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eddie fiola bmx plus! 01 89 january 1989 (1)
Eddie Fiola dive-bombing a cancan aboard the Boss bike on the cover. Photo by Tony Donaldson.
Boss Competition Freestyler and 1989 GT Pro Series Team Model bike tests.
1988 AFA Masters series round 6, Ohio.
NBL Grand Nationals.
Hang nothing how to.
Greg Hill, chattin' with the champ.
How to get started in freestyle ?
BMX then and now, flahbacks of yesteryear.
harry leary bmx plus! 02 89 february 1989 (1)
Harry Leary on the cover.
Diamond Back Assault and Schwinn Predator Freeform Mag bike tests.
Rob Sigaty letter.
AFA Masters round 7.
ABA Gold cup Chandler.
Freestyle vs Skateboarding.
brian hernandez bmx plus! 03 89 march 1989
Brian Hernandez on the cover.
AFA Masters finals.
Dennis McCoy interview.
Mountain Bikes vs BMX.
ron wilkerson nothing bmx plus! 04 89 april 1989
Ron Wilkerson nothing on the cover.
Team GT.
Dictionary of Freestyle Tricks.
greg hill bmx plus! 05 89 may 1989
Greg Hill on the cover.
BMX trivia test.
Double jumps.
Rate yourself against the pros.
My first race.
Team Dyno.
'89 accessory buyer's guide.
Dictionary of Freestyle Tricks part 2.
King Of Vert finals in Irvine.
Haro Master test.
ABA Ozark Nationals.
pete kearney bmx plus! 06 89 volume 12 no.6 - june 1989
Pete Kearney on the cover.
Tests: GT Aggressor and MCS Pro XLX.
ABA Winternationals.
Racer of the year.
Terry Tenette interview.
Inside Diamond Back.
Dictionary of Freestyle Tricks part 3.
Mike King's bike.
How to true your wheels.
Freestyle BMX UK, july 1989: John Ker, the guy who has been running things since day one, has left to follow other projects. Associate editor Karl Rothe takes his place.
billy griggs bmx plus! 07 89 july 1989
Billy Griggs, Dave Voelker, Mike Miranda and Woody Itson on the cover.
King Of Vert Canada.
Inside team Haro.
Rick Moliterno's bike.
bmx plus! 08 89 august 1989 (1)
Mike Ellis, Mike King, Billy Griggs, Matt Hadan and Travis Chipres on the cover.
Mail bag: Marc Soldat.
ABA Lemore.
2-Hip Meet The Street in La Jolla.
Low-budget racers bike tests.
Ron Wilkerson freestyler of the year.
Setting up your bike for streetstyle.
Greg Hill's bike.
Pipe dreams and cement scenes with Kevin Jones riding a full pipe.
Progression: No-footer by Dave Cullinan, Abubaca by Ron Wilkerson, Dump truck by Kevin Jones and Peanut butter (no-handed disaster) by Ron Wilkerson.
mike miranda galen starlin bmx plus! 09 89 september 1989 (1)
Mike Miranda over Galen Starlin on the cover. Photo by Chris Hultner.
AFA Texas.
Hutch Windstyler test.
jay miron bmx plus! 10 89 october 1989
Jay Miron on the cover.
Invisible halfpipe.
AFA Masters round 2.
derek surrey dmc bmx plus! 11 89 november 1989
Flame Acutt, Derek Surrey and Dennis McCoy on the cover.
KOV Colorado.
bmx plus! 12 89 december 1989
GT Aggressor in the cover.
AFA Masters round 3.
Australian IBMXF Worlds.
Brazilian FIAC Worlds.
GT Pro Series XXL and Mongoose Expert comp tests.