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volume 3 number 1 - january 1980
First episode of Radical Rick by Damian Fulton. The series went on for 13 years and 170 episodes.
bmx plus! 02 80 february 1980
Mark Conley, www.alltheracing.com: This is one of my all time favorite BMX Plus covers. Jack Dougherty took Dave Christensen and John Sandberg, and put Minnesota on the map nationally. Had the honor of traveling to many places with these guys over the years, and learned a lot from them.
david clinton bmx plus! 03 80 march 1980 - 1$50
David Clinton on the cover.
Kashimax factory
World Championship Indianapolis.
bmx plus! 04 1980 april 1980
BMX Less! advertisement showed up in BMX PLUS! magazine with Gene Simmons of Kiss on a Redline.
JMC test.
East coast racer Greg Esser interview.
scott breithaupt bmx plus! 05 1980 may 1980 (original scans by Matt P. shared by Simon 0910 - download)
Scott Breithaupt abord his famous O.M. Flyer 26" Cruiser on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
Schwinn SX-2000 test.
World champ interview: Bobby Woods.
jeff kosmala bmx plus! 06 80 june 1980
Jeff Kosmala on the cover.
Vans factory store, Bottema/Henderson, Western states championship.
eddie king bmx plus! 07 80 july 1980 (original scans by Matt P. shared by Simon 1303 - download)
Eddie King in front of Donny Atherton on the cover.
Harry Leary interview.
How to race,
Texas National.
bmx plus! 08 1980 august 1980 (original scans by Matt P. shared by Simon 1104 - download)
Japan World Grand Prix Championship.
Grab On And the Spring Nationals.
Donny Atherton Interview.
How To Race Part VI .
Puch Trak/Pro test.
Speedway Bikes.
Araya Rim Factory.
Topanga Test (20 inch wheeled Mtn. Bike)
bmx plus! 09 1980 september 1980
JMC's Mark Higgins on the cover.
NBMXA Big Mama and California Cup at Corona Raceway
Pro-Tec/Skyway-ABAMidwest National at Elkhart, Indiana
Schwinn-NBMXA US Nationals at Rancho San Diego, California.
Powder Coat Factory tour
Kenny Nachman interview
Webco Curb Jumper/Mongoose Supergoose II Double Test
Tech Tips: Coaster Brake.
october 1980 october 1980
Hot Inc. mounted Tim Judge at the Boystown (Miami) BMX track on the cover.
Publisher's Column: Jim Stevens talks about how much better his mag is than everyone elses.
Skyway Spring Nationals at Watsonville
NBMXA East Coast Supernationals at Nashville, Tennessee
Australian Grand Nationals
SE Racing/Mr. Pibb/ Super Jump War of the Stars III in Miami.
John Crews Interview
Product Analysis: Robinson Frames and Handlebars)
november 1980 november 1980
The richest weekend.
Redline MX II.
LittleJohn 26" racer.
mark driscoll john piant bmx plus! 12 1980 volume 3 number 12 - december 1980
Mark Driscoll and John Piant on the cover.
Rick Moliterno, www.facebook.com, february 2014: Mark Driscoll. I believe he was the first factory rider/ bad ass pro from Iowa. World Champion. Number 21 for Schwinn. He was the guy we all had to measure against to turn pro. BAD ASS!

The Great Race at Itasca, Illinois
Schwinn/NBL Grand Nationals (WOS III finale) at Evansville, IN
Torker/ABA Great Lakes National at Lansing, Michigan
ABA/Cook Brothers' Classic at Irvine, California
Kathy Shackel Profile
Toby Henderson Poster
DG Rooster Test
A $3210 Bike (ABA contingency program)
Mongoose Kos Kruiser Test.