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anthony sewell bmx plus! 01 1979 january 1979 (original scans by Matt P. shared by Simon 0908 - download)
Anthony Sewell on the cover.
Test: Webco Professional.
NBA California state championships.
ABA Fall Nationals.
Wheel lacing secrets.
Nostalgia already ?
Ask the experts... What type of tires do you use ?
bmx plus! 79 02 february 1979
Giant 1979 poster calender,
Bike buyer helpful hints.
bmx plus! 79 03 march 1979
bmx plus! 79 04 april 1979
History of Webco Inc.
Super bike project: Robinson RACING PART TWO (PART ONE feb79)
1979 NBA Winternationals Las VEGAS? nevada,
1978 NBA San Diego Classic,
Interview: Stu Thomsen SE Racing super pro.
Bob Hadley was the editor until that april, when Charlie Litsky took over the helm for the rest of the year. The magazine was growing incredibly fast and so was BMX.
bmx plus! 79 05 may 1979 (shared by Simon 1406 - download)
B/W poster of David Clinton.
Learn how to restore and repair scratches !
Inside the Schwinn factory.
ABA Winter Nationals CHANDLER, AZ.
ABA Kansas Coliseum.
jason jensen bmx plus! june 1979 june 1979
Jason Jensen on the cover.
bmx plus! july 1979 july 1979
NBA/Schwinn Midwest Nationals, the Mongoose factory, Cruiser racing, ...
bmx plus! magazine cover 08 1979 Vol. 2 No. 8 - august 1979
BMX Plus! october 1979: Maybe you are wondering why BMX PLUS skipped a month on the cover date? We did so that our cover dates would be more in line with other magazines on the newsstands as far as posting-date. Be assured, reader, We haven’t missed an issue, we just changed the name
perry kramer bmx plus! 10 79 Vol. 2 No. 9 - october 1979
Perry Kramer on the cover
kathy schachel bmx plus! 11 79 november 1979
Brett Middaugh, www.bmxnj.com: In November of 1979 on the cover of BMX Plus !magazine, the longest continously running BMX publication in the world, New Jersey made BMX history. Kathy Schachel, Factory Shimano racer, made the cover shot that month from a shot at the East Coast Nationals. This would open the door to taking the then named "Powder Puff" class to new levels with more factory sponsorships and eventually the inclusion of a ladies Pro class in 1985 in the NBL. Just one more place where NJ has led the way in BMX history.
SE Racing PK Ripper frame test.
Product probe: Skyway Tuff Wheel II
East coast Nationals Teaneck, NJ.
NBL War of Stars II Springfield, IL.
Chicago great race, IL.
clint miller gjs bmx plus! 12 1979 december 1979
Clint Miller on the cover.
ABA NW National at Swan Creek (Tacoma Washington)
Powerlite 26" Cruiser test
Tour of the Skyway factory
Jeff Kosmala interview.