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dmc bmx plus! 01 1997 january 1997 (scanned by pharv85 - download) (1)
Dennis McCoy drops from the sky at the 1996 BS finals in San Diego on the cover.
Mongoose Fuzz and Free Agent Enforcer bike tests,
NBL Grand Nationals, Louisville, KY.
Bicycle Stunts finals, San Diego, CA.
How to enter a jumping contest.

BMX Plus january 2007: Dennis McCoy wrecked himself for the cover at the Bike Stunt Finals in San Diego, California. BMX legend Fuzzy Hall throws a classic suicide no hander while rocking full leathers and a mouth guard for the table of contents. Trek unveiled their brand new carbon fiber race frame and landed some precious cover real estate. Tim "Fuzzy" Hall's signature Mongoose goes under the microscope for a bike test. John Purse won the 1996 NBL Grands over Jason Richardson, and Keenan Harkin rag dolls attempting a 360 backflip.
matt beringer bmx plus! 02 97 february 1997 (1)
Cover: Randy Stumpfhauser leading the pros in Yorba Linda, CA. (top left), Matt Beringer (top right), Kiyomi Waller (bottom right).
ABA Fall Nationals Yorba Linda, CA.
Trek Subculture SS and Hoffman Flash tests
Moving pictures: Mike Escamilla, John Parker, Jason Davies, Andrew Faris, Shaun Butler, ...
BMX and Freestyle dictionary.

BMX Plus february 2007: Randy Stumphauser leads the Pros in Yorba Linda, California. (Top Right) Matt Beringer does a sick grizzly at Fuzzys house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fuzzy throws a suicide no hander during a race for the table of contents. The riding gear buyer's guide was a big hit that month. Scott Yoquelet was picked up by Odyssey that month and Chad Degroot left Schwinn for Standard. Robert Macpherson took the top spot on Saturday at the ABA Fall Nationals that year and Greg Remero took top honors on Sunday. The Trek Subculture SS was tested by the BMX Plus! staff that month. A cool sequence of Dennis McCoy falling from the sky for the Big Air Wear Buyer's Guide. John Parker throws a huge tail whip for a moving picture at a GT stunt show. The Haro Monocoque was the frame chosen for the ultimate BMX bike that year, and flatlanders Phil Dolan, Day Smith, Ruben Castillo, and Leo Dumlao all got some love in the parting shot.

BMX Plus february 2008: Covers were all about fitting in as many photos as you could and making sure neon colors were involved. There was an article covering the ABA Fall Nationals in Coal Caynon and Gary Ellis was definitely in attendance. The Trek Sub-Culture SS bike was fully tested along with a full line of helmets and shin guards. The top eight indoor BMX activities included videos, the internet (yes the internet was around back then), indoor tracks/skate parks, riding rollers, flatland, dialing in your bike, weights and exercise, and reading BMXPIus! of course. The official BMX and Freestyle dictionary was in full effect explaining words like Alley-Oop, Extreme, Holeshot, and Truckdriver. The ultimate BMX bike consisted of the Here Monocoque frame, Brand X titanium forks and Cruel platform pedals. The Hoffman Flash was also tested and Fuzzy Hall helped answer a BMXpert question about bar spins. The Parting Shot was split tour ways with some flatland action, or as it was called back then, "Ground Riding."
bmx plus! 03 97 march 1997 (1)
Chase Gouin and Dave Osato on the cover,
Specialized Fatboy CrMO, KHE Skunk and Dyno Slammer tests,
ABA GrandNationals and King Of Dirt in OKC,
How to ride real street,
BMX on TV,
BMX and the internet,
Edgar Plascencia and Mike Escamilla testing the Dyno Slammer,
3-piece cranks buyer's guide.
bmx plus! 04 97 april 1997 (1)
Jason Pope x-up on the cover.
1997 Midrange Freestyle Bike Shootout
The Ultimate Axle Peg Buyer's Guide
Your Guide to the Best Events in BMX for 97'
How to start racing BMX
Pro Talk, Interviews.
dave voelker bmx plus! 05 97 volume 20 no.5 - may 1997 (2)
Dave Voelker huge nothing on the cover,
How to get big air
Catalogue Haro 1997
Tests: Redline 640, SE Assassin, DB Reactor Team
Product Test: 3-Speeds for BMX
What's hot and what's not in 97'!
BMX/FS Tires Buyer's Guide
How to build a custom FS bike.
108 pages.
bmx plus! 06 97 june 1997 (2)
Brian Schmith (4) and Scott Yoquelet (23) on the cover. Top inset: Dave Voelker. Lower inset: Mike Day.
How to get your brakes dialed !
The best cities to freestyle in,
How to set up a jumping bike,
Inside the pros bikes: John Parker and Robert MacPherson,
Street action pictorial: Brian Castillo,
Sequence: Ruben Castillo superman seat grab whips.
100 pages.

BMX Plus! june 2007: Brian Schmith and Scott Yoquelet hauling in Reno Nevada. A micro/mini/junior bike buyer's guide helped you find what was good for the little racers of the world. We also helped you tune in your brakes. We surveyed top pros to find out what was the best city for freestyle. Many chose Austin but Woodward, PA, was another popular spot. Ten years ago Mike Day and Bubba Harris were test riders, Bubba test rode the GT Mini Mach One and Mike Day rode the Haro Group 1 Si Jr. We helped you setup a dirt jumping bike. A big section of street riding photos feature Brian Castillo.
bmx plus! 07 97 july 1997 (2)
Todd Lyons, Neal Wood, Matt Hadan and Andrew Faris on the cover,
EXPN X-trial BS, Providence, RI.
Is Woodward's foam jumping pit cheating ?
Gary Fisher and Powerlite tests,
T-shirt buyer's guide,
Dylan Clayton (Sunn) and Todd Lyons' (Huffy) bikes,
Rate yoursef against the pros: Shawn Butler, Todd lyons, Lawan Cunningham, Neal Wood, Alan Foster, ...
Hoffman TAJ bike test by John Povah.

BMX Plus! july 2007: Lots of stuff graced the cover. Todd Lyons bunnyhops his heart out for the Pro Olympics, three young ladies show off our T-shirt Buyer's Guide, Neal Wood ejects while testing at Sheep Hills, and racing and flatland finish off the photo-filled cover. Dave Mirra won vert at the ESPN/Bicycle stunt X Trials contest in Providence, RI. Ryan Nyquist hit the scene big and impressed a lot of people with his jumping skill. We asked the question, Is The Foam Pit Cheating. Most pros said yes. Interesting how times change.
bmx plus! 08 97 august 1997 (1)
TJ Lavin on the cover bailing.
DK Dirt Circuit, Orlando, FL.
Play / Kink SCRAP Comp.

BMX Plus! august 2007: 10 years ago in BMX Plus!, TJ Lavin scored his first cover, crashing out of a backflip while Matt Ortwein, number #1 Amateur in 1987 leads a moto. Our own Ben Crockett tested the Huffy Delirium with a no footed cancan. Corey Nastazio won the DK Dirt Circuit in Orlando, Florida. We also tested the Giant Mosh Pro XL 4130. The poster was Ryan Nyquist with a large no footed cancan in San Diego, California. A Dave Mirra Documentation showed how good the Mirracle boy was and still is. The Play/Kink contest invaded Scrap and Ryan Nyquist won mini ramp pro, Ryan won Pro Street and Chad Degroot won pro flatland.
dave voelker bmx plus! 09 97 september 1997 (2)
Dave Voelker lake jumping on the cover,
Profile cassette hub
ESPN BS round 2, Orlando, FL.

BMX Plus! september 2007: Dave Voelker does lake jumping southern California style for the cover. An ABA and NBL Pro update had John Purse leading the NBL tied with Greg Romero, and Christophe LeVeque leading the ABA. Matt Ortwein tested the DK Legend while Paul Bailey laid over the Bully Hot Rod team model. A huge lake jumping special had the likes of Josh Heino, Ruben Castillo, Mike Parenti and Brian Blyther launching themselves without regard for human safety into a perfect blue lake. The ESPN X-Trials in Orlando Florida saw Jay Miron, Dave Mirra, Colin Winkelman, Dennis McCoy, Dave Voelker, Mat Hoffman and many others destroy the vert ramp and street course. We featured a massive frame and fork buyer's guide to help you the reader make an educated decision when purchasing a new ride.
bmx plus! 10 97 october 1997 (2)
Middle inset on the cover: Keith King scuffing in the cherrypicker position,
ESPN X-Games, San Diego, CA.
3 ramp tricks you can do: fufanu, nosepick and abubaca.
Bike park directory,
Pro jumpers rate each other.

BMX Plus! october 2007: The future of BMX racing was big and bold on the cover ten years ago, and for the first time, wasn't too far off the mark. No hover bikes or spokeless wheels, just ultra light carbon fiber and aluminum engineering. Ten years ago the X Games were still lining their pockets with Dirt Jumping and Flatland dollars in hopes of one day replacing it with another moto-x event. Surprise, surprise. Trevor Meyer won flat, T.J. won dirt, Dave Mirra won street and vert. 100 other winners were announced in the BMX Plus! Winner Circle where every company under the sun pitched in to keep kids riding. If you were shopping for a place to ride, we brought you a Bike Park Directory and racers were happy to see a few pages of action pinups to line the walls of their lockers. Rooftop scored Fly Paper with a big icepick and if cruisers were on your menu, our Buyer's Guide showed you there was for the looming 1998.
bmx plus! 11 97 november 1997 (2)
DK Dirt Circuit Pittsburgh, PA.

BMX Plus! november 2007: November 1997 was all about bikes. We tested four bikes that issue; the Eastern Commando, the S&M Next Gen. Dirt Bike, the TNT C-Four XL and the Morales Pro Flatland, and saw the likes of such long gone BMX brands as Basic, Dirt Master, Jad, Bontrager Gary Fisher, King (again). Ride Hard and Royce Union in our '98 Sneak Peek. The Blue Falcon rocked yet another DK Dirt Circuit, riding for Schwinn, John Purse took the title at the UCI Worlds, and a handful of catalogs inserted in the mag made it all but impossible to flip through smoothly. Flatland took the Parting Shot spot with Chad Degroot, Aaron Behnke, Chris Young and Jamie McIntosh sharing a four way split. In addition, every sprocket was 44-tooth or larger.
bmx plus! 12 97 volume 20 no.12 - december 1997 (3)
Todd Lyons at the DK Dirt Circuit in Colombus and Andrew Arroyo cranking an uptight wheelie on the cover.
Hoffman bike EP test by Andrew Arroyo,
DK Dirt Circuit Colombus, OH - Louisville KY
BS finals, Seal Beach, CA.
1997 NBL Grand Nationals,
Sweatshirt buyer's guide.

BMX Plus! december 2007: Ten years ago our covers had more pictures and words than an average issue did; go figure. Nyquist received the glory of the Table of Contents back when he still had blue facial hair, and we checked in on the DK Dirt Circuit, NBL Grands and Bicycle Stunt Finals all in one short month. We pegged Chad Kagy as "Up and coming talent" and dang if we didn't hit that nail square on the head. Christophe LeVeque led the foreign invasion to the States, becoming the first ever non-American Pro title holder in the NBL. Getting a taste of the future, we compared readers' 'Bike designs of tomorrow" with a sneak peek of what some of the companies had planned for the coming years, and guess what? None of it survived. Getting with the times, every rider at the dirt comps rode in full race gear, snap-on mouth guards were still the hot ticket at the races, and TJ Lavin was kicking off his Specialized career on the Fly Boy frame that shocked the sport.