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raul ruiz bmx plus! 01 2009 january 2009 (1)
Raul Ruiz getting busy on the cover. Photo: Jeremy Pavia.
Vote for Riders of the Year!
Sneak Peeks from Interbike, the biggest BMX tradeshow all year.
HUGE Freestyle Buyer's Guide.
Dew Tour Salt Lake City.
NBL GRANDS Coverage.
Inside Chad Kagy's Bike.
FBM Marauder and Mirraco Icon Moto Bike tests.
and more!!!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2008: Once a year BMX Plus! brings out the Buyer's Guide. If you are looking for a new ride and have not made up your mind yet on what to get, spend 5 bucks on this issue. It's got 250 bikes and frames listed with spec, pricing, contact info etc. It doesn't get much easier to see the bikes side by side and it's a lot quicker than sending $3 to every company for the 2009 product catalog. Next to all this bike info the January 09 issue also has an Interbike report (with fresh new 2009 products), 2009 Mirraco Icon Moto bike test, and also an FBM brakeless bike test. Events that were visited were the AST Dew Tour and the NBL Grands. Chad Kagy gets a bike check, Ricardo Laguna shows you 5 beginner dirtjump tricks and Australia's Cam Pianta receives a little Bio type of thing. Hiro gets the contents spread and Raul Ruiz is one stoked mofo as he gets the cover of Plus! doing a big rail. It is time to vote for the best dirt jumper, racer and freestyle rider of the year and you can win a DiamondBack Accomplish by doing so.
chad kagy bmx plus! 02 2009 february 2009 (1)
Chad Kagy on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
FACES with Andrew Jackson
Mega Tour with Team QBP
Inside the Pro's Bikes with Mike Day and Jill Kintner
Full Race Bike Buyer's Guide
ABA Disney Nationals
3 Bike tests
2HIP Meet the Street
...and More!!!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, december 2008: BMX Plus! is the longest running monthly BMX magazine around. The February issue has Chad Kagy on the cover doing an x-upped version of his seatgrab nacnac at a contest that should not be called the World Championships. Anyway, back to the content of the latest issue:
-The HARO team edition race bike gets tested as well as the MCS Spider Jr and the Mankind Forward.
-Events covered in this issue are the ABA Disney Nats, the AST Dew Tour finals, the Macneil inaugural ERA Race in Canada and the 2Hip Meet The Street jam in SF.
-Further features are about the Props Mega Tour, an interview with Andrew Jackson, a full on 2009 racer buyer's guide, a Moving Pictures photo section, and an inspection on the GT bikes of Olympic racers Jill Kintner and Mike Day.
They're not afraid to give tips over at BMX Plus so go to the TECH TIP pages, the Nostalgia section to learn some history or you can even ask the BMXperts what's on your mind.
Cover price: $ 4.99
chris gerber bmx plus! 03 2009 march 2009 (1)
Chris Gerber classic superman on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
Huge Photo Special..
LG Action Sports Finals!
Red Bull Contest East Coast Style
Big Upsets at the ABA Grands!!
Two hot bike tests from Redline and Stolen!
Catfish's Speaks!
On the Move Bunnyhop whips!
On the Move 5 Rail tricks!
Hot New Products
and more!!!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2009: There ain't no stopping BMX Plus! The new issue arrived earlier this week and it's got Chris Gerber on the cover, or is it superman? The main articles are about the LG Action Sports Final, the Red Bull Trick or Treat and the ABA Grands. Bikes tested come from Stolen and Redline. No, it's not a stolen Redline they tested. The regulars, like the Inside Scoop news, Ask the BMXperts, Mail Bag, Product page, Parting Shot etc. fill up the 100 page magazine. Newly added is a page called the Showcase Funnies which has funny photos or photos with funny comments. It's nice to see some fun in BMX. The March issue has a big Photos Special and also a How-To on winning the battle with rust. NIKE's 6.0 Banksgiving Jam gets a few pages and there's a Whopper how-to. No, they're not inside a Burger King but a bunnyhop tailwhip got called a Whopper almost ten years ago (Andrew Faris? or was it Billy Nitshky who named it that?). There's a bike check on Ryan Nyquist's bike, Tech Tips and a full on Trail Buyer's guide. Clint Millar's bike got inspected too, there's a Bio sort of thing on Kurt Yeager, and they show 5 ways of grinding down a rail. You get the idea. BMX Plus! has another packed issue out. On display at the retailer until February 26th.
jon peacy bmx plus! 04 2009 april 2009 (1)
Jon Peacy carves a tight tranny on the cover. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
Video reviews: Nike Writing on the wall and S&M I Wanna Live.
Inside the mind of Zack "Catfish" Yankush.
On the spot with Matthias Dandois.
Premium Duo and Specialized Fuse 3 bike tests.
On the move special: Wallride and Wallride to 270 with Alfredo Mancuso, Can Jam with Connor Lodes, Nose manual with Ryan Russell, Time Machine with Max Roth, Bunnyhop Barspin with Kelly Bolton, Manual to 180 with Manuel Cantero, Truckdriver and Tailwhip air with Ben Snowden and Hangover toothpick grind on ledges with Anthony Flores.
Inside the pros bikes: Dave Rytell's Mirraco and Barry Nobles' Clayborn pro.
Project Roots Racer.
Long Beach flatland jam.
Tech tip: Dialing your detangler.
Benefit buyer's guide.
Lightning bolts art exhib.
Clip-more or clip-less? The truth behind your pedal power.
Restauration Nation: Get back to crankin'
Nostalgia: Dizz Hicks.
Moving pictures: Boy, Kelly Bolton, Kurtis Elwell, Dane Wild.
Product prob: KHE Anchor bars, McNeil Slipless pedals, Poc helmet.
Showcase funny.
Parting shot: Zac Costa.

thecomeupbmx.net, february 2009: Putting Jon Peacy on the cover of your magazine is without question, awesome. For two reasons; first, Peacy is a legend and one of the best street riders ever. Second, he has no big name sponsors I can think of, so you know it’s not one of those “we put _____ on the cover because his sponsor spends 10 billion dollars on ads every year” things. On the other hand, no offense but this is one of the ugliest magazine covers I’ve ever seen.
hoang tran bmx plus! 05 2009 may 2009 (1)
Hoang Tran on the cover of the new issue, along with a full interview inside.
Catfish and his monthly column
On the Spot with Dirt Legend Brian Foster.
Riders of the Year (see who won).
10 page interview with Subrosa Pro Hoang Tran.
Inside the Pros bikes with John Heaton and Khalen Young.
Kink Frame Test and Volume Bike Test
Rick Thorne's Jam.
ABA Silver Dollar Nationals.

Cody York, espn.go.com, march 2009: The latest issue of BMX Plus! just dropped and Jeremy Pavia sent over the cover and contents earlier today. Hoang Tran is gracing the cover with a wild looking nac nac air or whatever you want to call it. The issue looks pretty cool, I personally like Catfish's new column in the latest issue and look forward to reading this month's. Plus! can be found at Border's, Barnes and Noble and even CVS's and stores like that. Be sure to pick up a copy or subscribe at www.bmxplusmag.com.
john purse bmx plus! 06 2009 june 2009 (1)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, april 2009: When I picked up the June issue of BMX Plus! I was stoked to see a Dutch rider on the cover. I thought it was Robert de Wilde on his orange Redline and TLD gear but the plate didn't say 77. I looked a little closer to see who else of the "orange crush" team it was but it was neither one of them. Maybe you had the same experience (probably not) but it is in fact John Purse riding that organge bike in the gear that the Dutch National team wore at the 2008 Olympic Games in China. It would probably have been the first Plus! cover with a Dutch rider on it. Maybe one day....

What does this issue have?
-2 bike tests: One Norco (ey) and the Hoffman Scarab IL
-2 events: ABA Socal Nationals and the Red Bull Fight with Flight.
-2 bike checks: Kris Fox and Adam Banton
-Footjam whip to fakie how-to
-Nostalgia: Martin Aparijo
-BIO: Chris Gille
-Rail tricks with Tony Neyer
-Old School: Strike Zone part 2 and buyer's guide
-Tech Tip: How to fix up a garage sale bike
-3 Moving pictures
and some new product info.
cameron wood bmx plus! 07 2009 july 2009 (1)
Cam Woodon the cover. Photo by Shad Hopkins.
Premium Frame Test.
DK Aura Bike Test.
Full-Length Josh Betley Interview.
Tricks and Tips for Summer.
Inside the fastest bike on the planet.
LA Street Swarm.
ABA/UCI Winter Nationals.
lucas porzio bmx plus! 08 2009 august 2009 (1)
Lucas Porzio 360 table on the cover. Photo: Ben Crockett.
www.bmxplusmag.com, june 2009: This issue is packed full of good stuff that will surely give you your BMX fix for the month.
2009 T-Shirt Buyers Guide
Full-Length Interview with Mongoose shredder Miles Rogoish.
S&M Randy Brown Complete test.
MCS Cruiser test.
U.S National Championships.
Old School Reunion.
Extreme Thing.
Photos for you to rip out and cover your walls with and more!
Don't miss out on this extended issue!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2009: Let's see how international this issue of BMX Plus! is. Why? for the heck of it. The Inside Scoop has a photo of Australian Steve McCann riding an FBM frame and a pic of UK's Harry Main chilling on his Mirraco. Canadian Wade Lajlar has a bum ankle so a good score on page 12. Khalen Young gets a pickie on the next page. Plus tracked down Daniel Dhers (Venezuela) for a 2-page interview. England's Ashley Charles gets a double page spread with a How-To. Harry Main gets a double page spread from the JomoPro comp. South Americans Javier Colombo and Cristian Becerine get a photo from the USA Cycling National Championships. So do Jelle van Gorkum (NL) and Sam Willoughby. Bohan (AUS) sneaks in with a photo on the "Showcase funnies" page making this a respectable international issue.
chris o'donnell bmx plus! 09 2009 september 2009 (1)
Chris O'Donnell on the cover. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
On the Spot with Luke Parslow.
Frame and Complete bike tests with Maneil, Intense and Free Agent.
First Body Varial on dirt.
NBL All American Nationals.
ASA Box Jump Triples.
Keepin' Dirt Alive Dirt comp.
Learn some new tricks with Pro Tips!
Inside the Pros Bikes with Mutiny rider Mat Roe.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2009: Month after month, year after year, BMX Plus! has served the BMX community with coverage for a long time. Australian Chris O'Donnell scores the cover. It's always good to see an international rider make the cover of an American magazine. But again, the content list is long. The Inside Scoop shows you the latest news and who's B-day it is in September. They go over two old issues (one ten years old, one 5 years old) and bring you a few DVD reviews. Letters get answered without the people who write in getting cut to pieces. Catfish gives you four games to play while on the road. You know you'll have good times when Catfish is around and playing these games will get you on the way to have just as much fun. A double page spread with Luke Parslow tells you his story about getting to the USA and trying to stay there. BMX PLUS! brings How-to's. This time the Downside Footplant and a 540 on a wedge. Bikes that got tested were the Free Agent Hellcat and the Intense Clutch. The ASA Big Air Triples get a positive report, Coco gets the poster, and the Tech Tip is about V-Brakes that will only be good for you if you are a BMX racer. Da Compound had an '80-s style dirt comp and BMX Plus! gives them 8 pages in Da Sept issue. Matt Roe is a pro rider for Mutiny and his bike receives a full inspection. I wasn't aware of MacNeil making a cro-mo BMX race frame but it got tested in this issue and looks interesting. I always loved my Cr-mo Powerlite P-61 and the Moto plays in the same field. 5 pages were spent on staying fit, and it's not about the upcoming FIT Bike Co video. Moving pics this month come from Dave Mahoney, Biz, and Daniel Yanez. The Nomura racing bike gets restored, some products were reviewed, they filled a page with Showcase Funnies and the parting Shot was with Chris Hughes. 100 pages of BMX for a fiver, that's 5 cents per page. In stores now.
mike spinner bmx plus! 10 2009 october 2009 (1)
Mike Spinner on the cover. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
2010 Sneak Peeks!
Speed Secrets with Mike Day.
Full coverage of Nyquist's Warriors of Wood comp and Nasty's Dirt Jam.
Woodward AM Jam.
ABA/UCI Midwest Nats.
2010 KINK Apex Test.
GT Power Series XL Test.
Learn 360's on quarters
Old School BMX Reunion.
How to build better wheels.
On the Spot with Troy Merkle.
and more!!!
mike escamilla rooftop bmx plus! 11 2009 november 2009 (1)
Mike Escamilla on the cover. Photo by Jeremy Pavia. Exclusive Gatefold (folds into a spread) featuring Rooftop as well as Dennis Enarson.
Woodward Photo Feature.
First Tests with Haro, S&M and FBM.
Pro-Spective... one question, many answers from your favorite pros.
ASA Big Air Triples.
Nike Beach Bash.
Chance to win a custom one-off frame and matching Vans shoes,
More, more and more...
mike saavedra bmx plus! 12 2009 december 2009
In California, if things aren’t burning down, they’re getting plowed. Mike Saavedra, final session nothing on the cover. Photo: Crockett.
Dew Tour Portland, an inside look at the contest.
Voodoo Jam.
X Games 15.
On the Spot with Nasty
On the move lucky to toothpick.
Prosepective- pro trail talk.
Inside Brian Hunts DK.
Parts kit Buyer's Guide.
Past and Present.
and much, much more!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2009: It's funny how FATBMX shows you the cover of an American magazine before they have it on their own site. Actually, I was just checking to see if they had a contents list available that I could grab but there was not. So here we go with the features of the December issue of BMX Plus!
-Catfish goes fishing, or something like that.
-Nasty is always entertaining. Find him on page 20 On The Spot.
-John Bethers gets an old photo of a well pushed peg grab/seat grab.
-Get faster in one week. Article for Marc von Varel
-Brian Hunt bike check.
-BMX Plus! Rider of the year voting has started.
-The Voodoo Jam, AST Dew Tour Portland and X-Games 15 are covered in this issue.
-The Felt Pyre and Redline MX-Pert get tested.
-and furtermore they've got the usual articles like the Inside Scoop, Mailbag, Trick Stuff, Mini Mart, Tech Tips, Shop directory etc...