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terry adams bmx plus! 01 07 january 2007 (1)
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2006: The first issue of the 2007 year has a flatland photo on the cover and again it's Terry Adams. That must be two covers for him in 12 months. That's pretty big considering some people think that flatland does not exist. Steve-O Croteau takes the double page contents spread. News, gossip and rumors can be found in Inside Scoop. The Experts answer the mail before Cory Jarmen takes over for 7 pages (interview). The Felt Pyre gets tested. The Tech Tip shows how to fix a flat. Everyone should know how to fix a flat and not just drop the bike off at the bike shop. The BMX PLUS! rider of the year voting has three categories: Dirt Jumper of the year, Racer of the year and Freestyler of the year. You can vote now. Nostalgia takes you back in time with John Parker in his GT days riding the vert ramp in the GT parking lot. I probably painted that ramp with oil paint that didn't dry on one of my winter stays. Never knew that Josh Suhre was a pro but his S&M gets inspected in the Inside the Pro's bike article. Bike test: Mongoose shield. San Jose had a big weekend with the Dew tour and the UCI supercross race coming to town. Plus! reports on the events. This is also where my copy started falling apart for some reason. There were holes in it too but I couldn't find the mouse. 2-Hip's Steve-O takes you through the how-to of the Jan issue; a 540 G-turn on a bank. More flatland with the Insomniac flatland jam. Bike test; Metal's Rebel Contender. If you're looking for a 2007 bike, this is an issue that will help you make a decision. Pages and pages full of new bikes and frames. Dig in. Moving pictures is always a good part of a mag. Nice pics worth a full page or even a spread. Trick Stuff has the latest products for you and the Parting Shot was taken at the UCI SX in San Jose. The crash resulted in a separated shoulder for Jarret Kolich. No fun, let me tell you. That sums up a 100 page issue of BMX Plus! magazine.
dustin naill bmx plus! 02 07 february 2007 (1)
Dustin Naill drops a one-handed, no-footed can at the Ricardo Yardo in Las Vegas on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
Allan Cooke finishes the van stunt in the memory of Colin Winkleman.
Redline Flight bike test.
ABA Fall Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Tech tip: wheel truing.
Interbike trade show.
On the move: toboggan with Mike Gonzales.
Flypaper: Ariel Greer.
Ultimate street bike.
2007 Diamondback Reactor Pro bike test.
Javier Colombo interview.
Art Thomason interview.
2007 race bike buyer's guide.
The final stop of the Dew Tour in Orlando, Florida.
Moving pictures: Adam Banton, Coco Zurita, Mike Saavedra, ...
Parting shot with Dave Mirra no-handed 360 flip.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, january 2007: At BMX Plus! magazine you never know who is going to get the cover. Most of the time it's not the usual big name rider out there. Dustin "Radio" Naill gets the front page of the February 2007 issue doing a rad no-footed cancan indian style one-hander. Plus! can be split up in four sections: Bikes, Departments, Events and Features.
Bikes: Mike Day on Redline? Only for the Redline Flight Pro Bike test. He recently signed with GT. Steven Cisar pushes the Diamond Back Reactor to the limit in a bike test that starts on page 54.
Departments: As far as we can remember BMX plus! has had an Inside Scoop (news) section, Mailbag, Ask the BMXperts, Trick Stuff and Parting Shot. The Shop Directory gives you an idea on where to buy the mag and the Mini Mart gives those who can only afford a small advertisement a change.
Events: The finals of the Dew Tour happened a few months ago but if you want to see some good photos, Plus! has you covered.
Race fans are taken care of with a report of the ABA Fall Nationals and the Bizznizz people can view the Interbike section for the latest product if they missed the show themselves or were too busy working their own stand.
Features: 22. Allan Cooke finishes a stunt for Colin Winkelmann. 38. Win The Beard's Failure bike. 40. Tech Tip, truing wheels for dummies. 48. The Gonz and Toboggan how-to-s. Does that work? 50. Ariel Greer on Fly Paper. 52. The Ultimate street bike. Win it! 56. The UCI Wolrd Champion's SE bike. 58. BMX-ers at the NASA? Yup. 64. Buyer's guide for the racers out there. 84. Moving pics. 97 Product probe offers the Demolition folding tire and the SDG seat & post combination.
A few more ads complete the 100 page February issue of BMX Plus! the longest running BMX magazine on the planet.
dave osato bmx plus! 03 07 march 2007
Dave Osato turndown on the cover.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, february 2007: It's nice to see Dave Osato on the cover of the new BMX Plus! magazine. What else is in there? Also BMX Plus! is having a photo special in their March issue. Next to that there are simpel tips to make your bike lighter that will be interesting for a lot of you out there. Get ready to fill those tires up with helium, the BMXperts say it works. SE and Volume have bike tests, the ABA Grands report shows that Bubba won his third ABA #1 title in a row, and Matt Hoffman does a barhop on a bike with a bashguard. He's wearing high-tops too and runs 4-piece bars. Wait a minute, that's the Nostalgia page. BMX Plus! brings you three how-to's, a salty Bicycle Union glove test and Integral 13T freewheel review. There's a Shook road trip that starts on page 22. The Ramp Rats Fall classic gets a report and also the Block jam gets some coverage. Steven Cisar has a fast bike, it's a Redman. Or is it Steven who's fast? BMX Plus! March 2007 has some tips on how to become a faster racer and if you're racing, you do want to go faster all the time. $3.99 USD can be a good investment that way.
bmx plus! 04 07 april 2007
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2007: The April issue of BMX Plus! arrived last week and it's got a super light bike on the cover. At 18 lbs it's one of the lightest and once you hop on this machine it will be a piece of cake to pull that triple whip to fufanu. It's all in the bike you know. Wade Lajler gets the contents page with a rad double footplant tailwhip in an igloo. Gotta check that one. All kinds of news, reviews, b-day calendars and the usual BMX Plus! items can be found in the Inside Scoop section. The 18 lbs bike gets reviewed, there's a race how-to on "the first jump" (how to take it fast) before the Premium complete bike gets tested. BMX PLUS! isn't afraid to post flatland articles or do reports on flatland contests/jams. Love, Passion, Flat is a 5 page report on the Long Beach jam. Amanda Geving's bike gets inspected and some girls are showing off some Zip-up threads. Which one do you like best?
8 pages of Dustin Guenther will teach you what a nice guy he is. Pro interview, bro. Tech Tip: spot for cracks on your frame. Bike Test: Hoffman Bikes Rhythm EL2. Rob Wise takes you through the Fufanu step by step. Bandana not included. Huber's Mankind frame (Kingdom in this case) gets tested by Americans. They seem to like it.
BMX Plus! covers racing as well. Page 70 is where the NBL Christmas Classic report starts. Ben Snowden teaches how to do "Over tricks" in the how-to on page 76. That's three tricks you can learn by reading the April issue. The Moving Pictures part of the mag shows great shots that deserve to be blown up. Bobby de Laat's spread should have been the poster for everyone who loves trails.
Product Probe: Demolition hubs and MacNeil Silencer Bars. Trick Stuff: 2-Hip pivotal seat and post, Kaos # plate, Hoffman shirts, FIT Blade forks, Fly racing JB bars, Square1 belts, 43 Bolts, Pryme Hoodie and Premium's red spoke wheel. Lots of products on two pages. Ariel Greer fails to impress the ladies when his tailwhip out of the park over the fence went wrong.
That's 100 pages of BMX Plus! for you.
anthony napolitan bmx plus! 05 07 may 2007
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, april 2007: Here's issue No. 5, Volume 30, May 2007. Yup, the mag has got some history. Anthony Napolitan gets the cover and Heath Pinter turns down the double contents page. Inside Scoop brings the B-days (we've been slacking on those), and all the latest news in BMX land. Stunt Junkie Alistair Whitton grinds upside down. We've got that video up somewhere on the FATBMX site. You're on a tight budget but what do you do? Haro F1 or Magna Torrid. BMX Plus! put both bikes to the test.
The BMX Plus! riders of the year are Dirt jumper of the year Ryan Guettler, Freestyler Ryan Nyquist, Racer Bubba Harris.
The ABA Silver Dollar National BMX race gets 8 pages of coverage. Who says racing is not being covered? Hucker gets the poster and is stoked. The How-to of the month is a 270 over the hip. Stumpy's GT receives a thorough inspection. Gary Young's Macneil frame gets tested and there's a tech tip on how to make your bike look cool. Jared Eberwein knows how to do no-handers. Read more about him in his Bio on page 62-66. You want a race bike? read the Felt Sector Pro X test report.
We like it when riders are making a living off of doing something they like. Gabe Weed receives an interview on his Open Ground skatepark. Michael Cleveland's Mirraco Fivestar gets inspected. Moving pictures are great to the eye. If you're looking for an NBL track near you, check the NBL listings. There are a lot of products listed before 11 years old Perris Benegas deservingly gets the parting shot of the May 2007 issue.
russell reyes bmx plus! 06 07 june 2007 (1)
Russel Reyes floats an oldschool no hander for the camera of Shad Hopkins on the cover.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2007: Yo Yo Yooo!! New BMX Plus! magazine is out. The June issue has got the following to offer: Russell Reyes on the cover and Nate Powell gets the contents spread. We've told you before that Plus! covers people you normally don't hear about. Is Spinner still typing up that e-mail or is he hooked on Myspace? Inside Scoop gives you the BMX news from a few months back. It's hard for the magazines to keep up with the internet. Cool pics of a 10 year old Bubba and Mike Day stylin'at the age of 10. Pro race news still comes from a retired Dale Homes. Mail gets answered before Plus! takes you to the 6-page Adio road trip. 3 race complete bikes get tested: Intense - GT - Free Agent. If you want to ride up a wall you gotta check out the how-to on pages 40-41. Everyone has a dream team, Who's in yours? Pick 5. So did Bobby Carter, Catfish, Morgan Wade, Dan Mooney, Chad Kagy, Marco Massei, Ben Crockett and Tyrone Williams. Tech tip: How to box up your bike for shipment. The UCI/NBL Lake Mead nationals get reported on. That's another 8 pages of BMX race action. Once in a while BMX Plus! invites a dozen of girls to show off some clothing and hats. This is the issue! Small jams find a place in the magazine too and it's good to see that. Florida Ditch Jam; ride, fish and drink. We're not sure how much Shaun Butler rides but he's got a signature complete bike out at KHE which got tested on page 70-71. It has some hits and also some misss. Another How-To: Sprocket stall. Where's Matt Pingel? The "What's in your shell" article explains everything about bottom brackets. Moving pictures, the product section and the Parting Shot wrap up the mag this month. Just so you know.
james foster bmx plus! 07 07 july 2007 (1)
James Foster on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
Inside scoop.
2007 Las Vegas Extreme Thing.
Answers to the questions you ask the most.
Mirraco Black Pearl LTD and MCS Tracer Pro bike test.
On the move. Lawnmower stalls.
Tech tip: Perfecting pedals.
Flypaper: Chris Gille.
Brakeless buyer's guide.
Inside the pros' bikes: KC Badger's Kink and danny Hickerson's new T1.
ABA Winter Nationals.
Nostalgia: Todd Lyons, summer of 1991.
System Cycle and the Anti-Ti.
Product probe: DK Social cranks and Demolition Vulcan brakes.
Moving pictures: Corey Bohan, Leo Forte, Mickey Gaidos, Mario Carrasco, Eric Bahlman.
quincy dean bmx plus! 08 07 august 2007
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2007: BMX Plus! goes street with the cover of their August 2007 issue. They're going even more street with their contents spread of a brakeless Jeff Maddox doing a bank to truck/wall ride with no helmet on. There was a time that you wouldn't make it in the mag if you didn't wear a helmet. That's whjen it was really hard for flatland riders to get a photo in the mag. The August issue has a special on flatland rider Terry Adams who goes clubbing with his bike in a limo and no, he didn't wear a helmet while doing flatland demos in several clubs. If you're a photographer you might want to get your hands on this issue. Plus! is giving away a Mirraco Black Pearl Ltd and a pair of Guettler's Whip shoes in a photo contest. Might be worth the $ 3.99 to get that official 2007 Mirraco Giveaway Ballot. Fit's Flow Park complete bike gets tested and it scores more hits than misses. Plus! also has a kinked rail how-to featuring a rider with no brakes, no helmet and tats. Corey Bohan's bike gets checked and there's a Bio (Faces) on brakeless street rider Troy Merkle. Lino Gonzales has a signature model over at Two Hip and one of he plus points is that it has great geometry for street. Plus spent 5 days in the NorthWest with team Diamondback for an 8 page report. It's now time for the BMX Plus! T-shirt buyer's guide. Which girl is your favorite? United's Trinity frame gets tested on American streets. The how-to is on a bunny hop barspin. Perfect for, you guessed it, street riding. We're going off the streets for a few pages with the NBL Easter Classic BMX race. After a few pages of Moving Pictures (nice big photos and a street sequence) it's off to the Product Pages. Hoffman's Zack Warden gets the Parting Shot of the August issue which sums up August '07.

Jared Souney, www.jaredsouney.com, july 2009: Back in the Spring of ‘07 I went on the Props Megatour, riding along with the Woodward Camp Team (the tour takes several teams along each with a Videographer, and some with a photographer). Since at the time I was living out by Woodward East, and Woodward is one of my clients, they asked me to go along as the photographer, which I guess makes perfect sense. Some of the photos from the trip were used for a feature in BMX Plus Magazine, and one of them was used on the cover of a separate issue (a photo of Quincy Dean barspinning over a rail)
joe riley bmx plus! 09 07 september 2007 (1)
Joe Riley doing a 360 nosedive toboggan for the lens of Ben Crockett on the cover.
Inside Scoop. Square One, Nina Buitrago, Joey Bradford, NBL, Stephan Cerra, Fox, Metro jam Singapore, Dave Mirra BMX Challenge, Dale Holmes update, ...
Video reviews. 2Hip Bikes How-to and Goin for Broke.
Mailbag. Ask the BMXperts.
Props Megatour 6.
Redline Link 5.1, Volume Sledgehammer and KHE Impact bike tests.
Tech tip. Shortening your chainstay length.
5 minutes with Heath Pinter.
NBL/UCI Golden State Nats.
Diamond Back 2008 catalog.
On the move. Downside footplants.
King of Ground round 1.
ABA NorCal Nats.
Inside the Pro's bikes. Ryan Jordan's Volume.
Rumble at the Coliseum, Jackson, Wyoming.
Product probe. Adidas Goggles and UGP shoes.
Moving pictures. Chris Doyle, Ben Hittle, Chad Kagy, Sean Logan, Cheeve, Joel Hulsey.
Trick stuff. Kink stem, Shadow seats, 43 bolts, Tangent sprockets, Alienation rims, Thor gloves, DK R/T frame, Sinz forks and Demolition cranks.
Parting shot at the Metro jam.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2007: The September issue of BMX Plus! felt kind of thick. But this time of the year, companies try to get their 2008 catalog in the middle of the mag to reach a lot of potential customers quickly. The company that teamed up for this issue is Diamondback. Their catalog is 32 pages thick. This leaves 100 pages of BMX Plus! material which includes bike tests from KHE, Redline and Volume, The Props Megatour, 5 questions with Heath Pinter, Biz' bike check, the NBL Golden State nationals, KOG, ABA Nor Cal Nats, Rumble at the Coliseum, and the regulars like Tech Tip, On the Move, Moving pictures, Product Probe, Mailbag, Ask the BMXperts, Mini mart, Parting shot, Shop directory, Trick Stuff and the Inside Scoop. It's good to see Joe Riley on the cover. What's up Joe!?
tim fuzzy hall cancan bmx plus! 10 07 october 2007 (1)
Redline's Tim "Fuzzy" Hall on the cover. Photo by Shad Hopkins.
Inside scoop: Dream teams, Stephen Murray, NBL; Twenty20 wearable camcorder, Dustin Guenther, Connor Lodis, ...
AST Dew Tour round 1 Baltimore.
Crupi Pro XXL and Diamondback Mr.Lucky bike tests.
Cool tools for the tool box.
Fuzzy's dirt jumping top 10: Nose dives, 360's, no footers, tucks, x-ups, tables, x-up cancans, tire grabs, cancans, toboggans.
Flypaper: Jarrett Ward.
Inside the pros' bikes: Samantha Cools' signature Supercross.
Tech tip: Installing cranks and press fit bottom brackets.
Project bike: Pounds off for pennies.
St Patricks day jam.
2008 sneak peek.
ABA Midwest Nationals.
Braun Cruzer Tour 2007: FISE Montpellier, France.
Moving pictures: Aaron Johnson, Ryan Ashley, Tony Hamlin, Jeremiah Smith, Aaron Behnke.
Product probe: Tektro XL750 lever, Azonic surround sound helmet and YBN lightest chain.
Stuff trick: Eastern axle nuts, S.E. vintage T, UGB shorts, FIT down low stem, Metal Sasquatch bars, Animal bars.
Parting shot: Amanda Geving.
100 pages.
chad kagy soul bowl bmx plus! 11 07 november 2007 (1)
On the cover: Chad Kagy clicks an alley oop turndown at this year's Soul Bowl contest on his way to first place. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2007: BMX Plus keeps on publishing new issues month after month. They've been doing so for so long that we're starting to take it for granted what all goes into making a book on a timely basis. 100 pages of BMX with a huge pull out Steve McCann/Mongoose poster make up the November 2007 issue which has failure Chad Kagy on the cover. He rides for Failure bikes and didn't fail to cash his $ 10,000.= USD check that he received from winning the HB Soul Bowl this summer (full report in this issue). Elevation was the DIRT event of the year and BMX Plus! was there. The flatland World Circuit is also covered as is the NBL Stars 'n Stripes race. You get it, BMX Plus covers everything as long as you're on 20 inch wheels. 2008 bikes get introduced and tested (2Hip/SE looptail) and it's time to vote for your favorite rider of the year (racer, dirt jumper, and freestyler). Use the official ballot from the mag and win a 2008 Felt Fuse. The November issue has a how-to on footjams, Joe Rich nostalgia, Danny Caluag pro bike inspection and a voting for the ulitmate race bike.
As we said, 100 pages of BMX.
kevin clark bmx plus! 12 07 december 2007 (1)
On the Cover: Kevin Clark Up Rail to toothpick. Photo by Ben Crockett.
NBL Grands in Kentucky.
X-Games 13.
Six Street Tricks you need to know.
Bike Tests: Felt's New Fuse.
Christmas Wish List.
AST Dew Tour.
Braun Cruzer Tour.
Nostalgia: Dennis McCoy.
Inside the Pros bikes and more!!!