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bmx plus! 01 00 january 2000 (1)
Dirt jumping bikes on the cover.
Gravity Games, Providence, Rhode Island.
Rookie pro horror stories.
Inside the pro's bikes: Jerry Bagley's Mosh and Kevin Robinson's Hoffman bike.
Flypaper: Mike Parenti.
1999 NBL Grand Nationals.
Testing four $300-$500 dirt jumping bikes: Diamondback Mr.Lucky, Bomb proof, Huffy Star, Specialized Vegas TRX.
Interbike 2000 Dia-Tech internal rotor.
DK Dirt Circuit final.
Moving pictures: Chris Duncan, Dana Csech, Sean Emery, Adam Aloise, Marvin Loetterle, Kevin Robinson, Dave Parrick, Nate Hanson.
Parting shot: Dave Voelker.
dave voelker bmx plus! 02 00 february 2000 (1)
Dave Voelker at the Gravity Games in Providence, Rhode Island on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
On The Move: Supermans with Freddy Chulo and Toothpicks with Kenan Harkin.
Nirve Clutch, Kona Mama and Dyno Bazooka bike test.
Flypaper: Fuzzy Hall.
MTV Sports and Music Festival 3.
10 steps to holding a contest.
How To Ride Spine Ramps.
Moving pictures: Gary Young, Aaric Dishaw, Mike Gross, Kade Gates.
Parting shot: Ronny Chalk.
allan cooke bmx plus! 03 00 march 2000 (1)
Allan Cooke superman seatgrab on the cover.
1999 ABA Grand Nationals.
Primo La Revolution Contest, Skate Street Ventura, CA.
Flypaper: Nate Hanson.
2000 Trek Vert 3, Haro Backtrail X2 and Hoffrman SD-4 bike test.
Oversized parts buyer's guide.
Rate Yourself Against the Pros.
Inside Andrew Faris' Schwinn Azrael.
On the Move: the nac-nac with Jimmy Buchans.
Moving pictures: Scott Wirch, Lucas Porzio, Mike Aitken, Byron Anderson, Jason Chapman.
Parting shot: Simon Tabron with a 900 attempt.
chad kagy bmx plus! 04 00 april 2000 (scanned by pharv85 - download)
Chad Kagy rocked the cover with an in-down at a cement park.
On The Move-Feeble to 180.
Ryan Nyquist how to's.
Five most memorable BMX moments.
Five most memorable 2Hip moments.
On The Move-Fire hydrant to elbow glide to ankle breaker.
How To Install Bar Ends.
Adam Baker closed out the issue with an insane looking suicide truck driver.
byron anderson bmx plus! 05 00 may 2000 (1)
Byron Anderson on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Mongoose Californian, Powerlite Riot and Specialized 415 Pro and Planet Earth Coma bike test.
Road trippin': a few days on Props Road Fools 5.
Dirt Jumper Of The Year; vote for your favorite.
Fly Paper: Matt Hoffman goes 15 Feet brakeless.
Inside Hoffman Bikes.
Where Are They Now: Eddie Fiola.
How To Do Feeble Grinds and Tabletops.
Moving pictures: Marvin Loetterle, Jason Pitschke, Jason Sunday.
Parting shot: Garrett Byrnes tailwhip.
john parker bmx plus! 06 2000 june 2000 (1)
John Parker on the cover.
On The Move: No Footed Cancan with Scott Wirch.
ABA and NBL update.
Skateparks in the USA.
CFB Hoffman Contest.
Fly Paper: Ruel Erickson.
Street Signs: Advice From Joe Rich.
Roostin' why ?
Inside the pros' bikes: Jason Davies' Mongoose and Scott Wirch's GT Fueler.
4 freestyle bikes under $300: GT Vertigo, Haro Revo Mag, Nirve Panic and Redline Petty Cash.
Dirt jumpers buyer's guide.
Moving pictures: Jim Burgess, Chad Kagy, Geoff Cain, Taj Mihelich, Mike Ardelean, Alan Foster.
Parting shot: Chris Duncan barspin backflip.
andre ellison bmx plus! 07 00 july 2000 (1)
Andre Ellison on the cover. Photo by Pete Demos.
Powerlite Warhawk P-40, Azonic Elixir and Airborne test.
Product probe: Odyssey 41 Thermal pro forks.
Panasonic Shockwave King Of Dirt.
How To Do Wall Taps with Bruce Crisman and Bar flip squeakers with Keith King.
Flatland how-to
Fly Paper: Dave Mirra.
ESPN B3 Series, Lake Havasu, Arizona.
The General Lee: The car and the bike.
Who's who of the new school.
The classic tricks and who did them.
Inside the pros' bikes: Robbie Morales' T1 Progression and Chris Duncan's Free Agent.
Moving pictures: Van Homan, Todd Lyons, Matt Beringer, Lucas Porzio.
Parting shot: Dave Freimuth.
heath pinter bmx plus! 08 00 august 2000 (2)
Heath Pinter lake jumping in SoCal on the cover.
UGP Roots Contest, Orlando, Florida.
Hot spots: The Big Apple's best skatepark, Mullaly.
4 dirt jumping bikes under $300: Diamondback Skin Dog, Gary Fisher Cab, Dyno XR and Hoffman George Dirt Merchant.
NBL Easter Classic.
T-Shirt Buyer's Guide.
On the move: Learn to Manual.
The 411 on contests for 2000: AFL, BS, CFB, DK Dirt circuit, Panasonic KOD, Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown, X-Games.
Lake Jumping.
Colin Winkelman jumps 12 cars.
Moving pictures: Darryl Nau, Lucas Porzio, Van Homan, Jay Miron dirt jumping, Shaw Leonard, Nathan Penonzek.
Editor: Adam Booth
Assistant editor: Ben Crockett
rob nolli bmx plus! 09 00 september 2000 (1)
Rob Nolli no footed toothpick on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Nor Cal 6, San Jose.
High School Jump Contest.
On the move: Fuzzy Hall's patented one-footed seat grab flatties.
Bicycle Stunt Federation.
What a brutal slam: the not-so-fun part of riding.
Product probe: T1 pegs.
T.J. Lavin poster.
Schwinn Automatic Trail, Mosh Pro CM and K2 DMC bike tests.
In search of the perfect handlebar.
Pounds off for summer.
NBL and ABA and clipless pedals.
Chrisophe Leveque interview.
Learn any trick.
Matt Hadan.
Moving pictures: Matt Mardesich, Rob Nolli, Alex Jumelin, Allan Cooke, Brian Foster, Steven McCann, Shaw Leonard, Justin Inman.
Parting shot: Heath Pinter.
reuel erickson bmx plus! 10 00 october 2000 (1)
Reuel Erickson blasts a superman one hander in Fuzzy Hall's backyard on the cover.
Nyquist column: Girls and bikes.
Bike tests: 2001 Specialized Vegas, Haro X-1, Trek TR-10.
Dirt Circuit, Utah.
2000 Soul Bowl.
Warped Tour
Dirt Jumper Of The Year: Ryan Nyquist.
How To Get Sponsored.
Inside the pros' bikes: Matt Hoffman's Condor and Mike Ardelean's Mosh.
Freddy Chulo poster.
How To Paint Your Bike.
On The Move: X-Up No Footer with Jerry Bagley.
Warped tour with Leigh Ramsdell and Rick Thorne.
Moving pictures: Simon O'Brien, Marvin Loetterle, Fuzzy Hall, Brian Castillo, Jimmy Buchans, Lucas Porzio, Mike Ardelean.
The roots of Radical Rick.
Parting shot: Shaw Leonard.
brian terrada bmx plus! 11 00 november 2000 (2)
Brian Terrada wallride on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Diamondback's Mr. Lucky vs GT Bump.
Trash talk.
Vans Triple Crown of BMX.
Gravity Games.
How to set up your dirt jumping bike.
Stars-N-Stripes National.
2001 buyer's guide.
CFB Finals at Woodward.
Moving pictures: Andrew Faris, Byron Anderson, Brian Terrada, Dave Mirra.
Inside the pros bikes: Chad Degroot's Haro Master and Mike Parenti's GT Fueler.
Parting shot: Van Homan pulls off a barspin to icepick on a railing over a subbox.
adam strieby bmx plus! 12 00 december 2000 (1)
Adam Strieby double seatgrab at Woodward on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Nyquist column: Having fun.
Parker column: Selling Churros.
Haro Shredder vs Mongoose Importan.
Riding without brakes.
Mike Escamilla flipping over helicopter.
Jumping on the beach: King Of Dirt round 4, Huntington beach.
Rob Darden interview.
Cell phones and BMX.
The sprocket revolution.
Inside the pro's bikes: Adam Strieby's Redline and Simon Tabron's Trek.
Chad Kagy superman seatgrab poster.
On the move: Fire hydrant to Dave Duster by Aaron Behnke and no footer to tabletop by Adam Strieby.
2000 X-Games, San Francisco, California.
The bionic man: Mat Hoffman.
A slice of heaven: Woodward, Pennsylvania.
Moving pictures: Adam Baker, Matt Pohlkamp, Chris Arriaga, Jerry Bagley, Robbie Morales.
Traveling the World by Todd Lyons.
Parting shot: Dave Freimuth lofts a top sided no footed cancan.