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Editor : Karl Rothe.
chad herrington bmx plus! 01 95 volume 18 no.1 - january 1995 (scanned by pharv85 - download) (1)
Chad Herrington on the cover.
Brad Blanchard bikeflip on the page of contents.
1994 BS round 3 Oklahoma city, OK.
The most expensive bike in the world.
The 1994 NBL Grandnationals.
On the move: Gate starts.
billy au bmx plus! 02 95 february 1995 (1)
Billy Au testing the D.Wholf Pro aluminium on the cover,
How to paint your bike,
Freestyle tricks you can do in your garage,
Inside the pro's bikes: Edgar Plascencia and Alan Foster,
Sequence: John Parker Decade air on his personal box jump
gary ellis bmx plus! 03 95 march 1995 (1)
Gary Ellis on the cover.
BS finals, Hoffman Estates, IL.
Inside HB.
Sequence of Tim fuzzy Hall doing a front flip over a set of doubles.
Dave Mirra interview.
Sequence: flair by Dave Mirra.
timmy strelecki bmx plus! 04 95 april 1995 (1)
Timmy Strelecki on the cover. Lookdown by Chris Breen.
Iron Horse ARS Comp test,
Mini ramp hand book,
The ultimate Freestyle bike,
Grips and gloves,
'95 GT Vertigo test,
Gary Ellis: past and present,
Inside Keith Treanor's and Tim fuzzy Hall's bikes,
Fuzzy's jumping tips,
Todd Lyons big manual in Venice Beach.
84 pages.
mike hanner bmx plus! 05 95 may 1995 (1)
Mike Hanner on the cover.
Taj Mihelich going for a double tailwhip jump in Colombus on the page of contents.
Inside Scoop: Starlight show team (Gerard Garcia), DMC, 2Hip, S&M, Sean Peters.
1995 Powerlite freestyle frame.
Diamond Back Reactor.
NBL Christamas classic, Colombus.
ABA WinterNationals, Reno, Nevada.
1995 team rosters.
Street survival guide.
Freestyle dictionary.
Ian Morris 180 to backward handrail.
bmx plus! 06 95 june 1995 (1)
Tim Fuzzy Hall one-handed crossbar-grab cancan on the cover.
Rob Nolli busts a flip over a spine on the page of contents.
Inside scoop: Primo flatland frame prototype, Rick Thorne, Dave Nourie.
Moving pictures: Fuzzy, Rob Nolli, Jay Miron, Dave Osato, DMC.
R.L Osborn's Bully Big Block bike test.
1995 BS round 1, Moreno Valley.
1995 Mongoose Solution bike test.
Safety gear buyer's guide.
How to get into BMX racing.
bmx plus! 07 95 july 1995 (1)
Brian Foster in Phoenix on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
Inside scoop: Mongoose rear-suspension frame, ...
T-shirts and hats buyer's guide.
On the move: flatland, mini ramp and vert how-to's.
ABA Winter Nationals, Phoenix, Arizona.
Paul Osicka interview.
Pro talk: How the pros keep their nerves under control.
GT aluminium XL series frameset test.
Spinning for power and speed; pictorial instruction manual.
Checking your bike's danger zones.
BMX Plus! trading cards: Fuzzy Tim Hall, Day Smith and Eric Carter.
How to prepare your bike for a battle.
Hoffman Bikes Egg test.
todd lyons bmx plus! 08 1995 pp august 1995 (1)

Todd Lyons gets a little crazy with this lake jump no-footed seat-grab gone wrong in St. Cloud, Floarida. Photo by Mark Losey.

Aaron Behnke sticks a fufanu on a spine in Melbourne, Florida on the page of contents.
Mongoose rear-suspension prototype bike test.
NBL Easter classic, Orlando, Florida.
Daredevils o'dirt jumping contest.
Bikes of the past, present and future.
1995 Dyno Slammer test.
Moving pictures: Mike Hammond, Taj Mihelich, Brian Foster, Todd Lyons, Aaron Behnke, Pat Miller, Brennan Brown.
Gary Ellis racer of the year poster.
Custom sizing your bike for free.
Cut outs: BMX trading cards with Charles Townsend, Stuart King and Mike Dominguez.
BMX and freestyle handlebar buyer's guide.
Behind the scenes at a BMX National.
Parting shot: Todd Lyons flip twist attempt.
bmx plus! 09 1995 september 1995
Bike tests: Supercross carbon fiber, Schwinn XS Pro, S&M Dirt Bike.
Flatland scene check.
How to get a co-factory sponsorship.
carl wilson bmx plus! 10 95 october 1995 (1)
Carl Wilson busts a toboggan on the cover. Sean Peters is in the flatland inset.
2Hip bikes Stout Boy test.
Big air pictorial.
kiyomi waller bmx plus! 11 1995 november 1995 (1)
Kiyomi Waller on the cover.
Inside scoop: Skyway new three-spoked mag wheel.
Mailbag: Mutt letter.
Mongoose Carbon Pro XL frame.
Flypaper: Dave Mavro.
NBL summer Nationals.
Woodward freestyle camp update.
Dia Compe 990s,
Bicycle stunts round 2.
Redline catalog.
Mysterious Flatland jam finals.
Complete braking buyer's guide.
Inside the pro's bikes: Taj Mihelich's Hoffman Bikes TAJ.
Parting shot: Jay Miron over no-footed toothpick to back over on a spine.
mat hoffman ben givens bmx plus! 12 1995 december 1995 (1)
Ben Givens schools the 18 Expert class at the NBL Easter Classic on the cover while Mat Hoffman sends a superman over a street spine.
The "table of contents" page went to Rob Nolli with a clicked turndown.
Freestyle picturial: Brian Castillo, Joey Garcia, Mark Owen, Jay Miron, Luc-E, Matt Hoffman.
1996 Haro Blammo bike test with Mike Escamilla.
World championships in Melgar.
Fly paper: Jody Donnely.
Parting shot: Mike Escamilla's backyard.