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adam baker bmx plus! 01 05 january 2005
Adam Baker on the cover.
Features: On The Move--Nose picking the Canadian way, 2005 Dirt/Street Buyer's Guide, Tech Tip--Adjusting Your Hub, Raising Arizona-Adam Baker and Trails, Inside A Pro's Bike--Luke Parslow, Woman Of Freestyle--Nina Buitrago, Moving Pictures--Creating A Flip Book, Product Probe--Grigging and Clamping
Bikes: Fit Pro, Specialized Fuse IV
Events: NBL Grands, Contest Invasion--An Overload Of California Contests
pat schreader bmx plus! 02 05 february 2005
Pat Schreader on the cover.
Bikes: Giant Modem, Redline Racers
Events: Bicycle Trade Shows, ABA Fall Nationals.
Features: Nostalgia, Race Bike Buyer's Guide, Inside The Pro's Bikes, On The Move, Getting Ready For Winter, Bike Company Owner's Bike-Chris Moeller, Tech Tip-Winterize Your Bike, Moving Pictures, Product Probe
mike day bmx plus! 03 05 march 2005
AA pro Mike Day sending a whip for the cover.
Features: Nostalgia: Bike Swallowing, Terry Adams: Flatland in the limelight, One The Move #1: How To Pull An X-up, Flypaper: TJ Lavin, On The Move #2: How To Truck Driver, Racer Rules, Tech Tip: Get a Grip, Threads, Working Class Heroes, Moving Pictures, Inside The Pros Bikes: Greg Romero's Revtec, Thomas Stellwag interview.
Events: ABA Grand Nationals, Block Jam 2005
Bikes: Haro Flair, GT Fueler, Supercross.
brian foster bmx plus! 04 05 april 2005 (1)
Brian Foster boosts a topside no-footed cancan on the cover.
Bikes: Mongoose McCann, SE Mauler Expert
Events: Puerto Rico Race, Intrikat Flatland Jam.
Features: Nostalgia with Eddie Fiola, The Material Goods-The Right Parts For The Right Person, Trash Talk, Riders Of The Year, Ultimate Race Bike Voting, On The Move--Heath Pinter, Tech Tip-Sprockets, Full-length interview with Bubba Harris, On The Move-Tire Grabs, Threads, Moving Pictures (Shaun Butler, Cory Jarman, Austin Coleman and Brian Yeagle), Product Probe. Jason Willis ends the issue with a crazy looking footjam on a subrail.
brian terrada bmx plus! 05 05 may 2005 (1)
Brian Terada on the cover. Photo by Shad Hopkins.
Bikes: Diamondback Orion, DK Signal.
Events: Boom Boom Huck Jam, ABA Silver Dollar Nats, NBL Christmas Classic
Features: Nostalgia (Rick Moliterno), On The Move-Learn How The Smith Grind, Trash Talk, Faces (Cheeve Steven Taiariol), Junior Thumper, Threads, Inside The Pros Bikes (Brian Terada and Ryan O'Conell), Norcal Explosion, Moving Pictures (Allan Cooke, Brian Foster, Ben Kilgren, Taylor Thompson), Product Probe.
cameron white bmx plus! 06 05 june 2005 (1)
Cameron White unlookback on the cover.
Van Homan and Nate Wessel bike inspection.
ABA Winter Nationals.
Taylor Thompson interview.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2005: Cameron White on the cover on an orange bike. Oranje Boven! 2 Dutch guys get a photo in Inside Scoop this month. The Mailbag brought some shady drawings for a BMX magazine. The BMXperts answer some reader questions and the Nostalgia page has Greg Hill riding a pink Hutch. I honestly forgot Greg ever rode for Hutch. Thanks for the reminder. Nate Wessel and Van Homan present their bikes on page 28/29. Ryan Sher's front yard jam got a report and the FBM outsider gets tested. Racing? yes. ABA winternationals with lots of mud. Project Junior Jumper brings you a light yet durable bike and there's a unique how-to on page 48/49. Rad poster of Randy Brown. Interview with Taylor Thompson (9 pages), cranks 411, an article on gearing up, threads, a report on the Bring Your Own Bike flatland jam (nice pics), Product Probe (MacNeil seat and Knight Bike Co. Ti Bolt kits) and the obligatory Moving Pictures. Some trick stuff is presented in the BMX Blvd and the parting shot finishes the June issue.
hoang tran bmx plus! 07 05 july 2005 (1)
Hoang Tran on the cover with a one-footed euro table while shredding Mike Aitken's old frame and Jimmy Levan's old forks.
Bikes: Free Agent, Hoffman Disruptor IL2, Supercross MXP Frame Test
Events: Desert Breeze Contest, The Great North West ABA Nationals, Threads
Features: Nostalgia with Todd Anderson, Inside The Pros' Bikes, Faces-Ryan Mills, Tech Tip-Installing Demolition Cranks, On The Move-Got Something Stuck In Your Teeth, Faces-Eben Fisher, Tech Tip-Need To Replace Your Stem, Moving Pictures, Product Probe-Demolition, Fit And Premium

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, june 2005: You don't have to be a multi time X-Games medalist to get on the Cover of BMX Plus! magazine. Hoang Tran proves that. The people at Plus are pretty good at giving new talent some pics in the magazine. Based a bit North of LA (and the OC), they simply run into other talent and there is plenty of talent out riding at the local parks these days. The Inside Scoop are the pages that bring the news. There's also a one page interview with Sam Schultz, the man behind Tree Bike Co. Dale Holmes gives the race update and there's a page on the DC sprint race. Reader letters? Sure. The Nostalgia page is one for coaster brake lovers as Todd Anderson sails a one footed invert at the Enchanted ramp on his General bike (what happened to that brand?). Sam Cools' and Brian Castillo's bikes get inspected and the Free Agent Limo bike gets tested. You want Extreme dirt jumping? you got it. 6 pages of it. There's an ABA race report that starts on p. 38 before we get to the Ryan Mills interview. Ryan's coming to the FISE so meet him in person there. Just in time for summer there's a beanie review. Another bike test (Hoffman Disrupter), BB/Crank installment how-to and a how-to fill the next few pages. Eben Fisher gets an interview and the Supercross MXP frame is being put through the test. There's more. A stem/bars tech-tip part, some cool pics, product stuff and the parting shot.
brandon turner bmx plus! 08 05 august 2005 (1)
Brandon Turner on the cover with a turndown transfer in Washington while on a Diamondback road trip.
Darden's custom S&M and Harrington's prototype Haro.
Diamondback roadtrip.
Hollywood flatland jam.
The Pig contest.
Nostalgia with Dennis McCoy and a sick one-footed flattie at sunset.
larry alvarado bmx plus! 09 05 september 2005 (1)
Larry Alvarado hangover toothpick grind down a rail on the cover.
Singapore's flatland scene.
The James Foster show.
2005 ultimate race bike.
Dave Mirra's Haro and Steven Murray's GT.
luke parslow bmx plus! 10 05 october 2005 (1)
Luke Parslow got caught mid 360 whip for the cover.
Bikes: MCS Holeshot Expert, Staats Large Frame, GT Jamie Bestwick King
Features: Nostalgia--BMX Plus! Test Force, Inside The Pros' Bikes--Dale Holmes, Kevin Porter and Mike Escamilla, On The Move--Disaster To Revert, Rider Of The Year Voting, Lightest Of The Light, Tech Tips-Tire Tips, '06 Sneak Peek, Threads, Getting Started Racing, Moving Pictures, Product Probe--FSA, HTP and S&M
Events: ABA Midwest Nationals, BMX Plus Road Trip, Dew Action Sports Tour
corey martinez bmx plus! 11 05 november 2005 (1)
Corey Martinez no footed cancan at the X-Games on the cover. Photo by Cody York.
Nostalgia: Todd Anderson, Brian Blyther and Mike Dominguez at the Camarillo ramp.
How to 180 to 180 off on a rail with Ian Munro.
Haro's '06 Nyquist Three, Specialized Fuse 4 and S&M LAF tests.
ABA Worlds.
Lightest of the light: Supercross MX and FMF Carbon.
Safe helmet.
Redline 2006 catalog.
Inside the pros bikes: Jay Miron's MacNeil and Ron Wise's S&M.
Back to the beach: the West Soul Bowl.
Gravity Games.
Christopher Scott Tepper-Weise interview.
Tech tip: crank it up.
Moving pictures: Brett Walker, Forest Emmons, Mike Laird whip to feeble, Cody York, Gabe Weed and Josh Harrington.
Parting shot: Ronnie Surridge invert 360.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2005: The ever relaxed looking Corey Martinez gets the cover with a topside no-foot cancan on his Bronze Federal. Justin Simpson shows he's got balls doing the manual that he does on the contents page. The Inside Scoop is always full of gossip and BMX news. They get a bag full of mail every month at BMX Plus! and some of them are answered by the staff or the BMXperts. The Nostalgia photo sure is old school. Blyther, Dominguez and Anderson all in the air at the same time on the Camarillo ramp. Okay, you're a pretty advanced street rider but would like to learn a 180 to 180 off, on a rail. Ian Munro shows you how. There's a HARO 06 (Nyquist three) bike test in the November issue. The ABA puts on a "World's" of their own in California and you can find a race report from page 26-35. Another bike test: Specialized FUSE 4. I know you were waiting for this: Jersey shootout. Chicks in BMX jerseys. Okay, you want to race but still want to do some dirt jumping and street riding? You'll need a light frame. The CrMo Supercross MX frame is possibly your answer (4.62 lb). If you want a REAL light frame to race on, the FMF Carbon Pro 2 Tube wins the scale competition at 3.062 lb. but we remember seeing Neal Wood walking away from Sheep Hills with two pieces of frame in his hands some years ago. Keep it to the track and hope it will survive. Plus! is also leading you through some helmet testing. We can only advise you to protect your head. The Redline catalog in the middle makes this issue feel like it's real thick but in fact, the fat Redline catalog is the reason for this. Miron's bike gets inspected and the same goes for Rob Wise's S&M. Joe Rich won the Soul Bowl in HB, read why on pages 56-58. Damn, it's a stacked issue; Gravity Games. Loads of pictures and the sequences show some of the harder tricks that were done. Ever heard of Christopher Scott Tepper-Weise? me neither. The 18 year old has a fake leg and still rides. He gets an interview in FACES and an interesting one at that. The S&M Light as Fuck frame gets tested, followed by some Tech Tips regarding cranks. Then it's time for the nice photos in the Moving pictures. Are we done yet? No, not really. Product Probe shows Macneil I.D. Forks, a RNC Euro Bottom bracket and Primo Hollowbite Cranks. There are 10 parts that make it in the Trick Stuff section but you gotta find an issue of Plus! to find out who they are. Is that the world famous Surridge getting the Parting shot? Man, he's going to blow up soon and buy himself a real Mercedes.
ricardo laguna bmx plus! 12 05 december 2005 (1)
Ricardo Laguna "Mr Vegas" no handed flip on the cover.
Corey Bohan showed his stylish side with a 360 one-footed invert for the table of content page.
Bikes: Macneil Whitton, Felt Fuse, Diamondback Sherman.
Events: NBL Summary, X Games, UCI World Championships--Bubba is the fastest in the world
Nostalgia-Woodward in 1988.
Faces-Scott O'Brien.
Christmas Wish List.
Inside The Pros' Bikes: Mike Parenti and Tom Haugen.
On The Move-Gabe Weed Plays Teacher.
Moving Pictures.
Tech Tip-Dual Cable Install.

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, november 2005: Ever noticed how the color of the font corresponds with the color of the cover pic in Plus!? This time it's the red of Ricardo Laguna's shirt that takes care of part of the content of the Dec. issue. From the cover you can tell that there is an X-Games report and who won the gold. 3 bikes get tested: Felt FUSE, Macneil WHITTON and the Diamond Back SHERMAN. There's an article called On the Move: Improve your flatland skills. For those who are stuck deciding what to give their best friends/loved ones for Christmas, the Holiday Gift Guide might actually help. The racing coverage in this issue of Plus! consists of the UCI World Championships in Paris and an NBL Race report. Colin Winkelmann RIP. Find the memorial jam report on page 10 and 12. The Nostalgia pic takes you back to a BMX race at Woodward Camp in 1988. That's Billy Griggs in the picture riding for Redline and sporting that popular numberplate that was screwed to the handlebars. Scott o'Brian talks about Flatland Worldwide. Tom Haugen's Free Agent bike gets inspected as well as Mike Parenti's Custom Giant. A flatland how-to follows. Really. Moving pics: nice still photos and a few sequences. A tech tip and the Parting Shot wrap up the December issue.