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chris gerber bmx plus! 01 2008 january 2008 (1)
Chris Gerber flair invert on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
Salt Lake City Dew Tour Contest coverage.
On the Move (Quarter pipe basics).
2008 Dirt/Freestyle Buyers guide that you won't want to miss (over 250 new completes and frames)
Rick Thorne "Hit List" check out what that dudes been through injury wise, its pretty crazy.
A look at the UCI world Championships.
Inside The Pro's Bikes with Eben Fischer.
Moving Pictures (rip them out and put them on your wall)
and more!!!
Jeremy Pavia/Assistant Editor, www.thecomeupboard.com, december 2007: I wanted to take a minute to give everyone an idea of what is going on at BMX Plus! magazine...where it has been, and where it is headed etc. Please only read this if you are going to have an open mind. BMX is a small community and we all need to help each other out as much as possible to help it grow as a whole.
First, here is a little background info that some of you may or may not know. BMX Plus! magazine has been around since 1978. It is the longest running magazine in the history of BMX magazines. It is also the only magazine (at this time) to cover all disciplines of BMX including Street, Dirt, Flatland, Vert, and Racing. We also try to be as open as possible when it comes to what riders go in the magazine. This gives a lot of up and comers the chance to get coverage and try to make a name for themselves. One of the most important things to recognize is that a lot (the majority) of big name Pro's and now key industry people that you look up to today have graced the pages of BMX Plus! at one point in time, whether it be a cover photo ten years ago, or even doing bike tests for the magazine back in the day.
BMX Plus! magazine has a target audience much younger than say Ride, Dig, or RideUK. This is important for people to realize when thinking about the editorial content of the magazine. If certain things do not appeal to you, that is fine. But you also might not be between the ages of 10-15. Besides finding it on news stands, BMX Plus! is also in libraries all across the country. This may sound weird at first but let me explain the benefit of this to BMX. I will keep it simple. Kid is bored at school, kid reads magazine...kid gets stoked on riding, kid buys bike, kid rides bike, kid buys parts, shoes, clothes, backpacks, dvds, etc. and helps keep the gears turning in the BMX machine.
Our main goal is to produce a quality magazine with the resources that we are provided with on a monthly basis. A lot of hard work goes into making a magazine and we are just glad to be part of the BMX community and hope that people will continue to flip through the pages each month.
If you have any questions/comments please feel free to shoot me an email at JeremyPavia@jetemail.net I would be glad to hear some feedback. Otherwise, hit us up and add us on myspace at myspace.com/bmxplus or check out bmxplusmag.com
sean sexton bmx plus! 02 2008 february 2008 (1)
On the Cover: Sean Sexton (fakie tuck no hander) Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
KINK "Comeback" Tour Road Trip.
On the Move (5 Flatland Basics)
2008 Race Buyers guide to help pick your next race machine
ABA's Disney Cup
BACO Jam Hits Florida
Inside The Pro's Bikes with Aaron Johnson
Moving Pictures (rip them out and put them on your wall)
and more!!!
alfredo mancuso bmx plus! 03 2008 march 2008 (1)
On the Cover, Alfredo Mancuso has a three story high tail whip for breakfast during a nice long beach sunrise. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
Inside you will find...
A look at our $2200 "Ultimate Race Bike"
ABA Grand Nationals
15 Upgrades for under $15
Learn 5 New Rail Tricks Today
Riders of the year announced
Icer Air Contest in San Fran
Red Bull Down and Dirty
Hollywood Flatland Jam
And much much more!
greg sumida bmx plus! 04 2008 april 2008 (1)
On the Cover, Greg Sumida. Crooked Pedal gring in Reno, NV in the middle of winter.
Verde Bike Test.
NBL Xmas Classic.
Backyard Spotlight.
Inside Emans Volume.
Faces w/Johnny Devlin.
Woodward Winter Camp.
Pro Bike Weights.
Moving Pictures.
And much much more!
david herman bmx plus! 05 2008 may 2008 (1)
David Herman Full Speed at the Silver Dollar Nationals on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
Premium and Haro Bike Tests.
ABA Silver Dollar National.
NBL Coyote National.
Inside Josh Betley’s Sunday.
Installing Micro Drivers.
Spines and Grinds made Easy.
Attention Old Schoolers (Check out what we found!).
Contributor Spotlight w/Jeff Brockmeyer.
And much much more!
luke parslow bmx plus! 06 2008 june 2008 (1)
Luke Parslow stretched 360 super whip on the cover. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
Shadow Conspiracy Road Trip.
Project Mayhem.
Inside Luke Parslow's Double flipping machine.
ABA Track Listings.
On the Spot with TJ Ellis.
Reader Survey.
Moving Pics.
How to's.
So You Wanna Be A Dirt Jumper?
And much more!!!
100 pages of BMX Goodness!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2008: Luke Parslow gets the cover of the June issue and he deserves it. The Australian has been hanging in there (the USA) for a few years trying to make things work as a pro dirt rider. The Diamondback Accomplish, Intense Felix and wethepeople lo-fi get tested. Where else do you find bike tests these days? BMX Plus has more tips for you like how to bend your brake lever to the perfect bend, how to opposite feeble-360-out, and if you have any questions, the BMXperts will anwer them. TJ Lavin tells what it's like to be a dirt jumper, there's a Shadow road trip report in the June issue, a 5 minute interview with dirt jumper TJ Ellis, and a list of all ABA BMX tracks around North America. BMX Plus actually brings you a whole lot of info. It's got a new parts section with stuff you will drool over, you can rip out a few of the Moving picturs for your wall, it's got a tire review (KHE, Shadow, Revenge, Hoffman, Demolition, Animal), a helmet review from 30 years of BMX, Bike Check with Quinn Semling and Luke Parslow and 5 street tricks anybody can learn because they are donw on flat ground. We'll call it off here, got some reading to do.
matt wilhelm bmx plus! 07 2008 july 2008 (1)
Matt Wilhelm on the cover. Photo by Ben Crockett.
Dave Osato's Signature Ride.
Interview with Mark Mulville.
Hillside Trail Jam.
NBL Gator Nationals.
Save weight for less.
Bunnyhop Basics.
Get Ready for the Streets with LA's E-man and Boy.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2008: You can expect the unexpected from BMX Plus! In times when it's not hardcore to put Flatland on the cover of a magazine, they do. Matt Wilhelm is so stoked on it that he made this photo his profile picture on his myspace. You would be stoked too to get a cover of a magazine. Don't be afraid they completely missed the boat though as they have an article on "How to get Ready For the Street" as well. Bike tests are common at BMX Plus! and the July issue has a Hitman Ruby complete bike test, the Quamen ATL Frame test and an 18 inch complete bike shootout where they took bikes from Hoffman, Redline and 2HIP. Plus does travel around to cover events and they've got the NBL GATOR Nats covered (opens with the best racing photo I've seen in a while), the Cam Jam and also the St. Patrick's day trails jam at Paxton's. You can learn things from BMX Plus! Maybe you know it all but if you don't it's nice to get tips on how to bunny hop higher. Turn to page 30 for those tips. Dave Osato's ride gets inspected, they've got an article on the development of BMX pedals over the years, an interview with Mark Mulville, tips on tricks over the hip, a spotlight on Shad Hopkins and of course some great Moving Pictures towards the end of the issue. Don't get scared off by the flatland cover, plenty of stuff inside.

Matt Wilhelm, www.global-flat.com, may 2008: The trick is a new bike flip I learned called the Taco Flip, and there is a nice sequence of it along with a short interview inside. Please support flatland and get a copy of this magazine.
scott twiford bmx plus! 08 2008 august 2008 (1)
Scott Twiford on the cover. Photo by Jeremy Pavia.
T-shirt Buyer's Guide.
6 New Tricks to learn today!
Formula and DK put to the test.
Inside the Pro's bikes Special (a look at 5 different pros bikes!)
Win Darin Reads Custom DiamondBack.
Matt Pohlkamp's secrets to faster racing.
And much much more!

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, july 2008: Heard of Scott Twiford before? Me neither. But it shows that you don't need to be big time to get a cover of BMX Plus! and we like that. Pay $ 4.99 and you have the August issue in your hands and as the cover says, you can win Darin Read's personal Diamondback too. Turn to page 56 for that. Bikes tested in this issue are the DK Six Pack and the Formula Pro XL race bike. Events covered are the Ticos Jam (flatland!), Ricardo Laguna's Extreme Thing (Vegas style) and the NBL Pacific Nationals. Next to that the following articles can be found inside:
-Racing tips from Matt Pohlkamp
-Hang-5 how-to
-Installing 3-piece cranks how-to
-Bikechecks with Nate Berkheimer, Kevin Porter, Will Love, Ricardo Laguna and Karl Poynter
-The annual T-shirt shoot-out. Over 100 T-shirts you can choose from.
-5 tricks you can do at your local wallride
-Three decades of tires. 30 years ago, 20 years ago and 10 years ago. Still rubber.
-They had BMX in the USA in 1976 (BMX provces it) but that's still not quite 1956. BMX started in the Netherlands.
-Moving Pictures have enough material to cover a big part of your boring wall. Don't forget to give Alexandre Valentino a nice spot.
-Vans, Kryptonite and Jaguar Brake Cables cover the Product Probe.
-The Trick Stuff section has more parts from more companies
-If you still have an empty spot on your wall, the Parting Shot will cover it.
There you have it. 100 pages of BMX, for only $ 4.99
adam banton bmx plus! 09 2008 september 2008 (1)
Adam Banton shot by Shad Hopkins on the cover.
Red Bull Elevation! Best dirt comp ever!
$200 bike shootout, see how they held up...
Learn Tricks faster
Gear up for less
Get sponsored
Fine Tune your ride
Where to meet your favorite Pro's
and more!!!
bryce toole bmx plus! 10 2008 october 2008 (1)
Bryce Toole on the cover. Photo: Jeremy Pavia.
$3000 Pro Bike Giveaway!!!
2009 Sneak Peek and first tests
Kevin Robinson's new world record
Olympic Race Special
AST Dew Tour
Flatland World Circuit Stop 1
Crash and Burn Photo Special (Tips from the Pro's on Bailing)
And more of course!
Price: $6.95

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, september 2008: The new issue of BMX Plus! showed up with Bryce Toole on the cover doing a 180 barspin over a guide rail somewhere in the sunshine. Did you know that for a long time it was not possible to score a photo in BMX Plus! without wearing a helmet? Those days are long gone and it looks like Bryce isn't wearing any protection gear other than some high top Vans.
eben fisher bmx plus! 11 2008 november 2008 (1)
Eben Fisher on the cover. Photo: Pavia
On the Spot with Chris Doyle.
Old School How To with Freestyle Legend Dave Voelker.
Two must have bikes for '09 put to the test
Photo special
Fall clothing feature
Dew Tour Coverage
ABA Great Salt Lake Nationals.
bmx plus! 12 2008 december 2008 (1)
Help us celebrate 30 years of BMX with our Anniversary issue! It is packed full of all things BMX and you don't want to miss out. This is one to collect for the history books.
Win a limited edition 2 Hip Pork!
Full Olympic Race Coverage
X Games.
Portland Dew Tour.
Diamondback Bike Test
On the Spot with Steve Woodward.
Primo Road Trip.
So much more!