to barspin out, real good stuff!
Mike Brennan makes me hurt. The guy kicks his own ass all the time! He makes some awesome grunts too when he falls and he is a tall dude so he takes it like a beast. His song for the part is Eye of the Tiger so you know it is awesome. If Mike reads this, stop killing yourself for real! I couldn't believe how much he got worked making this part. He has a few different spots where he does sprocket stalls to over, and well, one of which is like a 7 foot drop into a bank, I thought that was really cool. His ender trick is a massive whip into a ditch, I cannot believe he lived after his first go at it, that's all I should have to say about that. High five on riding in basketball shorts too! I want that trend to really kick up I am all for basketball shorts.
Davey Watson is good, backwards manuals down stairs, jumps big ass drops, 180's big ass drops, gets kids in park all excited watching him do some stuff. The talent he has is wild. He apparently likes to party. He seems to be a very positive grateful guy who enjoys what he's doing! He even does a man sized icepick, I think to be honest this was one of the first parts I have seen of him and I think that I want to see more of this! I laugh when I think of his ride video interview from the premiere where he talks about being drunk doing his big stuff, which makes me wonder what clips he was actually bombed in. I spy B Dubs in the background of the last clip too which is the man sized icepick I talked about.
The bonus stuff is really cool, the guys talk about all the stuff that happend throughout the making of the video and just the challenges to making a good video. I think this is cool because you see the stuff normally not seen when videos are put together. This is the part where they show Chester's crash where he snaps his leg I believe, and blows out his backwheel! That stuff gross's me out. Jared admits to "showering in that shit"...please tell me you have seen my new haircut? There is a full on crash section, a lot of it is Mike just rocking himself making the video, I am shocked he is alive and gets up and rides everyday. RESPECT. They also mention getting pistol whipped.. so I am curious what that is all about!
The filming was real solid! I think that it was cool that there wasn't a lot of fisheye shots which made life better for me. I guess I just personally dislike all the distortion from the fisheye shots but that is just me. The quality is clean too! The graphic work is clean and not overdone. There isn't a ton of moving things throwing your eyes everywhere, just simple stuff but still looks great. I felt like the editing was good too! It was well put together and there wasn't much for extras, a few slow-mo's here and there but they just made some tricks look even better. So I am a fan of that.
The Music was interesting, it had a good mix of hip hop and classic rock stuff. I think that is good because over doing it on rap kills it for me, but over doing it on other stuff can do that too. I got a good vibe from the songs esspecially Mike's song haha.
Here is a kicker I liked, the run time for the video is about 36 minutes not including the Animal promo and Ride Staff section. This is good because videos tend to drag on after a while, but this video is pretty quick and will get you excited to go ride. I think with that being said, with summer coming up quick I could see this be the "Wake up and watch, then go ride" video. Little note of the ride staff section, Fudger can ride better than you... I want to see a legit part from him sometime! The other guys on the staff also can rip it. Fat Tony impressed me. He wears a helmet for all of his clips, this is really cool because nobody else in the whole video had a helmet on and to be honest with all the brain injuries lately like Levan, it should start picking up but that is just my opinion! Don't get pissed! haha

Alex, bmxunion.blogspot.com, april 2008: Wow, where do I start with this video? Its so damn good, the showcased riders, the music selection, the editing, the trickery… Well, I guess I’ll start with this statement, Ride BMX has full regrets firing Ryan Navazio… Why you ask? Because this is the best Ride video ever produced and I don’t see something with the “Ride” name on it topping this video for a long time without the help and ability of Navaz. I could be wrong but hell that’s my opinion on that subject…
Anyways, the DVD is packaged in a clean looking case, Dakota on the front, killing it of course. That’s always a good sight to see and if you don’t like that, you can suck it. Flip the case over and you’ve got 6 really unique, talented riders, all of which do their own thing when it comes to riding. They shred way hard, pure and simple. Now open up the case and you’ll see this glorious DVD and some prime photos from the past filming trips for the making of this video… Pop that disc out, put that in your player and take notes on what you’re about to watch…
The movie opens up with an awesome montage, little tastes of all the riders and different scenes. I really like how they have a text screen at times to the words of the rider that’s speaking. It gives a good feel to the video, really legit in all ways… Dakota is the first featured rider and he gives you the rundown on what its like to film in Southern California… All of what Dakota says is true, so if you plan on filming in So Cal then you need to be prepared for long driving sessions and shutdowns. Dakota’s a real local dude and I’ve had the opportunity to watch him shred fairly often now. This video is no exception, you can basically watch Dakota shred a lot of Southern California’s most famous spots with some of the most original trickery. The song for Dakota’s part fits amazingly well and I think that’s what really makes the section. I don’t need to get down on droppin the tricks that are fired out, if you’ve seen anything from Dakota, you know how he gets down. You’ll just have to watch it for yourself, if you haven’t already. I’m just going to say that Dakota is one of my favorite riders and his section does not disappoint.
Chester Blacksmith’s section is next, a little shorter than the rest of the sections but for an obvious reason why… I’m sure a lot of people have witnessed that terrible crash on MTV or Youtube and can see why this dude is such an ape. This section has some gnarly moves but the best part about Chester is that a lot of his riding is basic stuff. He just goes higher and does it bigger than anyone else, its plain to see he’s not much for tech riding, just big ol’ beefy stuntin’. This video doesn’t show his gnarly wall ride crash to destroyed leg and I think that’s a good thing…
After that section its Darryl Tocco, I was never really a fan of Darryl Tocco until his sweet, sweet Insight section ended… I had never seen much from him but this video part opened my eyes to how much ass he kicks. He shoots smooth as butter bars into and out of everything, its ridiculous. Barspins shouldn’t be in the combos he does, but they’re definitely there and there’s lots of em. It’s another example of where the chosen song makes the video section so appealing, Darryl’s a tech master on everything he rides and he makes it all look so effortless…
A really good friends section follows and it’s got plenty of cameos and good riding from all over the place. Cameos include Van Homan, Kurt Rasmussen, Jack Maddox, Brad Simms, The German and more… I’m real stoked on Kurt’s and The German’s clips, both are local California dudes and both are way kick ass. It’s just good to see that they’re getting good coverage, they deserve it most definitely. For those of you who don’t know The German, his real name is Eric Litchenberger and he’s a good friend of mine. Eric rides no pegs and shreds rails as if he ran pegs, he also happens to tire ride everything in sight like its no problem. Germans are crazy accurate, so I’ve heard? I also happened to see a clip of Mike Hoder in there as well… Weird.
Next is a four way split between Mark Gralla, Jeff Kocsis, Dave Belcher and Tom White. I won’t lie, I don’t care too much for the split section because I only happen to enjoy Tom White in all that, I just don’t care much for the other dudes. It’s a couple of Chase D clones and Dave Belcher, with lots of Tom White doing the gnarly shit he does. There’s definitely some tech stuff within the section that’s sure to get you stoked, if you’re into it, its all street shredding too… I really like how the riders are introduced, getting pulled along side a truck or something… It’s put together real well, looks real cool and the song is real prime as well, it’s a good little section but I’m just not feeling all the riders so much…
Jared Washington follows with some real damn good shredding, I was real into this section because I was used to watching Jared in the old Animal videos. His riding was a little shakey and his bikes were always really sketchy… I hate watching a video part with a whole lot of klink-klanking bike sounds in there, dial that piece in!! I would say this was a major upgrade of what I was used to, his riding ability went way up and he seems to be riding some real dialed bikes finally. All good things to see, his grinding skill on numerous obstacles is real fun to watch and his grind combos get me stoked. The only thing that was weird to me was the beginning of the section where he’s gone through a dozen tubes trying a bump up 6 stair to curve wall to tailwhip off the stair set… It just seemed like I was going to see something real gnarly, I feel that they just built it up to much. Really good and fun to watch though!!
Mike Brennan is an animal and definitely clocks in somewhere way past 6 foot tall, he makes any bike look like a 16 inch. His riding speaks for itself, creative, gnarly and even tech at times. He has a little of everything and showcases all of that in his section. He rides to Eye of The Tiger by Survivor and rightfully so… This part put Mike Brennan on top of his game and I’m sure we’ll see lots more of him in the near future. I have no complaints on this section, it’s to damn good and if there’s anything wrong with it, it’s that he throws whips and bars down things you shouldn’t even be sessionin’. Mike Brennan kicks ass. Watch the video and see why…
Davey Watson has a section dedicated to out of hand grinds, switch, opposite and sometimes both in the same grind. He also happens to session his front and back wheel a lot, with ridiculously fast 540 cabs, real long manual lines to 180, which are also fast, footjam whippers on everything, and fakie hangfives… Davey’s section is basically tech stuff mixed with gnarly street riding, he says “Whad Up Doe” during a hanger tooth… Hoder has another clip of himself with a rail hop/gap in there as well. How many hidden clips of Hoder are there in this video anyways?? I definitely like the song but I don’t know if I like it to this section, I think they should’ve used something else. It’s the best riding I’ve seen from Davey and I really enjoy watching that dude shred. He’s got a kick ass, don’t give a shit attitude as well. Can’t beat that…
Shortly after there’s more montage stuff of the riders shredding, taking it and speaking about the filming process for Insight… There’s definitely a “my new haircut” reference after the credits… SHOWER IN THAT SHIT!! Once that’s over you get to the good stuff with the bonus goodies on the DVD… Crash section kicks ass, Brian Kachinsky wins that crash section, hangover tooth on El Toro rail to chest bash… So brutal… All sorts of bails and biffing on everything, I love watching the crash sections. Animal has a solid promo in the extras as well, some real good clips in there and its filmed and edited pretty well… Then if you’re feelin it, you can watch the ride staff shred it up a bit…
This video definitely kicks a lot of ass, if you haven’t seen this yet you need to get off your fat ass, purchase it, then sit on your fat ass again and watch it. This video gets me stoked to go out and ride every time I watch it and that’s how a video should be...

bmxmdb.com: Songs
Dakota Roche: Los Angeles - The Rosewood Thieves
Chester Blacksmith: Tourist Woman - Cass McCombs
Darryl Tocco: Incinerate - Sonic Youth
Friend Section: Weed Party - Band Of Horses
Split Part: Id Wait A Million Years - The Grass Roots
Jarred Washington: The Ownerz - Gang Starr
Mike Brennan: Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor
Davey Watson: A House Is Not A Model - Love
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