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bmx plus! 01 2013 volume 36 no.1 - january 2013

ON THE COVER: After hiking over ice for 20 minutes while carrying his bike, Keith King finally gets to say that he has done a decade on a glacier. Photo: Arriaga.

Premium Subway: Street performance you can afford
Diamondback Signature: This is going to be BIG

Vans Kill The Line: USA takes top honors in France
UCI Supercross Finals: Doubling up in Canada

We’ve Got Issues: Are you one of us?
On The Spot: With “Little” Larry Edgar
Pro-Spective: Preventing numb skulls
Hot Lines To Good Times: Surviving Interbike
On The Move: Icepike Grinds with Kachinsky
Tech Tip: Installing integrated headsets
2013 Freestyle Buyer’s Guide: Your one-stop shopping guide
Nostalgia: Mike Dominguez gets lofty
Alaska: The final frontier
Product Probe: Kink and Stolen take a hit
Showcase Funnies: Keeping fart jokes in fashion since 1978.
kyle bennett bmx plus! 02 2013 volume 36 no.2 - february 2013

ON THE COVER: Kyle Bennett takes to the track one last time in Rockford, Illinois. He’ll always be remembered as a legend in the sport. Photo: Crockett..

HARO BLACKOUT : Olympic-proven performance
INTENSE PHENOM: Welcome to the ultra high end

UCI/REDLINE CUP WEST FINALS: The Aussies are at it again
DEW TOUR SAN FRANCISCO: One and done for dirt and street
TEXAS TOAST: Rider runs and loads of fun
REBEL JAM: Resort living BMX style in Barcelona

WE’VE GOT ISSUES: Are you one of them?
ON THE SPOT: Ben Voyles breaks out of Idaho
PRO-SPECTIVE: Remembering KB88
HOT LINES TO GOOD TIMES: Surviving San Fran, among other things
ON THE MOVE: How to nose press with Ross Lanier
TECH TIP: Setting bar angle for the track
INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES: Mark Mulville’s Subrosa
RACE BIKE BUYER’S GUIDE: 98 ways to win in 2013
NOSTALGIA: Craig Reynolds on RR and 4130
PRODUCT PROBE: Box and Sea Sucker challenge the test force
SHOWCASE FUNNIES: If you think you can do better, you’re probably right

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2013: It's a nice guesture from the BMX PLUS! crew to give Kyle Bennett his last cover of a BMX magazine. BMX racing legend Kyle tragically died in a car accident not too long ago. May he RIP. I would like to use this space to thank Ben Crockett for putting me back on the comp list. Your envelope arrived today and I'll give the other copy to Andy Zeiss as he'd like to see that Vans rebeljam report as well. It's always nice to see a mag arrive when they've used your text or pics. Having a photo in the mag is cool too. Next to the 2012 rebeljam report, BMX Plus! covered the Texas Toast event, the Dew Tour in San Francisco and the UCI/Redline Cup West finals. The bikes that got tested are the Haro Blackout and the Intense Phenom. If these race bikes aren't what you were looking for, you can find many more in the Race Bike Buyer's Guide that starts on page 62 and goes till page 70. Plenty of 2013 products to choose from in there. Ben Voyles gets put on the spot and the BMXperts answer your questions. Derek Betcher's got a little write up and there's a how-to on the Nose Press trick. If you haven't noticed, BMX Plus! magazine also covers BMX racing. This month's Tech Tip shows you how to set up your bars to be faster. Mark Mulville gets a bike check and to be honest I though he was on Deluxe. Craig Reynolds makes it back in a BMX magazine on the Nostalgia page. Some parts are reviewed, some funny comments were made in the Showcase Funnies and Tom Dillon's heel clicker makes the last page of the mag (Parting Shot). 92 pages of BMX for $5 bucks. Kyle Baldock made the poster so that might be worth 5 bucks to you already.
dustin grace bmx plus! 03 2013 volume 36 no.3 - march 2013

ON THE COVER: Dustin Grice spins a 360 one-footed invert on his way to first place at the LHC Dirt Challenge. Photo: Crockett.

WETHEPEOPLE ZODIAC: Setting the bar of what a complete should be.
FIT INMAN FRAME: The Cadillac of BMX frames.

LAKE HAVASU DIRT CHALLENGE: Ricardo Laguna strikes again
USA BMX GRANDS: Who took home the titles?

WE’VE GOT ISSUES: It’s amazing we get anything done
ON THE SPOT: Drew Bezanson opens up
PRO-SPECTIVE: Time for a road trip
HOT LINES TO GOOD TIMES: Derek Betcher gets ready to pass the torch
ON THE MOVE: Jeremy Rommel on getting the holeshot
INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES: Kris Fox’s SE?Heavy Hitter
TECH TIP: We help you get fat
RIDERS OF THE YEAR: No, you didn’t win
NOSTALGIA: Better follow the rules
PRODUCT PROBE: Testing the world’s smallest bike rack
SHOWCASE FUNNIES: At least we’re entertained.
big daddy bmx plus! 04 2013 volume 36 no.4 - april 2013

ON THE COVER: Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin lets out some style in Ben's Backyard.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 2013: Pat Laughlin aka Big Daddy is a character in BMX. He's doing his own thing and doesn't care what other people say. He might have crazy ADD but there's always something going on when he is in the room. Or on the ramps. Instead of keeping things simple, he's always doing something different, like the one-handed table on the cover that we normally don't get to see him do. I wonder what this cover will do to him. For sure it won't shut him up. Congrats on the front page Pat. What else can be found in the April 2013 issue? Joey Felix gets the double spread contents page with a no-handed vader. Bike tests come from Verde's Prism and DK's team frame. The Ben Snowden compound reminds me of the POW house. A bunch of BMX-ers in one place with plenty to do. BMX Plus! checks in. The helmet review/test is a good one. Which helmet fits right? What are the good ones? 10 new helmet designs get checked. Mike Day writes a column for Plus! now. Get on it. We've all seen the Skullcandy Hawaii trip video. Plus has the photos and the inside scoop. Got 60 minutes to tune up your ride? Plus tells you how.
victor salazar toothpick bmx plus! 05 2013 volume 36 no.5 - may 2013

ON THE COVER: Victor Salazar dips a toothpick while on the Guettler tour. Photo: Arriaga

Stolen Sinner LHD
Free Agent Team Limo

Thomas Hancock Legacy Jam -Remembering Thomas one year later
The Guettler Tour -One the road to AZ with Guettler and crew

On The Spot -Catching up with Chris Brown
On The Move -Smith to nose manuals with Sean Morr
Tech Tip -Dialing in V-brakes
Inside the Pro’s Bikes. Marc Willers’ DK and Connor Fields’ Chase.
Spring Gear Guide.
Restoration Nation -Restoring Jamie Bestwick’s first bike
Product Probe -New products from 2Hip and Tiffen
Moving Pictures. Action from Stephen Cerra, Jake Ortiz, Adam Banton and much more!
 bmx plus! 06 2013 volume 36 no.6 - june 2013


Haro's carbon fiber clutch.

RedBull Roast it.

Write up on the new Skyway cruiser, and an interview with Skyway president, Ken Coster!
simon tabron bmx plus! 07 2013 volume 36 no.7 - july 2013

ON THE COVER: Simon Tabron gets yellow with a handplant on vert for this month’s “On the Move” special. Photo: Justin Kosman.

2014 SUBROSA MALUM. We’ve seen the future, and we love it
FELT SECTOR FRAME. All the speed for a lot less money

Back to Estonia with the best in BMX
The Pro Dirt Challenge finally catches a break
Chasing pro points in Florida

WE’VE GOT ISSUES. Twelve a year, to be exact
ON THE SPOT. With Tim “Fuzzy” Hall
PRO-SPECTIVE. Going sponsor-less
INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES. Jared Eberwein’s Free Agent Lodus
INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES. Zack Warden’s Hoffman Bama
ON THE MOVE SPECIAL. A trick for every trade
MOVING PICTURES. Getting tricky
NOSTALGIA. “Who’s Radder?”
SHOWCASE FUNNIES. If you’re not laughing, we need to threaten you more.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2013: The July issue of BMX Plus! just came out and features England's Simon Tabron on the cover. For one this is cool because as a foreigner getting a cover on an American BMX magazine is awesome. On top of that this is a vert cover. When is the last time you've seen a fullface on a cover also? BMX Plus! ain't scared. In this issue you can also learn how to learn handplants on a BMX bike. They're not easy, but everything can be learnt. I wrote the story about the Simple Session for the July issue so I hope you like it. Next to the comp in Tallinn, BMX Plus also covers the Extreme Thing event in Vegas and the USA BMX Gator Nationals BMX race. The Tech Tip is all about grinding something Woody Itson and Fuzzy Hall don't do all that much any more. But they'll tell you what they've been up to. Bike tests? Sure. Two this time. The Felt Sector and the Subrosa Malum were tried out and BMX Plus will give you all the pros and cons about these two new rides.
morgan wade bmx plus! 08 2013 volume 36 no.8 - august 2013





Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2013: Bling! your digital issue of BMX Plus! is ready for you. Things are different these days from the time that BMX Plus! was first made. The longest running BMX mag wasn't available online when they first started out. They didn't have a computer at Hi-Torque when the first issue was slapped together but that has all changed. Digital is the magic word. Morgan Wade gets the cover doing a rail ride but look at the list of what's inside. You might want to get yourself a copy. From the bookstand, or online.
-"Pushed too far" Which bike couldn't survive the test force?
-2013 T-Shirt buyer's guide
-Maris Strombergs is Going for Gold
-Inside Mike Day's Prototype GT. A 22" TT Speed Series
-Westbound and up. 10 days of awesome. With Morgan Wade
morgan wade bmx plus! 08 2013 volume 36 no.9 - september 2013




morgan wade bmx plus! 08 2013 volume 36 no.10 - october 2013





Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2013: BMX Racing doesn't make it on the cover of many BMX magazines. But BMX Plus! made is happen for the month of October 2013. Riley Stair takes on two HARO riders in SLC and makes it on the front page. Inside we've got plenty of articles to keep you occupied. Bike tests with Eastern's Reaper and Diamondback's Session Pro to start off with. Plus! also went to the Dew Tour and came back with a report. And that cover with Kurt Pickard and Nic Long on it was shot at the Great Salt Lake Nationals BMX race. Find the report inside. No mag without a road trip report and Plus! jumped on board with the Hart & Huntington crew. Sarah Walker's Avanti race bike gets inspected as well as Dan Foley's Premium BMX. Mike Day has a column in BMX Plus! and wrote the All Day, Every Day article. S&M's Cameron Wood gets put on the spot and we're going back in time with John Purse in the Nostalgia section. Just add the Tech Tips, Moving Pictures, Product Probe, and the Showcase Funnies and you've got yourself the October issue of the monthly mag. In the Newsstands till September 26th so hurry up if you want to get a copy for yourself. $ 4.99 is all it takes.
sergio layos bmx plus! 2013 volume 36 no.11 - november 2013

ON THE COVER: Sergio Layos lets his flow flag fly at the Van Doren Invitational. Photo: Crockett.

Pro performance under $TK: ANARCHY RIOT FRAME TEST
Core performance in a top-of-the-line build

VAN DOREN INVITATIONAL: Vans brings us back to the beach
UCI WORLDS: Who can claim they are the world’s best?

WE’VE GOT ISSUES: But BMX ain’t one
PRO-SPECTIVE: Social media and your favorite brands
ON THE SPOT: Ryan Nyquist and his 17-year sponsor
INSIDE THE PROS’ BIKES: Mike Saavedra’s Deluxe
2014 SNEAK PEEK: What to expect on the cutting edge
ON THE MOVE: Jumping tips from a lady for the ladies
TECH TIP: Rebuilding unsealed wheel bearings
GETTING WAXED: Grind wax with character
OLYMPIC TRAINING TIPS: From national coaches for all skill levels
NOSTALGIA: Woodward Camp, 1986
MOVING PICTURES: Action-packed stills
PRODUCT PROBE: Linear cables and Leatt pads
SHOWCASE FUNNIES: Turtle on over and see what’s new

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2013: Why would you buy a magazine? Because you can learn from it. BMX Plus! has always been an informative magazine with trick tips, tech tips, how to pimp your bike for a few bucks etc. If you're just starting out, you can use this sort of information and BMX Plus! gives it to you. The November issue is full of it and also has a selection of the 2014 bikes that are now making it to the dealers floor. Two of the best BMX trainers (Jamie Staff and German Medina) give you a few tips on how to progress your level. Linear brake cables get presented, lots of them. Two bikes get tested to show you if they're made for you. The FIT Aitken and Anarchy Riot got put through the test. The Tech Tip is about rebuilding unsealed hubs. I can't explain how many times we had to do that before we could afford the sealed bearings. Learn from it. Do you want to get sponsored? Mike Day tells you all about it in his monthly column. And then there are the events in the mag, the UCI World Champs in NZ and the Vans invitational at Huntongton Beach. Plus the news, the flashbacks, etc. Better than a school book if you're a BMX rider. Go get yours at bmxplusmag.com
hoang tran bmx plus! 08 2013 volume 36 no.12 - december 2013

ON THE COVER: Turndown fakie at Woodward West during Subrosa week. Photo: Crockett

BIKES:Failure Mainiac: Getting wild on Harry Main’s signature complete
Kuwahara Lachesis: Kuwahara makes their comeback in a big way

Red Bull R.Evolution: BMX racing, Red Bull-style
Mongoose Jam: Mongoose takes over Woodward East
Tabes For The Babes: Hitting the open road with Ryan Guettler and crew
X Games: Kerley and Wade dominate Los Angeles

We’ve Got Issues: At least they’re BMX-related
Pro-Spective: Is there life outside of BMX?
On The Spot: Catching up with Hoang Tran
All Day, Every Day: Revolution from the rider’s perspective
Inside The Pros’ Bikes: Chris Hughes’ body varial machine
On The Move: You’ve got to start somewhere
Trick Stuff’s Holiday Gift Guide: It only comes once a year, so may as well get what you want
Tech Tip: Making your wheels whole again
Nostalgia: Early Haro days with Ron Wilkerson.
Product Probe: Park Tool and Pelican make your life easier
Showcase Funnies: Making BMX better one smile at a time