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bmx plus! 01 96 january 1996 (1)
The 1995 NBL Grand National.
Interbike trade show: New products explosion.
1996 Redline PL-24 cruisers.
Cruiser buyer's guide.
How to learn scuffing.
Bicycle Stunts round 3, Oklahoma city, OK.
february 1996 (1)
Kevin Gutierrez drops a one footer at round three of the Bicycle Stunts comp in Oklahoma city on the cover.
Trevor Meyer's Powerlite and John Purse's Balance.
Back to basics: ten essential freestyle tricks.
Product probe: King axles and pegs.
Profile X-file.
Flypaper: Dave Voelker GT halftime mania
ABA Fall Nationals.
Hub set buyer's guide.
gary ellis bmx plus! 03 1996 march 1996 (1)
Gary Ellis at the ABA Grands on the cover. Photo by Mark Losey.
GT X-Series carbon fiber composite.
Bicycle Stunts finals
ABA King Of Dirt.
Seat and seatpost buyer's guide.
The new DK team model.
The Powerlite PFS pro.
Fly paper: Kevin Gutierrez.
Parting shot: Lookback fakie.
tim fuzzy hall bmx plus! 04 96 april 1996 (1)
Fuzzy Hall in full race leather one handed x-up on the cover.
Leveque and Foster interviews.
How to ride a twelve pack ?
Freestyler of the year results.
Rate yourself against the pros.
bmx plus! 05 96 may 1996
BMX Plus! may 2006: The cover is full of race coverage from the Christmas Classic back when dirt jumping was held at the same event; T.J. Lavin won first place and took home $300 dollars. There's a pads and plates buyer's guide in this issue as well. DMC teaches the proper techniques on how to barspin, and there's a whole story on insane new street tricks in L.A. The ABA Silver Dollar National was covered in Reno, Nevada and Brian Lopes won AA pro. Hoffman bikes' Sugar Daddy gets tested as well as the Redline Proline XL. The infamous Pro Trash talk round one took place and lots of interesting comments were made. Also at this time, the Internet started to play a major role in BMX, and from there the rest is just history!
mat hoffman bmx plus! 06 96 volume 19 no.6 - june 1996 (2)
Mat Hoffman superman to fakie on the cover.
Inside scoop: Primo gyro adaptor.
How to get into BMX racing.
Did you know ?
Iron Horse ARS Comp bike test.

The art of the tabletop
Dave Voelker quick interview
Matt Hoffman in his own words.
Freestyle trash talks.
Sequence Mat Hoffman Rocket full barspin one way to full barspin the other way to no footer !

BMX Plus! june 2006: Mat Hoffman scores the cover with a superman fakie on his private ramp in Oklahoma. There is also a photo album story of Mat doing all of the hottest freestyle tricks of that time. Flatlanders go at it in the classic Trash Talk part 2. The Iron Horse aluminum race bike gets tested along with the Dyno Compe. We explain the proper way to do tabletops and give you a guide to tire pressure. There is a buyer's guide special on axle pegs. Jay Mron gets the Flypaper on the seven-foot spine in Moreno Valley, California doing a no footed X-up out of an extension. We explain how to race for free and how to get started in BMX racing. The issue is then finished with an amazing parting shot sequence of Mat Hoffman doing a rocket full barspin one-way to full barspin the other-way to no footer on his vert ramp.
pat miller bmx plus! 07 96 july 1996 (1)
Pat Miller lookdown and Todd Lyons handplant on the cover.
ESPN BS round 1, South Padre Island, TX.
Jeremy McGraph: how BMX made me a motocross superstar.
92 pages.

BMX Plus! july 2006: Pat Miller is on the cover doing a turndown at the ESPN 2 Extreme contest, and Todd Lyons is doing a hand plant over a rail. The highlight of the issue is the annual T-shirt buyer's guide and there is a readers ballot to vote on the coolest shirt. Dave Mirra, Colin Winkelman, Jay Miron, and Paul Osika all take first places at the ESPN round one contest in South Padre Island, Texas. Jason Richardson and John Purse win the ABA Winter Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona and the prize money is $22,000 in Pro. There's an interesting article about proper eating habits and not eating fast food. There's a photo of a ripped and young Todd Lyons flexing for the camera that is quite humorous. Jeremy McGrath explains his BMX past and how he owes his success in motorcross to BMX. The S&M Sabbath and TNT Hwa Fong Daddy get tested. Parting shot is a rad sequence of Troy McMurray crashing a barspin bunnyhop attempt down a double set of three stairs; the captions says he pulled it moments before but there was a camera malfunction so t wasn't on film.
andy contes brian foster bmx plus! 08 1996 volume 19 no.8 - august 1996 (1)

Andy Contes and Brian Foster on the cover.

GT Performer.
Balance Killer B.

Fork and stem buyer's guide.
Shoes of the stars.
Are you ready to hit the trails ?
Fly paper: Phil Dolan.
How to get started in Freestyle.

NBL Florida National.

Inside scoop: Frost industries pegs.
Parting shot: Dave Mirra walltap.
Brent Spooner Ken Hale Chad Spooner lake jump on the cover of BMX Plus! 09 1996 september 1996 (1)
Brent Spooner, Ken Hale and Chad Spooner in the mist of a triple lake jump on the cover,
Lake jumping special,
How to get sponsored,
John Purse and Matt Hoffman's bikes,
Under 350$ BMX bikes shootout,
The invisible halfpipe return.

BMX Plus! september 2006: One of the main features of this issue in 1996 is a BMX bike shootout between Diamondback, GT, Mongoose, Robinson and Schwinn. The Schwinn XS Super Stock 2 takes first place and was the only race ready complete with chrome rims, unlike the competitors. This is the Lake jumping issue before the days of foam pits and resi-landings. Ken Hale, Chad Spooner and Todd Lyons get loose lake jumping off the infamous Crazy Action ramp for some summer fun. There is also a sequence of Todd Lyons trying a double backflip into the water! The Ultimate BMX bike giveaway voting takes place in this issue as well as an article called "Blast From The Past" about how pro riders like Dave Mirra, Matt Hoffman, Gary Ellis and Dennis McCoy all got started in BMX before they were famous. We explain ten ways to get sponsored in freestyle and racing. To wrap up this issue we go Inside The Pro's Bikes with Mat Hoffman and John Purse.
bmx plus! 10 1996 october 1996 (scanned by pharv85 - download) (1)
Haro's new monocoque frame on the cover.

BMX Plus! october 2006: Jay Miron gets the cover inset doing a backflip at the X-Games that took place in this issue. Haro debuts its Monocoque Elite Race frame and we put it to the killer test and it does well. The ABA Midwest Nationals get covered in Rockford, Illinois. John Purse sweeps the AA Pro class for both days leaving Wade Bootes and Gary Ellis for second places finishes. We give you a listing of all the skateparks in the USA. On the following pages Volume's Brian Castillo teaches you how to bunny hop higher and gives you a basic rundown. The X-Games take place in Newport, Rhode Island. Dave Mirra took first in street, Joey Garcia took first in dirt and Matt Hoffman won vert. First place winners won $3000. There is a complete wheelset buyer's guide covering every type of wheel available from race to freestyle. The 2-Hip Big Boy gets tested. Mike Escamilla wraps up this issue with a cool parting shot sequence of him trying to pull a double peg stall on a bank to fence in Fullerton, California.
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john purse bmx plus! 11 1996 november 1996 (1)
John Purse on the cover.
Woodward freestyle camp.
Kevin Jones interview.
ESPN destination Extreme.
Taj Mihelich tells how to do x-ups.

BMX Plus! november 2006: Racing embraces the cover of this issue and it's NBL #1 Pro John Purse on his way to a win in South Park, Pennsylvania. We give you a sneak peek at all the new bikes that were coming out for '97. Some classic bikes and frames that were coming out at that time were the Mongoose "The Fuzz," DK "Legend," Haro "Zippo," Specialized "Fat Boy" and the S&M "Sabbath." Woodward Camp East gets an overview and we tell you what you need to know to get to Woodward. Back in '97 a week at Woodward cost only $485! There is a rad photo in the article of Joe Rich airing a quarterpipe over John Englebert while he grinds a quarter. Taj Mihelich and Chris "Mad Dog" Moeller have an On The Move and teach you everything you need to know about doing X-ups. This issue also has a feature story on all the Pro Racing Nationals that the ABA and NBL put on, how to get to them, reviews on the tracks, and the history of them. On page 61, the ESPN X-games takes place in Seal Beach, California. Trevor Meyer won flat and Dave Mirra won both Street and Vert. Two key highlights were Dave Osato pulling a 360 tailwhip and Dave Voelker entering for Vert! After that it's on to the Fly Paper and this time it's Leif Valin doing a trick that was describe in the caption as, it came out of the "triotionary." Flatland godfather Kevin Jones has an impressive interview and quite a bit to say about the history of flatland. We go Inside The Pros' Bikes with Randy Stumpfhauser and to finish it off Parting Shot is filled with more awesome photos of Kevin Jones.
dave mirra bmx plus! 12 96 december 1996 (1)
Dave Mirra nosepick to full barspin at Destination Extreme in Seal Beach (BS round 2) on the cover.
Bikes: 1997 GT Speed Series and ELF Aluminium Competition XL,
UCI World championship in Brighton, England,
E.J. Emmerson letter,
Pictorial: Ryan Nyquist, Mike Ocoboc, Brian Castillo, Stuart King, Brian Foster, Day Smith, Vaun Stout.
The ten hottest amateurs including Joey Garcia.
BMX Plus! racer of the year: Gary Ellis.
What are the vee-brakes ?

BMX Plus! december 2006: Dave Mirra scores the cover of this issue, doing a nosepick to barspin on a vert ramp. This is a pretty unique photo for its time. Neal Wood is a test rider in this issue and is photographed testing out the '97 GT box speed series race complete. The BMX World Championships take place and Dale Holmes becomes the new world champion. This issue also features an Action Photo Special; superman seatgrabs seemed to be the trick to do at this time. Brian Castillo has a rad sequence doing a 180 gap in Yorba Linda, California. GT Bicycles gives away the infamous GT Performer and a GT Mach One for our subscription giveaway; now that's classic! We feature a story on the ten hottest amateurs, and not hot as in looks but hot on their bike. The top ten included Dwight Tardy, Donny Robinson, David Kelley, Dan Shanahan, George Andrews, Larry Cambra, Kevin Royal, Andy Contes, Chris Breen and Joey Garcia. Gary Ellis embraces our Racer of the Year award on page 84 with a two-page spread. Second place went to Brian Foster. We give you the rundown on V-brakes and then the magazine is wrapped up with a returning collage of Crash N' Burn photos.