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ron wilkerson bmx plus! 01 87 january 1987 (shared by Simon 1310 - download)
Ron Wilkerson (no hander) and Josh White on the cover.
The Hottest Amateurs in BMX.
Martin Aparijo interview.
Ground vs Air.
AFA Long Island.
Three ground how to's.
Diamond Back Hot Streak bike test.
74 pages.
rich sigur bmx plus! 02 87 february 1987
Rich Sigur on the cover.
Tests: CW California freestyler and Cyclecraft XL racer.
Race: ABA gold cup championships.
AFA masters Dothan Alabama.
Features: Building the Ultimate halfpipe making Mike Dominguez's ramp, 1987 competition calender, Ramp how to's, reader art, MX freestyle insanity Eddie Fiola + Martin Aparijo perform rad tricks on motorcycles, Racer of the year and Radical Rick # 84
Departments: Inside scoop Woody Itson, Ask the BMXers, ...
dennis mccoy bmx plus! 03 87 march 1987
Dennis McCoy on the cover.
First ever King of Vert Series at LaSueur, Minnesota.
ABA Fall Nationals at Lake Elsinore
Schwinn Free Form Pro test
Greg Hill's Robinson Elite test
GT (aluminum) power series cranks - first test
Dennis McCoy street style how-to
Dennis McCoy interview.
Pistol Pete's training tips.
Freestylers vs. Racers in street olympics
Radical Rick #85.
tim rogers bmx plus! 04 87 april 1987 (1c)
Tim Rogers at the 2Hip KOV on the cover.
Tests: GT Pro Series team model and Dyno D-tour,
Race: ABA grandnationals.
AFA masters finals McCoy says get rad.
1986 2-Hip King of Vert round 2.
Features: How to table top, Scooters, Ultimate half pipe 2 Dominguez ramp, Ride at the Enchanted ramp, Radical Rick # 86,
Departments: Inside scoop, Mail bag, Ask the bmxperts why does Martin Aparijo have 3 brake levers, trick stuff, parting shot Who is radder
This magazine also features the complete 1987 GT BMX Product line catalogue.
todd anderson bmx plus! 05 87 may 1987 (1)
The lookback king, Todd Anderson, snapping his patented trick at Dominguez's halfpipe on the cover. Inset: John Dizz Hicks working the "pizazz Bank" to his fullest potential. Photos by John Ker.
General Osborn Pro and Mongoose Californian tests.
Street Olympics, Part 2.
ABA Nationals, San Bernardino, CA.
NBL Colombus, Ohio.
The GT World Tour with Martin Aparijo and Josh White.
..and much more!
tim rogers bmx plus! 06 87 june 1987 (1)
CW's Tim Rogers contorted turndown at the Pipeline on the cover.
Man vs. Machine - Stu Thompsen on the MBK crazy bike vs. Number 1 pro Pistol Pete!!!
16 pages 1987 Haro complete product guide.
AFA Masters round 1, West Palm Beach, Florida,
ABA Fall Nationals at Scottsdale
Mongoose Decade Pro test.
Schwinn Quarter Dash test
3rd Annual Racer of the Year - Pistol Pete.
Return to the Pipeline with Eddie Fiola.
Raddest Show on Earth, Jose Yanez.
Radical Rick #88 - with an official "Rad Squad" membership card!!
116 pages.
matt hoffman bmx plus! 07 87 july 1987 (1) (scanned - download)
Matt Hoffman tweakin' a no-footed cancan at Dominguez's on the cover.
Mat Hoffman speaks out: is he just hot air ?
Tune Tote ad with DMC.
Street Olympics: Obstacle course race, Blindfold competition and BMX soccer.
Haro Team Master: the ultimate bike ?
AFA Masters round 2, Portland, Oregon: Dominguez rides the contest of his life and takes second !
Scooter shootout !
100 pages
mat hoffman bmx plus! 08 87 august 1987 (1) (scanned by Greg 1105 - download)
Matt Hoffman tweaking a cancan on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
Kuwahara Magician Pro and GT Mach One bike tests.
2Hip King of Vert, Houston, TX.
NBL War of the Stars, Norco,CA
Freestyle Fundamentals: Brake endo, Forkstand, Framestand, Backwards wheelie.
Making of the video 101 Tricks.

BMX Plus! august 2007: 20 years ago in BMX Plus!,Mat Hoffman stretched a huge cannon for the cover while Gary Ellis and Greg Hill go wide open in Norco, California, Pete Loncarevich was leading the ABA pro points and Kenny May was leading the amateurs, The Kuwahara Magician Pro was used and abused by Todd Anderson, Steve Broderson, Dino DeLuca, Ken Powers and Doug Randazzo, Charles Townsend won the pro class at the NBL War of the Stars in Norco, California on day one and Greg Hill took day two. Rich Bartlett tried to destroy the GT Mach One. He was successful, mangling the bars and forks. Brian Blyther won the King of Vert at the Skatepark of Houston. The ramp was considered massive in 1987 at 12 feet tall. Joe Johnson beat out Matt Hoffman in the expert/amateur class.
dmc krys dauchy bmx plus! 09 87 volume 10 no.9 - septembre 1987 (1)
DMC and Krys Dauchy on the cover. Terry Tenette, Craig Marsh inbox.
GT Pro Performer and CW Pro Motion XL tests.
AFA Masters round 3 in Austin, TX.
GT's asian tour.
The girls of freestyle.
Krys Dauchy, the first lady of freestyle.
Freestyler of the year (Dennis McCoy)
Charles Townsend interview.
bmx plus! 10 87 october 1987 (1)
GPV Riders, Chris Lashua and Ron Wilkerson on the cover. Photos by John Ker.
Boss Pro Team Model, Mongoose Pro Miniscoot and Haro FSX tests.
AFA Converse BMX freestyle Championship, Compton, CA.
NBL Vision World Cup, Irvine,CA.
The Palm Springs Downhill, 80mph
GT's Asian Tour: Hong Kong, Mainland China and Hawaii.
eric rupe bmx plus! 11 87 november 1987 (2)
Eric Rupe blasts out of the sunset with Travis Chipres in tow on the cover.
Tests - Dyno Pro Compe Team Model/ Kuwahara Waldo Scooter/ Mongoose Pro Class Cruiser
Races - NBL Pro Series: Hilton, New York
Features - BMX Plus! Bike Maintenance Guide, Guess Who: Test Your BMX Brain Cells, Fast Takes, Tech Tips, The Ultimate Pro Bike, Gaby Bayhi Interview.
travis chipres bmx plus! 12 87 december 1987 (1)
Mongoose's Travis Chipres clearing the doubles with style in Orlando, Florida. Photo by John Ker. Inset photo: Joe Johnson at this month KOV.
2hip KOV in Colorado Springs.
IBMXF World championships.