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marc mcglynn bmx plus! 01 85 january 1985 (shared by Simon 1003 - download)
Marc McGlynn on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
Hutch Trick Star bike test with Woody Itson.
Life with Radical Rick.
Rad gallery: Donovan Ritter and Eddie Roman.
ABA/Hutch Great Northwest Nationals.
Pro tips: If you get injured.
The latest freestyle tricks: The scura tuck by Brian Scura, the quick change by Woody Itson.
Diamond Back Super Streak bike test..
10 common racing mistakes... and how you can do to avoid them.
Whatever happened to Brain Patterson ?
eric rupe toby henderson bmx plus! 02 85 february 1985
Eric Rupe (small) and Toby Henderson on the cover.
How to cherrypicker by Martin Aparijo.
How to do radical quarterpipe aerials: Tips from Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominguez and Brian Blyther.
USBA/Mongoose Southern Cal Nationals/Azusa,CA
Testing - Mongoose Eric Rupe Signature edition - SE Hauler
BMX Plus racer of the Year Contest
Feature - Freestyle - Where did it come from? Where is it going?
ABA/Honeycomb Gold Cup Final/LasVegas, NE
Tech - The Plastic Bikes are coming...
Skyway King of the skateparks finals, Upland, CA.
Pro Tips - Growing up with BMX. 10 things to know about growth and racing.
jose yanez backflip bmx plus! 03 85 march 1985
Jose Yanez doing a backflip on the cover.
Pro Results-USBA Grands/FT Worth, TX.
Results - NBL Nat'l #1,#2 Asheville, NC - ABA Fall Nat's/Rockford, IL.
Rad Gallery - Step by step Back flip shots, also Eddie Fiola, Woody Itson, Tony Murray.
Freestyle How to - The Gut Lever by Brian Scura.
Tests: JMC Andy Patterson Series and Haro FST.
BMX PLUS! Freestyler of the Year - Voting.
1985 NBL, ABA, & USBA full National schedule.
Pro Tips - Riding Smoothly - The most important thing in racing. With Rupe, Thompson, Loncarevich.
Hutch/Galindo-ABA Grand Nationals - Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Profile - Mike King/Team Huffy.
Pro Tips - 10 Secrets of Staying Motivated.

BMX Plus! march 1985: This wasn't just any performance. It was the debut of the newest member of the Hutch team, Jose Yanez, 25,of Phoenix, Arizona. Woody Itson and Mike Dominguez were the stars of the Hutch team, but Yanez was present for his first show. After Woody dazzled the crowd with his ground tricks and Dominguez awed the group with his aerials, Hutch brought out Yanez for the finale. Yanez had only one trick, but it was a killer. The crowd moved back to give him a clear approach to a narrow takeoff ramp about five feet high and a wide landing ramp about six feet high. Jose came tearing across the floor at full speed and hit the first ramp. As he soared into the air, he pulled back on his handlebars of his Hutch, and as the crowd gasped in amazement, he and his bike completed a full back flip in the air, came down to a save landing on the second ramp, and rode away. There was no doubt about it, Jose Yanez had succesfully completed the greatest freestyle trick ever attempted.
eric rupe bmx plus! 04 85 april 1985 (scanned by Simon - download)
Mongoose's Eric Rupe on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
This magazine brings you back in time with an article "will BMX last forever?" and "Are todays BMX tracks too boring?". Race reviews when Greg Hill and Stu Thompson ruled the roost. Also Ron Wilkerson and bride wedding picture. Mail bag from riders you may know. Huge Rad Gallery of Steve Mccloud, Donovan Ritter, Chris Meir and cool Flatland tricks from Dave Ruz. Schwinn Predator and CW Z2000 bike test.
bmx plus! 05 85 may 1985
Scott Clark, Chris Moeller and Martin Aparijo on the cover.
GT World Tour test.
Redline 800P test.
ABA Reno Nationals.
GT Supernationals.
Richie Anderson interview.
harry leary eddy king bmx plus! 06 85 june 1985 (shared by Simon - download)
Harry Leary and Eddy King on the cover.
Hutch new Wind Styler
Can you beat Stu ?
ron wilkerson bmx plus! 07 85 july 1985
Ron Wilkerson on the cover along with Mike Miranda.
GT Mach One and Haro Sport bike tests.
Freestyler of the year poster.
Rad Gallery - Trix-R-Us w/Ron Wilkerson, Dave Nourie and Dennis McCoy.
ABA Gilly's Nationals & Pro Spectacular/Pasadena, TX
Pro Tips - How to Get Holeshots w/Tommy Brackens...the human dragster!
The Making of the Video - Freestyles Raddest Tricks
Results - Freestyler of the Year Election.
Pro Tips - Set up Secrets of the Pros (Greg Hill, Pete Loncarevich)
NBL So Cal Nationals - Montclair & Azusa, CA
Results - NBL Memphis, USBA Houston, ABA Bakersfield
bmx plus! 08 85 august 1985 - 76 pages
Mike Miranda, Scott Clark, Pete Loncarevich, Harry Leary, Rob Fehd and Billy Griggs on the cover.
Test between Redline, CW, Hutch, Diamond Back, Mongoose and GT, The Land of Lincoln Nationals, Pistol Pete Interview, Freestyle Bolt-ons, Rad Gallery, Set-up Secrets of the Pros, Trivia Challenge, How to Speed Jump and Lifestyles of the Fast and Furious.
hugo gonzales bmx plus! 09 85 september 1985 (shared by Simon - download)
Hugo Gonzales on the cover.
Skyway's hot new Street Beat.
Ramp riding made easy.
Downhill BMX.
Racing vs Freestyle controversy.
john dizz hicks bmx plus 10 1985 october 1985 (shared by Simon - download)
Freestyle's heavy-metal maniac John "dizz" Hicks grabs mega-air at the Venice Beach Freestyle Masters on the cover. (inset) Dyin' time at the Murray cup with Kirk Chrisco (81), John Piant (28P) and Mat Harris (00).
Bike tests: CW California Freestyler & PK ripper.
Murray world cup race.
Kelloggs pro series race.
Venice beach freestyle comp.
How to do balance tricks.
 bmx plus 11 1985 november 1985
Timmy Judge and Johnny O'Mara on the cover. Dominguez and Fiola inbox.
Test of the Diamond Back Hot Streak, Showdown at South Park, Freestyle contest at Del Mar, Who's Radder - BMXers or MXers?, 10 Worst Bikes in the World, Greg Hill Interview and The 25 Gnarliest Tricks in Freestyle.
bmx plus! 12 85 december 1985 (1)
Pete Loncarevick, Garry Ellis and Tommy Brackens at the NBL Grand Nationals on the cover.
The ultimate BMX trivia contest.
IBMXF World Championship in Whistler, Canada.
Creating the Ultimate Quarterpipe.
How to create your own freestyle routine.
The NBL Grand National.
Radical Rick.
86 Buyer's Guide.
AFA Masters round 3, Huntington Beach, California.