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bmx plus! 01 04 january 2004
?? on the cover.
Bikes: Huffy M-80, DK Four Pack, Fit Homan
Events: NBL Grands, Core Tour, Gravity Games
Features: Nyquist Column, Getting A Jump On Winter, On The Move: Learn To Manual, Dirt/Street Buyer's Guide, Product Probe, Moving Pictures.
bmx plus! 02 04 february 2004
Steve McCloud doing a barrel roll in his back yard skatepark on the cover.
Events: Vans Triple Crown, UCI/NBL Downhill Supercross, ABA Fall Nationals
Bikes: Free Agent Air Raid, Premium Products
Features: Nyquist Column--From his twisted little mind, Interbike 2003, Inside The Pros Bikes--Seig, Bostrom, Morales, On The Move-Street Basics, Fly Paper--Morgan Wade, Tech Tip-Grip Install, 2004 Freestyle Buyer's Guide, Product Probe, Moving Pictures
ronnie chalk bmx plus! 03 04 march 2004
BMX Plus! march 2009: Ronnie Chalk graced the cover with a big 'ol sub box icepick, and Gabe Kadmiri rocks the table of contents photo with a wild flatland move. The Redline Mega-X and DiamondBack Reactor Mini were put to test. We covered the ABA Grands, ASA Championships and a local Dirt jumping comp. Nyquist rants about a secret freeway system. We taught you how to re-paint that old frame, had you send in votes for the ultimate street bike and showed you all the new race bikes available. Kagy checks in about some of his injuries; Corey Bohan gets interviewed, and we showed off some new products from Demolition, Premium and RNC. Ty Hathaway closes the issue with parting shot by x-ing up off of a scenic looking ledge.
bmx plus! 04 04 april 2004
Premium's Ryan Mills on the cover.
Bikes: Felt Manic, GT Bestwick, We The People Omen
Features: Nyquist Column-Ramsdell Who, Nostalgia-Brian Blyther, Faces-George Ramirez, Riders Of The Year, Morgan Wade Interview, How To Be A Faster Racer, On The Move-Front Brake Trickery, Salute To Small Parts, Tech Tip-Sprocket Surgery, Inside The Pros' Bikes--MacNeil's John Heaton, Product Probe, Flatland Tour-Steingraber tackles Germany, Moving Pictures
bmx plus! 05 04 may 2004
??? on the cover.
Bikes: 2-Hip Sub, Haro R2, Rdline Grom-X
Events: ABA Silver Dollar Nationals
Features: Nyquist Column-...It stinks, On The Move Special-More ways to upstage your friends, Tech Tip-Installing Spanish, Fly Paper-Not just for vert anymore, Inside The Pros' Bikes-Ian Morris and Christian Becerine, Trash Talk--For richer and poorer, U-Brake Buyer's Guide, Nostalgia-Duke Voelker, ABA Track Directory
bmx plus! 06 04 june 2004
tj lavin bmx plus! 07 04 july 2004
TJ Lavin on the cover.
Bikes: Mongoose RAF
Events: ABA Great Northwest Nats, Hollywood Flatland Jam
Features: Faces-The versatile Nate Berkheimer, Tech Tip-Adjusting Bottom Brackets, Bringing Out The Dead-26-inch Cruisers live, One The Move-How To Get A Gate Start, Warming Up For Camp, Backyard Paradise, Product Probe, Etnies Lets The Bikes In, Inside The Pros Bikes-Paul Lange and Chad Johnston, Moving Pictures, Readership Survey.
ryan nyquist bmx plus! 08 04 august 2004
Ryan Nyquist on the cover.
Features: Ultimate Not A Race Bike, T-Shirt Buyer's Guide, On The Move--Toboggan with Walkowiak, Ben Snowden Interview, Tech Tip-Changing a tube, On The Move-Over Icepicks, Product Probe, Nostalgia-Stu Thomsen, Moving Pictures
Bikes: Nirve 720, Staats Jumping Frame
Events: ABA So Cal Nationals, UGP Roots, Whole Lotta Florida--Two NBL Races In A Row, Real Ride Comp--Freestyle In The 909.
bmx plus! 09 04 september 2004
?? on the cover.
Features: Product Probe, The Glory Hole--Take a little boat ride, Tech Tip--Get those brakes working, Inside The Pros Bikes-The Biz is in town, Flypaper-Chase Hawk, Soft Pad Buyer's Guide, Build It And They Will Come--Nate Wessel, On The Move--How to turndown over spines, Moving Pictures
Bikes: Redline Smack, Specialized Fuse, Freeagent Ambush
Events: UCI Downhill Madness, CFB Woodward West, Ninja Comp, Vans Triple Crown
allistair whitton bmx plus! 10 04 october 2004
Cover of BMX Plus features Allistair Whitton riding with some rims that are chrome on the braking sides, and painted (white) in the center of the rim.
A morning at Burnside with Justin Inman.
New 2005 bikes.
bmx plus! 11 04 november 2004
Full loop on the cover.
Features: Tech Tip--The Right Gearing For Any Occasion, On The Move--Fufanu's, Denver Scene Report, Product Probe-$800 Wheels, Inside The Pros Bikes-Scotty Cranmer, Fly Paper-Morgan Wade, Gary Young Insider, Subdivision Trade Show--BMX'ers At Their Day Jobs, Faces--Cody Bowers, Moving Pictures, Micheal Steingraeber
Events: Vans Triple Crown--Denver, NBL/UCI Worlds
Bikes: Staats Expert XL, Diamondback Sherman
morgan wade bmx plus! 12 04 december 2004
Morgan Wade bike flip at the X Games on the cover.
Features: Christmas Wish List, Inside The Pros' Bikes-FBM Style, Tech Tip-Chain Breaking?, Rider Of The Year Voting, Frames Explained, Faces-Koji Kraft, Inside Shows, Moving Pictures, Product Probe
Bikes: Diamondback Accomplice, Felt Fuse, Schwinn Lavin 1000
Events: ABA Worlds, X Games