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january 1988 (1c)
Rick Allison on the cover.
1988 Kuwahara Laserlite 3000 test.
1988 CW California Blvd. test.
NBL Grand Nationals, Louisville, KY.
AFA Masters Round 4, Columbus, OH.
Special: Guinness Book of World Records
Special: Hutch HPV (Prototype)
krys dauchy dave cullinan bmx plus! 02 88 february 1988 (1)
Krys Dauchy cherrypicker and Dave Cullinan cancan on the cover
Air-Uni U2 and Robinson Pro bike tests.
AFA Masters round 5, Wayne, NJ.
NBL, War of the Stars, Lemoore, CA.
Story: Girls and BMX.
Special: How to set up a freestyle show ?
steve broderson bmx plus! 03 88 march 1988 (1c)
On the cover, Charles Townsend leads Travis Chipres at the ABA Grands, and Steve Broderson gets his first cover shot on the Redline 800PXL.
Redline 800PXL bike test.
ABA Grand Nationals and Fall Nationals.
AFA Masters finals.
ABA New York freestyle comp...
ron wilkerson bmx plus! 04 88 april 1988
Ron Wilkerson and Charles Townsend on the cover,
1988 Mongoose Decade Pro test,
1988 GT Pro Series XL-4 test,
2Hip King of Vert, Leucadia, CA.
NBL Christmas Classic, Columbus, OH.
In search of the perfect bars.
dino deluca bmx plus! 05 88 may1988 (1c)
Dino Deluca on the cover.
1988 Diamondback Hot Streak, Test
1988 Haro Group One RS1, Test
AFA Masters Series round 1, Palmetto, FL.
ABA Ozark Nationals, Pine Bluff,AK
How to improve your Freestyle ability?
How-to's: Whiplash and Backwards Bar Ride
..and much more!
dino deluca bmx plus! 06 88 june 1988
Dino Deluca on the cover again.
Hutch Trickstyler and DB Silver Streak tests.
1st ABA F1 Formula Race, Phoenix, AZ.
ABA Winter Nationals, Chandler, AZ.
ABA Freestyle Nationals, The Velodrome, Carson, CA.
The Ultimate Freestyle Bike !
The Radical Rick Story, 100th Anniversary.
eddie fiola bmx plus! 07 88 july 1988 (1c)
Eddie Fiola and the Pipeline skatepark on the cover.
Revcore Equalizer XL and Skyway Street Beat tests.
AFA Masters series round 2, Oregon.
101 Tricks part II.
Bustin' out in Brazil with Team Haro.
travis chipres bmx plus! 08 88 august 1988
On the cover is Travis Chipres.
Redline RL20II test.
The 66 hottest BMX tracks.
september 1988 (1)
Kerry Day and Tim Rogers on the cover.
MCS Magnum and Peregrine B1 XT bike tests.
NBL Woodward.
AFA Masters Austin.
2Hip King Of the Streets.
The ultimate halfpipe, Camarillo.
Ron Wilkerson, freestyler of the year.
tim fuzzy hall bmx plus! 10 88 october 1988 (1)
Tim Fuzzy Hall on the cover.
Kris Dauchy letter.
KOV round 2, Flint, Michigan.
BMX's best jumpers: Todd Lyons, Fuzzy, Chris Moeller, Rich Barlett (nothing), Dave Cullinan, ...
Tests: GT Hybrid, Air Uni/Ozone's Method-one, return of the Sting.
We've stopped publishing American Freestyler. The decision was not an easy one to make. The circumstances that prompted the move were a nationwide dip in the popularity of freestyle, and the decisions by Mike Collins (of American Freestyler) and Todd Britton (of BMX Plus!) to leave California for new ventures. American freestyler staffers Karl Rothe and Tony Donaldson have joined the Plus! staff.
ron wilkerson bmx plus! 11 88 november 1988 (1)
Ron Wilkerson flying-out in Camarillo on the cover.
Kuwahara Magician Ex and 1989 Robinson Pro bike tests.
NBL Waterford Oaks, MI.
ABA Texas.
KOV round 3, Austin, Texas.
R.L. Osborn interview.
'89 bikes: what's next ?
bobby leftwich bmx plus! 12 88 volume 11 no.12 - december 1988 (1)
Bobby Leftwich abord CW's Bone Daddy on the cover. Photo by Tony Donaldson.
KOV round 4 New York.
AFA Masters round 5, New Jersey.
50 great christmas ideas.
Parting shot: Joe Johnson tailwhip air.
Tony Donaldson, tdphoto.com, august 2005: December 1988 and January 1989 issues were my first two Plus! cover shots. And I left the magazine in August of 1989, unhappy with the way things run at Hi-Torque, especially after friend and mentor John Ker left.