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jerry badders bmx plus! 01 94 volume 17 no.1 - january 1994 (1)
Jerry Badders on the cover,
1994 Hyper Metro Pro, Test
1994 Parkpre Team FX Pro 24, Test
Bicycle Stunts Comp #3, OK City, OK
NBL Grandnationals, Memphis, TN
Spotlight: Interbike Trade Show
How-to: Train to Win, Racing Secrets
Spine how to by Jay Miron.
billy griggs bmx plus! 02 94 february 1994 (1)
Billy Griggs on the cover.
John Parker interview: the next Mat Hoffman ?
Hoffman Bikes' Big Daddy test.
2-HIP freestyle jam in Sacramento, CA.
JAD Competition Pro and Hoffman Big Daddy tests.
1993 ABA FallNationals, Burbank, CA.
Special: 1994 Complete Buyer's Guide
...and much more!
bmx plus! 03 94 march 1994 (scanned by pharv85 - download) (1)
Pros at FallNationals on the cover.
1994 Haro Monocoque test.
Bicycle Stunts Finals, Hoffman Estates, IL.
Special: number plate buyer's guide.
Special: Complete guide to better BMX racing.
Story: The life and times of Mike King.
Moving pictures: DMC decade tailtap, Jimmy Walker handplant transfer attempt on a spine, Mike Griffin toboggan, John Parker no-footed 360, Edgar Placencia.
neal woods bmx plus! 04 94 april 1994 (2)
The front cover shows Neal Wood busting a flat one over the new BMX framesets that debut that year and there are a lot of them sticking out of the ground.
Inside scoop: Bob Kohl is doing backflips on an 80cc motorcycle.
ABA King Of Dirt.
BMX frameset buyer's guide.
Mongoose Villain bike test.
Video review: GT code 4130, A few good men, Backwoods 2, Live to ride, Trash, S&M 44 something, Hypnosis, ABA race videos.
Answer 1994 catalog.
Steve Veltman interview.
10 ways to make your bike lighter.
BMX down under: A week in Australia with Fuzzy, Kim Bozart and Brian Schmith.
Parting shot: Unidentified australian successfully completes a tailwhip 360.
gary ellis bmx plus! 05 94 may 1994 (2)
Gary Ellis and Foster Bros on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
1994 Auburn CR-20RX test.
1994 GT Fueler test.
ABA Silver Dollar Nationals, Reno, NV.
NBL Christmas Classic, Columbus,OH.
How to pump?
How-to's: Mini Ramp manuevers
On the move: darkside hitchiker into caboose by Sean McKinney and Stubble duck gerator by Edgar Plascenscia.
Parting shot: Todd Lyons' 360 accross the cliff jump at Dover.
carl wilson bmx plus! 06 94 june 1994 (2)
Carl Wilson on the cover.
Inside scoop: Morales flatland frame.
How to look factory in 5 minutes.
Spine how-to with Jay Miron.
Crankset buyer's guide.
ABA Winternationals Phoenix, Arizona.
Big air survival guide.
1994 Powerlite P61-AL.
Complete guide to getting started with John Purse, Todd Lyons, Chase Gouin, James Shepherd and Jay Miron.
Product probe: PMC large-flange hubs.
Parting shot: Dave Voelker.
brian foster bmx plus! 07 94 july 1994 (1)
Brian Foster on the cover.
BS round 1, Moreno Valley, CA.
Parting shot with Todd Lyons.
gary ellis eric carter bmx plus! 08 94 august 1994 (1)
Gary Ellis and Eric Carter on the cover,
1994 Supercross Racer-X, Test
1994 Redline Proline, Test
East Coast Freestyle Spectacular, Emmaus,PA: Joe Rich did a fufanu on the rail and spun his bars 180 on his way back into the ramp.
NBL Easter Classic, Orlando,FL
Interview: Gary Ellis
Special: Pedal/Cages Buyer's Guide
billy griggs justin green bmx plus! 09 94 september 1994 (1)
Billy Griggs and Justin Green on the cover,
1994 Haro Monocoque, Test
1994 Auburn CR-20X, Test
Bicycle Stunts Comp #2, Overland Park, KS
ABA SpringNationals, Roseville, CA
Special: Axle Peg Buyer's Guide
How-to: How to build a bike from scratch?
dave voelker bmx plus! 10 94 october 1994 (2)
Dave Voelker on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
Dave Voelker interview.
Scott Powell letter.
NBL National San Bernardino, CA.
Mini/Juniors buyer's guide.Backyard BMX.
How to build a bike from scratch part 2.
Pro training regimens.
BMX riding gear buyer's guide.
The most classic parts.
bmx plus! 11 94 november 1994 (1)
Jumping pictorial
Mike Ocoboc interview
Camp Woodward
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chris hultner bmx plus! 12 94 volume 17 no.12 - december 1994 (1)
Chris Hultner on the cover,
1995 Free Agent Ambush, Test
UCI World Championships, Waterford Oaks, MI
Story: Freestyle in the 90's
Special: 1995 Complete BMX Buyer's Guide
Special: Racing Tips, variations
How to's: Feeble grind, backwards feeble grind
KHE freecoaster hub test.