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mike aitken bmx plus! 01 03 january 2003 (1)
Mike Aiken on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Bikes: Specialized 415, Mosh Method, 2-Hip Sub
Events: NBL Grand Nationals, York Jam, King Of Dirt
Features:Nyquist Column-Ramps on the go, Web Poll--TV Coverage?, Day In The Desert Pictorial, Rich Hirsch,...
chad kagy bmx plus! 02 03 february 2003
Chad Kagy flipwhip on the cover.
Bikes Free Agent Imperial, Terrible One, DK Cleveland
Events ABA Fall Nationals, Interbike, Triple Crown.
Features: Riders Of The Year, You Might Be Old School,...
cory nastazio bmx plus! 03 03 march 2003 (1)
Cory Nastazio on the cover.
Features: Nyquist Column-Helicopters?, Tech Tip-New frame prep,Faces-Adam Aloise, Pro Bike Giveaway-Dirt Bro Vic Murphy, Race Buyer's Guide, Web Poll-Clipless issue, Skatepark Safety, Moving Pictures, Product Probe, Radical Rick
Bikes: Nirve Clutch, Gentry Frame Test, Poverty G-Ride
Events: 2-Hip Meet The Street, Ultimate Pro Cup

BMX Plus! march 2008: The cover is shared by a shot of two racers and Cory "Nasty" Nastazio doing an insanely stretched super-superman seat grab. The table of contents is a spread photo of Nastazio's backyard ramp with Sean McMann inverting during a night session. Failure bikes was mentioned in Inside Scoop as a new company that was starting up and the Etnies video "Forward" was reviewed. There was also a special feature "how to" on giving yourself or your friends a mullet, which was pretty amazing. Gentry was a company out of Nor Cal that had a frame that we tested along with the Poverty G-ride. Adam Aloise had a full interview with a lot of good dirt and park photos. Vic Murphy gave up his Dirt Bros ride for a PRO bike giveaway and there was coverage of 2-Hip's Meet The Street contest. We can't forget the complete race bike buyers guide and Walter Pieringer holds down the parting shot with a whip gone bad.
mike parenti bmx plus! 04 03 april 2003
Mike Parenti on the cover.
Bikes: FBM Old boy, 16-Inch Shootout, Mongoose Fuzz Pro, 2-Hip Soul
Events: ABA Grand Nationals, Four Man Challenge
Features: Nyquist Column: Team Sports And BMX, 2003 Schedule, On The Move: Downside Foot Plants, Nostalgia: Woody Itson, Race Gear Buyer's Guide, Top Ten Videos, Desert Rats, Inside The Pros' Bikes: Sean McKinney's Ride, Euro Bottom Brackets?
bmx plus! 05 03 may 2003
Bikes: Specialized S-Works, Haro Group-1 Comp SX, Diamondback Option
Events: NBL Christmas Classic
Features: Nyquist Column: Autograph Anyone, Project Next Bike: The Future Is Here, Web Poll: Pro Sections, On The Move: Learn How To Feeble Grind, Vegas Road Trip: Bright Lights and Concrete, Tech Tip: Crank Arm Installation, Danny Nelson Interview, Moving Pictures, Product Probe
matt beringer bmx plus! 06 03 june 2003
Matt Beringer candy bar on the cover.
Bikes: GT Power Series JR., Fit Foster Street, SE Mauler 3.0
Events: World Record Backflip, The Big House Barbecue
Features: Nyquist Column--Three strikes, your'e out, On The Move Flat--Hangin' Five, The Goldie Interview--Sean Butler, in the flesh, Nostalgia--Nothing but a two-bit side hack, On The Move Park--Air to nose bonk, Web Poll--Calling all contests, Fly Paper--Brain Foster, Inside The Pro's Bike--Mike Day's bike is sick, Coming To America--Aliens among us, Tech Tip--The most from your V-brakes, A Brief History of the X-up--Coming full circle, Product Probe, Crossover Challenge-Where does one pedal these things?, Moving Pictures, Reader Survey
ryan o'connell bmx plus! 07 03 july 2003
Bikes: Kink Cielencki, Free Agent Flying Fortress, Huffy C4
Events: Toronto Metro Jam, NBL Silver State Nationals
Features: Nyquist Column: So Says The Man, Nostalgia, Faces: Lance Mosely, Tech Tip: Emergency Flat And Tire Fix, On The Move: Tailwhips with Mike Parenti, Track Designers, Ryan O'Connell Interview: Brakeless Assassin, Time To Renew: Beat Trouble To The Punch, On The Move: Building Block Tech, Icepick To Fakie, Product Probe, Moving Pictures.

BMX Plus! july 2008: Ryan O'Connell had the cover with a back flip table top over a hip at the Alameda skate park in California. Cory Martinez grabbed the table of contents with a big tuck pocket air. We did thorough testing on the Kink Cielencki frame, Free Agent Flying Fortress and the Huffy C4. As far as events go, we checked out the Toronto Metro Jam and NBL Silver State Nationals. Ryan Nyquist's monthly column was in full effect and Lance Mosely had a Faces interview. We taught you how to fix a flat in an emergency situation, and Mike Parenti showed you how to tail whip. Ice pick to fakie was the On the Move trick and Brian Foster had the Parting Shot with a tail whip gone bad on dirt.
ron kimler bmx plus! 08 03 august 2003
Ron Kimler toothpick on the cover.
Bikes: Bully Brawler, Eastern Shovelhead, Dirt Bros. Chris Myers
Events: NBL Easter Classic, UGP Roots Jam
Features: T-Shirt Buyer's Guide, Faces-Mark Rainha, Inside The Pros Bikes-Terada, Winkleman and Nolli, Fly Paper-Heino and Brick Banks, Tech Tip-Eliminating Detangler Click, Clipping In--The Good, The Bad, You're Ugly, Flatland Fury, On The Move-Basic Link For Flat, On The Move--Barspin Disaster, Product Probe-Three Piece For Every Budget, Moving Pictures
bmx plus! 09 03 september 2003
Bikes: Fly Frame Test, Haro M6, Redline SlantEvents: ABA Racing--U.S. and Spring Nationals, Global X-GamesFeatures: Nyquist Column-Postcards From The Road, The Tech 77, Faces with Kevin Carter, Inside The Pros Bikes--Aitken and Harrington, Stephen Cerra's ride, Tech Tip--Swapping Detanglers For Straight Cables, Product Probe--We Try It, You Buy It, Faces With The Cisars, Lightening Up, Utah--The New Pro Town?, On The Move--540 Tiretap to Icepick, Nostalgia--Matt Hoffman, 1986, Moving Pictures.
scott wirch bmx plus! 10 2003 october 2003
Bikes: K2 Reaper, Volume Mexican, MacNeil Freimuth
Events: King Of Dirt, Beach Bash, NBL Stars And Stripes
Features: Nyquist Column-The grossest column yet, On The Move--Footjam Tailwhip, Stephen Cerra--The Man Of Mystery, Road Trip?--If That's What You Would Call It, On The Move--360 Down Stairs, Signature Shoes, Product Probe, Faces--Kink's Ian Munro, Nasty Ranch--The Final Session Of A BMX Landmark, Moving Pictures.

BMX Plus! october 2008: Scott Wirch got busy on the cover laying out a back flip one-footed x-up. This issue was packed with goodness including the King of Dirt contest in Venice Beach, the NBL Stars and Stripes National, Beach Bash and more. Nyquist's column was in full effect and going strong. We taught you how to footjam tail whip and how to spin 360's down stairs. Ian Munro was riding for Kink and had a full interview along with an inside look at the Nasty Ranch. We tested out some new whips from K2, Volume and MacNeil. Rob Darden graced the pullout poster and talk of BMX being in the Olympics was in the air.
tj lavin bmx plus! 11 03 november 2003 (1)
TJ Lavin with a no-handed backflip in Fuzzy's backyard on the cover. Photo by Adam Booth.
Inside scoop: 2003 UCI Worlds, Bestwick's Good Times contest, Gabe Weed back to GT, ...
Bikes: Specialized Fuse, Haro F4, Avent Expert XL
Events: NBL Waterford, CFB X-Games Qualifier
Features: Nyquist Column: Always greener on the other side, On The Move: Nosepick tailwhips, Ryan "Biz" Jordan, Backyard Paradise, Inside The Pros' Bikes: Kyle Bennet and Rob Darden, Five Most Asked Questions, Gangs Of BMX, Tech Tip: Install front brakes.

BMX Plus! november 2008: (...) Rob Nolli gets tricky with a nosepick stall on a sub wall for the table of content. (...) We close the issue with a crazy wallride flair gone bad by Dave Mirra.
12 2003 december 2003 (1)
Van Homan turndown on the cover.
Bikes: Diamondback Mr. Lucky, Schwinn Automatic, S&M Black Bike
Events: X-Games Downhill, X-Games.
Features: Nyquist Column-Brake check, Rider Of The Year Voting, Tech Tips-Installing Marvin Guts, Complete Wheel Buyer's Guide, 25 Years Of BMX Plus!, Inside The Pros' Bikes--Cielencki and Lyons, Product Probe, On The Move-The Luc-E Grind, Worldwide Flatland Tour, Moving Pictures