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ronny chalk bmx plus! 01 02 january 2002
Ronny Chalk on the cover.
Bikes: Huffy Enigma, Nirve Hex, Frame Test--Mirra Events: NBL Grands, Gravity Games, King Of Dirt Finals Features: Nyquist Column, Top Five Questions, Inside The Pros Bikes--Jim Burgess, Allan Cooke, Ronny Chalk, Pro Bike Giveaway, 2002 Buyer's Guide, On The Move--Learn To 540 Tailwhip, What's Wrong With BMX, On The Move--Bunnyhop Tailwhip, Product Probe, Heath Pinter Interview, Moving Pictures, Radical Rick.

BMX Plus january 2007: Ronny Chalk claimed the cover with his signature superman chalk attack! Heath Pinter landed an interview and an awesome photo of a clicked turndown for the table of contents for the month. Brian Wizmerski left Schwinn for S&M after the sale of Schwinn to Pacific Cycles. Ryan Nyquist wrote a special article for this issue on the tragedies of September 11, 2001. The NBL Grands get put in the history books and Jamie Staff was the victor in the AA Pro division for the year. Stephen Murray won dirt at the 2001 Gravity Games and Jamie Bestwick threw down a huge turndown flair for the parting shot for the month.
brandon pundai bmx plus! 02 02 february 2002 (1)
Brandon Pundai slides a steep rail in downtown Pittsburg, PA. on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Bikes: DK Six-Pack, Sharp Frame Test Events: Interbike 2001, Year Of The Contests (Photos From The Year 2001) Features: Pro Bike Giveaway--Sweet Lou Calls It Quits, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Sell Out, Riders Of The Year, Allan Cooke about 2001 contests, Top Ten Mistakes Racers Make, Todd Waklowiak Interview, Tech Tip--Cut Those Bars Down, Rider-Owned Companies, How To Size A Bike, How To Evade Capture, Moving Pictures with Adam Strieby, Radical Rick.

BMX Plus february 2007: Brandon Pundai slides a huge rail for the cover that month, and Fuzzy rocked the Table of Contents jumping a dirt jump in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Koji Kraft broke his ankle and Mike Laird left Nirve. Ryan Nyquist interviewed Tim "Fuzzy" Hall. The DK Six Pack got put to the test that month. BMX Plus! Editor Ben Crockett was caught riding an oversized pink tricycle at Interbike. Dave Mirra was voted freestyle rider of the year, Cory Nastazio was voted dirt jumper of the year, and Thomas Allier was voted racer of the year. BMX Plus! gave a little insight into the most common mistakes racers make during a race. Todd Wolkowiak scored a poster and interview. Allan Cooke broke down his most favorite contests of the year. A special story on rider-owned companies took up five pages of that month. Josh Carrol nails an upside down wall slap for the moving pictures section, and Steven Lilly slides a seventeen-stair handrail in the dark. Robert DeWilde closes with a gate shot for the Parting Shot.

BMX Plus february 2008: Brandon Pundai grinds a rail that would still be considered burly even by today's standards. That says a lot, seeing as how he handled it with ease five years ago. The table of contents spread features none other than Fuzzy Hall with a 360 can can at the MTV Sports and Music Festival. The Northwest video Blueprint was reviewed in Inside Scoop and there was a Pro bike giveaway by Sweet Lovin' Lou Capparelli The DK Six Pack was reviewed along with the Sharp trails frame and Riders of the Year were announced. Todd Walkowiak had an interview and talks about hot wings, girls, and street contests. There was a special feature on the top ten mistakes that racers make and a full article on Interbike as well. Selling out was apparently an issue seeing as how there was a full article on it talking with guys like Rick Thorne, TJ Lavin and Fuzzy Hall. Robert DeWilde steals the Parting Shot with a sweet gate start photo and Chad DeGroot was on the back cover in a flatland ad for Haro bikes.
dave mirra bmx plus! 03 02 march 2002 (1)
Dave Mirra on the cover.
Bikes: Macneil's Ruben Frame, Free Agent Super Fortress, Mongoose Fuzz Pro, Diamondback RMX
Events: 2-Hip Meet The Street, ABA Grands, Celestial Park Jam
Features: GT deathtruck, Nyquist Column, GT Half-Time Show, Inside The Pros Bikes, Cassette Hubs vs. FreeWheels, Pro Bike Giveaway, Gaces: K.C. Badger, Calling It Quits, Strange Products Of The Past, Do Contests Make The Rider?, Greenville, Tech Tips, Moving Pictures
bmx plus! 04 02 april 2002
Bikes: Mosh 4 Star, Mutiny Frame Test, Redline Supra X, Hoffman 900 Events: Rockstar/Kink Roadtrip Features: Cardboard Boxes, Best Things To Happen, Faces, Putting A Name On It, Passing Bike Inspection, Road Tripping, Kagy's Bod, Tech Tips
cory nastazio bmx plus! 05 02 may 2002
Cory Nastazio on the cover.
Bikes: Haro TR 2.3, Eastern Frame Test, Specialized TRX Events:Road Fools 8, FBM/Terrible 1 Contest, NBL Christmas Classic Features:Nyquist Column, Faces, Ultimate Freestyle Bike, BMX In The Olympics, Flypaper, Inside The Pros' Bikes, Best And Worst Ads, Service Station, Moving Pictures, On The Move, Product Probe, Radical Rick
tj lavin bmx plus! 06 02 june 2002 (1)
TJ Lavin on the cover.
Bikes: Mongoose Raf, KHE Easy Rider, Gack
Events: Japan On BMX
Features: Lighten Up, On The Move--Spin Those Bars, How To Paint Your Lid, ...

BMX Plus! june 2007: TJ Lavin scored the cover with a fine superman nothing air. Luc-E was our Table of Contents subject, stalling a rail while in Japan. We did a pro bike giveaway with Robo and some shinny white shoes. Chris Arriaga was the poster, flipping a huge drainage ditch with the aid of a shady homemade wood ramp. We showed you how to paint your helmet with the help of Heath Pinter. A cool trip to Japan with Nate Wessel, Aaron Bostrom, Chad Degroot and Taj covered ten pages with great photos.
john roskos bmx plus! 07 02 july 2002
John Roskos on the cover.
Bikes: Poverty Buck 99-Top Of The Line For $199, Kink Freebird, K2 Maintime Pro XL
Events: Axis Crash Worship, CFB Florida, The Grind Series
Features: Nyquist Column-Accessorizing for men, Tech Tip-Adjusting Hubs, On The Move-Learning To Lardyard, Inside The Pros' Bikes--Porter and Lyons, Handlebar Buyers Guide, ...

BMX Plus! july 2007: John Rokos blasted across the cover doing a superman. We took a trip to Florida to check out the CFB, where crazy riding went down. Bestwick pulled out the fast plant flair on vert while Allan Cooke won the dirt jump contest. Allan Cooke also won pro park while Bestwick won Vert. The Grind Series was held in So Cal. It was two-man racing on a tight course, and Randy Stumpfhauser won. Austin Coleman was the poster boy. A handlebar buyer's guide had us holding on tight. Parting Shot was a big gap gone wrong and a lesson in mis-use of launch ramps.
bmx plus! 08 02 august 2002
Bikes Free Agent Airraid, Volume Frame Test, Haro Mirra 360, Eastern Hercules Commando
Events ABA Winter Nationals, UGP Roots, The Grind Series
Features Nyquist Column--Postcards From The Road, Pro Bike Giveaway-Kevin Robinson, T-Shirt Buyer's Guide, England Visited,...
reuel erickson bmx plus! 09 02 september 2002 (2)
Ruel Erickson on the cover.
Bikes: DragonFly, Marin Medivac, Redline Mini
Events: Boom Boom HuckJam
Features: Nyquist Column: Nightmare Sticker Kids, On The Move-Icepick, Gladiators-Vert Riding, Flypaper-Ben Snowden, Choosing The Right Tire, Getting Started In Flatland, Faces-JW Barton,...

BMX Plus! september 2007: Reuel Erickson was the boy laying out a superman decade at TJ Lavin's house. Brian Foster was on the table of contents with a beautiful 360 tabletop at the Vans Triple Crown in Charlotte, North Carolina. We highlighted some of the most amazing letters BMX Plus! has ever received and went to the Boom Boom Huck Jam in Vegas. Ronnie Chalk showed you how to do an icepick and we highlighted the Gladiators of BMX, vert riders. Heath Pinter was the subject of the Parting Shot doing one heck of a cool nac nac.
bmx plus! 10 02 october 2002
Andy Morgan on the cover.
Bikes: Fit Sieries One, Huffy M-80, DK Legacy
Events: Beach Bash, The Core Tour, ABA Spring Nationals
Features: Nyquist Column-The brothers team up, Tech Tip--Euro BB's, Voting For Rider Of The Year, Inside The Pros' Bikes--Stephen Murray, Pro Bike Giveaway-Neal Wood is a tough guy, 2003 Sneak Peek, Faces--Jeshua, Flypaper--Ryan Sher, Product Probe, Nostalgia--Dizz Hicks!

BMX Plus! october 2007: Andy Morgan made the cover with a beauty of a downside footplant on a junkyard quarter, Ryan Sher scored the poster at the late great Skate Street, and Biz took the simple On The Move bunnyhop 360 one step further with a bunnyhop truck for parting shot. We brought you a Sneak Peek at what 2003 had in store and gave away Neal Wood's personal bike. The Soul Bowl verl comp and Core Tour dirt comp both made their way back to the beach, we tested out the brand new Fit and Huffy completes and abused the DK Legacy frame. Flashing back, Radical Rick was back for a second tour in the mag, as was Dizz Hicks, who scored the Nostalgia spot for the month.
kc badger bmx plus! 11 02 november 2002
KC Badger no foot cancan on the cover.
Features: Nyquist Column: Beaming to a town near you, Web Poll: Got Brakes?, Tech Tip: Big bike, quick fixes, Faces: Kade Gates, Trash Talk, One the Move: Wall Slapping, Pro Olympics, Knee Injuries: Simple Prevention, Inside The Pros' Bikes: Jill Kinter and Robbie Miranda,...
Bikes Haro F5, S&M PBR, Diamondback Mr. Lucky
Events: NBL Stars And Stripes, Vans Triple Crown--Denver, Colorado.

BMX Plus! november 2007: How far has BMX come in five years? Well, KC Badger scored a very rare black and white cover dropping a nofooted can with a 44-tooth sprocket on his bike. Reuel Erickson did a flip turndown for the T.O.C. with a 39-tooth sprocket, Fly Paper went to Steve McCann doing a 360 tweak air with a 39-tooth sprocket, Freddy Chulo grenaded a 180 for Parting Shot at the Core Tour with a 44-tooth sprocket and the smallest sprocket in the whole mag, flatlanders included, was a 36. We have come a long ways. Nyquist, Koji and Mackay were all big winners at the Denver stop of the Dew Tour and Kyle Bennett owned all there was to own at the Stars and Stripes Nats. The Pros didn't hesitate to talk trash in Trash Talk, we talked with the Doc on dealing with knee injuries and if not for a six-inch margin in the Bike Toss, Thomas Allier would have fully swept the BMX Olympics.
ryan sher bmx plus! 12 02 december 2002
Ryan Sher on the cover.
Bikes Federal Division, Redline Signature, Hoffman Rhythm
Features: Nyquist column-Procastination at its best, Must Have's For Christmas, Pro Bike Giveaway-X Games Gold, Protective Gear, Faces--Phil Wasson,...
Events: Gravity Games, X-Games, ABA Worlds

BMX Plus! december 2007: What seems like yesterday, Ryan Sher was pretty in pink on the cover of the mag. Cory Nastazio cut loose for the Table of Contents and in what would become the most drawn picture over in Reader's Art, Allan Cooke fired out a picture perfect nothing no-footed can at the X Games in Philly. Contest overload hit big with X Games, Gravity Games and ABA Worlds coverage, all in one bangin' issue. Editor Adam Booth took a few hits in the name of our Padding Buyer's Guide where we gathered the perfect padding for any budget, and Phil Wasson made us all think a little with some "On The Road" knowledge n his Faces Interview, Getting with the times, flatland and racing were still part of the X Games, and both Heath Pinter and Ryan Nyquist ran 39-tooth sprockets during the time of their bike checks.