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bmx plus! 01 81 january 1981 (scanned - download)
SE Racing ABA Fall Nationals.
Hawaii NBA National.
Torker Torkflyte test.
Stu Thomsen interview.
bmx plus! magazine 02 1981 volume 4 number 2 - february 1981
Cover photo identified as "you first journey into the RAD Gallery," but the rider isn't identified.
UBR Grandnationals at Reno, Nevada
NBA USGP at Las Vegas, Nevada
Brent Patterson Interview
GT Frame/Fork Test
Pedal Comparison
Rampar R11XL Test
RAD Gallery
10 Lb. Bike - Part 2
Product Probe: DX Brake Lever
European Report
davidow bmx plus! 03 81 march 1981
Skyway rider Davidow on cover.
ABA and NBA Grands, Greg Hill interview, Cinelli and Scorpion test.
john piant bmx plus! 04 81 april 1981 (scanned - download)
John Piant on the cover.
Jag BMX World Championship at Indianapolis, Indiana.
Tioga Flying Rhino Test
Bridgestone Self-Centering Brakes
$200 to $300 Bikes
Colombia (South America) BMX
Bearing Maintenance
John Piant Interview
RAD Gallery
Photo of Tinker Juarez as a little BMXer.
98 pages.
seth buccieri  bmx plus! 05 81 may 1981
Seth Buccieri on the cover.
NBL War of the Stars IV at Orlando, Florida
ABA Northwest Nationals at Seattle, Washington
Levi's/UBR Winter Championship at San Francisco, CA.
Diamond Back Mini Test
1981 Cook Brothers Line
Product Probe: Pro-Tec Helmet.
Kevin McNeal Interview.
damian bmx plus! 06 81 june 1981 (scanned by Simon John 1001 - download)
Damian illustration on the cover.
A'me-Premier/ABA Winternationals at Chandler, Arizona.
NBA Winternationals at Las Vegas, Nevada.
Tim Judge Interview.
Getting Started on a Low Budget.
Super Jump ad.
kirk claveau bmx plus! 07 81 july 1981
Kirk Claveau on the cover.
Mongoose Superbowl of BMX at the Houston AstroArena, TX.
DG-A'me/ABA Gator Nationals at Brandon, FL.
MCS-Hot Plat/NBL Showdown at the Pontiac Silverdome.
Huffy Sixty Sixer and Super Thunder test
Headset Comparison
Premier BMX Helmets
Schwinn Mini Sting.
Interview:  Frank Post.
bmx plus! 08 81 august 1981 (scanned - download)
Rondo Classic #1 BMX PRO racer!
Products: one piece cranks ASHTABULA, SUGINO, TAKAGI, and MORE!
bob haro bmx plus! 09 81 september 1981 (scanned by Simon John 0806 - download)
Sunset silhouette at Torrance Beach by Bob Haro on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
ABA National at State College, Pennsylvania
ABA/Jag BMX 500 at Costa Mesa, California
ABA/Rebel Racing event in Des Moines, Iowa
NBL War of the Stars IV at Springfield, Illinois
ABA/Skyway Spring Nationals at Fremont, California.
Equipment: Hutch X-Long Pro.
Products: Uni-Plate, Newest GJS, Shimano DX Professional stem, M&M, Mongoose bag.
Rad Gallery: Toby Henderson, Tim Judge, Bob Morales and Bob Haro.
Radical Rick.
Sutherland's Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics.
Jason Jensen Interview
The Hutch Team.
greg hill bmx plus! 10 81 october 1981
Greg Hill on Mongoose on cover.
Nationals in TX, CA, UT, FL.
Cycle Pro Blitz Test, Salt lake national, Rad Gallery.
Centerfold spread of Anthony Sewell (who handles the testing of the Cycle Pro Blitz model, with full results in this issue)
david marlette bmx plus! 11 81 november 1981 (scanned - download)
David "Wizard" Marlette on Torker on cover.
Races in North and South Park, Ohio. Supergoose test.
Centerfold spread of Greg Hill (who handles the testing of the Supergoose bike, with full results in this issue)
tom christopher bmx plus! 12 81 december 1981 - 100 pages
Tom Christopher of Team Tioga on the cover,
Inside are full page photos of such riders as Paul Gossrau, Charlie Williams, Anthony Sewell, Harry Leary, and also a centerfold spread of Kirk Claveau (who handles the testing of the "The Schwinn Sting" bike model, with full results in this issue).
UK/US Challenge.