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eric rupe bmx plus! 01 83 volume 6 number 1 - january 1983 (scanned by Poupa lee 0706 - download)
Eric Rupe on Mongoose (Pro Class Black Chrome) on cover. Photo by John Ker.
Jason Wharton profile.
Impression. Aerolite's 22-inch Tech 2200.
ABA Fall Nationals Lancaster, California, october 1982.
Huffy Pro Lightning 20-inch test.
IMBXF Mongoose Magic Mountain, Valencia, California.
ASPA King of the Skatepark, Upland, California.
Products. Haro Freestyler forks, Tioga SuperLite tubes, Schwinn Team 24, Puch Magnum, ...
Prosight 24 test by Martin Aparijo.
Radical Rick with guest star Greg Hill.
76 pages.
bob haro bmx plus! 02 83 february 1983 (scanned by Simon 0901 - download)
Bob Haro is on the cover.
Some of the articles are How to do a Bar Hop with Bob Haro, ABA Gold Cup Finals, Test of Puch Trak Pro 20-incher, Test of Champion 24-incher, a pedal comparison, ABA Grand National. There are 76 pages total.
greg hill bmx plus! 03 83 march 1983 (scanned by Simon John 0710 - download)
Greg Hill is on the cover. Photo by John Ker.
BMX Plus! staff.
Coca-Cola Jag BMX World Championship of Bicycle Motocross V.
1982 Race Retrospect, BMX Personalities, Equipment, Crashing.
Freestyle: Martin Aparijo, Bob Haro, Andy Patterson, Dale Perez, Ron Clement, Jeff Watson.
76 pages.
BMX Plus! jwas purchased on february 9, 1983 by the Daisy/Hi-Torque publishing company.
BMX Plus! june 1992: It was in the year 1983 that BMX Plus! changed ownership. Publisher Roland Hinz purchased the magazine and added it to his collection. BMX Plus! became part of Daisy/Hi-Torque Publishing Co. and joined forces with powerhouse magazines Motocross Action, Dirt Bike, and Dirt Wheels. Since then Mountain Bike Action, 3&4 Wheel Action and Crash 'N' Burn have also been added to the team.
tommy brackens bmx plus! 04 83 april 1983 (shared by Simon John 1308 - download)
Tommy Brackens is on the cover.
ABA/GT Elsinore Supernationals/Lake Elsinore,CA - A record 337 motos!
Haro Freestyler tested by Martin Aparijo.
Schwinn Predator Team 24 test.
Tommy Brackens interview.
Editorial explaining them being bought by Hi_torque Pub.
Parting Shot - Human Pretzel
Results - ABA Cajun Nationals/Shreveport, LA
Results - NBL War of the Stars/Orlando & Lake Alford, FL
Radical Rick..
76 pages.
May 1983 issue.
BMX Plus! june 1983: You may have noticed that this is our June issue. And you may be wondering what happened to our May issue. No need to worry. This was going to be the May issue, but we decided to change the date to June. Why in the world did we do that? you ask Well, it's quite simple. When we changed printing companies, we found it was necessary to change our cover date system as well. Don't worry about missing an issue. All subscribers will find that their subscription will be extended one month as a result of this change.
toby henderson bmx plus! 06 83 june 1983
Toby Henderson on Hutch on the cover.
Tests on the Kuwahara KZ 2.5 20" and Mongoose Pro Class 20".
Event coverage from AMA Winternational in Chandler, Arizona.
Greg Hill interview part 1.
Faces interviews with Greg Beller and Greg Liggins.
80 pages.
dave gianunzio billy grigs bmx plus! 07 83 july 1983
Dave Gianunzio and Billy Griggs on the cover.
Bike test: CW 24" and Ross MX-Time 20".
NBL War of the Stars 2-days in Menphis, TN.
Interview: Greg Hill part 2 (part 1 in Plus! june 1983)
Greg Hill's factory race bike.
Tuning secrets: bearing race polish.
540 head spinner: are you crazy enough to try it ? (Freestyle how to: Front wheel 540)
76 pages.
bmx plus! 08 83 august 1983 - 84 pages
Collage of riders on cover, Harry Leary on DB, Charlie Williams on Hutch, Keller on JMC and Eddie Fiola on GT.
Mini Shootout and Azusa National. Pro Class Privateers show Joe Baumert and Greg Grubbs.
Mini bikes test: Diamondback, Redline, Kuwahara, Torker, JMC, GT, Robinson, CW, Hutch.
BMX racing tips from the pro's.
Product probe: BMX racing shoes.
brent patterson stu thompson bmx plus! 09 83 september 1983
Brent Patterson and Stu Thompson on Redline on cover.
Redline PL 24 test. Miami Pro Spectacular, Devonshire Downs, Bakersfield.
Super rim comparison: Araya, Ukai, Nisi and more.
ESPN Pro Spectaculars round one $6500 Miami, Florida..
NBL War of the Stars Devonshire Downs, CA. and Bakesfield, CA.
Up and comers: Shawn Texas.
eddie fiola bmx plus! 10 1983 october 1983 (schared by Simon 1102 - download)
Eddie Fiola on GT Pro at the skatepark is on the cover.
Tests of the GT Mach One and Race Inc. RA-24.
Levi's ABA Spring Nationals.
$25,000 Murray World Cup.
Lake Jumping.
Gary Ellis interview.
Mike Miranda interview.
Radical Rick (with Mr. Tea this issue).
84 pages total.
mike miranda david ruz jim comeau  bmx plus! 11 83 november 1983 (scanned by Simon 1007 - download)
Mike Miranda (top-left), David Ruz over Andy Sutalo and Jim Comeau on the cover.
Results - ABA Great Lakes Nat'l - Lapeer, MI Mile High Nat'l Longmont, CO
Rad Gallery - Dangerous Dave.
Test of the Raleigh R6000 top of the line BMX.
Test of the Procraft Ultima 2400.
NBL War of the Stars/Sikeston, Missouri.
NBL War of the Stars/Antire Valley, Missouri.
ESPN Pro Spectacular Round 3 - St. Louis, MO.
Profile - Freestyler David Ruz.
Shimano Mountain Bicycle GrandPrix - Carlsbad Raceway, CA.
Radical Rick.
Back to basics: Getting to know your bike a little better.
76 pages.
bmx plus! magazine cover 12 1983 december 1983
Results-ABA Nat's-Elkhart, IN-Champaign, IL
IBMXF World Championship/Slagharen, Holland-Miller, Patterson, Harris dominate.
Tech - Dropping out in style - Know your drop outs...
1983 Buyers Guide - Bikes, Components, Apparel
NBL War of the Stars Double Header - Pittsburgh Pictorial
Profile - Brian Patterson - "If I can't win anymore, I'm gonna quit!"
ESPN Johnstown, PA - Harry takes Round Four, Patterson bungles, Hill retains points lead.
Freestyle How To - The Wilton